Can You Put Garbage Disposal in a Farmhouse Sink?

A farmhouse sink is one of the best sinks you can have in your kitchen. They not only have deep bowls that prevent splashing but are also spacious enough to hold big pots and pans.

Get one for your kitchen, and you’ll love how everything will turn out. And yes, they are the best for large households.

Shopping for a farmhouse sink comes with lots of questions. In this post, we’ll help you get the answer to the question – can you put garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink?

The answer is yes; you can install a garbage disposal to any farmhouse sink, be it a double bowl or single bowl. In most cases, you just need to use the stainless steel drain attachments that usually come with the garbage disposal unit.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Fit in a Farmhouse Sink?

Garbage disposals and sink strainers are of the same size and shape. They fit by replacing a traditional drain.

During installation, you’ll have to get rid of the existing sink strainer and put the flange into your empty sinkhole.

The snap ring that comes with the garbage disposal will hold the unit in place. This means that the only part of the garbage disposal that you need to fit to the farmhouse sink is the flange.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

A garbage disposal unit is a workhorse of the kitchen. It helps process solid wastes, and you’ll love having one around if you do a lot of cooking.

The unit is usually mounted to the underside of the sink. It is designed to collect your solid food waste in a grinding chamber.

When you turn on the system, an impeller plate or spinning disc turns rapidly, forcing the waste against the outer wall of the disposal is the grinding chamber.

This action pulverizes the food into very tiny bits that get washed by water through chamber wall holes.

One important point to note is that not all liquids and food scraps are meant to be poured into the disposal. Avoid putting in fibrous food scraps, grease, potato peels, oil, pits, and other hard objects.

Can Your Farmhouse Sink Have a Garbage Disposal?

Yes, your farmhouse sink can have a garbage disposal. And since farmhouse sinks come with standard 3 ½ inches drain opening, you don’t have to buy anything else.

If you have a thicker sink (e.g., fireclay sink), you’ll require an extended flange. You can also get a flange to match your kitchen faucet and hardware as well.

Before getting the garbage disposal, ensure that you have room under the sink to house the unit. Remember that farmhouse sinks are deep and will thus reduce the amount of space you have below the cabinet.

However, get a plumber to re-plumb your drain line if you are short on space. Let them move the outgoing line some inches down.

Also, ensure that you don’t overtighten the mounting flange during installation.

You want that designer look for your kitchen? Get a disposal flange with a color and finish that is compatible with your sink’s garbage disposal.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your Farmhouse Sink Garbage Disposal

  • Design and build

Before you step out for a garbage disposal shopping spree, you need to take the measurements of the space under your farmhouse sink. You don’t want to get a unit that barely fits, right?

The next thing to consider is the quality of the disposal. It should be quality over looks at all times.

Always check the material used in making the unit. If possible, get one with stainless steel grinding chambers or components, as it will save you both money and trouble in the long run.

You also need to check the unit’s processing technology as well. The motor or system of a garbage disposal unit will highly determine its efficiency.

  • Size

For a farmhouse sink, get a compact garbage disposal. Remember that the space under these sinks is usually limited now that they have deep bowls.

Always go for a disposal unit that will fit perfectly under the sink.

Consider getting a bigger unit if yours is a bigger and busy household.

  • Grinding power

The grinding power of a garbage disposal unit is its power per pound value. To get a unit with a stronger grinding power, go for one with a lower pound value (when choosing units 1 HP motor garbage disposals).

This is because units with lower pound value usually have a higher grinding power. For instance, a 30oz unit fares better than one with a 50oz capacity.

  • Type of disposal unit

Garbage disposals are classified according to how the wastes are disposed into the unit. The 2 types of disposal units include batch feed disposals and continuous feeds disposal.

The most suitable disposal units for farmhouse sinks are the continuous feed disposals. These units are easier to operate as they can process wastes added at any time when in operation.

The batch feed disposals only process waste by batch. Once the grinding chamber of these units is filled, the cover is closed, and the waste is processed.

Batch feed disposals have a bigger grinding chamber and thus come in bigger sizes. They are therefore suitable for houses with bigger kitchen spaces.

  • Noise

Grinding always comes with noise, and garbage disposals are no exception. And since you don’t want to drown your kitchen with noise, consider getting a less noisy unit.

  • Ease of installation

How fast can you install the garbage disposal? You don’t want to spend hours trying to fit the disposal unit, right?

Although most garbage disposal units are pretty easy to install, it’s always good to consider this aspect before paying for one.

A quick skim through the manual will tell you what you are up against.

  • Price and warranty

The price and warranty of a product play an essential role in every buyer’s decision-making process. Note that garbage disposals don’t come cheap.

Therefore, if looking for a bigger disposal unit with higher specs and more features, be ready to cough more coins.

They say that a product’s warranty will always help you gauge the standard of a product. The longer the warranty period, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you get garbage disposal for a farmhouse sink?

Yes, you can get a garbage disposal unit for a farmhouse sink since they are easy to install. All you need to do is determine the size that will fit under your sink, grinding power, price range, quality, and the unit’s design.

Q2. Can I use a garbage disposal with a fireclay sink?

Yes, you can use a garbage disposal unit with a fireclay sink. You just need to ensure that you get one that is compatible with a fireclay sink.

Q3. Can I put a garbage disposal in a single bowl sink?

Yes, you can install a garbage disposal in a single bowl sink. In fact, it’s easier to install it in a single bowl than a double bowl sink.

Q4. Is it okay to drain a dishwasher through garbage disposal?

Yes, you can connect your dishwasher’s discharge drain into the disposal unit to prevent food waste from getting trapped in the unit.

Q5. How do I identify the garbage disposal to fit my sink?

To get the right garbage disposal unit, check beneath your sink to see the space you have. If limited on space, go for a unit with a smaller HP.


Putting garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink is easy if you have the right unit. Just ensure that the flange and sinkhole are of the same size to fit into the empty sinkhole. go to to know more information.

Go for a unit that is compact enough to fit in the space under your farmhouse sink and one that is built to last.

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