What Should I Look for in an LED Bathroom Mirror?

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No matter how big or small, luxurious or simple your bathroom is, it’s incomplete without a lighted mirror. The glow of the mirror brings something so magical to your bathroom.

An LED mirror brings an elegant style and luxurious touch to your space.

LED lighting very closely resembles the color of natural light. Whether you’re shaving, applying makeup or simply staring at your reflection in the mirror, it provides the best results.

Are you interested in a bathroom LED mirror? If so, this post will help you know what to look out for when going for one. Keep reading.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an LED Bathroom Mirror

What Should I Look for in an LED Bathroom Mirror
  • Size of the Mirror

Before purchasing the LED mirror, you need first to measure the dimensions of the wall where you intend to place the mirror. You don’t want to get a mirror that is too big to fit your space or too small to make a difference.

If yours is a small bathroom, go for a large mirror as it creates an illusion making your bathroom look bigger.

  • Design of the Mirror

Consider going for a mirror and frame style that matches your bathroom style. And the good part is that there are plenty of decorative mirrors available today to fit any bathroom style. You’re, therefore, sure to get the best for your space.

  • Purpose of Use

Before paying for the mirror, you need to ask yourself why you need it in the first place. Is it for aesthetic purposes? Or do you need one to help you get ready every morning before leaving for work?

Once you identify the purpose, getting the right LED mirror becomes very easy. For instance, if you need one to help you get ready when stepping out, an LED mirror with effective lighting that won’t create shadows on your face is the best option.

  • LED Lighting Options

Always go for a lighting option that will be highly functional to meet your needs and décor. You can go for either warm or cool LED colors to suit the purpose.

  • Touch Sensor Glass/Light Switch Integration

If looking for a premium LED mirror, consider a hard-wired model or one with a touch sensor glass. The sensor should have one or more buttons to adjust the brightness, turn the light on/off, switch on the Bluetooth or control the demister function.

And if you prefer not to touch the mirror, look for one that boasts lights switch integration.

The sensors are usually located at the bottom of the mirror to prevent accidental finger smudges on the glass. Also, the wiring for both hard-wired and touch sensor mirrors is usually neatly concealed at the back of the piece.

  • Copper-Free Mirror

Ever wondered why some bathroom mirrors lose their lustre over time? Well, only one word can explain this situation – low-grade!

Although the mirror might appear high-quality on the outside, the reflective coating is not up to the mark. And unlike top-quality LED mirrors, these inexpensive models use copper in the coating, which erodes over time.

You, therefore, need to be on the lookout if you don’t want to end up with such a mirror.

Copper-free bathroom LED mirrors are the best for bathroom spaces due to their uncompromising reflection, durability and quality that enables them to light up your space for years.

  • Demister Pads

If possible, ensure that the mirror you get for your bathroom comes with a demister pad. These pads solve the problem of fogged-up lighted mirrors and ensure that your bathroom mirror is fog-free at all times.

For the pad to work, you’ll have to turn on the demister function and allow it to heat up for 1 to 5 minutes before it de-fogs your mirror.

With a demister pad, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of a fogged-up mirror anymore.

Types of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

What to Know Before Buying a Lighted Bathroom Mirror

LED Frontlit Mirrors

LED frontlit mirrors come in a sleek modern design that adds a unique touch to any bathroom. The extra light brightens the room, giving it a more airy feel.

These mirrors are usually fitted with LED strips on 4, 2 or one side that runs along the edges of the glass.

The main benefit of this LED bathroom mirror is that it includes the elimination of shadow on the face. This makes it easy to self-groom.

Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

Of all lighted mirror types, the backlit mirror is the most famous. Fluorescent light tubes that sit at the back of the mirror allow the light to pass through.

These mirrors give a subtle but enough light to help you shave or apply makeup with ease.

Infinity Mirrors

Lighted infinity bathroom mirrors use angled LED light to create a never-ending series of light. They create a stylish modern look and will help you revamp your bathroom space.

Heated Demister Mirrors

Have you ever stepped in the bathroom and realized that you could hardly use the mirror because of a swirling cloud of steam? With a demister LED bathroom mirror, you can never experience this problem.

These mirrors come with a thin demisting pad placed behind the mirror, which stops the fog and condensation from building up.

Shaving Socket Mirrors

These mirrors come with a built-in shaver socket for an electric saver or toothbrush. These lighted mirrors make an excellent 2 in 1 option as they not only provide enough lighting to help you carry out bathroom tasks but also help you avoid the need to install a separate socket.

Still, Any Questions?

How can you install LED lights in your bathroom mirror?

To install the LED lights, measure the length of your mirror and then attach the light strips. After that, all you need to do is connect the light strips to a power source, and you’re good to go.

How are LED bathroom mirrors used?

Lighted bathroom mirrors are often used as shaving or makeup mirrors because they offer even lighting.
In small bathrooms, the mirrors can also create a more spacious-looking room with the bonus of modern elegance and style.

Is it easy to tell the difference between a low-grade and high-quality LED bathroom mirror?

If you are careful enough, you can easily distinguish between a cheap and high-quality lighted bathroom mirror.

First, manufacturers of low-quality mirrors never offer a warranty on their products. High-quality mirrors usually come with a minimum 1-year warranty.

The glass of a high-grade mirror has a decent weight and a solid feel instead of ‘tinny’ when tapped with a finger.

The edges of the mirror can also help you know the quality of the piece. Quality LED mirrors to have very smooth edges.

Do backlit LED bathroom mirrors give enough light?

Yes, backlit LED bathroom mirrors provide enough light to help you carry out tasks in the bathroom. The light placed behind the mirror offers ample brightness to enable you to see your reflection clearly.

Are LED bathroom mirrors worth it?

Yes. Lighted bathroom mirrors are worth spending money on because they prove a lot of benefits. They give you improved lighting in the bathroom for your daily grooming routine.

The mirrors also add value to your home by making your bathroom more attractive, modern and energy-efficient.

How long does an LED bathroom mirror last?

The Led light in the mirror usually boasts an average service life of 50,000 hours.


Knowing what to look for when searching for a lighted bathroom mirror will help you make an informed buying decision and enable you to get all that you need from the piece.

Therefore, before stepping into your local store searching for an LED bathroom mirror, use the information on our guide to determine the technical aspects, type of the mirror and the quality of the mirror.

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