Can You Make Coffee With a Water Dispenser?

If you are into coffee, you know that using the right water to make coffee makes a huge difference. The water you use highly determines the taste of the coffee.

That is why you need to use clean and purified water, as it makes coffee taste great. It is free of contaminants that can change the taste and smell of the drink.

And what’s better than getting a water dispenser that not only provides hot and cold water but also helps you brew a cup of coffee whenever you want.

So, can you make coffee with a water dispenser? Absolutely! In fact, some water dispensers come with a coffee maker that brews coffee fast and with ease.

Can you make coffee with a water cooler?

Yes, you can make coffee with a water cooler if it has hot temperature settings.

With a hot water dispenser, water gets hot to temperatures anywhere from 160 degrees F to 210 degrees. Some instant boiling water dispenser reservoirs get up to 212 degrees.

This water is hot enough to help you prepare a cup of instant coffee or make instant noodles.

Can you put milk in a hot water dispenser?

Avoid putting drinks other than water in your hot water dispenser. Put your milk in the appliance, and you might not like the taste. Some claim that putting milk in a hot water dispenser gave it a burnt taste.

Also, consuming beverages like milk from the appliance can result in unhygienic issues that can negatively affect your health.

Additionally, if your dispenser is connected to the main water line, it’s simply impossible to do it.

How hot is hot water from a water cooler?

Depending on the model, a water cooler can dispense hot water anywhere from 160 degrees F to 210. Some instant hot water dispensers dispense water at about 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature of the water is usually based on the heat in the unit’s tank.

Can you make coffee with a hot water dispenser?

A hot water dispenser dispenses hot water at about 210 degrees F. The water is hot enough to make a cup of hot coffee. So, yes, you can make coffee with a hot water dispenser.

What is a water boiler called?

A water boiler is also called a thermo pot. It is used for boiling water and keeping it at a constant temperature.

Tips for Choosing a Water Dispenser for Brewing Coffee

A hot water dispenser provides you with hot water at any time of the day with just a simple press of a button.

The dispenser comes in handy for coffee lovers as it makes the coffee-making process easier. But getting the best one is not always an easy task.

Listed below are tips that can help you select the best hot water dispenser for making coffee.

  • Water filtration

If you use the water to make coffee, you have to ensure that it’s clean. If you doubt the quality of your water, get a dispenser with a water filter.

Remember, if the water contains contaminants like chlorine and chloramines, they’ll affect the drink’s taste.

  • Temperature Control

Experts argue that you should never make coffee or coffee with boiling water. The water might scorch your coffee powder leading to an unpleasant burnt taste.

That’s not what you want for your drink, right?

Therefore, when looking for a hot water dispenser, go for the model capable of dispensing the perfect temperature for your hot drinks (92 to 95 degrees C) Check Today’s Best Price on Amazon.

  • Draw Off

The draw off is the amount of hot water the dispenser can deliver in one go before a refill. Consider this, especially if you like hosting your friends for an afternoon cup of coffee.

A water dispenser with the right capacity will help serve your guests simultaneously.

  • Energy Efficiency

Just like when purchasing any other electronic appliance for your home, you need to consider how the hot water dispenser you are eyeing is.

Go for an energy-efficient model (#Amazon-Link) that heats water to the optimum temperature. The more energy-saving the unit is, the less you’ll pay for your monthly electricity bills.

Benefits of Water Dispensers that can Make Coffee

  • Savings

A cup of coffee at your local coffee shop will cost you a few dollars daily. And if your cravings tilt towards long-winded coffee names and brand chains, you might end up spending more for the cup.

With a hot water dispenser, you get to prepare your caffeine fix from the comfort of your home affordably. Imagine how much you’ll save every year.

  • Convenience

Preparing a cup of coffee from the comfort of your home is more convenient than going to the café.

You can also use the instant hot water from the appliance to make instant noodles or soup or prepare a baby bottle.

  • Environmental

Not everyone is mindful enough to bring a reusable coffee mug into a café. This means that every takeaway cup will add to the landfills.

Brewing coffee at home ensures that you reuse your mugs.

  • Guests

With a hot water dispenser, preparing coffee for your guests becomes easy. It enables you to serve more guests at ago. You won’t keep your loved ones waiting.


Having a hot water dispenser in your home or office will help you make coffee at any time of the day. And not just that; you can also prepare a cup of coffee, instant soup, a baby bottle, and more.

So, yes, you can make a cup of coffee with a water dispenser. Just ensure that you get a model that’s easy to use and energy-efficient.

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