The 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems 

The best reverse osmosis water purifier provides access to clean, safe, and hygienic drinking water, which is a necessity. It protects you from water-borne diseases and eliminates disease-causing pathogens.

However, deciding which RO system to settle on is the biggest problem. With so many options on the market claiming to offer superior filtration performance, getting the ideal fit for your home might not be easy.

And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best reverse drinking water systems for you. After going through this detailed review, we hope that you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Our Top Picks

A tankless RO system that filters water in 7 stages, produces 600 GPD, has a pure to waste water ratio of 1.5:1, a remineralization filter, a smart LED display, a TDS meter and a filter life indicator, comes with a lead-free faucet, measures 19x 18.5 x 16.74 inches, weighs 31.4 pounds and is easy to install.

This countertop RO system is designed to eliminate 1000’s contaminants from the water, purifies a bottle of water within 15 minutes, measures 14 x 12 x 14 inches, weighs 22.84 pounds, requires zero plumbing and installation, is easy to install, and supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A 6-stage under sink RO system with a daily output of 75 gallons has an alkaline remineralization filter, a transparent 1st stage housing, is leak-free, measures 15 x 8 x 18 inches, weighs 20 pounds, is easy to install, and supported by a 1-year warranty.

A durable reverse osmosis system with long-lasting filters, features a fast flow design, produces 90 gallons of water daily, is WQA certified, comes with a lead-free luxury designer faucet, measures 16 x 17.5 x 5.2 inches, weighs 20 pounds, and is easy to install.

At 12 x 4.5 x 12.5 inches, this system is compact and space-saving, weighs 12.3 pounds, is made from top-grade materials, combines RO, Claryum filtration, and remineralization, produces 90 gallons of water daily, is easy to install and supported by a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2 years warranty.

Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

1. Best Tankless: Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 Reverse Osmosis System

Frizzlife is a young but fast-growing brand in the water filter industry. The company has water filtration products that you can always count on, and the PD600-TAM3 is one of them.

The Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 is a tankless under sink RO system with a very high daily output of 600 gallons. It filters water in 7 stages, including a remineralization stage, and has a pure to waste water ratio of 1.5:1, thus highly efficient.

The system eliminates up to 99.99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, mercury, lead, etc.

Thanks to advanced water-saving technology, the system saves up to 450% water, hence economic and environmental-friendly. It makes your monthly water bills affordable.

Although it’s uncommon for reverse osmosis systems to include a remineralization stage, the PD600-TAM3 has it.

The Frizzlife TAM3 alkaline remineralization filter adds beneficial trace and natural minerals to the water, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and potassium.

Remineralization raises the water pH to 7.5 and gives the water a great taste.

Another benefit of the PD600-TAM3 is the integrated smart TDS meter that gives accurate TDS readings. It also has a filter life indicator that lets you know the remaining time of each filter.

You can install the system within an hour now that it comes with instructions manual and all parts required.


  • Has a smart TDS meter and filter life indicators
  • An alkaline filter adds minerals back into the water
  • Features a compact tankless design
  • High daily water output of 600 gallons
  • Super low drain ratio


  • Requires electricity to work

2. Best Countertop: AquaTru 90AT02AT01 4-Stage RO System

With AquaTRu reverse osmosis systems, your tap water is not just filtered; it’s purified. They produce pure, delicious RO water that everyone enjoys drinking.

The AquaTru 90AT02AT01 is a classy, compact countertop RO system that toxins, microplastics, carcinogens, lead, chromium, arsenic, and other contaminants from tap water.

It has been tested and certified by IAPMO to remove 82 contaminants, i.e., 15 times more than leading pitcher filters. In fact, it’s designed to eliminate 1000+ pollutants that could be in your tap water.

The system filters water in 4 stages, wherein stage 1, a sediment pre-filter, gets rid of sediment and cloudiness from the water.

In the 2nd stage, an activated carbon pre-filter removes chlorine and chloramines. A high-efficiency pre-filter eliminates toxic inorganic contaminants, including nitrates and arsenic, among others.

In the final/4th stage, an activated coconut shell carbon removes all toxic organic chemicals, including rocket fuel, drug residues, and pesticides, among others.

The 90AT02AT01 is easy to install, has a capacity of 1 liter, measures 14 x 14 x 12 inches, weighs 22.84 pounds, purifies a bottle of water in 12-15 minutes, and is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • 4- stage reverse osmosis purification
  • Comes with long-lasting easy-to-change filters
  • Tested and certified to NSF standards
  • Removes 5 times more contaminants than traditional RO systems
  • Has a digital display
  • Features an easy dispensing button


  • Manufacture in China

3. Best with Remineralization: iSpring RCC7P-AK 6-Stage Undersink

iSpring Water Systems is a water filter brand that specializes in creating efficient, clean water solutions for residential and commercial needs. Their products help you experience safe, clean, and great-tasting water at all times.

The iSpring RCC7P-AK is an under-sink RO system that removes 99% of over 1000+ contaminants, including 98% lead, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, calcium, sodium, and more.

During the filtration process, the system’s high-capacity RO membrane eliminates contaminants and some essential minerals. As a result, the RO water produced is slightly acidic with a pH of 7 or below.

Luckily enough, the RCC7P-AK includes an alkaline remineralization filter in the 6th stage, which restores the healthy minerals and produces balanced alkalinity. This gives the water a more natural taste.

The system offers high capacity filtration of 200 gallons of water and produces pure drinking water in minutes. It has a pure to waste water ratio of 1.5: 1 and saves 50% more water than conventional models.

At 15 x 8 x 18 inches, the RCC7P-AK is compact enough for a standard kitchen cabinet. It’s also lightweight at 20 pounds.

It comes with a durable electric booster pump that boosts performance regardless of pressure variations. The pump improves the system’s efficiency and reduces waste water.

The unit is easy to install with push-connect fittings and color-coordinated tubings. It’s also easy to maintain since a reinforced transparent first stage housing enables you to see the contaminants being removed. This way, you can always know when to change the filters.

Premium quality components also ensure high reliability and low maintenance for years to come.


  • Has earned an international mark of quality
  • Comes with a booster pump that improves performance
  • Has a remineralization filter
  • Made from premium components, thus highly reliable
  • Removes up to 99.99% of water contaminants
  • Transparent 1st stage housing enables visual inspection
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Loud pump

4. Best 5-Stage: APEC RO-HI Drinking Water System

APEC is a leading water filter brand whose products help solve water problems. The company has been in the industry for more than 2 decades and prides itself on high-quality products.

The APEC RO-HI is a 5 stage RO system that provides twice as much water as you would get in any standard RO system. It has a daily output of 90 gallons, sufficient for a large family.

It removes 99% of water contaminants, including cloudiness, odors, tastes, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and lead, among others. It is also completely free of leaks and noise.

As aforementioned, the system filters water in 5 stages, wherein the 1st stage, a high-grade polypropylene sediment filter, removes large particles, dust, dirt, and rust.

In the 2nd and 3rd stages, a premium extruded carbon block eliminates chlorine and other common chemicals from the water.

This APEC model uses a high-quality FILMTEC high rejection TFC RO membrane in stage 4 to eliminate 99% of TDS and other stubborn contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, radium, chromium, etc.

An advanced coconut carbon filter removes any residual taste from the tank in the final stage.

All filters used in the system are uniquely designed to achieve the maximum possible chemicals removal and multiply filter life. With super capacity, the filters can last up to 12 months with low maintenance and few filter changes.

The unit features a 3/8-inch fast-flow output design that increases the water flow rate from the tank to the faucet. The high water flow lets you fill up a glass of water much faster.

The RO-HI is equipped with a premium faucet that’s 100% metal and lead-free. It also boats JG food-grade tubing for safe and contaminant-free water.

It weighs 25 pounds, measures 16 x 17.5 x 5.2 inches, is WQA certified, and is supported by a 2-year manufacturer warranty upon registration.


  • Uses a high-capacity, high-rejection RO membrane
  • Has a daily output of 90 gallons
  • Is WQA certified
  • Is times faster than traditional RO systems
  • Comes with a premium quality designer faucet
  • Has uniquely designed double capacity filters


  • A little bulky
  • No remineralization

5. Best Space-saving:  Aquasana AQ-RO-3.62 Under Sink RO System

The Aquasana AQ-RO-3.62 is an under-sink RO system capable of removing 95% of fluoride, 97% of chlorine, and 99% of 86 other contaminants, including mercury, asbestos, lead, and more.

It’s the first filter system to combine RO with Claryum and remineralization technology. In fact, it removes 5 times more contaminants than traditional reverse osmosis systems.

Remineralization technology helps restore essential minerals lost during the RO process like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Remineralization balances water pH and makes it tasty.

This system powers through 5 gallons of water per minute and 35 gallons every day, which is enough to fit the needs of a small family.

It comes with a metal lead-free designer faucet in the finish of your choice to match your home/kitchen décor.

When it comes to installation and maintenance, the AQ-RO-3.6, you’ll have it the easy way. It is easy to install and comes with all parts required to complete the process. With basic DIY skills, you don’t need to hire a plumber to do the work.

Filter replacements in this system are engineered for ease. You don’t need to disconnect water lines or hoses. The housing twists off with ease for quick replacement.

This unit is quite compact and space-saving at 12 x 4.5 x 12.5 inches. It’s also lightweight at 12.3 pounds, NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58,401, and P473 certified and supported by a 90-day guarantee and a 2-year warranty.


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Adds essential minerals back to the water
  • Is easy to install and maintain
  • Comes with a lead-free metal faucet
  • Combines three technologies to filter water
  • Is NSF certified
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Is supported by a 2-year manufacturer warranty


  • Low daily output
Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems


Q: Which RO is best for drinking water?

The best reverse osmosis system for drinking water comes with an alkaline remineralizing filter. The filter restores essential minerals removed during the filtration process.

Q: Is reverse osmosis water the best to drink?

No. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the low mineral water produced during reverse osmosis is unsuitable for human consumption. It can create adverse health effects if consumed for long.
It only becomes the best to drink if the essential minerals are added to the water.

Q: Why should you not drink reverse osmosis water?

Reverse osmosis water doesn’t contain enough minerals. In fact, there have been claims that it leaches minerals from the body, which can lead to serious negative health effects on your body.

Q: What are the disadvantages of reverse osmosis?

The disadvantages of reverse osmosis include:
i. It wastes a lot of water.
ii. It’s expensive – high upfront cost for the RO systems.
iii. Removes all minerals from the water, including the essential minerals for the body.
iv. Routine filter changes and maintenance can be overwhelming.

Q: How much does a reverse osmosis drinking water system cost?

The price of an RO system varies depending on the brand, size, convenience, filter lifespan, etc.
The average cost of a countertop RO system ranges between $300-$500,$300 – $600 for an under-sink, and $1,500-$10,000 for a whole house system.


Getting the best reverse osmosis drinking water system for your home will help you get unlimited access to healthy drinking water. Your loved one will also start taking more water and fewer soft drinks due to the improved taste.

And since we’ve included top-tier RO systems in this review, we hope you’ve come across one that fits your family best.

Whichever model you choose to settle for, we believe that your loved ones will enjoy clean, great-tasting water for a long time.

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