Big Boss Pottery Wheel Review 2022( Customer Analysis)

Big Boss Pottery Wheel

Are you a professional ceramic artist and want to have some elite pottery wheel for your profession?

Want to upgrade your hobby’s style by upgrading the equipment? Here we go.

The big boss pottery wheel is considered the best wheel for the potters. This is suitable for both the professionals and the beginners and for the ones who are just enjoying ceramic art as their hobby.

In this article, we will give you a detailed review of the big boss pottery wheel. It’s specifications, construction, features, pros, and cons of its use, and its customer reviews.

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The big boss pottery wheel is an electronic wheel that works on a powerful motor. The big boos pottery wheel’s length is 1 to 4 inches. This includes one of the best pottery wheels that are present in the market for now.

It is highly recommended for professional potters as their living is dependent on ceramic art. This wheel provides a classic finish to the product made in it, due to its electric power connectivity. You can control the rotations of the wheel according to your need that depends on the kind of thing you are making on the wheel.

The manufacturing company offers 10 years guarantee. The wheel has all the necessary features that are in demand by a professional ceramic artist.

It comes with an instructional DVD so that you can clear your queries related to the wheel and its use. This can be helpful for beginners.


  • The weight of the machine is 180lbs
  • Dimensions are 5^24.5^23.5 inches
  • The head size of the wheel is 14inches
  • Cantering capacity is 150lbs
  • The company gives 10 years guarantee when directly purchasing from the original manufacturers.


Following are some features of the big boss pottery wheel that are important to mention here.

  • Reverse direction: The wheel can move in the reverse direction also with the help of the reversing plug. This is an important feature to write here.

The feature is very useful for intricate products.

  • Centering Capacity: The sturdy design of the machine make its centering capacity the highest among all other ordinary pottery machines. The big boss pottery wheel has a legit centering capacity.

The wheel easily handles 150lbs of clay, if the potter is careful enough he can handle the 175 lbs too.

  • Minimal mess: In the usual pottery wheels when you through the clay and the water in the rotating wheel, the wheel will produce a whole mess by splashing the clay and the water all around.

The big boss pottery wheel comes with the feature that is the full splash. This doesn’t make a lot of mess while you are making pots in the wheel.

  • Stability: Because the big boss pottery wheel comes with a stand so even if holding the maximum of clay the wheel will remain stable.

This also helps the wheel to remain stable even when rotating at the maximum speed.

  • Speed control: With ordinary wheels, you have to adjust the speed of the wheel every time you put more clay on the wheel.

When you are using the big boss pottery wheel you are free of this tension. The wheel will sense the load and increase or decrease the speed accordingly. You don’t have to go back to adjust the speed every time.

Pros and cons:


  • The big boss pottery wheel is powerful enough to tackle heavy loads. It is built with a high-power motor that can work with heavy loads also.
  • If you are doing pottery for your living then the big boss pottery wheel is best for you. Not like other the big boss pottery wheel is quiet and doesn’t make annoying noise during the making of pots.
  • The speed control of the big boss pottery wheel is very sensitive. The other ordinary pottery wheels have a different adjustment for slow, fast, and tranquil speed but in the big boss pottery wheel, you can control the speed from the peddle. The peddle is sensitive enough that it can cause the wheel to rotate at the speed of your desire.
  • The big boss pottery wheel comes with the longest warranty ever which is of 10 years. This a long duration. Any time in the 10 years if the machine gets disturbed you can take it to the company freely for the repairing.
  • The machine is known for its minimal mess-making property. You don’t have to worry while playing with the clay on the wheel about the mess. The surroundings of the machine will collect the splashes and don’t allow them to go on the floor and stick to that.
  • You can also make big sculptures with the big boss pottery machine. This is due to its high centering capacity. Because it can hold more clay means it can make big sculptures.
  • The wheel is good for any kind of potter. The professionals and beginners both can use it. The mechanism of use is so easy that a beginner can handle it easily
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  • There is a problem when the wheel arrives. Its screws are not tightened to their fullest. The parts are not fixed properly when the wheel arrives. This can cause a problem if the screws remain unchecked and the customer starts using them.
  • The wheel is heavy enough that not a single person can move it. Due to its heavy weight, it is hard to adjust. Place it in the right place for the very first time so you don’t have to move the heavy machine again and again.
  • The big boss pottery is expensive to purchase. But the price is fair when we consider the features the wheel is offering.


A happy customer named Kelly gives the big boss pottery five-star ratings. In his comment, he said I have been using the ordinary wheels for many years a friend of mine suggested switching to big boss poetry from the ordinary wheel. I’m very impressed by the working of the machine. The wheel is quiet which makes the pottery experience more relaxing. I highly recommend this product.


What are the best wheel pottery brands?

Following are some known pottery wheel brands.

  • Shimpo VL-Whisper.
  • Speedball clay boss.
  • Soldner wheel or skut wheel.
  • Brent wheels.

Is it worth buying a pottery wheel?

The pottery wheel is worth buying if you are a professional ceramic artist or take that art as your hobby.

The pottery wheels’ worth depends upon their durability. The manual pottery wheels don’t last the longest but the modern electrical poetry wheels last for many years if maintained properly.

Proper cleaning and care after every session can increase the life span of the pottery wheel.

How much a pottery wheel costs?

Pottery wheel’s cost is largely dependent on the type of wheel you are purchasing. And a little amount of the price is dependent on the size of the pottery you are going to buy.

In general, you can buy a table top pottery wheel in a range from 400$ to 2000$.

The table top kind of pottery wheel is the least expensive to have and is only suitable for the small workplace having small projects.

The most modern and expensive type of pottery wheels is the electronic speedballs. These are getting the attention of the people who are concern about the ceramic arts. Both the beginners and the professionals are switching from their ordinary wheel to the electronic speedball.

Named the best clay for beginners?

Stoneware clay is considered the best for beginners. This is the best because of the following bold reasons.

  • The clay contains some amount of plastic in it. This plastic allows the clay to stand when once gets dry.
  • The clay also has grog added to it. The grog will add strength to the clay.
  • The non-porous quality of the clay makes the end product strong.

Is doing pottery hard?

When you see a professional artist doing pottery it looks so fascinating to look at that. Beyond fascination, it looks easy thing to do also. But in reality, this is not true. Pottery is hard to learn. One becomes professional only with practice and time. A beginner needs months to make a simple pot.


Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

The big boss pottery wheel is considered the best speedball electronic wheel. It is suitable for both the professional and the beginners also.

The machine has a lot bunch of advantages. Out of them, a quiet pottery experience is at the top. The machine makes no noise while rotating; this makes the pottery a more wonderful experience to do otherwise the ordinary machines make annoying noise that frustrates the person.

The big boss pottery wheel is expensive in amount but the features surpass the price.

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