Can You Put Silicone in The Microwave? Is It Safe to Use?

Gone are the days of aluminum and silver bakeware. Today’s bakers prefer lightweight and convenient silicone molds and containers for their baking needs- and rightfully so. Silicone bakeware not only comes in different interesting shapes and sizes but is also easy to use. They can unmold your cake or cookies in no time while maintaining the shape so that you have perfect delicacies every time you bake.


However, even after having such benefits, there are still some users who are skeptical about silicone molds and containers. People always wonder whether you can put silicone in the microwave or not, or if silicone is safe for the microwave.

If you too want to find out the answers, let’s find out together.

Can You Use Silicone in The Microwave

Can You Put Silicone in The Microwave

Silicone is a soft, rubber-type material that is very durable and can retain a high amount of heat. So, if you are wondering whether you can put silicone in the microwave or not, the honest answer is YES. You can use molds and bowls made from this material to bake your favorite confectioneries in the microwave. The heat and waves from the oven melt or damage the silicone or even release any toxicity.

In one word “silicone is safe for the microwave”.

Now might wonder what makes silicone bakeware suitable for baking?

Well, silicone is a good insulator of heat. It can gain and retain high heat in no time [between 400° F to 450° F] to bake your delicacies quickly and perfectly. These molds also spread the gained heat uniformly so that the food is baked evenly without any burns or rawness.

Another thing about silicone bakeware is that they are food-grade and won’t cause poisoning. FDA has approved silicone as “food safe”, and hence, you can use it for your everyday baking. 

Why It’s Safe to Use Silicone in The Microwave

There are several reasons silicone is safe for microwave and your baking purposes. For starters, silicone containers are non-toxic and chemically stable. This means that they won’t react to water, heat, or any other type of materials and hence would keep your food safe and healthy.

Also, as this material can withstand high heat, it won’t melt or burn in the microwave and make it messy and dangerous.

Moreover, silicone bakeware is strong and sturdy. They won’t get damaged or tear up in years to come.

Any Disadvantages of Using Silicone in The Microwave

Even though it’s not anything prominent, you must remember that silicone bakeware can withstand up to 450° F of heat at a time. When you put it in the microwave, don’t forget to keep the temperature level in check to avoid any type of unfortunate events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is silicone safe to use in the microwave?

Silicone can withstand a high amount of heat [between 400° F to 450° F] without getting damaged. And as it doesn’t melt in the heat, it is safe to use in the microwave.
However, remember that, similar to other microwave-safe cookware, silicone also gets hot in no time. And therefore, you need to maintain safety while taking it out of the microwave.

Q: Are silicone molds microwave safe?

Silicone molds can withstand around 450° F of heat, and hence, can be used safely in the microwave to bake a cake, biscuits, and other bakeries of your choice.

Q: Can you put silicone molds in the microwave?

Silicone molds are food-grade and microwave-safe. Therefore, you can put them in the microwave without any issues.

Q: Are silicone containers microwave safe?

Silicone can retain a high amount of heat easily. That’s why containers made from silicone are microwave safe and won’t get damaged easily.

Q: Can silicone baking pans go in the microwave?

If you want to bake a cake or make some biscuits in silicone baking pans, you can do it without any worry. As silicone is microwave-safe, silicone baking pans can go in the microwave safely.

Q: Do you put silicone bakeware directly on the oven rack?

Even though you can put silicone bakeware straight on the oven rack, it’s better to place it on top of a metal pan first to ensure safety.

Q: Can silicone cupcake molds go in the microwave?

You can put silicone cupcake molds in the microwave. They are high heat-tolerant and safe. However, if you place them on a water-filled tray first, the baking process would be even safer and quicker.

Q: Can rubber go in the microwave?

If you are wondering whether you can microwave rubber cookware, we can assure you that rubber is microwave-safe. You can put it in the oven without the fear of any burns and damages.

Q: Can you microwave silicone bowls?

Silicone is high heat-resistant. Therefore, you can microwave silicone bowls without any worries.
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