Brio CLBL520SC Review: Is It Worth It?

Did you know that feeling thirsty means your body is already experiencing dehydration? As simple as it may sound, staying hydrated brings with it a plethora of health benefits. From regulating body temperature to boosting cell function, it’s easy to see just how drinking water is as essential as breathing clean air.

Brio CLBL520SC Review

To make sure you stay hydrated, you might want to invest in a good-quality water dispenser. This brio water cooler CLBL520sc review will introduce to you a bottom-loading unit you won’t regret buying. Not only does it dispense water at your desired temperature but also effectively cleans itself so that you don’t have to.

About the Brio

Before we start with the Limited Edition Brio CLBL520sc Review, let us talk about the brand first. When it comes to modern technological innovations, Brio is among the most trusted brands. It boasts some of the best water coolers and dispensers that the current market offers.

Brio water dispensers feature a variety of practical solutions to modern hydration requirements. These units can have everything from sensor activation to self-cleaning tech. They can also be compact countertop units or traditional top- or bottom-loading dispensers.

You don’t need to worry about matching your water dispenser to your kitchen or office, too. Brio ensures each unit matches every home and lifestyle by blending well with most interiors. Basically, it provides you with clean and fresh water without compromising the look of your space.

Brio CLBL520SC Limited Edition Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser Review

From the different models available today, we are more than confident that you will find your match in the Brio CLBL520C. It packs in several amazing features that are all very functional. As a result, you can be sure your family is drinking only the best quality water.

To add to this unit’s reliability, you will love that it has certifications from both UL and Energy Star. Water dispensers that boast these strict standards are the best you will ever find. What does this mean for you and your family, though?

When a product is UL listed, it simply means that its overall design and construction meet the industry’s safety standards. On the other hand, an Energy Star certification means the product meets the federal government’s guidelines regarding energy efficiency.

Who Is It for?

Do you struggle to stay hydrated? The CLBL520SC Brio might just be what will save you from this problem. This water cooler dispenser gives you access to clean water at your preferred temperature.

Households with kids will also welcome the addition of this Brio unit. Like all trusted models, it comes with a built-in child lock feature to protect kids from accidental burns. Lastly, if you have struggled with refilling traditional top-loading dispensers before, the bottom-loading mechanism of the Brio CLBL520SC is perfect for you.

Brio CLBL520SC limited Edition Key Features

To help you decide if this model meets your hydration needs, here are its best selling features:

brio limited edition bottom load self cleaning

Three Temperature Settings

Perfect for any of your beverage cravings, this water dispenser offers three temperature settings: hot, cold, and room temperature. The hot and cold settings have their own back panel switch, allowing you to turn them on or off anytime. This feature adds to the machine’s energy efficiency.

Child Safety Lock

If you’re worried about your child playing with or misusing this water dispenser, you don’t have to. The hot water spout has a built-in child protection feature to prevent accidental pouring. Basically, it requires you to follow two steps to dispense hot water.

Bottom-Loading Refilling Method

The CLBL520SC has a bottom-loading system for refilling. This makes it very easy to refill, as you won’t have to lift and flip the heavy blue water bottle. With this, you also won’t risk breaking your back.

Empty Bottle Indicator

To add to its convenience, it also has an empty gallon indicator. This LED lights up when your water is running low to inform you it’s time to replace it.

Nighttime Visual Access

Getting water from a dispenser without seeing the spouts poses many dangers. There’s also a big chance that you press the wrong button or spill water everywhere.

To address this issue, the Brio limited edition comes equipped with a built-in night light. This provides enough illumination to give you full visual access when getting water in the middle of the night.

Detachable Drip Tray

In case you did spill water, you can expect that the drip tray has you covered. It helps prevent spills and messes on your floor, adding to its safety. You can also easily remove this tray for hassle-free cleaning.

Self-Cleaning Tech

Speaking of cleaning, you won’t find that much of a problem in the Brio CLBL250SC. This machine boasts a self-cleaning feature that uses ozone technology. It is an odor-free gas that removes dirt and harmful contaminants that might have accumulated in the tanks and pipes.

With this feature, you can rest assured that your family only gets water from a clean source. It is also pretty straightforward to activate, as you only need to press a single button and wait for it to do its magic.

Tested Quality

Like the other Brio models, the CLBL520SC also underwent rigorous quality, durability, and energy efficiency testing. As a result, you’ll feel confident that you’re spending your money on a premium product.


  • Easy to refill
  • Consistent water temperatures
  • Arrives well packaged
  • With complete and clear manual instructions
  • Self-cleans in just one press
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Little bit loud

How to Get the Most Out of It?

Because the Brio CLBL250SC has an Ozone self-cleaning feature, keeping it clean is more straightforward than usual. With a simple press of the switch for five seconds, the self-cleaning feature is activated.

To let your household, know that your unit is cleaning, a light in front of your dispenser will blink the whole time it’s cleaning. Clean the drip tray as often as possible to prevent the growth of the bacteria.

It will also help if you don’t expose your water cooler to direct sunlight. To protect it from overheating, make sure it is at least eight inches away from your wall.


The Brio limited edition bottom load CLBL520SC is a feature-packed water cooler dispenser that can satisfy all your hydration needs. Its compact and sleek stainless-steel build is perfect for home or office use. Aside from that, the self-cleaning feature helps conserve time so that you can do more important tasks.

You will also appreciate that it is a bottom-loading unit. It eliminates the risk of breaking your back from lifting the water gallon several times a week. Simply slide the bottle into the bottom compartment, connect the pump, and that’s it!

Sure, you can find many similar products offering the same features, but the best part is that this unit is also budget-friendly. With all of its outstanding features, it’s hard to deny that this Brio unit is a worthy purchase.

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