Cheyenne Hawk Pen Reviews 2022

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Reviews

If you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo freak then you must be wondering about the best equipment for making tattoos. A tattoo artist considers buying the best tattoo machine out of all so that his work gets more cleared and fine. While a tattoo freak who loves to have tattoos on his skin is conscious about the equipment because this equipment directly going to affect the tattoo quality and his skin too. Here we are going to give you a detailed review of the Cheyenne Hawk Pen tattoo.

A good tattoo machine means a better quality tattoo.

Cheyenne is the tattoo-making machine’s brand or company. The hawk pen is one of the leading products of the Cheyenne brand.

If you are also interested in buying the Cheyenne Hawk pen and searching for its proper review before buying, then you are reading the right article.

In this article, we will give you details about the Cheyenne Hawk Pen. Its features, specifications, customer reviews, and its comparison with the other leading tattoo pen in the market.

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Reviews 2022

When it comes to the leading brand in tattoo equipment The Cheyenne comes first. Most professional artist uses the Cheyenne tattoo machines for their work.

The Cheyenne Company was developed in 2006 in berlin. Since that time the company is known for its quality of tattoo making equipment.

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a rotatory kind of tattoo machine that is the best choice to have for professional tattoo artists. The popularity of the hawk pen is due to its low vibration property, easy handling, and compact design.

The hawk pen is also medically certified. The pen has 3.5mm needles and is best for the lining, shading, and dots.

Specification and features of Cheyenne hawk pen:

Following are some specifications and features of the Cheyenne hawk pen.

  • The Cheyenne hawk pen is a rotatory gun that works on 6 to 12 Volts with a power input of 4 watts. The pen has versatility in functioning. The drawing feature can be switched to lining, shading, or coloring depending upon the need. The needle type, hawk pen uses is 3.5mm which is best for the fine lining. The weight of the pen is 130 grams approximately. The hawk pen operates on a DC motor with precision and continuity.
  • The pen has a compact design and it is the best choice for a long time working. The machine doesn’t get heated due to long usage. The pen is easy to handle and portable also, which is the best thing about the pen. This urges the professionals to get the device for their daily work.
  • The pen-type tattoo machines are already there in the market but the hawk pen makes its mark in the market by its unique features and design. The hawk pen comes with features that no other usual tattoo pen has for now.

A hawk pen is an award-winning tool due to the unique features it is offering.

  • Being a rotatory machine the hawk pen makes lower noise and vibration during its working. Its additional disposable grips make handling easy and comfortable for the tattoo artist. The low vibration keeps the stitch and hit frequency of the needle to optimum which becomes the cause to produce fine linings.  Despite the additional disposable grips, the pen also has its protection to prevent rolling out of the pen from hand during tattoo making.
  • The hawk pen comes with disposable needle cartridges. Other rotary and coil machines need proper maintenance from time to time when are in regular use. But the hawk pen doesn’t need that heavy-duty maintenance all during its life. This is because it comes with disposable accessories you just have to discard them after use no need for sanitization.
  • The Cheyenne hawk pen is medically certified also. With the other low-end pens, the client can get more pain than usual and the after-effects of using that low-end pens are also quite visible. You can feel irritation, or you get blisters on the surroundings of the tattoo area. Both artists and the customer prefer machines that can do minimum harm to the skin while making tattoos.

Technical features:

Following are some technical features of the hawk pen that are important to mention.

  • Operates on a precise DC motor.
  • Operating voltages are 6-12.6volts.
  • The power input is 4 watts.
  • The stroke size is 3.5mm.
  • Needle protrusion ranges from 0-44mm.
  • Stitch frequency is 60-160 Hz.
  • Comes with the continuous operation mode.
  • The dimensions of the pen are 123mm in length and 24.5mm in width.
  • The weight of the pen is 130g

Color options:

The pen comes with different color options. You can choose one depending upon the aesthetics of your tattoo parlor. It comes in 6 different colors. The color ranges are.

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Bronze
  • Orange
  • Red

These color ranges make the product more attractive for tattoo artists.


  • The pen is easy to handle and comfortable to use by the artist.
  • The pen has medically tested accessories, disposable grips, and needles.
  • Have changeable grips in addition to the built-in protective layer.
  • The pen comes in a small case with all the accessories, thus it is portable and easy to carry.
  • The pen comes with brand commitment.
  • Offers low vibration, thus the result comes, is finer and clear.
  • Being a rotatory machine produces no sound.
  • Small in dimensions.
  • Elite in design.


There is no disadvantage to using the Cheyenne hawk. It is close to perfection, we can say that.

Cheyenne hawk Pen is one of the leading machines in the tattoo market. It is the most purchases tattoo-making gun on the online buying sites.

The global ratings of the pen on amazon are 5 by 5.

Here we share some of the customer’s reviews that they have given about the Cheyenne hawk on different online buying sites.

A customer in his comment said that I have been making tattoos for many years. I have used almost all kinds of tattoo making machines but I find hawk pens the best. This provides a variety of functions in one place that is the lining, shading, and coloring. If we come to the coil tattoo machine, they do only one function at a time, there is one designated machine for a single function. Like for shading and lining both when have to purchase two different coil tattoo machines. This does not remain the same when it comes to the hawk pen. The customer in his comment added, this is the best choice for the professionals.

Another customer said that he bought the pen at a friend’s suggestion of his. He uses the pen continuously for long 7 hours and the pen continues working fine during these hours. He likes the quality of the pen also.

A tattoo customer reviewed the product; she said that I was very conscious about the health hazards that come with the tattoo makings. Once I got to enter into the tattoo parlor and their artist gave some briefing about the hawk pen and I got astonished by its medically tested needles and grips. The customer is very happy when she got a tattoo from the hawk pen.

Setting up of Cheyenne hawk pen before operations:

Setting up the pen requires the following few steps

  • As the hawk pen is made to do different functions thus before the switch from lining to shading and others like this be aware of the settings change also.
  • Power checking is also important. For different functions, the power inputs will be different, before switching from one function to another check the power supply.

Things to keep in check while operating the hawk pen:

Following are some warnings and disclaimers to consider while operating the Cheyenne hawk pen.

  • Keep on checking the power supply, as the pen is made for a longer time of use this may build pressure on the motor and it starts to quench more power with time.
  • As the pen is multifunctional. For using all the three functions that are lining, shading, and coloring one need perfect engagement in the settings also. Otherwise, the result will not give you that amazing feel.
  • As the pen is small in size thus its proper grip is recommended. It is recommended to add additional grips that come in packaging.
  • Dispose of the grips and needles every time you start making tattoos on a new customer. If these remain undisposed on two to three customers this may cause some skin infections. These infections can be from minor to lethal.
  • The ink you use with the Cheyenne pen must be of high quality. If you use the links that are not up to the quality, then this makes the end tattoo not that amazing.

The artist using the hawk pen:

Some famous artists that use the Cheyenne hawk pen are.

  • Alex de pase.
  • Ael lim
  • Jeff gogue.
  • Goethe silva
  • Tersa sharpe
  • Bene bader.
  • Matt Curzon
  • Neon judas

Many others including these use the Cheyenne hawk pen


What are the best tattoo wireless machines?

Some of the best wireless tattoo machines are.

  • Cheyenne hawk pen.
  • Cheyenne sol nova unlimited.
  • Inkjecta flite F1
  • Stigma pro tray.
  • Equaliser wireless pen.
  • FK irons EXO.

Do rotatory tattoo machines hurt less?

The pain that a customer felt during the tattooing is not machine-related. Every kind of tattooing machine will give the same pain.

The only difference is coil tattoo machines produce more sound than rotatory tattoo machines and it is perceived that tattooing with coil tattoo machines is more painful.

Rotary tattoo machines also gave the same pain like that of the coil tattoo, not any less or any more than that coil tattoo machine

Keep your headphones with you when you go for tattoo making, this can greatly help you from diverting your attention from pain.

Are Tattoos worth the money?

If you are a tattoo freak and you get it done by some professional tattoo artist then this will definitely worth the money. If you get the tattoos done from a cheap place then this kind of tattoo doesn’t go with you in a long run. They can fade after some time. Getting cheap tattoos on your body can increase the risk of infection because a cheap tattoo means the artist is not using up-to-the-mark types of equipment and inks.

If you want a tattoo, get it done expensively.

What does the tattoo blowout mean?

Tattoo blowout is a complication related to tattooing. The blowout occurs when the artist accidentally presses the needle hard and the ink goes deep inside the skin. The ink in the deeper region gets spread in the surrounding areas of the tattoo also.

In usual tattooing, the tattoo inks remain in the upper layer of the skin, in blowout the ink goes in the fat layer under the skin.

What tattoo colors last longer?

The tattoo ink colors that last the longest are black and gray. Other colors get fade with time. The vibrant colors like yellow, orange, neon, etc. are more prone to fading.

It is recommended that, if you want a reliable tattoo then go with black and grey colors.


Let’s end the discussion here.

The Cheyenne hawk pen is an award-winning tattoo-making gun. The hawk pen is known for its distinct features and hygiene preferences. It gets the attraction of the customers due to its medically certified needles as customers are more concerned for their health than that of the tattoo artist himself.

It is observed that the Cheyenne hawk pen is best for beginners and professional tattoo artists. This is due to its easy handling, fine working, compact design, hygiene practices, low vibration, and no voice production during its working.

Its continuity in work is also another property that makes the pen supreme.

If you are a tattoo artist try buying it, it will make your profession more enjoyable and if you are a customer then try making a tattoo on your skin with this hawk pen, you will get satisfied by its customer hygiene policy.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it, let us know in the comment section below.

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