Can You Use any Type of Mirror in the Bathroom?

A bathroom mirror is one of the most important mirrors in your home. Besides aesthetics, it is also a vital element.

It will not only add style to the bathroom but also help you prepare your face for the day.

So, can you use any type of mirror in the bathroom? No, According to federal safety laws, a bathroom mirror must be made from tempered glass.

Tempered glass is a type of glass designed with safety considerations. It undergoes special chemical treatment before it’s molded into the desired shape.

When struck with brute force, the glass breaks into tiny rounded shards instead of sharply pointed pieces like in the case of regular glass.

A Bathroom Mirror is Unique

Can You Use any Type of Mirror in the Bathroom

A bathroom isn’t like any other room in your house; it’s personal. That’s why the mirror that hangs in there needs to be unique.

And of most importance, it has to be safe. You don’t want to hurt yourself when grooming yourself, right?

The bathroom mirror should:

  • Be made of tempered or laminated glass for your safety.
  • Feature a frame that isn’t susceptible to damage by moisture. You can also try a frameless mirror to avoid moisture damage.

You also need to ensure that the mirror is made from durable material. This is simply because you do not want to go for a bathroom mirror-shopping spree a few months down the line.

How Does Moisture Affect a Bathroom Mirror?

Since bathrooms get wet and steamy, you need a mirror that can stand up to the damp environment. That is why wood and metal frames aren’t recommended for a bathroom mirror.

Go the wood or metal way, and you will be disappointed by the warping or rusting of the frame within no time.

The best option? A frameless mirror!

Why Laminated or Tempered Glass for a Bathroom Mirror?

Laminated glass is like an automobile windshield. This glass is embedded in vinyl, and when broken, it breaks into a sheet.

There won’t be large pieces of glass that can injure you.

Tempered glass, on the other hand, breaks into tiny round shards. A lot safer than regular glass, which breaks into large pieces.

And not to forget that you probably don’t have a lot of clothes while in the bathroom. So, the chances of getting injured are greater.

Ensure that you have tempered or laminated glass for your bathroom mirror, and you won’t have to worry about injuries in the bathroom. i.e. injuries from cuts should the mirror break off.

What Type of Mirror Should I Use in the Bathroom?

There are different types of bathroom mirrors, but the most commonly used include:

  • Decorative mirrors
  • Pivot mirrors
  • Wall mirrors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Lighted mirrors
  • Floor mirrors
What Type of Mirror Should I Use in the Bathroom

Decorative Mirrors

These mirrors are decorative as they come in different shapes from round to square, oval and triangular.

Do you want one shape like a flower or the sun? You will definitely get it. And the good news is that you can even order a customized one. They also come in different sizes, and rarely will you miss what you are looking for.

These mirrors improve the aesthetics of the bathroom and include eye-catching design elements as well.

Pivot Mirrors

A pivot mirror is wall-mounted and makes an excellent addition to the bathroom vanity. With a flexible mount, you get the option of pulling it from the wall and setting it at different angles.

Some are 2 sided with a magnified surface on one side and a traditional surface on the other. There are also those that come with built-in lighting as well.

The mirrors are ideal for styling and makeup.

Wall Mirrors

Just like the name suggests, wall mirrors are designed for mounting on the bathroom wall. They can be framed or frameless.

They are also available in different sizes and shapes to match your bathroom décor.

Full-Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror creates space and adds more light to the bathroom. You can mount it vertically to create the illusion of space or horizontally to add a reflective surface to your vanity. Cool, right?

Should you install a full-length mirror as part of your bathroom or shower door, you’ll love the outcome.

Floor Mirror

Floor bathroom mirrors boast an independent frame and don’t require installation. You only need to unfold and place it in the intended area in your space.

You can also angle a floor mirror to make the ceiling appear higher. And if you want to move the mirror from one side of your bathroom to the other, it’s possible.

Thanks to their ornate and classic designs, these mirrors are usually ideal for traditional bathrooms.

Lighted Mirror

A lighted bathroom mirror comes with built-in lighting to brighten your bathroom. It also mimics natural light to create the ideal lighting for makeup application.

If your bathroom does not have a window, this is the mirror to go for.


Why Laminated or Tempered Glass for a Bathroom Mirror

However beautiful and stylish a regular mirror might appear, you should never use it in the bathroom. If it’s not safe, it’s not worth it.

Get a mirror made from laminate or tempered glass to avoid injuries. The mirror should withstand the damp bathroom environment and last longer.

And since there are different types of mirrors that you can consider for your bathroom. We believe that you will get one to suit your bathroom style and fit the available space as well.

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