7 Best Retractable Screen Doors ( Reviews 2022)

Retractable screen doors are much more functional and useful the traditional doors. These doors not only perform the essential functions of a door, such as defending your home from dust, grime, and insects, but they can also provide comfortable airflow from the outside environment and allow the natural sunlight to pass through them. As we know, natural sunlight is considered to be good for human beings to produce vitamin D. So, both the functionality and the usefulness of the best retractable screen doors make them more attractive.

Having a Retractable Door can provide you with many advantages, such as keeping your home naturally more relaxed with fresh air during good weather and the quality airflow allows significant energy saving. Moreover, these doors are much fancier and more attractive than traditional doors. These Screen Doors are not only useful and practical, but they are also decorative so that they can make a great combination with the rest of your decor.

Also, these Retractable Doors help you combine your inside and outside areas to give your property more versatility. Moreover, the fitting of these Retractable Screen doors is very easy that can be undertaken by any homeowner to improve the property. But if you are not comfortable with a DIY project that includes drilling, then you might want to hire a professional. Generally, these exterior doors come with a width of 32 to 38 inches and a height of 80 inches.

The market is full of various effective designs of these retractable screen doors. Not only the designs but these doors are made with various materials to meet the different individuals’ needs and preferences. Furthermore, these doors also came in different sizes to meet individuals’ demands, such as patio sliding doors, French doors, and extra tall doors available in the market if you need specific sizing.

It will be quite difficult for you to choose a retractable door, as there are hundreds of different types, shapes, brands, materials, and price ranges currently available in the market.  So, purchasing so many options is sometimes becoming a problem. But please do not worry because we are here to help you find a retractable screen door that will fulfill your needs, requirements, and budget range. Our team of hard-working researchers spends days researching the best Retractable Doors in the market and compiled an in-depth review of the top Retractable screen doors that you can buy.

Best Retractable Screen Doors 2022

1.Homitt Magnetic Retractable Screen Door

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

The high-density magnet

With only 0.59 inches, this magnetic screen door by Hommit has a very high density. This higher density offered by Hommit’s screen means no more annoying flying creatures in the house. The higher density ensures even the smallest and mini animals do not enter your home. If you want to enjoy the pleasant afternoon’s sunlight or the early morning’s cool breeze, consider buying this magnetic screen door by Hommit.

Extra Gravity Sticks

When it comes to the foolproof design of this product, no one can beat Hommit for sure. This magnetic screen door by Hommit contains eight pieces of extra gravity sticks that hold the door in a firm position. The higher gravity at the bottom means the screen is not going to blow open by the wind. Instead, the windproof gravity sticks maintain the screen’s original position and let you enjoy the beautiful cool breeze.

Automatic closing 

The screen door by Hommit comes with twenty-six pieces of built-in magnets that are responsible for a quick and silent closing of the screen. In other words, if you are someone who does not like to close the door screen manually, this Hommit’s door screen is a good option for you. Moreover, if there are too many entries from the screen door, you will not have to close the screen every time manually.

Friendly for both the pets and kids

If you are a pet owner or have kids at home, chances are most of the screen doors will not last long because there are only a few screen doors available on the market that support heavy usage. However, the Hommit’s door screen contains durable polyester fabric, which can withstand thousands of going through. Moreover, the screen door by Hommit is also very lightweight so that kids and pets go inside or outside of the house without any trouble.

However, if you have a sliding door in place, the Hommit’s screen door will not be suitable for you. The design of this screen door limits its applicability only to traditional doors. For sliding doors, we have others on the list that are second to none when it comes to sliding doors.

In our opinion, the magnetic door by Hommit is the perfect choice for people who have pets or children in their homes. It is a high-density magnet screen door that prevents even the smallest flying creatures from entering your home. Its windproof extra-gravity sticks and automatic closing make it a favorite choice of many.

  • A high-density magnet
  • Friendly for both the pets and kids.
  • Automatic closing.
  • Extra Gravity Sticks
  • Not suitable for sliding doors.

2.Mkicesky Fiberglass Retractable Magnetic Screen Door

Mkicesky Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door

Supports the sliding/ French door

The second on our list supports the sliding/ French door as well. This fiberglass magnetic screen door by Mkicesky store can support a huge door size of 70″ x 79″. The previous one is excellent with its performance but didn’t support sliding doors. It is going to be the perfect choice for people with a larger height. Its design enables it to withstand heavy usage. If you have children and pets in your home, the Mkicesky store’s screen door could be a great choice for you.

Strongest mesh on the market 

Few doors have fiberglass mesh, which is stronger and more reliable than traditional polyester mesh. The Mkicesky store’s screen door equips itself with a stunning fibreglass mesh that is up to ten times stronger than traditional polyester mesh. A stronger mesh translates into a highly reliable stronger screen that offers a smoother experience and longer life. Additionally, fiberglass is anti-tear, which also means the screen is going to last longer.

Reusable screen 

It may not be surprising to the old screen users that the door screen might also need removal in some circumstances. Firstly, there comes a season during the year when we do not like the outside wind or sunlight. Secondly, we might also consider removing the door screen for cleaning purposes. For this purpose, you require a door screen that is reusable and easy to remove. This fiberglass magnetic screen door by the Mkicesky store is reusable as well as easy to remove.

Easy to install

When it comes to DIY projects, people like to have a project that is easy going. In the same way, doors should take less time and effort to set up. The Mkicesky store’s screen door is very easy to install. The entire process of setting up the door screen is easy to follow. You have to follow the process, and in a few minutes, you will have your Mkicesky’s screen door installed by yourself.

However, this screen door does not have enough weight at the bottom that prevents the screen door from blowing open in case of heavy wind. The Mkicesky store should consider giving some gravity sticks at the bottom that avoid the blowing open of the screen during the wind.

In our opinion, if you want to have a door screen with the strongest mesh for your French doors, consider buying the Mkicesky store’s screen door. The presence of fiberglass mesh makes it more reliable and stay longer. This screen supports the huge door size of 70″ x 79 and is easy to set up. You may also remove the screen and reuse it whenever you want to reuse it.

  • It supports the sliding/ French door.
  • It contains the strongest mesh on the market.
  • The screen is reusable.
  • Easy to install.
  • It does not have enough weight at the bottom

3.MAGZO Magnet Retractable Screen Door 72 x 80

MAGZO Magnet Screen Door 72 x 80

 An efficient solution to the screen’s blowing open 

When it comes to foolproof designs to tackle blowing open, MAGZO Magnet Screen Door is second to none. MAGZO is one of the few sellers who provide a smart solution to tackle blowing open the screen. It comes with a windproof sticker hasp design on the middle and bottom of the screen that can effectively consolidate and prevent the screen from blown open due to wind. This excellent artistry is the result of testing the screen about wind resistance.

Excellent Build quality

When we talk of excellent build quality, we want the performance which stuns the customers. The Magnet Screen Door by MAGZO is among the very few on the market with excellent build quality. Previously, the doors with nylon mesh were unreliable and did not stay for a longer period. However, MAGZO’s screen door contains a fiberglass mesh that has excellent durability. It is fireproof and offers chemical corrosion resistance,

The stunning overall look of the door

MAGZO offers these screens in three stunning colors that are grey, black, and white. You can now choose from this graceful set of colors that best matches your interest and your house. When used following the existing decoration of the home, this screen door gives a stunning looking. In addition to this, MAGZO offers the door screen in twenty-five sizes that serve doors of various sizes and shapes

Easy to follow installation manual

The door screen by MAGZO comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to follow. The manual provided along with the screen helps you if you are a DIY fan. By following the instructions given in the guidebook, you can assemble your door screen within minutes. Additionally, you may not require any person’s help while setting up the door screen. In other words, you can assemble the screen yourself without any help from others.

However, there are some problems with the door size measurements in some cases. There can be several justifications on behalf of the seller, but the issue needs to be checked immediately for the end consumer’s ultimate satisfaction. Adjustments should be made and communicated to customers as soon as possible to avoid any such issue in the future.

In our opinion, The Magnet Screen Door by MAGZO suits people who like to have excellent build quality products. This fireproof and chemical corrosion-resistant screen door provides an efficient solution to blowing the screen’s open because of its windproof sticker hasp design. This screen door, when installed, gives a stunning look and enhances the beauty of your decoration.

  • An efficient solution to the screen’s blowing open.
  • Easy to follow installation manual.
  • Excellent Build quality.
  • A stunning overall look of the decor.
  • There are some problems with the door size measurements

4.Magnetic Retractable Screen Door/Full-Frame Seal

Magnetic Screen Door/Full-Frame Seal

 Suits almost every door

The screen door by Coamanug is very famous for its variety of usage. You can use it for the front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, glass, garage, and even sliding doors. This door screen comes in different variants to meet the varying needs of its customers. It would be best if you bought the screen that suits your needs and requirements. Hence, you can have a hands-free walkthrough in almost any location of your house.

Powerful magnets

Another noteworthy aspect of the door screen by Coamanug is the strength of its magnets. Twenty-six powerful magnets sewn in the reinforced edges help the door open effortlessly. In addition to this, these magnets are responsible for the seamless automatic closing of the door. The availability of powerful magnets makes it possible for you to walk in and out of your room without using your hands to adjust the screen.

Excellent customer service

It is pertinent to mention the top-notch customer service Coamanug provides to its customers. The company backs its products for one year and offers quality customer satisfaction to satisfy their end customer. If you have concerns about the quality of customer service provided by the existing company, you may shift to Coamanug’s screens because they are excellent customer-care providers.

However, this door screen by Coamanug may not be suitable for people who have pets with them. They can cause scratches on the screen and destroy its look. If you are a pet lover, consider buying from other great options on the list.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a screen door with powerful magnets, consider buying Coamanug’s door screen. Twenty-six powerful magnets sewn in the reinforced edges help the door open and close effortlessly. Moreover, you can use these screens by Coamanug in a variety of locations. The company is also very popular for its customer service.

  • It suits almost every door.
  • It contains powerful magnets.
  • Self-sealing magnetic closure.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Not suitable for a home with pets.

5.Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Retractable Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

 Pet- friendly

When we talk of a screen door that suits homes with pets, the door by Flux Phenom is among the best ones. It provides you and your pets a hands-free entry to your room to enjoy the bug-free environment of the room. It is very easy to open, and you can open it with a nudge of a hand or head. Hence, if you want a screen door that can sustain your pets’ several ins and outs, you might consider buying Flux Phenom’s screen door.

Contains a heavy-duty mesh

Flux Phenom’s screen door contains heavy-duty mesh that has a higher thread count. This extra thread count means a lot when we talk about the durability of the screen. Some extra threads make your door effective against scratches. They also add to the durability of your door. The fully reinforced edges of the mesh help the screen door to survive the test of time.

Assembly kit included 

The door by Flux Phenom comes with an assembly kit, meaning you would not have to spend extra dollars. Not only it saves you the cost of an assembly kit but also the cost of hiring a professional. You can install this screen door by Flux Phenom as it comes with detailed instructions. A written instruction manual and a free online tutorial are available for the customers who buy the product.

However, the quality of magnets used in this door by Flux Phenom needs improvements. The quality of magnets should be up to the mark so that they can withstand wind effectively. In some cases, the quality of magnets was found to be insignificant.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a door that can sustain your pet’s usage, you may consider buying the screen door by Flux Phenom. It comes with an extra thread count that adds to the durability and security of the screen. It is also super easy to install as it comes with easy to follow instructions.

  • Pet- friendly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Assembly kit included.
  • It contains heavy-duty mesh with a higher thread count.
  • The quality of the magnets needs improvements.

6.Titan Mall Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

Titan Mall Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

 Excellently placed magnets

Many products have issues with their magnets as they do not meet the customer’s expectations. However, Titan Mall’s screen door contains magnets in the perfect placements. They are perfectly placed and spaced and provide a great uniform closing of the screen. As the magnets on this product are stitched right into the fabric seam, they excellently stay in place.

The polyester mesh fabric

If you are a polyester fan and want a door that uses polyester fabric, this screen door by Titan Mall may intrigue you. Customers prefer polyester for several reasons. Firstly, the polyester fabric is very lightweight, making it easier for you and your pets to walk through the screen without using their hands. Secondly, people praise polyester for its durability as well. Titan Mall’s door is highly durable and withstands thousands of uses.

High value for money

This door by Titan Mall offers you a high value for your money. The screen door’s competitive price does not mean you will not get the quality you look for in a door screen. Titan Mall’s screen door comes with a highly durable polyester fabric and a higher thread count than many others. It is also very lightweight and supports the hands-free usage of the screen.

However, if you have a metal door, this door may not be suitable for you. Its design and build quality make it one of the best wood door options, but it does not work well on the metallic door.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a high value for money, consider buying this screen door by Titan Mall. It contains a polyester fabric that is highly durable and supports excessive use, it is pet-friendly, and the magnets’ placement is exceptional.

  • The perfect placements of magnets.
  • Highly durable polyester mesh fabric.
  • It can withstand thousands of uses.
  • Great value for money.
  • Not suitable for metal doors.

7.Magnetic Screen Door Fits Door Size 32 Inch

Magnetic Screen Door Fits Door Size 32 Inch


The screen door by the Yotache store contains an anti-tearing design. The top middle cloth is double-sewed and contains a logo that acts as a cushion to avoid tearing in the screen door’s top-middle. It comes with a high-quality fiberglass material that adds to its sturdiness and strength. The use of a thicker thread also maximizes its strength and saves it from tearing.

Special hook & loop hasp design

Some door screens cannot withstand strong wind. However, the Yotache store’s screen door has a special hook and loop design that increases its capacity against a strong wind. You will not see blowing out of the screen due to high wind because it has a windproof hook and loop hasp design on both the middle and bottom of the screen.

A comprehensive installation manual

The door screen by Yotache comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to follow. However, there is an inaccurate description of door size on the website. People buying their products following their own website’s measurements receive products that are of different sizes. However, the door size mentioned in the manual or instruction book is followed by the company.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a screen that uses an anti-tearing design, consider buying the door screen by Yotache. It comes with a high-quality fiberglass material that adds to its sturdiness and strength. It offers a windproof hook and loop hasp design on both the middle and bottom of the screen. Moreover, you can set up the screen by yourself without taking any help from others.

  • Anti-tearing design.
  • A high-quality fiberglass material.
  • A windproof hook and loop hasp design
  • A comprehensive installation manual is provided
  • The inaccurate description of the door size on the website.

So if you want to order quality retractable screen doors from an online store, you can look at the above models.

Buyer’s Guide:

Buying an excellent retractable product is very difficult sometimes because there are many different options available in the market, which may confuse you while searching. To ease your search, we are here to help you find the best retractable screen door.  We have written some handy tips for you while buying a retractable screen door.


There are various Retractable doors available in the market designed for several different purposes—some screen doors designed to keep insects out. In contrast, others are designed to keep squirrels and raccoons out. There are also doors available in the market for weather resistance. So, whenever you are looking to buy a retractable screen door, you must keep in mind the purpose of buying it.


If you enjoy DIY projects, try to look for a free door from coils, springs, or magnets because these kinds of doors have the highest possibility of failing during the installation process. So, try to buy a door that has a simple and easy installation procedure so that you can enjoy it. Moreover, some screen doors require professional installation; if that is the case, it is best to leave the professionals’ facility.


The quality of the retractable screen doors should be top-notch because they have to endure several obstacles. Moreover, you should have to buy a door with a grand opening and closing mechanism that last for a longer time.  The door should provide smooth operations for longevity.


When it comes to online buying, reviews play an essential role in decision-making. Always look for retractable screen doors with maximum positive reviews.  Read the customers’ unbiased reviews from Reviews Consults because it will allow you to buy the best retractable screen door.

What is a Retractable Screen Door?

As the name suggests, these doors contain protective screens that can retract into the housing when not in use. These screens enable homeowners to enjoy good airflow and natural ventilation while protecting against flying or crawling insects and debris. When the door is open, you can unroll the screen, and it will get the job done for you. So, through the installation of screen doors, you can get many benefits without the inconvenience of permanent fixing.


We have listed some most apparent benefits below:

As retractable screens are retracted when not in use, they will probably have a longer life than fixed screens.

  • Functional and useful.
  • Fancy and decorative.
  • It will protect your home from dust, grime, and insects.
  • It will provide comfortable airflow from the outside environment and natural sunlight.
  • They are easy to install as well as replace.
  • Cheapest to maintain.
  • You can customize these doors according to your needs and preferences.
  • These screens will keep insects away while ventilating your house.

How to maintain?

It is very easy as well as cheap to maintain a clear view retractable screen door. These doors do not need too much maintenance. All you are going to need is some tri silicone spray but if your tracks are dirty, then get yourself a rag or a paintbrush to dust them on. So, with the tri silicone, you need to go down to the track, spray the bottom, pull out the retract a little bit and spray behind there. You just need to spray the tracks of these screen doors every three to six months.


In conclusion, we got Magnetic Door by Homitt. It got all the best quality, offers you the best density automatic closing, and easy installation.

Our previous choice didn’t fit you if you have a sliding door. But For sliding doors, we got Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door. It has a strong mesh and reusable screen as well. So overall best pick for you if you have a sliding door.

For a budget buy, you can go for the magnetic door by Yotache. The top middle cloth is double-sewed and contains a logo that acts as a cushion to avoid tearing in the screen door’s top-middle. , the Yotache store’s screen door has a special hook and loop design that increases its capacity against a strong wind.

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