How Much Does a Water Dispenser Cost?

Ask anyone with a water dispenser, and they’ll most probably tell you that it’s a convenience they can’t live without. It holds water and makes the water readily available for everyone.

With a water dispenser, you are sure enough that you’re taking clean and healthy water.

Water dispensers come in different sizes, types, and designs. As a result, they vary in prices depending on the design, brand, mode of operation, and overall quality.

Are you thinking of getting one for your family but wondering how much it will cost you? We’ll unravel the much you should expect to pay for a quality water dispenser in this post.

Cost of a Water Dispenser

On average, a dispenser costs $9 to $400 to buy. Should you decide to rent it, expect to apart with $3 to $39 per month. These prices often change if the dispenser you wish to get for your home comes with advanced features such as child locks, hot water, among others.

The amount you spend on a water dispenser will also depend on whether you want to purchase your own or use one from the company. And did you know that some companies even provide these dispensers free of charge after you establish a regular schedule?

Although dispensers are primarily meant to keep water cold, technology improvements have led to more additions and enhancements like instant hot water, bottom loading design, child locks, and built-in coffee makers.

Different Types of Water Dispensers and their Estimated Prices

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

If interested in a hot and cold-water dispenser, know that you will spend between $50 and $250 for one. Should you choose to rent out, expect to pay $10 to $15.

Hot and cold-water dispensers will keep you hydrated and help you prepare your favorite drinks like cocoa and tea. You can even prepare some foods like instant meals and soup. (check on amazon)

These dispensers are available as bottom load, top load, and bottleless. Also, some models come with only one heating temperature, while others enable you to adjust the heat.

Cold Water Dispensers

The cost of cold-water dispensers ranges between $25 and $100.Renting out the same model will cost you between $3 and $9 per month.

This model will keep you hydrated while dispensing the only amount you need. They are great for home and office use and come in top and bottom-load styles.

Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser

Most people prefer this model because it’s very easy to load. With it, you don’t have to lift and flip heavy gallons every time you want to replace the water bottle. Instead, all you have to do is slide the bottle into the bottom, and you’re done.

If this is your type of water dispenser, be ready to part with between $150 and $400 (view on amazon). Renting one will cost $10 to $18 every month.

Childproof Water Dispenser

A childproof water dispenser is safe to use around kids. It prevents them from getting harmed by burns caused by hot water from the spout or falls from slipping on spilled water.

For your kid’s safety, these dispensers come with buttons that are out of reach for children. Others have dispenser guards that prevent kids from using them. (view on amazon)

If looking for a childproof water dispenser, you’ll pay between $150 and $400 for a new one and $10-$15 for a rental.

Water Dispenser and Coffee Maker

This is probably one of the most innovative water dispensers you’ll find in the market today. With one, you have the option of either taking a refreshing cup of water or brewing coffee.

And yes, with it, you can get a cup of cold water too! It boasts a bottom-loading feature to minimize lifting and a streamlined design that enables you to enjoy a variety of beverages.

To purchase this model, be ready to part with at least $150 and a maximum of $400. In addition, renting the machine will cost you between $29 to $39 per month.

Electric Water Dispenser

If tight on budget but really want a water dispenser for your home, this model will suit you best. It costs between $9 and $16, hence the cheapest.

Electric water dispensers are usually very small and fit on top of a 3 to a 5-gallon water bottle to pump water out. They are like the bottom-loading dispensers, only that they are much smaller and take up less space.

These water dispensers make the water bottle portable hence the best for you if you travel a lot but hate to purchase individual water bottles. It will also suit you best if living in a small apartment as it takes up very little space.

These dispensers are, however, not available for rental.

Should You Buy or Rent Your Water Dispenser?

Once you’ve determined the type of water dispenser to get for your home or office, it’s time to decide whether to buy or rent one.

Both are excellent choices depending on your budget and needs. To help you choose the best option, we’ve listed their pros and cons below.

Advantages of Buying a Water Dispenser

1. No monthly payments

Once you buy your water dispenser, you are good to go. There will be no monthly payments like you would if you were to rent one. You can now relax and enjoy taking your water from the device any time of the day.

2. No rental agreement

Purchasing the dispenser saves you the hustle of signing a contract like you would if you were to rent it. Although the contracts are meant to protect both parties, they may be restrictive.

Cons of Buying a Water Dispenser

1. High upfront cost

You will have to part with a handsome amount if looking for a high-quality, innovative water dispenser. Although there’s always the option of going after a lower-cost model, it’s not worth it. You’ll most likely find yourself spending so much on repairs than you would if you had purchased a high-quality dispenser in the first place.

2. Owner responsibility

There’s this old saying, “with ownership comes responsibility, “which is true in this situation. After purchasing a water dispenser, you’ll be responsible for routine maintenance. You’ll also pay for repairs if the device requires fixing.

Advantages of Renting a Water Dispenser

1. Low cost

When renting a water dispenser, you won’t have to spend a lot of money upfront like you would when buying one. Imagine a situation where you own several offices and want to get a water dispenser for each of them. If you were to purchase all these at once, you’d have to part with thousands of dollars, right?

2. Changing needs

With time, needs change, and the need to upgrade to better equipment arises. The same happens with water dispensers. New models and designs crop up now and then. For example, you might want to get a cooler model, which is very easy if renting one. All you need to do is switch to the model you wish to when the contract for the one you’re using expires.

Cons of Renting Your Water Dispenser


Renting a water dispenser might appear to be a cheaper alternative, but it’s actually costly. Take, for instance, where you’ve rented a bottom-loading water dispenser that requires you to pay $18 per month. How much will you have spent by the end of the year? Is it really worth it?

If you require the dispenser only for a couple of months, renting one is a good option. However, if you want to do it long-term, you better change your mind!


When it comes to the water dispenser costs, it’s important that you do your research. Remember that although the price is an essential factor, it’s not the only consideration. You need a model that is both reliable and easy to maintain.

Whichever model you choose to go for, it should suit your needs and demands. Also, take into consideration whether you may be moving premises in the future. For example, some water dispensers are to relocate than others.

And your topmost consideration should be your budget. Always go for what you can afford but ensure that you don’t compromise on quality.

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