Best Smartphone Accessories to Buy

New smartphone models with a variety of performance-improving updates are released every year. There are low-cost add-ons that can improve the photographic capabilities, durability, and mobility of your phone. Despite these improvements, you may need accessories to make the most of your phone’s features.

As new technology is developed, the world is changing. Nowadays, individuals rely on their cell phones for various tasks, including social networking and keeping in touch with loved ones. Because of this reliance, you need to make sure your phone can sustain regular use without malfunctioning.

Best Smartphone Accessories 2022

Maybe you just purchased a brand-new, sleek iPhone or Android and want to make the most of your years of expertise using such a strong and capable device. Or perhaps you already own one of the refurbished smartphones and are curious about its best accessories. Regardless of your mobile demands, our specialists are delighted to offer a variety of recommendations for the best smartphone accessories because they are intimately familiar with these products.

Our daily lives include a lot of time spent on smartphones. The time when phones could only be used to make calls is long gone. Nevertheless, no matter how many features contemporary technology may have, there is always room for improvement… and they can still fail in an instant! It makes sense that the phone accessory market is expanding so quickly.

Making a decision can be challenging when there are so many options available. Allow us to lead you! See how these best smartphone accessories you can buy can help you improve your smartphone and its functionality.

Let’s dive deeper into the reviews of the best smartphone accessories to buy:

Fast Charger and Compatible Cable

Nothing is worse than waiting for your phone to charge sufficiently so you can rely on it to last the entire day. Furthermore, a charger is not often included in the packaging of flagship phones, such as the most recent iPhones and Samsung Galaxy flagships. Purchasing a fast charger is the way to go if you’re sick of using sluggish, weaker five-watt charging cubes that result in unbearably long charging times.

Faster charging speeds are one of the main advantages of USB-C technology, which is why this type of connection has essentially been standardized across contemporary smartphones. Naturally, you must ensure that the cable you use with your fast charger, which is typically detachable, can give your phone extra power. In order to ensure that your phone charges as quickly as possible, it’s also a good idea to find out what wattage charging bricks are compatible with your smartphone.

best smartphone chargers


There are many options available when it comes to smartwatches that work flawlessly with your smartphone, from the as-sleek-as-ever and potent Apple Watch series to alternatives from manufacturers like Samsung and more. Since they originally gained popularity half a decade ago, they have advanced significantly, and new features—mostly targeted at health, wellness, and mobile convenience—have been added over time. Keep an eye on your breathing and heart rate, or even perform an ECG while you’re out and about. Alternatively, connect wireless earbuds to answer a call while using GPS!

Smartwatches are great for people who wish to live a healthy, active lifestyle and track and meet their objectives because they have applications for keeping track of your nutrition, steps, jogging sessions, and much more. Whether you enjoy exercising or just want to keep track of the essentials, we strongly advise investing in a well-reviewed wristwatch. If you want to make the most of it, make sure to pick one that is made to work with your phone.

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Car Mount

Traveling a lot? In order to protect yourself and those around you, you should keep your eyes off any screens and instead focus on the road and your surroundings. To avoid having to look at your phone, you might want to set a Siri or Google Assistant-directed GPS route if you’ve stopped on the side of the road. Or perhaps you want to switch the playlist that is now playing through the Bluetooth-connected speakers in your car or make a short hands-free call.

Excellent tools for these fixes and more include car mounts that keep your phone firmly in place and within easy reach. If you need to slam on the brakes or make a sharp turn, this can prevent your gadget from sliding about or getting damaged, lowering the likelihood of becoming distracted while attempting to save it. You can set up routes instantly, retrieve vital information more rapidly, and avoid having to look down at the console, where the phone would normally be positioned.

AUX Headphone Dongle

Maybe you don’t like the concept of needing to charge yet another gadget, like with wireless earphones. Or perhaps you prefer tried-and-true technology for your listening enjoyment that simply functions when plugged in, like AUX wired earphones. These often provide superb audio for all of your entertainment or calling needs, and many come with top-notch microphones so you can make calls without speaking into the handset itself.

Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that a newer phone you own has an AUX connector. Modern phones simply cannot accommodate them because they are too thin and have too many parts and functionalities packed into such a small space. Thankfully, a headphone dongle can be used as a solution. A wired headphone AUX port is located on one end of this short cable. The other end will contain a USB-C or an Apple Lightning connector for connecting to the charging port on your phone. You won’t need to purchase a wireless pair if you use this method to use your wired earbuds!

A High-Quality Smartphone Case

Throughout the course of its working life, your phone is constantly jostled around, from drops and bumps to scrapes, scuffs, and flings. Having the appropriate case for your durability requirements is crucial since it helps to avoid minor and/or major damage, the latter of which could necessitate having your phone repaired or replaced.

Smartphone cases weren’t particularly attractive a few years ago, but designs and trends have changed significantly since then. These days, you can find anything from high-end leather bumpers and folios to almost undetectable cases that are incredibly thin yet offer scratch protection. Given that many current cell phones have glass backs that are susceptible to breakage, just like the screens of these devices, it’s critical to obtain a case that fits snugly and provides some type of drop protection.

This can keep your device’s resale value high for when it’s time to update, and if you decide to sell it to us, we’ll be pleased to give you the greatest price!

As with our SmartShield Screen Protector and Cellairis Cases, we advise purchasing a high-quality case with shock-absorbent material lining its inner border and a raised lip on the front and back. When your phone is placed down on a surface, these lips guard both your screen and the camera bump that is present on many modern cell phones. Additionally, purchasing a case for your phone that covers the buttons is a smart idea to prevent scratches or other damage.

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Wireless Earbuds

AirPods and, more recently, AirPods Pro is the most widely used wireless earphone solutions for iPhone users. Owners of Android devices typically utilize similarly amazing substitutes from companies like Sony, Bose, Skull Candy, Cellairis Audio-Barracuda, and other manufacturers of high-quality earphones. Whichever ones you choose to use with your smartphone, they are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and feature sets.

What are you trying to find? Maybe Bluetooth high-fidelity audio streaming with the proper codecs? Or, if all of this sounds really complicated, perhaps all you’re searching for are the best-fitting, longest-lasting wireless earbuds. As an alternative, you might be interested in functions like noise cancellation or transparency mode, which both employ built-in microphones to allow you to hear more or less of the environment around you.

Last but not least, how about the microphone you use for phone calls? Do you want something that reliably captures your speech even in windy conditions? Or do you like to make voice calls directly from your phone? Hey, how about exercising? Do you require earbuds with a hook or other means of maintaining stability while moving about, such as when running?

Many wireless earbud alternatives are available, with a wide range of pricing points. These are just a few considerations to ask yourself while limiting your options.

Bluetooth Speaker

There are many different types of fantastic-sounding Bluetooth speakers available nowadays, whether for those camping trips, tropical holidays, road journeys, or anything in between. These have a lot of bass and long battery life; some even have an AUX jack for a cable connection to your phone (particularly on larger models). Many are water-resistant, and some even float, which makes them ideal for the occasional slide from a table by the pool. Even better, you might be able to build your own mobile stereo system by connecting your phone to several speakers of the same make and model.

Battery Bank

What about charging while you’re not near an outlet? Since battery banks aren’t exactly cutting-edge technology and have been around for a while, they are typically more economical. These attachments are still quite helpful and strong and can store numerous phone charges—dozens of them on larger models—so you never have to worry about rushing to the closest outlet.

Having a fully charged and prepared battery bank allows for uninterrupted vacations, road trips, and music marathons. There are easily available thin, ultraportable battery banks that also support USB-C technology, allowing your phone to charge even more quickly when connected to them. In addition, many battery banks have several connectors, enabling you and several of your friends or traveling companions to plug in gadgets simultaneously. You can discover a battery bank that satisfies your requirements for pricing, charge capacity, durability, and connectivity because there are plenty of options available.

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Travel Charging Adaptors

Traveling abroad? It’s crucial to keep in mind that outlets vary widely. For instance, a store in Canada is considerably different from one in the UK, and the same is true for other Asian nations. Being able to stay charged while traveling far from home requires having a portable charger or attachable adaptor that suits the style and power requirements of foreign outlets. Otherwise, you may have trouble recharging and maintaining contact with people if you run out of power, which is a risk that is simply not worth taking.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are not created the same. Some people use plastic because it feels like a sticker, which works in a hurry but won’t help much if there is a more significant decrease. Choose tempered glass instead that has a high hardness rating and won’t shatter when damaged. If your phone’s screen protector is damaged in a fall, it should shatter into one solid piece, resembling a spiderweb, while shielding your phone’s actual screen from any damage. Additionally, be sure your screen protector doesn’t block any microphone holes, selfie cameras, or other similar functions that some phones frequently have built into their displays by carefully inspecting the cutouts on the shield.

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Final Words

Whether for safety, music, photography, or something else, phone accessories are a distinctive way to enhance your phone’s features. Additionally, they allow you to personalize your smartphone so you can show off your sense of style and personality. We hope you may use our list to choose the best products for your lifestyle! For a huge selection of fashionable and useful phone accessories to make the most of your mobile lifestyle, explore here!


Do Silicone Cases Protect Phones?

Choose a case that covers your phone’s susceptible corners and is made of a shock-absorbing material (like silicone or rubber) for the minimum level of protection. Shoman warns smartphone owners to avoid plastic cases since they are less effective at absorbing stress and more likely to cause damage to the device itself.

Are Phone Holders Safe?

Even though phone mounts may be hazardous, some drivers feel they are necessary for navigation. Put your phone on “do not disturb” if you’re using it for GPS, and take precautions when using the phone mount.

What Makes a Good Phone Holder?

The entire purpose of a cell phone holder is to make it simple to use your phone without having to hold it up. As a result, ergonomic design should be considered. Verify if it can be adjusted for heights, angles, and other factors following your needs.

What is the Importance of Phone Accessories?

In daily life, mobile phone accessories are just as crucial as the phone itself. The majority of us would struggle to get by without a cell phone and the bare minimum of accessories. These accessories, whether smartwatches, power banks, or headphones, are necessities nowadays.

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