Ultimate Guide to Metal Detectors for Beginners 2021

Starting a new business and lacking a security system? Do you love to fish raw metal products but do not have any quality equipment? Though many of your colleagues might have suggested to you a variety of metal detectors, having different prices and great features. The question is if they are experts or they have used any of them before? I am reviewing some best metal detectors for beginners to meet your needs.

Modern times are emerging with a dire need for such instruments that may help in reducing the partially deceased security and mining systems. In this period, the rate of crime is being accelerated to a great extent. If you are the owner of a store and you are wishing to be safe from robbers or invaders then you must buy a suitable detector that will detect any kind of harmful instrument or weapon, a person is bringing with him.

Moreover, we all are living in the age of inventions and discoveries. Suppose if you are developing an interest in discovering some metals and making your status better in society through it. In either case, you would be needing a worthy instrument to detect metals under the surface as it is a one-time investment and no one wants to waste money on fewer quality things.

Admitting the fact that a large number of detectors is available in every store, they demand compromise on the quality and your safety. Buying a good metal detector will give you relief in the anxiety of your security and a sense of satisfaction with your hobby not being irritated anymore.


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RM RICOMAX Metal Detector


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A quality metal detector in less budget.
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Best metal detectors for Beginners

1.NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metal Detector – Starter Metal Detector

beginners metal detector

Interesting design

You must have watched television at home and you must have heard the channel name National Geographic. Yes, you are getting it right, this metal detector comes from the owners of the National Geographic channel. As this channel has its own reputation then it is obvious, this detector would not deceive you. It comes in black color and supports batteries. Plastic is being used for the preparation of its long-lasting body.


Now you can buy different types of metal detectors regarding your age. National Geography has introduced three variants of this product with different prices and categories. If you are a newbie then the starter kit will suit you more.

Extreme lightweight

This detector weighs only 0.6 kilograms and is portable because it has a folding detecting coil. You can use it at home or can bring it with you on treasure hunting.

A sense of satisfaction

As we all know National Geography is a larger brand than many brands in the market and bigger brands do not compromise on customer service. They will serve you with the best as they do not want to destroy their name in the market. You can trust this brand in buying a good detector for yourself or for your kids and loved ones.

Bottom line

When you are buying a good product, you should not worry about the price as good things demand a good price. This metal detector from National Geography also demands you to forget about the price and go for the quality. This is one of the finest detectors with all particular features for beginners

  • Portable and sensitive.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Lasts longer.
  • A little expensive if you buy an expert variant.

2.RM RICOMAX Metal Detector GC-1037

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector GC-1037

Adorable structure

GC-1037 metal detector comes from the well-named company RM RICOMAX. This product is a model in its design as it has many facilities. This metal detector is being launched in many eye-catching colors.

It has a search dimension of 10” wider that can catch signals from a wider range if a metal is being detected nearby. This product has a fine weight of 2.31 pounds and easy to carry anywhere.

Various modes of functioning

A salient feature of this product is that it has three major modes of functioning. You can switch to different modes according to your need. A notable feature is All metal mode that will notify you whenever it sees any kind of metal.

Another type of mode is the pinpoint mode. This mode will tell you about the metal by beeping. Though this is quite similar and common material used in this system is of high quality and long-lasting. Let’s say if you are searching for a specific type of metal then the disc mode of this detector will assist you. It will search the specified metal and will ignore other metals that are on the surface or under the surface.

Easy to maintain

Taking GC-1037 into account, this detector consists of numerous parts that can be merged and maintained easily when there is a need of using this and detaching when you are done with your work or research. Another prominent feature is that it contains a waterproof unit that has an extended searching coil shielded with plastic and the coil that is connected with is made of the finest aluminum.

Deeper detection limits

GC-1037 as compared to other metal detectors available in today’s market has deeper detection ability. This comes in different ranges with variants of detection units. The extreme range of detection is 8.5 inches and the minimum one is 5 inches that are specifically for kids or newbies.

Bottom line

GC-1037 is a suitable metal detector that will meet your needs in your hobby. It has all those features a good detector must-have. If you are looking for the best metal detector for long-term use then you must go for the RICOMAX GC-1037 metal detector. You would not regret it.

  • Availability of switching to different modes for better use.
  • Waterproof searching coil for better use in aqueous mediums.
  • Versatile in use.
  • It does not support batteries.

3.RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

More sensitive in functioning

Talking about the efficiency and sensitivity of this metal detector, a metal-made searching coil ameliorates its ability to detect metals more sensitively.

The unit that is attached to this metal detector is waterproof that will allow you to make it function in moist or hydric mediums properly without making any difference in the functioning of the instrument. With the help of this feature you can go and search for plenty of metals on the beaches as the unit is waterproof, it will not run out of use.

Pure disc mode

Disc mode of detectors can also be named selective detection mode. In this mode, you have to select a specific metal like gold or silver and this metal detector will beep only if the given metal is being detected. This detector has this feature in prominence. Along with other modes, its disk mode will work more efficiently.

Suppose, if you are in any mining area and you are having a lot of metals around you. Then you would be having trouble, finding the metal of your choice unless you are not having a GC-1028 metal detector. With this detector, you have just to switch disk mode by pressing a button and you will find specified metal.

Variety of tones

The most distinctive feature of this detector is that It does not beep the same when it finds a metal. It is being programmed to produce different audio prompts when detecting different metals. This will help you to acknowledge the detection of different metals in no time.

Attractive Design

Keeping the fact in view that black color is aesthetic and attractive, this metal detector is being made in black color that has a beguiling and charming design with its 33” to 40.6” adjustable handle or stem. This metal detector has a clearer LED screen. Adding more, this detector has a distinct feature of 9V batteries that increase its efficiency.

Scope of using

GC-1028 is not designed to be complex. It is easy to understand and use. This is why everyone can use it without any distinction of age.

Bottom line

Looking for a better product at a reasonable price and with good ratings over the internet and reviews, the RICOMAX metal detector is waiting for you to buy and work with you. It has various tones that beep on the detection of different metals.

  • Sensitive in detecting nearby metals.
  • Bright LED screen.
  • Allows headphone jack.
  • It does not detect little needles too fast.

 4.sakobs Metal Detector

sakobs Metal Detector

Beguiling skeleton

As a matter of fact, the larger and wider the thing is, the more it covers the space or functions. The same is the case with this product. As the basic needs and roles of a metal detector are to detect metals on the surface or on the surface, Sakobs metal detector is designed in the way that it covers more ground by its wider detecting coil that has 10 inches diameter. Like most of the products in the market, this product is also in black color that does not shimmer sharply in your eyes.

Humans friendly

You must be wondering how an inanimate thing can be friendly to humans, Right? But I must say this product is really human friendly. A friend is one who cares about the other one. This instrument cares about not getting your muscles fatigued while working. It has 41.3 inches to 47.6 inches adjustable stem for kids and adults respectively. Moreover, it has an arm resting spot too and you can put your arm in it for more mining.

Brand new produc

We go with the flow; we would be following the world. Where it would be taking us we will go in the same direction. Evolution and development Is the need for the modern world. When the people develop would they rely on less credible things?

Obviously not! This detector is designed in accordance with the needs of the modern era. It has all those functions that a modern thing must have. Other features are LED light (You can see the screen in every light either it’s dark or bright outside), a longer coil for deeper detection, and versatility (kids and adults both can use it).

Bottom line

A detector with more accuracy and less price is hard to find but Sakobs has resolved this issue by producing their detector that competes with other metal detectors in the market with higher prices in comparison.

  • Guarantee accuracy.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • A quality detector in less budget.
  • Does not support battery supply.

5.Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Easy mode

What would it be like if you let the machine work? You do not have to struggle in differentiating things, you just have to collect them and save them. This sounds great, Right? Well! If you do not love to get into complexities, then this metal detector will suit you most with its notch or disc mode. It will distinguish targets and non-targets for you automatically and you just have to dig in and collect your metals or target.

Suitable for treasure hunting

Do you have a problem with short memory? Do you not notice when any coin or metal falls down? Do you face difficulty in finding them often? Here is the solution. This metal detector of Bounty hunter is precisely made for treasure hunting. This is not a problem anymore. It can detect metal of coin size under the ground to the range of 6 inches and a larger piece of metal can be detected up to 2 feet.

Outstanding audio support

A salient feature of this tool is that it works on 2 tone audio discrimination. It produces different sounds when desirable and undesirable targets are being detected. In addition to it, this is the metal detector that contains a 1/4-Inch Headphone Jack for a better experience of distinguishing sounds.

Appealing design

A person who is an authority in relative art or factor will do this way better than others. The same scenario is with this product. It is the product of one of the finest stores in the market named Bounty Hunter which is specifically focusing on mining products. Then obviously this company will produce quality products.

It is also made in black color. It is easy to carry anywhere and easy to use because of its less weight of 3.7 pounds. TK4 metal detectors work on the powered batteries.

Bottom line

When it comes to ease and comfort, nobody compromises and no one should do this. One of the comfortable metal detectors market ever produced with its automatic distinguishable mode. If you do not want to put yourself in any hard task then you must go for this.

  • Offers comfort to a great extent.
  • Comes out from one of the finest stores in the market.
  • Long-lasting and reliable instrument.
  • World’s most famous detector.
  • Not any.

6.Metal Detector with LED flash indicators

Metal Detector with LED flash indicators

Enchanting body

Another worthy and useful product by the RM RICOMAX company is the GC-1065 metal detector that is cheaper in price and superior in functions if compared to other class members. The color of this instrument is black like others. If we come to the weight of this machine then it weighs 2.38 pounds and it is quite comfortable and easy to use.

You can pick it up for a long span of time while detecting. In addition to its design, this detector offers you a headphone jack as well that will help you to notice minor sounds too when your metal is being detected. It has a waterproof searching coil that comforts you in finding metal in watery places like lakes, streams, etc.

Three buttons setup

A salient feature of this product is that you can completely rely on its three buttons that can perform probably all the work automatically. One button is for increasing and decreasing audio level, the second one is for adjusting detecting sensitivity and the third one is for discriminating of metals. These three buttons can simply make your detecting journey quite comfortable.


Likewise other products of RM RICOMX, this metal detector is also exemplary in its accuracy. While mining, it will let you know the exact location and position of metal lying underground.

One-time investment

The brand does not compromise on the quality of products and the feedback of users so, you can rely on this product. You will cherish it after buying this instrument.

Bottom line

You already have spent your budget on partying with friends and now you are running out of budget. Still, if you are wanting to buy a quality product for your hobby then you are welcomed to buy this product. Apart from this all, this is the gold metal detector. One of the cheapest gold metal detectors.

  • User-friendly design
  • Detects gold at a cheaper price
  • Has more sensitivity if compared to others.
  • Helps you to find your lost coins and jewelry.
  • Indicates you when the battery is about to end
  • It offers two modes of functioning.

Whether you want to buy a detector for beach hunting or with depth and sensitivity, we have reviewed it all.

Buying guide 

You are spending your wealth on a product and do not know what to check while buying? Not a problem! When you are buying a metal detector you must keep these things in view:

Suitable design

Always check for the design that is suitable for you. Look for your comfort. As the design has a great impact on you working. If you have bought a detector whose design is not comfortable for you, you would not be able to work longer with this.

Switchable modes

If you are buying a detector then look for the one that has more modes that can be switched for different kinds of tasks easily. For example, most products have three switchable modes and these are common. Thus buy a product with adjustable sensitivity.

Depth limit

As the basic need is mining for which you are buying a detector, check the depth and range in which metal detectors can work. You must prefer the metal detector with deeper detection and a wider range.

Audio prompts

Prefer multi-audio prompts detectors as they produce different sounds on the detection of various metals. These detectors do not beep the same for every metal.

Tips to use M

Metal detectors are one of the most popular ways to find things that are lost. You can use this product for both personal and professional reasons, but you should never do so without following the proper procedures. Read this article for 10 tips on how to use a metal detector properly!

 When looking at a beach or in water

A. Be sure that there are no electrical sources near the area where you plan on scanning with your metal detectors, such as power lines and piers.

B. Bring any tools necessary to remove objects that are found, such as gloves or a shovel.

C. Test the metal detector before you scan an area to be sure it’s working properly and set it at the proper sensitivity level for detecting objects in the sand.

D. Scan slowly so that you do not miss any items. Also, try walking instead of running when scanning this type of area.

E. Scan an object three times when using the metal detector on a beach or in water to be sure that it is not just a rock or other natural object, but something else.

 When looking at land

A. Be very careful with your metal detector so that you do not damage the ground.

B. If you are looking for coins, be sure to scan in an area that is not too close to any buildings or hillsides because this can change what signals are being detected by your metal detector.

C. Do a preliminary sweep first and then start hunting with more intent at those spots where there were hints of metal.

D. Scan the entire area in a grid pattern, starting from one corner and finishing at the opposite side.

E. After scanning with your metal detector, always check that you have turned it off before leaving an area so that you do not disturb any animals who might be there hunting for food or shelter!

When looking for coins or jewelry

A. If you are just starting to use a metal detector, it can be helpful to scan an area with the most likely items first before moving on to more specific areas. For example, if you’re scanning in your backyard and have found some old toy cars but no coins yet, you should scan the area again, but this time with a larger search coil to see if it helps in your quest for coins.

B. Metal detectors can be used on any type of surface and at different times of day as long as they are set up properly. Tips: do not use during thunderstorms or when there is heavy rain and snow so that you do not damage the ground or metal detector.

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Frequently asked questions

There are some queries and question marks from the side of buyers regarding this product here are some of them being answered.

Is it worth getting a metal detector?

If you are interested in metal detecting and getting rich through this profession then buying a metal detector is the first step you have to do. Though you would not detect worthy metals at first and will start detecting little coins, you will get better and will know how to use this instrument.

How deep do most metal detectors go?

There are different models and types of metal detectors and every one of them has different specifications. The minimum depth of detection is 5 inches and some extraordinary metal detectors can detect 25 meters deeper in the ground.

Can cheap metal detectors find gold?

Most users ask about the detection of expensive metals like Gold. The question being asked by many is that, are cheap metal detectors good for gold detection? Yes, they can if the size of the gold nugget is larger but unfortunately gold pieces are found in the size of 1gram or lesser than this. Thus, it is probably impossible for a cheaper metal detector to detect gold. Expensive and sensitive metal detectors can do this without any difficulty.


As far we have researched about Best metal detectors, we have come to the conclusion that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metal Detector is in the lead of all metal detectors that have all basic and professional functions including three switchable modes, a waterproof detecting unit, human-friendly design, and easy to assemble. If you have a pretty amount of budget then we would suggest you get this metal detector for beginners.

The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector GC-1037  from the Bounty hunter is following the lead of GC-1037 by RM RICOMAX. This instrument also contains usable and notable functions like the one-button distinguishing mode, more sensitivity, and longer coil with more deep metal detecting.

The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector stands in the third position because it has not all functions in one instrument. It offers specified functions with specified models and these are separated for beginners, kids, and adults. Still, it’s quality and guarantee of satisfaction with long-lasting use making it one of the best metal detectors for beginners. Headphone jack availability is a brilliant function of this product.

When you buy something through our affiliate links, we earn a commission without you having to pay extra.