5 Best Tattoo Ink Brands to try

The most important thing to consider while having a tattoo is its ink. Because the only thing that going to stay with you forever under your skin is ink.

You are also a tattoo freak and want to get a tattoo with some elite kind of link? Then you are reading the right article.

In this article, we will describe some of the best tattoo ink brands that you can consider while having a tattoo, their features, and specification, how you can choose the best ink brand for yourself, and what are the  ingredients that the best tattoo ink should have in it.

Best tattoo ink brands 2022

We have sorted some of the best brands of a tattoo ink out of hundreds. We will give you details about them, in the writing coming after this.

It’s not compulsory to choose a tattoo ink that has the highest ratings among all. Consider buying one that suits your needs and demands. Your tattoo artist can better tell you that which brand is good for you.

Never go for the ratings only.

1.Intenze color tattoo ink:

Intenze color tattoo ink

The Intenze color tattoo ink is not a very old brand. Its first ink was developed in late 2002 that is not far.

The Inteze color tattoo ink is known for its vibrant colors. They offer many variants in vibrant colors. You can use the ink just straight after opening the bottle.

Features; some important features of the Intenze color tattoo inks are.

  • The ink is of USA origin.
  • Each bottle contains 1 Oz ink and a set contains 19 bottles.
  • The product is vegan-friendly.
  • The brand offers 30 days cashback to their customers.
  • 100% natural color.

Pros; some pros of using the Inteze inks are.

  • The ink is gentle on the skin.
  • Free from harmful ingredients.

Cons; cons of using the intense inks are.

  • The bottle cap sealing is not proper.

A customer gives the product five start ratings and said that the ink’s color has good saturation, the quality is great, and working so well with the tattoo design.

Another customer named Stace appreciates the quality of ink in his review.

2.Bloodline UV tattoo ink nuclear invisible by Skin Candy

Bloodline UV tattoo ink nuclear invisible by Skin Candy

The bloodline tattoo ink brand is one of the pioneer brands in the tattoo ink. It remains successful throughout its journey in the market.

The UV tattoo ink nuclear invisible is the ink that, if used in a tattoo it remains invisible until it exposes to UV light. This feels cool to the tattoo enthusiasts and to the people who are interested in tattoo makings.

But these kinds of inks are not cool for all. Some people need to have a tattoo that remains obvious throughout its life. This group of people avoids using this ink.

For the artist, it is a good option to have in their workplace to attract new customers and this will make their work aesthetic too.

Features; following are some features of the above mentioned ink brand.

  • A bottle contains 1oz of ink.
  • The ink will glow under UV light.
  • This is high-quality and professional-grade ink.
  • Not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • The brand is of the USA origin.
  • The ink is vegan-friendly.

Pros; Pros of using the bloodline UV tattoo ink nuclear invisible are.

  • The inks are vegan-friendly.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Glows prominently in dark

Cons; cons of using the bloodline links are.

The tattoo will get obvious only in dark. Not made for the people who need some prominent tattoo on their skin.

A customer named VegasPG has reviewed the product. In his comment, he said that the glow of the ink is incredible. He advises checking the glow under black light. This works amazingly under that. Also, he added that he has to touch the tattoo for the perfect glow. Don’t know why this happens but this is how it works.

Another customer wrote that he is satisfied with the quality of the product.

3. World famous tattoo ink-charcoal Greywash set by World Famous

World famous tattoo inks started their journey almost 50 years ago. From then to now they have maintained their repute in the market by giving the quality product.

Their product is marked standardized when it comes to quality and safety concerns.

The charcoal Greywash is the ink specially designed for darker tattoo tones like grey and black. It is best if you want to have a dark grey or blackish-grey-colored tattoo on your skin. But the tone can be diluted to lighter grey also.

Features; some important features to enlist are.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Best for grey and black colored tattoos.
  • The ink is vegan-friendly.
  • One bottle contains 3oz of ink and each set has 3 bottles.
  • Boutique kind of tattoo ink it is.

Pros; pros of using World famous tattoo inks are

  • The flow rate is optimum.
  • Appreciated by the top-rated tattoo artists.
  • Have enough quantity of ink in a bottle

Cons; cons of using World famous tattoo inks are

  • Bottlecap opening is difficult.

A happy customer name Steven, gives the product a five-star rating. In his comment, he said that the color tones that this ink gives are amazing. It is must buy if you are a black color fan. This gives some realistic black and grey tone tattoos.

4.Starbite color sterilized tattoo ink:

Starbite color sterilized tattoo ink

The Starbite color sterilized tattoo ink manufacturer aims at making unique colors by mixing them with the other inks.

This is the ink from which the tattoo artist can make unique colors by mixing them with his inks.

The Starbite color satirizes ink tattoo manufacturers provides 170 different shades to their customers.

The shade range is huge.

Features; some important features that have to mention here are.

  • A bottle contains 0.5oz
  • The ink quality is premium.
  • The company offers over 170 different shades.
  • Ink is vegan-friendly.

Pros; pros of using Starbite sterilized inks are

  • The ink is of professional grade.
  • The color will not get fade with time.
  • Quality is certified.
  • Ink is smooth and consistent

Cons; some cons of using the Starbite inks are.

  • The quantity a bottle contains is very less

A customer named Richard Boscon gives the product a 3 stars rating in his comment he says that he is happy with the shades blue and leaf green. These work perfectly well. But the shade scarlet red had some issues. It felt toxic to me.

Another customer Rafael rates the product a genuine 5-star rating and appreciates the quality in the comments.

5.Millennium moms tattoo ink:

Millennium moms tattoo ink

Millennium tattoo ink is considered one of the best tattoo inks one can have. This is commonly known as the mom’s ink.

In the tattoo market, the mom’s ink is known for its high quality, vibrant colors, and good flow. The manufactures also offer UV-sensitive or backlight inks that glow in black.

Specifications; following are some specifications of the millennium inks.

  • Made in the USA.
  • The product is vegan-free.
  • One bottle contains 0.5Oz and the set has 19 bottles.
  • Gives a range of over 120 different shades.

Pros; prose of using mom’s inks are.

  • Offers a unique color option to the customer.
  • Quality is up to the mark.
  • The ink is smooth.

Cons; cons of using the mom’s ink are.

Deliver in a large box that becomes difficult to carry afterward.

A happy customer on amazon reviews the product in the comment. He said that the flow is so good it goes into the skin fluently without getting any hurdle. He says that these inks really pop up the designs of the tattoos and the work of the artists.

Buying guide:

Consider the following feature when you are buying and ink for the tattoo.

  • Branded inks; Always prefer inks from the branded manufactures. The branded inks are more reliable than the ones that are locals. Brands have a repute to maintain that is why they try their best to deliver the product that satisfies their customer and make their brand a superior one.
  • Ingredients; Before buying a tattoo ink check the ingredient list. Make sure that the tattoo ink you will buy will be free of harmful ingredients. If any harmful ingredient incorporates into the skin, can cause serious complications.
  • Reliable; Before buying check the reliability of the ink. Choose one that will not get fade after some time. A tattoo is once in a lifetime thing, so try to choose a tattoo ink that lasts for life.

Tips for using tattoo ink

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience. But, here’s the thing: some people don’t know what to expect when it comes to using tattoo ink. Tips for using tattoo ink are very important! Tattoo artists can help you find the perfect design and color of needlepoint that matches your personal style; however, they cannot be expected to answer all questions about how to care for freshly inked skin.

  • Always wash your hands before touching the freshly-inked skin. Your clean, dry hands will keep bacteria at bay and prevent infection from spreading through the open wounds on your body.
  • Apply a thin layer of lotion to moisturize the new tattoos and keep them supple. The lotion will also keep the skin from drying out and cracking.
  • Avoid using a lot of body moisturizers that contain alcohol or glycerin; they can cause dryness to become worse, as well as lead to infection in open wounds.
  • Keep your new tattoo clean by washing it with mild soap at least once per day.
  • Keep the area around your new tattoo clean, as well. Use a damp cloth to wipe away sweat and other potential contaminants that can irritate open wounds on your skin.
  • Follow all instructions from your tattoo artist carefully! The time it takes for you to heal will vary depending on how deep the ink was put into your skin and the type of ink used.


What inks do tattoo artist uses frequently?

The tattoo artist uses the premade mostly, but other than those some make their inks by blending the dry pigments

What tattoo inks last the longest?

The black color tattoo ink lasts the most color. Other colored inks get fade with time. Some colors get fade faster and slower while the black don’t get fade in any way.


Let’s end the discussion here with a brief conclusion.

There are hundreds of tattoo ink brands that provide quality inks for quality tattoo development.

Every brand discussed above has different specified features. Don’t go in a hurry. Before buying evaluate your needs and then buy one according to your needs and demands.

Never buy a tattoo ink depending on its global ratings only.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below.

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