Can You Put a Microwave Above a Sink?

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, have everything in place but are still unsure where to place your microwave, we’ve got your back.

Since the counter space is usually at a premium, you’ll most probably want somewhere else to tuck the microwave. And the location must be as close to the cooking area as possible.

There are several places where you can place a microwave in your kitchen, including over the range, in cabinets, in a drawer, among others.

You might also be thinking of placing the unit above your kitchen sink, but you are not sure whether it’s safe to do or not.

So, Can You Put a Microwave Above a Sink?

The answer is a big yes! You can place your microwave above the sink.

It doesn’t harm at all. All you need to do is ensure that the unit is placed in a location that allows easy access.

And when placing the microwave, the distance from the sink shouldn’t bother you. But you have it in mind that the microwave shouldn’t touch wet surfaces just like any other electrical appliance.

To be on the safe side, maintain a distance of 4 feet from the sink to the shelf with the microwave.

Other Microwave Placement Areas

There are several places where you can place your microwave within your kitchen work triangle. You can place it within easy reach, high, low, and even out of sight.

There are pros and cons to every choice you make. Have a look at these placement places with their advantages and disadvantages.

Can You Put a Microwave Above a Sink

1. Below the Counter

If you don’t have much counter/upper cabinet space to spare, consider replacing one of your lower drawers with a microwave cabinet.

Removing a large drawer front can provide enough space to fit in the microwave at no cost. But if you need a tidy fit, select a microwave-ready cabinet during construction, which usually comes at the same cost as a standard lower cabinet.

Pros: Leaves your kitchen counter clear and sightline open.

Cons:  Placing the microwave too low is too much work for taller persons. Also, moving the dishes in and out becomes a nuisance. And if you have curious kids, placing the appliance below the counter becomes a dangerous option.

2. Over the Range

If yours is a very small kitchen, this is the most effective option. And since you want your microwave and range finishes to match, try as much as possible to source the 2 products from the same manufacturer.

You can install the unit with ease if you boast top-notch DIY skills, but if not, get a professional to install it for you.

Pros: Saves space in a compact kitchen.

Cons: If you place the microwave too high above the range, putting your food in and out becomes difficult.

3. In a Spare Cabinet

Another great placement area for your microwave oven is in the cabinet. Precisely, choose a cabinet on the countertop, on top of the sink, or cooking near the cooking area.

If you have a suitable cabinet in place, the only difficult part in installing the microwave will be drilling a hole for the wiring. But if you plan for this during construction, a plug can be provided in the cabinet to avoid visible cords.

For perfect fit and match, install cabinets that will match your chosen decorations.

Pros: The setup enables you to put your microwave at a convenient height at little cost.

Cons: Opening the cabinet door from time to time might be bothersome to frequent microwave users.

4. Angled Corner Cabinet

If you have a large kitchen with deep corners, it’s the best place to place your microwave. Or how else do you intend to use the corners?

One thing you need to note is that corner cabinets are planned during construction. It’s not easy to add them after.

Pros: Faces into the kitchen for ease of use. It also makes better use of deep corner cabinets that might otherwise contain hard-to-reach items.

Cons: Some space remains unused behind the microwave.

5. At a Drinks Station

If you have a basement bar station or a secondary food space, make good use of them. These are smart options for placing your microwave as well.

Typical construction issues will apply, but this depends on how the microwave is to be mounted. If the microwave is the only visible appliance, feature it as an accent.

Pros: Placing the microwave on a side station puts it near your coffee machine for quick breakfast and snacks.

Cons: If it’s the only microwave, placing it far from the main prep space is not ideal at all.

6. On the Counter Top

Kitchen countertops can hold almost everything. They are the ideal placement options for all small kitchen appliances, and a microwave oven is no exception.

Walk into any modern kitchen, and you’ll most likely spot a microwave on the counter.

Pros: Placing your microwave on the counter makes it easy to access and use.

Cons: A microwave can take up a lot of space on your counter, especially if the countertop is less spacious.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Where should I place my microwave oven?

Place the microwave in a location that is convenient to the stovetop, countertop, and fridge.

ii. Where can you place your microwave in a small kitchen?

The best place to put your microwave in a small kitchen is over the range, on a microwave rack, baker’s rack, inside a custom cabinetry or hutch pantry.

iii. Can a microwave be enclosed?

You can place your microwave in an enclosed space such as a cabinet as long as you follow all the necessary safety precautions. Ensure that there’s adequate ventilation and that the cabinet is strong enough to hold the microwave.

iv. Can you put your microwave on a wooden table?

You can place the microwave on a solid wooden table. Avoid placing it near gas or electric range. You also don’t want to risk electrocution by placing the unit near the sink where water can accidentally splash on it.

v. Is it safe to place your microwave on a glass table?

Yes. Glass is always microwave safe. However, it’s always good to first ascertain whether a piece of glass that isn’t marked as microwave safe whether it’s indeed safe.


Safety and convenience in the kitchen are key concerns that you need to keep in mind when thinking of the place to put your microwave. As a rule of the thumb, don’t put it too near the sink; ensure that it’s at least 4 feet away.

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