7 Best Soap Making kits ( Reviews 2022)

It is rightly said, “The desire to create is one of the deepest wishes of the human soul.” Creative minds always tend to engage in novel activities. Having a unique set of interests, they always come up with uncommon hobbies. Similarly,  people with crafting interests find themselves attracted to soap making, which is the perfect combination of science and art. They not only make soaps for themselves but also gift them to their loved ones.

When it comes to handmade soaps, soap-making kits are more than just handy, allowing users to make soap of their choice with ease. They are not less than a blessing for a person who is a bit newbie in this, because kits come with instructions for every single step of the process. We can also gift these kits to our loved ones to help them explore a new hobby.

A soap making kit at hand makes it easier for its users to create their desired products without having to worry about the types of equipment and ingredients involved in the process. All we need is the right kit, and we can make soap of our choice in terms of fragrance, size, color, and shape, etc.

Additionally, making handmade soaps with the help of kits is convenient. By this, we do not have to deal with a long list of required ingredients. Instead, everything with precisely the required amount comes in packing. Thus kits help us avoid making purchases from different suppliers because they offer all the needed ingredients in one shipment, making our process of soap creation efficient and swift.

Best soap making kits


Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Kit
  • Exceptional quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Long-lasting bars

DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee
  • Free Soapboxes for gifts
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Skin-friendly ingredients

Custom Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Gift Kit by Glory Creek
  • Fairly priced kit
  • Moisturizing components
  • Natural pigments colors

Complete DIY Soap Making Kit by Nicole
  • The soap base has a low melting point, making it easy to make handmade soap
  • Provides skin care to prevent irritation.

Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids
  • Allow your kids to explore their creative side
  • Keeps your kids engaged with science
  • Ingredients are 100% safe and meet safety standards

Shea Butter Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit 1 Lb
  • Shea Butter Soap base can protect from UV radiation.
  • No harmful or harsh chemical is being used. So, it’s all-natural
  • Allows you to add the scent of your own choice

Kiss Naturals Soap Making Kit
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for kids
  • Affordable price

A “variety of options” is another excellent reason to consider a soap making kit. With several available choices, we can have a different variety of fragrances, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Indeed, it is a great learning process that offers us new methods of imagination and experimenting with available supplies to create a soap of our own choice.

Last but not least, the use of our selected kits in the creation process facilitates us by decreasing the waste of supplies. Because soap production at home requires a limited amount of supplies, thus reducing wastage. There are some amazing kits like saponify soap base kits craft zee’s soap making kit that help you achieve your soap making needs.

Reviews of top Soap Making Kits

1.Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Kit

Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Kit

With eight different bases, this premium soap making kit is a must-buy for beginners and professional crafters. It would help them have variety in terms of bases without compromising the quality. It is the customers’ first preference because it is so easy to use, and the quality is better than expected.

This kit helps you produce soaps that last long because of their high melting point and extra hardness. This is an easy to use package that can help you create multi-layer soaps where you can add smaller soaps, toys, seeds of your choice to make your bar look tremendously incredible.

This kit is easy to use because Instructions for every part of the process are clearly written and are given with the package. You can also use stoves if you can’t have a microwave. Saponify melt and pour soap base lathers exceptionally well because an expert, a Soap Guild member, has made it with due diligence. Additionally, the company has excellent customer service care. They are very responsive whenever customers want information related to anything.

The minor drawback of this kit is the softness of some bases which break apart while cutting. This irritates the customers when they want to have a quick soap but cannot have one due to arranging very smaller pieces of bases when they crumble. Moreover, some customers faced issues about the packaging of the product. They argue the quality of plastic in which the bases are wrapped is not up to the mark and needs improvements.

In my opinion,  Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Kit are best for people who love the diversity of bases. It is very easy to use, and the quality of bases is beyond expectations. If all you want is to create soaps that last long with exceptional fragrance, it is a must-buy for you. However, the quality of packaging needs to be improved to deliver value to customers at its best.

  •  Exceptional quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Long-lasting bars
  • Variety of bases
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Higher price
  • Average packing

2.DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee

DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee

Second, in our list, DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee,  is covered by the company’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee! It comes with ingredients that are necessary to create bar soaps with sheer confidence and complete peace of mind. Moreover, this kit offers two mold designs with a different number of cavities. It simply means you can make soaps in two different ways with eye-catching flower designs.

Because of clearly provided instructions, customers are able to make their bars within no time. They do not have to spend hours writing down the steps involved. This easy way of creating soap bars is only possible because the instructions to make beautiful bars are given in the package. This soap making kit is equally beneficial for beginners as well as professionals.

The ingredients provided are skin-friendly. The oils, the bases, and the accessories are all designed to deliver value to the ultimate customer. The scents of the end soaps, especially that of the Lavender and Grapefruit Mint, are beyond one’s expectations. Interestingly, this kit comes with four soapboxes that let you sell or gift your bars to people of your choice.

Customers who are not satisfied after using this kit cite poor packaging as the main reason behind their dissatisfaction. Because of poor packaging, scents boxes get broken and leaked everywhere in the box. This leakage reduces the number of scents even to half in some cases. Additionally, the quality of gift boxes is also said to be lower than the expectations.

In our opinion, DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee is an excellent option to consider because it offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee besides providing the best quality ingredients that are skin-friendly and easy to use. Detailed instructions to create beautiful bar soaps are provided in the kit, which makes the process time-saving.  Furthermore, the availability of gift boxes makes it easier for you to pack the soap bars and gift them to your loved ones. However, the packing should be improved to meet the expectations of the customers.

  •  Free Soapboxes for gifts
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Skin-friendly  ingredients
  • Detailed instructions provided
  • The packaging does not meet the expectations.

3.Custom Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Gift Kit by Glory Creek

Custom Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Gift Kit by Glory Creek

The 3rd on our list is Custom Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Gift Kit by Glory Creek. We can craft excellent Moisturizing soaps with this kit. The soaps made by this kit, provide a pleasant skin feel due to their moisturizing attributes. Additionally, we can add scents and oils of our choice to make it in a way we like. This feature of adding oils and fragrances complements the overall creativity of the entire soap-making process.

It is a budget-priced soap making kit. Being the mid-ranger kit offers value to customers by giving them the quality they expect from top-notch equipment. Quality Glycerin Soap And Natural Pigment Colors are used in the package, which adds to the overall product score. Due to the use of natural pigment, the colors of the soap bars look like if they were natural colors. Moreover, the use of natural dyes allows the buyer of this kit to choose among several options the best-suited colors.

Some customers complain about the absence of an instruction sheet, which makes their work a mess. Due to the guidebook’s unavailability, they were not able to create the bars in the way they wanted to create. They had to consult other sources to know how to make the bars of their choice. More specifically, they had trouble blending different components due to the unavailability of the said book. Moreover, some customers also complain about the dryness of skin after using it. This could possibly be the result of inaccurate mixing of oils and other bases.

In our opinion, Custom Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Gift Kit by Glory Creek is the right choice if you are looking for a soap that gives a pleasant feeling to the skin at a budget price. If you are a person who wants a touch of natural pigments in the soaps, this product is highly recommended. With that being said, the company must make sure that every kit goes with its instruction sheet it to avoid possible complaints from the customers.

  •  Fairly priced kit
  • Moisturizing components
  • Natural pigments colors
  • Easy to use
  • Dryness of skin in some cases
  • Absence of instruction sheet in some kits

4.Complete DIY Soap Making Kit by Nicole

Complete DIY Soap Making Kit by Nicole

Forget about being bored at home because now is the time to start a brand-new hobby. It’s a nice little kit for beginners. Furthermore, you can gift this amazing thing to your loved ones and get them a truly unique way to explore a new hobby. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones with an exclusive gift, Complete DIY is perfect.

Nicole Complete DIY comes with silicon mold, bubble net, measuring cup, stainless steel wavy or straight, soap packaging, silicone spatulas, PH test paper, pipette, mix bar, and stainless-steel whisk, disposable plastic gloves, safety goggles, thermometer. This is all the useful stuff, has high-quality material with the complete safety of the user.

The ingredients for making soap are purely natural. Such as palm oil, coconut fruit oil, solubilizer, humectant, coconut fruit plant fatty acids, Free of TEA. So, you can say that Nicole is a pure natural plant soap base.

Nicole Complete DIY enables you to add even your color and scent to the soap. As a result, you can make soap just like those high-end shop soaps.

There are no instructions in English on how to use this item. The instructions are in Chinese, which is hard to understand for the people outside China as this item is advertised for beginners but has no step by step instructions for beginners which is disappointing. The lack of step by step instructions is quite frustrating.

In our opinion, it’s the best product for newbies with some high-quality material, and at the same time, it’s not expensive. It’s the perfect item to surprise your loved ones. A complete fun activity to kill boredom.

  • The soap base has a low melting point, making it easy to make handmade soap.
  • Provides skincare to prevent irritation.
  • Advertised for beginners, but lack of instructions (in English) is disappointing.

 5.Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids – 3-in-1 Spa Science Kits for Kids

Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids - 3-in-1 Spa Science Kits for Kids

This innovative science Lab kit is the best gift for your child that loves crafts and science. Because this soap and Bath Bomb Making kit allows your kids to be creative and take pride in coming up with their unique creations, your child can have a ton of fun while learning at the same time.

Spa Science Kit is an easy to use kit that comes with step by step instructions on how to make soap, bath bombs, and salt scrubs. All the jars are nicely labeled and come with everything you need to make your soap. Besides, this Spa science kit contains a complete learning guide that is illustrated beautifully so your child can easily follow along.

It’s the perfect activity that will keep your kids entertained in making soap and bath bombs with a personalized touch. Moreover, the ingredients are safe, all the components meet and exceed safety standards. So, it’s 100% secure to put in your child’s bath.

Furthermore, this fantastic science kit is very affordable. The price kept low but without compromising the quality. So, if you want to keep your kids engaged with science while the schools are off due to coronavirus, this product is the perfect choice for your child.

The only downside that this product has is the bath bombs only last for 5 to 10 seconds. Another thing that the customer should be aware of is the coloring in the bath bombs will stain your bath tube. That’s pretty hurting.

All in all, this kit is impressive, it will definitely keep your kids busy. It’s a fun activity with learning, and at the same time, it’s completely safe. It is a perfect gift for age six and up. It’s an enjoyable science kit for kids.

  •  Allow your kids to explore their creative side.
  • Keeps your kids engaged with science.
  • Ingredients are 100% safe and meet safety standards
  • Dyes will stain your tub.

6.Shea Butter Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit 1 Lb.

Shea Butter Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit 1 Lb.

If you have been thinking of trying to make your own soap, without cooking the lye, you can’t go wrong using this as a starting place. Shea Butter Melt & pour soap making kit is a great starter kit for anyone looking to make high-quality soap. You can make beautiful all-natural hand-milled soap to enjoy.

Shea Butter Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit offers you everything you need to make long-lasting French soap bars. It is super easy to make and enjoyable to do.

It holds scent wonderfully, mixes well with liquid dye and mica powders, and produces professional-looking soaps.In addition to that, it does melt and pours beautifully, and the soap itself is moisturizing and skin softening. You can make quality soap without being concerned about handling hard chemicals because the soap base is made of vegan-based oil, including Olive, Coconut, Palm, and Coconut Milk.

Many customers have a problem with the items in the kit. As the items in the package have homemade labels with inconsistent quantities of liquid, which is disappointing. Another issue that some customers face is their kits containing rectangular mold instead of a circular one advertised in the picture.

In our opinion, this kit is best for newbies who want an easy soap-making experience. Simultaneously, the Shea Butter Soap base is a perfect choice for those with dry skin because it’s being made with all-natural ingredients.


  • Shea Butter Soap base can protect from UV radiation.
  • No harmful or harsh chemical is being used. So, it’s all-natural.
  • Allows you to add the scent of your own choice.
  • Smells like plain shea butter soap, and it is super drying on the skin

7.Kiss Naturals Soap Making Kit

Kiss Naturals Soap Making Kit

This soap making kit is manufactured by Kiss Natural and is the best budget gift that you can give to your child. The price is kept low to keep it in the customer range, but without compromising the quality. So if you want to put a smile on your child’s face without empty your pocket kiss naturals is the best choice.

The package contains soap molds, fragrance, and shapes. The process is not rocket science, and it’s written on the left side of the package. You just have to mix, blend, pour, and let it be. Despite the easy process, it’s a fun-engage science activity for your child that will lead to increasing their interest. Moreover, your child will find it a joy to make use of soaps by himself. By this activity, he will engage in cleaning himself.

The Kiss Naturals Soap Making kit is super when it comes to making time. You can get your ready to use soap in just 20 minutes. Moreover, the ingredients are safe.No harmful, toxic substances are used to make this special for children. So from all angles, it is the best you can buy for your child.

The shapes that come with the kit are too small. They make tiny soaps that are hard to use even for children. The quality of the shapes should be improved since they are built with sensitive plastic that has a high risk to break.

Some customers also got some packaging problems. That was definitely from a courier company but since we are writing an honest review, it’s important to mention this.

In our opinion, it’s the best budget buy for a fun activity for your child that will increase his interest in science projects. Moreover, it will develop a habit of washing their hands.

The product is safe and easy to use for children. Furthermore, when we compare at price factor the  Kiss Naturals Soap Making kit wins. It got all the common features from competitors at this low price. Certainly, there are areas that need to be improved but overall it’s a great deal to go with.


  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for kids.
  • Affordable price.
  • Tiny soap structure

Things To Know Before You Buy a Soap Making Kit:

As you may already know, there are many different soap-making kits on the market. This can make it hard to choose which one is right for you with so many options. That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you figure out what kit might be best for your needs and budget!

-Soap making can be a fun and creative project for anyone of any age! It is also very rewarding when you use your soap.

-The best time to start with the process would be in the late fall or winter so that it has plenty of time to cure before being used.

There are many options for all different types of soap, including liquid, crockpot, and cold process.

-Different soaps have different scents available to them as well! You can make it with your favorite scent or go for a more natural smell like oatmeal soap. There are many options to choose from when looking at this kit type.

Some people make soap as a way to relax and unwind, or it can be done with the whole family on the weekend.

-The cost of this kit type will vary depending on their size and what they include inside. Typically though, you should expect to spend around $30-$50 for one that includes everything needed. Some kits come with extras like scents, oils, or even molds!

Frequently asked Questions

What supplies do I need for soap making?

  • You should have the following items for soap making.
  • A Soap base.
  • A fragrance to add-in soap.
  • Molds, to make soap in good shape.
  • Stirring equipment like a spoon.
  • Microwave container.
  • Fragrance measurement glass.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Cutting base.
  • A sharp knife.

What is the best base for homemade soap?

Clear and white bases are best for soap making. If you want a bright color, you should use a clear base. If you need pastel colors in soap, use the white base.

What is the fastest way to make homemade soap?

  • Use 40% of hard oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter.
  • Add 0.5% of Stearic acid w.r.t your oils.
  • Use Sodium lactate in your soap recipe.
  • Pass it through the gel phase.
  • Thicken the trace of your soap.

 What are the best soap molds to use?
Silicon molds are best in the mold category. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

How long do you leave the soap in Mold?

The soap is usually kept for 12 to 24 hours after pouring into shapes. The time you should leave the soap depends upon the size and shape.


Thus, Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Kit is the best soap making kit according to our research.DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit by CraftZee is the runner-up. We have reviewed the best soap making kits for you. I hope you like our guide. Feel Free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.  You can read reviews about the best candle making kits here.

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