Top 3 Best Tattoo Removal Laser ( Reviews 2022)

Best Tattoo Removal Laser

You had made a tattoo on your body and now realize that you are not proud to have that on your body and you are regretting it? Want a tattoo removal? And wondering for the best tattoo removal laser in town? Here we go.

In this article, we will give you details about the tattoo removal procedure, the pain you have to bear during the process, the cost of the painful process, and the best laser removal you can have for the safe removal of the tattoo from the body.

Best tattoo removal laser 2022

A tattoo removal laser is a machine introduces for the people who are not happy with the tattoo that they get embossed on their body.

The laser removes the tattoo by breaking the pigment color using high-intensity light beams. Black-colored ink absorbs all the wavelengths of the laser making it easier for the laser to break. Other colors required specified wavelengths to break them. That is why removing tattoo that gets embossed by the black colored ink is easier to remove than the tattoos that are made with the colored inks.

Reviews of TOP Tattoo Removal Laser

We have to sort the three best tattoo removal lasers out of many for you. Let’s now discuss each of one detail to have SHOWSTOPPER.

The three are.

  1. Single-pulse Q switch laser
  2. PicoSure laser
  3. Zynx tattoo removal laser

1.Single-pulse Q switch laser:

Single-pulse Q switch laser is known as the world’s best tattoo removal laser. The technology is based on the belief that there should be no compromise on the ones who buy the product. The company cares for its customers’ safety. And that point is above all.


Following are some specifications of the single-pulse Q switch laser. Those make it superior or different from the rest.

  • The laser it contains has high energy. And the light is pure. The light beam tends to move deeper, and reaches every bit of the tattoo pigment, and breaks it.
  • It can remove the most complex tattoos even those are the tattoos made with colored ink like purple, orange, and green, sky blue. The colored tattoos are difficult to remove for the usual laser machines.
  • The laser beam has a high delivery capacity. That it enters the in the skin and started breaking pigments in just some nanoseconds.
  • After the first shoot, a white-colored frosting covers the skin that will not allow the subsequent shoots of laser to penetrate the skin.
  • The machine is built with customer safety concerns.


The wavelengths are dependent on the color of the tattoo. The black color can be removed with any wavelength because black color absorbs every wavelength. The multicolored tattoo removal is wavelength-specific.

For the removal of multi-colored tattoos, the single pulse Q switch gives a wide range of wavelengths.

These are.

  • 585nm for blue and sky blue inks removal
  • 650nm for green inks removal
  • 532nm for red, tan, purple, and orange inks removal.
  • 1064nm for black, dark blue, and brown inks removal.

Precision in treatment:

The laser beam coming from the single-pulse Q switch laser is uniform enough to make the treatment precise. The uniform laser beam means it uniformly penetrates onto the skin, not like some skin parts get more laser and some get less. This feature of the laser makes it an effective one.

This also decreases the chances of surrounding skin damage and helps in making a precise treatment.

2.PicoSure tattoo removal laser:

PicoSure is another tattoo removal laser that is considered the leader in the market of tattoo removal lasers.

Let’s get into the PicoSure and see whether the hype about it is real or not.


Following are some specifications of the PicoSure.

  • PicoSure uses a smaller beam of light that makes it a more effective one to use.
  • Due to short beam technology, it doesn’t leave scars on the surrounding areas of the tattoo.
  • The PicoSure uses the Picosecond technology. It is the most advanced form we have in the market for now.
  • Unlike the other lasers, the PicoSure doesn’t use heat to bring the pigments apart rather it uses pressure waves to break the unwanted pigments.
  • The broken tattoo pigments are then absorbed by the lymphatic tissue and you will get rid of them

Sessions you need to have with PicoSure:

If you are imagining that, once you go to the doctor for the tattoo removal session and leave the clinic with no scars left of that tattoo then I feel sorry for you.

The usual tattoo removal lasers may take even 20 sessions to remove the tattoo completely from your body. The lasers that use Picosecond technology require fever sessions for tattoo removal. These can be five sessions or even less.

The sessions required for the tattoo removal also depend on the color of the ink, the intensity of the ink, and the amount of the ink.

Be patient when once you entered the tattoo removal procedure.

3.Zynx tattoo Removal machine:

This is a professional-grade tattoo removing machine. It can also be used for the removal of facial hairs and scars. The machine uses heat energy to disrupt the particle of the tattoo ink. As heat can cause harm to the skin so, the machine has two cooling built-in systems. These cooling systems instantly remove the sensation of heat when once the light beam hits the targeted particle of the ink.


Following are some specifications of the Zynx tattoo removal machine.

  • Along with tattoos, it can clear the birthmarks and the other age marks also.
  • The machine has a colored touch screen for easy monitoring of the operations.
  • Leaves the skin with no scars.
  • Only recommended for commercial level use.

Things to know before having a tattoo on your skin:

Consider the following things before you decide to get a tattoo on your body so that you don’t regret it after it gets embossed in your skin.

  • Tattoo removal will need months; Once you get a tattoo on your skin and want to remove it a little after then, it will be not an easy thing to do.

The tattoo removal can take up to months if the procedure goes well, if not, the removing procedure may take a year even.

The sessions during the removal procedure are maintained in a way that before the next sessions your skin will get time to heal the old rupturing of the tissues that happen during the first session.

The minimum regeneration period, the human body offers is 8 weeks. And the sessions are scheduled according to it.

Think twice before getting a tattoo.

  • Expensive; The tattoo removal cost is much more than embossing a one. It’s like double of it.

The estimated cost for removing a tattoo is 463$ for a single session and the minimum number of sessions counted for the tattoo removal is 15.

The tattoo removal cost depends on the size of the tattoo, pigment size of the tattoo, the color of ink used, etc.

Only get a tattoo when are sure about having it.

  • Painful procedure; Removing the tattoo is a painful procedure to experience. If you don’t get prepared by using some numbing cream or some anesthetic shoots then you are going to have the worst experience of your life.

It feels like some high-intensity electric shocks are getting into your skin every Picosecond and you don’t even get a chance to replenish the first shock when you get another.

No tattoo, no removal, no pain.

  • Feeling of discomfort; After the removal of the unwanted tattoo, you might feel discomfort for some days. This happens due to the blisters that form during the procedure on the surrounding skin areas.

It is recommended to take care of these blisters. Apply some ointments on them or cover them with bandages so, they can get regenerated faster and you can get out of the discomfort.

The working procedure with the tattoo removal laser:

The tattoo removal laser expert or the doctor will surely follow the following standard operating procedure during the removal operation.

  • He will give you a pair of protective eye shields. So that even accidentally that laser beams do not come in contact with your eyes.
  • The technician or doctor will not start the removal procedure instantly. First, he will check the reaction of your skin when the laser applies to it. Depending upon the skin reaction the doctor will set the wavelengths and start using the laser on your skin when he finds the most suitable wavelength for you.
  • The laser beam will pass the first layer of layer skin and get absorbed by the tattoo pigment only.

This all will be done with utmost care and sensitivity.


Can laser remove the tattoo completely?

If all goes well the complete tattoo removal is guaranteed in the laser removal procedure. In case of complications, you may have to face some serious side effects.

The tattoo removal is guaranteed by technicians but the procedure takes a lot more time than prescribed.

You have to remain patient once you get into the tattoo removal procedure.

Which color is the most difficult one to remove as a tattoo?

As observed by the tattoo removal experts the green color is at the top of the list. It is the hardest color to remove if embossed in your skin in the form of a tattoo.

The second hardest to remove is the neon color.

For tattoo removal, the general principle is greater the contrast between the tattoo and your skin the better removal results can be seen.

Are some tattoos are possible to remove?

Even the tattoos that completed their removal sessions still do not get fade completely. You can feel the difference between the skin that is free from the tattoo and the skin from which the tattoo is removed recently.

The tattoo removal is possible with pain, patience, blisters, and things like that. But if you are searching for that before- tattoo skin then you’re going on the wrong way for sure.

What things can speed up the tattoo removal?

  • Follow the aftercare advice properly.
  • Sleep well. Be on time when it comes to sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid going in the sun during the treatment until the tattoo fades completely.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Make your immune system strong by eating healthy.
  • Don’t smoke

You can read about tattoo numbing creams here.


Time to end the discussion with a brief conclusion,

Tattoo removal is not an easy task to experience. If you finally have decided to go into the removal procedure then you have the three best options of lasers for tattoo removal that are mentioned above.

Among the above-mentioned laser removal machines, the PicoSure is the best in my point of view. It transfers the beam of light into the skin in just a few picoseconds. The PicoSure uses a small beam of light that makes it effective. The machine guarantees no scars after the treatment because the small beam of light doesn’t penetrate the surrounding areas of the tattoo. This only targets the tattoo.

The second best in my view is the single-pulse Q switch laser. This has one huge advantage over the other tattoo removal machines. That is, it can clear the multi-colored tattoos from your skin too which is not possible for all the tattoo removal laser machines. The most complex colors like sky blue, orange, yellow can be removed from the skin by using the single-pulse Q switch laser.

The Zynx tattoo removal remains the last in the race of three. One good feature that it has is its cooling system. That dissipates the heat out immediately after it reaches the targeted ink particle. Its multi-use is another benefit too for the professionals. This can be a good professional investment for them

Choose one depending upon your need and your doctor’s advice.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below. It will be highly acknowledged.

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