5 Best Top Loading Water Dispensers

Looking for a simple to use and inexpensive way to dispense drinking water for your home or small office?

If lifting the bottle and place it on top of the unit isn’t a great problem for you, consider top load bottled water dispenser over any other type.

But what are the best top loading water dispensers to buy ?

That’s what our post will cover.

Go through our comprehensive top loading water dispenser reviews to reveal all the 5 sought-after models.

A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks

This short summary will help you quickly compare all the essential specs of our reviewed 5 models.

  • Best Overall: Avalon A10 Water Dispenser: This unit lots of upgraded components for enhanced safety and usability to ensure that your household gets perfect drinking water at all times.
  • Best Design: Brio CLTL520 Water Cooler: A unit that comes in a user-friendly and appealing design to fit in your kitchen or office.
  • Best Multifunctional: COSTWAY 23573-CYPE: A 2 in 1 water cooler that features a built-in ice maker which can produce 27 pounds of ice cubes within 24 hours.
  • Best Performance: Primo Top Loading Dispenser: This highly effective compact dispenser can fit at any corner of your home or office with limited space.
  • Best for Cold Water: Vitapur VWD2236W: For you, if looking for a water dispenser that dispenses room temperature and cold water only.

Our Recommended 5 Best Top Loading Water Dispensers

best top loading water dispenser

Choosing the best top load water dispenser is not an easy task as you’ll find hundreds of options from different brands.

We hope our review can help you in this regard.

We’ve handpicked several models for testing. After investing a significant amount of time evaluating and reviewing these models, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list.

These short-listed 5 models are excellent in terms of quality, reliability, and prices that would work perfectly in any home or small office set up.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper and find the perfect one that matches your requirements!

1. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser A10

Avalon A10 Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A10 is specially designed to provide you perfect drinking water every time.

It includes lot of features with upgraded components for enhanced usability and safety.

You can customize your drinking experience with a choice of three temperature settings.

The cold water is crisp and ice cold at approximately 47-degree F. So, you don’t need to add ice cubes to your drink on those hot summer days. Thanks to its highly efficient compressor.

Besides, it delivers hot water at approximately 185-degree F, which is hot enough to make your coffee, tea, or other steaming hot beverages. 

This unit is designed and manufactured with your convenience and safety in mind.

First of all, the easy to use push button spouts makes dispensing water much more convenient. Simply press the cold, cool, or hot water button and let the water flow into your glass from the given spout.

A10 top-loading fits standard 3 to 5-gallon jug. What’s more, there is a built-in puncture rod for spill-proof uses when changing the bottle.

Safety concern?

No worry; Avalon water dispenser A10 is UL listed. Additionally, the child safety lock on the hot water spout lets the entire family use it worry-free.

The unit measures 12 by 13 by 41 inches with a dispensing area of 12 x 3 x 10 inches. Moreover, the 9 inches of space below the spout is convenient to hold large cups or any water bottle.

Finally, the stainless steel, sleek, stylish design fits right into your kitchen or office. 


  • Three temperature settings-hot, cool, cold 
  • Safe hot water dispensing function
  • Easy and convenient to use 
  • Sleek, stylish design and spill-proof 
  • Highly efficient 
  • UL listed & complies with all standards of Energy Star


  • Louder operation

2. Brio Water Dispenser Top Loading CLTL520 (Limited Edition)

Brio CLTL520

Brio has made this excellent and versatile drinking water dispensing system.

CLT520 is a great water dispenser for a busy family. It is also perfect for small offices and commercial spaces.

The tri-temp dispensing option will satisfy all your hydration needs. It offers you a choice between room temperature, crisp cold, and piping hot output. So, you can easily make cool refreshment or toasty beverages.

Convenience is at your fingerprint! The push-button faucet makes it easy to dispense your desired temperature water.

This model also offers you full control over the temperature for power saving. Turn ON or OFF the hot and cold water switches for your convenience.

Brio ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

You don’t need to be worried about the accidental pouring of hot water. Thanks to its two-step dispensing lock on the hot-water spout.

Moreover, you’ll always have the visibility of the spout even in the dark. The nightlight illuminates the dispensing spout so you can rest assured that your cup or glass won’t overfill.

It loads from the top and can accommodate 3 or 5 gallons bottle. Importantly, it creates a tight seat that prevents any contaminant from entering the reservoir.

The thumbprint resistant splash plate and removable drip tray make using and maintaining the unit easier. It is anti-rust and BPA free, which allows you to keep the tray sanitary.

The sleek stainless steel cabinet fits into your kitchen, living room, or office and gives it a modern look.

You can trust Brio. Like their other cooler dispensers, this model has been independently tested and meets the applicable standards.


  • Unmatched quality 
  • Appealing and user-friendly design
  • Tri-temp dispensing options 
  • Easy to access hot and cold water switches
  • Easy and quick clean up
  • Large dispensing point for easy pouring
  • Energy star rated for energy efficiency
  • Backed by 1-year limited warranty


  • Somewhat noisy operation 

3. COSTWAY 2-in-1 Ice Maker Water Cooler Dispenser, 23573-CYPE

Costway 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker

If you’re looking for a multi-functional water dispensing system, this model from Costway worth considering. It blends advanced technology with a modern and sleek design.

COSTWAY 23573-CYPE is a 2 in 1 water cooler with a built-in ice maker that will make your life more convenient.

You can access both water and ice. The built-in ice maker can produce a maximum of 27 pounds of ice cubes in 24 hours. 

The ice basket can hold up to 4 pounds of ice at a time. Simply open the door of the compartment and take the ice cubes with the included scoop.

More conveniently, its ice-making function automatically turns off when it detects inside full of ice.

You can use this unit in the office break room, home bar, or anywhere you want. Of course, it looks classy in any space.

So, what about its temperature settings for water?

Well, this unit dispenses ambient temperature, near-boiling hot and cold water. The tri-temp push button faucet makes dispensing easy.

Rest assured that you can use it worry-free.

The security lock on the hot water faucet prevents accidental burns. Moreover, the child safety lock is difficult for children to manage.

We applaud the soft-touch control panel and LED indicators. You can see at a glance it’s cooling, heating, or making ice or whether the system is on or off.

This is not the end about this product!

The water barrel seat is smartly designed and detachable for easy cleaning. It ensures hygienic drinking water all the time.

The drip tray helps to avoid spills. Conveniently, it’s removable for easy clean-up. 


  • Smart and user-friendly
  • Well-thought design
  • Super powerful
  • Multifunctional and energy-efficient
  • Classic, elegant looking 
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Safer to use
  • Built-to-last for many years


  • A little pricier

4. Primo Water Dispenser Easy Top Loading

Primo Top Loading Water Dispenser

This try-temp dispensing system is a top choice if you are looking for convenience, performance, and style

Black stainless steel accents and classic appearance of this unit compliments the decor of any room of your home or workplace.

This model is much more compact than any other freestanding dispenser. So, you can set it at any corner of your home or office with limited space.

It instantly dispenses icy cold water. Thanks to its powerful compressor. It also dispenses piping hot water at 190 degrees F.  You can also choose room temperature water.

The child safety lock provides you the peace of mind. You do not have to worry about the accidental burning of hot water. 

Conveniently, you can turn off the hot water switch for energy saving operation and still enjoy the cold water.

The best aspect of this model is its design. This well thought designed system features a bottle holder with a leak guard that prevents spills while loading the water bottle. 

Besides, the installation uses, cleaning, and maintenance-everything of this unit is simple. The included stainless steel drip tray is dishwasher safe. The exterior is also simple to clean. 


  • Compact, sleek design 
  • Fast-flowing dispensing rate
  • Simple push-button control
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean
  • Spill-resistant
  • Quieter operation 


  • Spouts are slightly lower in position than other models of its class. 

5. Vitapur Water Dispenser VWD2236W Top Load Floor Standing

Vitapur Water Dispenser VWD2236W

This model from Vitapur is the best option for anyone looking for room temperature and cold only water dispensing unit.

For enjoying refreshing cold water, this system is perfect for home, office, or individual use. Thanks to its two temperature settings.

Its compressor is highly efficient that helps to produce icy cold water on demand. It features easy to use dual dispensing taps for cold and ambient temperature water. Conveniently it comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat for chilled water.

Conveniently, a large capacity dispensing area accommodates large water and pitchers.

This unit is strong enough to hold three or five gallons of water bottles. Of course, you can use the GWF8 filtration system (sold separately) on it to simplify the system. 

This well thought designed unit features a support collar that prevents leaks from fractured bottles. It also helps you stay spill-free.

Vitapur dispenser includes a stainless steel reservoir for durability and long-lasting reliability.  Besides, the removable drip tray is easy to clean for ensuring hygienic drinking water for your family.

Finally, the white glossy finish of this product will compliment any home or office decor.


  • Two temps setting-chilled and room temperature 
  • Overflow resistant 
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Highly efficient 
  • Simple clean-up
  • Energy-saving performance 
  • Affordable price


  • No hot water dispensing function 


Hopefully, this shortlist and review has helped you find the best top loading water dispenser for money.

No matter which one you pick from our top-list, it’ll definitely work best in your home or small office and meet your particular drinking water needs.

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