Coil vs Rotary tattoo machine in 2022 ( Differences)

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Coil vs Rotary tattoo machine

For a tattoo artist, buying a tattoo machine is one of the important to do. A tattoo’s quality is simply based on the machine the relevant tattoo artist is using. If the tattoo artist uses a low-end machine for making tattoos he will never excel in the profession because low quality will also get reflected in the tattoos.

As tattoo-making machines both coil and rotary are expensive to have thus it is a one-time investment to do. Be sure about which of the tattoo machine type compliments your work, the best.

In this article, we will let you about what actually the coil and rotary machines are and what are the major differences between them.

Coil VS Rotary tattoo machine

Coil tattoo machine:

The coil tattoo machine is a device that normally works with the two coils or sometimes can work with a single coil. The current, electromagnetic waves, pass through the coils and make the needle move in the skin. The needle is actually attached to the armature bar. Current containing coils make the armature bar move. This motion makes the tattoo doodle on the skin.

The signature sound that every coil tattoo-making machine produces is the sound of that current passes through the coils.

Rotary tattoo machine:

The rotary tattoo machines in contrast to the coils have the rotary motor encased in the machine. In addition, the rotary machines also have an ink reservoir attached to them.

In a rotary machine, the motor allows the needle to move in and out of the skin. The needle in this machine moves more precisely than that of the coil tattoo machine.

Rotary tattoo machines while making tattoos produce no sound.

Coil tattoo machine VS rotatory tattoo machine:

Coil tattoo machineRotary tattoo machine
Noise production
Coil tattoo machines produce a buzzing sound when the current passes through the coils.Rotary tattoo machines are quit due to their simple mechanics. The machine works on a motor and doesn’t comprise any coil mechanism thus produces no sound.
Needle movement
The coil tattoo machine doesn’t have fluid needle movement.Rotary tattoo machines have fine needle movement. And as a result, produces finer tattoos.
Coil tattoo machines can’t do both lining and shading from a single machine. You have to buy two different machines, one for shading and one for the lining.Rotary tattoo machines are versatile in functions. They can do both shading and ling with a single machine.


Do rotary tattoo machines hurt less?

No, the rotary tattoo machine doesn’t hurt less. The pain you feel during tattoo making is not machine-dependent. As the coil tattoo machine produces a sound so it is perceived as it hurts more than the rotary tattoo machine. It is just a perception, not a fact.

Where there is a tattoo, there is pain.

What type of tattoo machines do professionals prefer?

Depending upon their tattooing style and design the artist decides the machine. Both rotary and coil tattoo machines are in use by professionals.


Both coil and rotary tattoo machines have their significance. We can’t deny having one in preference to the other.

For a tattoo artist is advisable to choose the one that best suits his tattooing design and style, and then you will excel in your profession.

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