Can Press n Seal Go in the Microwave?

Press n Seal is a multipurpose wrap that seals tightly onto various surfaces, including plastic, paper, metal, and other dry surfaces. It’s an absolute game-changer.

Glad Press n Seal uses Griptex technology to help protect your food. It is leak-proof, protects, and seals with ease.

The Griptex technology activates when you apply pressure to the wrap. Then, it seals to itself, enabling you to create custom-shaped storage bags to make individual food portions or store your food.

The versatile plastic storage food wrap combines the benefits of existing foils, wraps, and food storage bags in one. As a result, there are thousands of uses for it in the kitchen and outdoors.

Can Press n Seal go in the microwave? The answer is yes. This wrap is not only microwavable but also BPA-free. As a result, it is ideal to use in cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial facilities.

What are the Advantages of Using Press n Seal?

Can Press n Seal Go in the Microwave

Listed below are some of the benefits of Glad Press n Seal wrap.

  • The wrap keeps your food fresh thanks to its leakproof, airtight seal. All it takes is a quick press of a finger.
  • The Griptex technology enables the wrap to adhere to paper, plastic, metal, wood, and glass, keeping your food fresh.
  • The wrap can create custom-shaped bags, tops, and lids that are perfect for stacking, freezing, and storing.
  • It is strong enough to contain liquids.
  • The wrap is BPA-free, microwave safe, and offers a versatile wrap for all your kitchen and household needs.
  • It is ideal for use in hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, and other commercial facilities.

How Do You Use Press n Seal in the Microwave?

To use the wrap:

  • Pull the Press n Seal wrap from the roll.
  • Use a serrated rim for clean tearing.
  • Place it over the desired area.
  • Press the wrap along a dry rim. It’s activated texture seals to almost any dry surface.
  • When using it in the microwave, leave an inch between the wrap and the food.
  • Turn back a corner of the wrap to vent.

Safety Tips to Observe When Using the Press n Seal Wrap

When using Press n Seal, avoid the following:

  • Avoid contact with cutting edge.
  • Don’t use it in convection or conventional ovens, toaster ovens, stovetops, or browning units.
  • To prevent it from melting, don’t let foods high in fat or sugar come in contact when in the microwave.
  • When microwaving, always turn back a corner of the wrap to vent excess steam.
  • Always use the wrap on clean, dry surfaces.
  • Keep the wrap away from kids to avoid the dangers of choking or suffocation.

Is Microwaving with Press n Seal Dangerous?

Press n Seal is a microwave-safe wrap, thus very safe to use in the microwave. All you should do is ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with your food when microwaving.

How Else Can You Use the Press n Seal Wrap?

Listed below are other ways to use the Press n Seal wrap in your home.

  • Keeping your fridge fresh

With Press n Seal, you can keep your refrigerator looking fresh and clean for longer. All you need to do is line the fridge with the wrap, and you won’t have to deal with sticky messes on the appliance.

  • Keeps your home mess-free

You know how hard keeping your home clean can be if you have kids. But, with Press n Seal, you won’t have a lot of mess to deal with.

For instance, if your kids want to do art, all you need to do is cover the table they’ll be using with the wrap to prevent paint from messing up your table.

You can also cover their placemat with Press n Seal for easy cleanup.

  • Protect Your Digital Devices

There are many ways in which Press n Seal can protect your digital devices. For example, you can wrap your phone when working outdoors to protect it from dirt.

You can also cover your laptop’s keyboard and open ports to prevent ingredients from spilling on it when trying out a recipe.

  • As a DIY Cover

Cleaning paint has never been easy. For easy cleanup, line your paint tray with the wrap and simply toss it away when you are done. Easy peasy, right?

What’s the Difference Between Press n Seal and Cling Wrap?

The difference between Press n Seal and cling wrap is that the former seals against a variety of dry surfaces, including paper, wood, plastic, metal, foam, and glass.

And since it creates a seal, you’ll use the exact amount of the wrap to cover the item.


You can use Press n Seal in the microwave because it is BPA-free and microwave safe. It is also easy to handle and offers airtight protection to your food.

Glad Press n Seal provides a new way to navigate the food universe. It seals on contact and does what no other wrap could do before.

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