Best Massage Guns 2022 ( Expert Opinion)

Best massage guns

You cannot deal with more muscle soreness to achieve your fitness goal. A hectic week and
pandemic condition couldn’t find time to relax? No worries! Just get a massage gun to
relieve muscle pain or fatigue. It can easily be used at home without anyone’s assistance and
trouble. Thus your message gun deals with repairing damaged tissues, workout injuries, and manipulate skin
tissue effectively. If you ask me then I will surely say my top pick is TheraGun Pro
massage gun 2022 that is overall perfect for someone who is looking for this product.

First, you have to book an appointment then rush to the spa so that you can be on time so that you don’t miss it. Pheewww a lot of trouble again!

Massage at home is the best solution to your problem. And for this, a percussion massager or massage gun is the best way to cope up with this dilemma. A massage gun is best, not only to relieve muscle pain or fatigue but also is effective for repairing damaged tissue, work out injuries, and manipulate skin tissues. It can easily be used at home without anyone’s assistance and trouble.

While scrolling down your social media account feed, you must have gone through the ad for massage gun, showing you all its positive points and convincing you that this is the one for you and you must be thinking that if this massage gun is worth buying? And will it work? You must have been to some trainer or spa for your muscles relief, these percussion guns work in the same way as the masseuses do.

But are all the massager guns worth buying? A Big NO! A lot of companies are launching their massage guns with new features and specifications but these are not for you. You must look for the one that suits you the most. Here are some best massage guns that are doing best in 2020 and 2021 and are considered as best massage gun 2020 best massage gun 2021.

Massage service shows more growth than expected. For 2021 its expected growth was 1.2% but now it is growing at a 1.9% rate. In 2020 in America it was 241.1 thousand businesses which have grown to 245.74 thousand businesses. By having a massager gun at home you can save your money and spend it on another place that needs to spend money on

Best massage Guns 2022

1.TheraGun Pro Percussive therapy massage gun

TheraGun Pro Percussive therapy massage gun

Who doesn’t know about TheraGun when it comes to massage guns? They are the market leader as they have a whole lot of range of percussive massager. TheraGun Pro is one of its high-quality professional grades. It is ruling the market nowadays. Looking at its incredible features:

Package includes:

TheraGun Pro is a full-fledged package of one Percussive therapy Muscle treatment massage gun, 6 replaceable attachment heads, 2 swappable batteries each with 150 mins battery life making it 300 mins more or less 5 hours, carrying bags for attachments, and TheraGun Pro to keep it save and a charger to charge the lithium battery.

Speed Range:

Pro has 5 ranges of speed which are built-in. These ranges are fixed between 1750-2400 PPM as 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400 PPM. Its level of speed can be controlled with Bluetooth attached with App. Its level of speed is displayed on its LED screen.


It is offering 6 attachments which are made of foam so that can easily be removed and cleaned.

Supersoft attachment- used for sensitive areas of the body including bones

Dampener Attachment – can be used all over the body by highly recommended for tender and bony areas

Standard Ball Attachment- suitable for all muscles whether large or small

Thumb Attachment- perfect for trigger points and lower back.

Wedge attachment- it is best suitable for shoulder blades, IT bands scraping, and flushing.

Cone Attachment- perfect for pinpoint muscle treatment including hands and feet.

  • The rotary arms making it reach out to all the points that are difficult to be reached.
  • QX150 motor with QuiteForce Technology that makes it silent
  • It prepares the muscles, perform treatment on them and make them recover sooner
  • Poor customer service
  • Expensive

A customer bought it and found it worth it by giving 5 stars. He has been a professional soccer player who needs therapy on regular basis. TheraGun was the best way to cope up with therapy without spending tons of money and it has worked like magic.

2.HeaDot Massage Gun:

HeaDot Massage Gun

HeaDots is offering you one of the best and most popular massage guns nowadays. It is gaining popularity because of its versatility and premium quality. It can easily be adjusted according to its purpose at that particular time. It is also offering exceptionally well specifications listed as:

Prominent features:

Package includes:

HeaDot has a massage gun made up of silicon with 10 replaceable attachments. All these attachments have different functions on different parts which make it professional but also suitable for athletes due to its hammer massager tools. It is rechargeable with 6 lithium batteries present in it.

LED display:

This massage gun has an LED display with a touch so that it can be easily used and adjusted accordingly. This LED display has a power button, charging percentage as in 10 means 100% while 5 shows 50% and others accordingly. It also displays the mode of vibration active at that time. They both can be controlled by the increase and decrease button present below it.

Speed Modes:

It is offering 30 modes of speed which is a very rare case. All these modes have a specific function:

1-5 modes: it just relaxes your muscle that has been stiff or sore.

6-10 modes: it just gives a gentle massage to your body.

11-15 modes: it is used for the relaxation of fascia.

16-20 modes: it deposits lactic acid in your muscle

21-30 modes: it gives deep massage to the muscles.


The 10 attachments are offering you a service that other is not. All of them have different purposes these 10 attachments have a thumb head, U-shaped head, flat head, spade-shaped head, thread, bullet head, taper head, round head, and thread for large muscles.

  • Exceptional battery life of 6 hours with 1.5-2 hrs. charging
  • The super quiet machine of 24 v brushless motor and a silencer in it to reduce noise.
  • Apply high pressure on your muscles hence for muscle relaxation.
  • Less than 2lb of weight, so easy to handle and carry.
  • Less durable
  • Sometimes vibration issues can be seen

A guitarist looks happy with its purchase as he has given it 5 stars rating. As being a guitarist his left forearms have developed knots that do not allow him to play guitar for a longer time, so he uses heatDot massage gun with thumb head which releases the knots as well as help in neck and back massage with other attachment and found it Amazing.

3.Fusion Black Pro Muscle Massager Gun:

Fusion Black Pro Muscle Massager Gun

The All-American team of Fusion Black pro wants to make a percussion gun this sleek, smart, and also be quiet. So they develop this device that is comfortable to use and makes you feel fresh by improving your blood circulation and relieving your muscle soreness and stiffness. This machine is very popular with athletes for its features like:

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

This Fusion black is providing a percussion Muscle Gun for Athletes to reduce pain and for body massage. It has 6 additional attachments that give huge power to cope up with different problems like injury, soreness, and fatigue. This Massage gun targets the muscles of the back, leg, arms neck, and Achilles. It has a new Japanese brushless motor which makes it quiet.

Effective after vigorous workout:

This is a new favorite of athletes nowadays. This gives them professional-level massage and therapy sessions at cheap and at any time. It relieves the pain like magic which encourages them to do more intense exercises and work harder in the field without fear of getting injured and being dropped.

Powerful battery, lightweight and portable:

It has a powerful lithium-ion battery of 2500 mAh that lasts for 4-7 hours if it is fully charged. It only weighs 3.92 pounds so that it can be carried making it portable and travel friendly.

Percussion strength:

It has percussion strength more than others as it has 3300 Percussion per minute which can penetrate 65% deeper in the muscle making it reach up to 15mm depth. Regardless of its high torque of 3500 RPM and powerful motor, it is whisper-quite.

  • 20 levels of intensity with 6 interchangeable heads make it an ideal machine
  • Perfect for athletes
  • Portable
  • Fragile
  • Quality not worth money

A customer has given it 5 stars and expressed his views saying this Great Muscle Massager. Further said it comes in a nice hard carry case with several attachments inside for each specific use. It has a USB cable which makes it easy to charge. It gets deep down the muscles after work out and helps in soreness.

4.Mebak 3 Massage Gun:

Mebak 3 Massage Gun

Mebak massage gun works by putting pressure on muscles and continuous hammering of heads on the muscles. This not only promotes blood flow in the muscle and releases the knots in muscles thou softening them. It also relieves pain in muscles and helps to recover from sports and workout injuries.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

Mebak 3 has a percussion massage gun present in its package along with 7 different attachments with different head shapes for a particular purpose, an adaptor for charging the battery, and a bag to keep all massage guns belonging in it.

LED Light for Force Feedback:

5 LEDs are present on its side which indicates the level of force being applied to the muscles and can visually see it and control its speed and level according to your need. This percussion massager applies pressure in 12mm depth of muscle relieving its stiffness and soreness.

Quiet and long-lasting battery life:

It works quietly without disturbing others and has a noise level of just 35-50dB which is almost inaudible to others. It has a 2600 mAh battery that has 2-3 hours of battery life. It automatically turns off after 10 mins as using it for more than 10 mins is not recommended. If you use it for 10 mins daily, its battery would last for more than 2 weeks.

  • It only weighs 2.5 pounds so can be easily used and handle and with a case and attachments it weighs only 3.5 pounds which make it portable and travel friendly
  • 5 different percussion speeds make it work for multiple purposes. Its percussion per mins ranges from 640-3200 PPM.
  • Not only for athletes but equally helpful for all
  • Too powerful for soft muscles even at low vibration

A customer who has given it a 5-star rating says that this gun is amazing as it has lovely packing and a case that can be carried anywhere with you. It came charged so you can use it right away. Battery last for 3 hours has a low noise level and amazing price as compared to others present in the market. Awesome purchase!

5.Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun:

Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun

Youdgee muscle massage gun is the athlete’s special percussion massage gun. After an intense workout and exercise the muscles get sore which needs to be relaxed. Youdgee helps in relieving those muscles’ fatigue and relax your body. It also has some other features which are:

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

Youdgee is a simple but effective massage gun to use. Its package includes one rechargeable massage gun with 5 attachment heads of different shapes and specialized functions, 1 charger to recharge the gun, a manual guide for user assistance, and a small case to carry its all belongings.

Levels of Speed:

It has 6 levels of speed. Each level has a different purpose. As the level increases the intensity of speed also increases working for just a little massage to use after vigorous exercise.

Level 1-2: Used for just light massage that wakes muscles

Level 3: Used for reducing knots and soften the tight muscles for muscle soreness relief

Level 4: Apply pressure on muscles deep down and giving them massage and relief

Level 5: It helps muscles to recover from sports and exercise injuries

Level 6: The highest level of speed is used for muscle relaxation after vigorous exercise


It has 5 attachments that come with this massage gun. These heads are of different shapes and are particularly designed for a specific purpose.

Ball head- it is particularly used on arms, lower back, hips, thighs, and calves.

Bullethead – specifically designed for joints, palms, feet soles, and meridian.

U shaped head- used for some, shoulders and bilateral muscles

Flathead- it is universal as it can be used anywhere the muscle needs to be relaxed.

  • 5-6 hours of battery life for just 3-4 hours of charging
  • Weighs only 3.2 pounds so that can be easily used and easy to travel with.
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Good for soft muscle tissues.
  • Lower amplitude

Youdgee massage gun has been pure magic to the customer and he has given it 5 stars. As the customer is super active and is a fitness and swimming trainer and is very fond of hiking, biking, running, climbing, and surfing, he is battling daily for a safe body. So this massage gun just relieves your knot in a span of just 20 to 30 seconds. This is a game-changer.

6.Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun

Hypervolt is the best percussion massager nowadays. It is also good for athletes or the ones who do an intense workout and exercises as it provides 30% more power than its previous model helping in the fast recovery of muscles. It is also offering some incredible features which are listed below:

Prominent features:

Package includes:

A box of hyperice massage guns contains 1 Hypervolt Bluetooth percussion massage gun with 5 head attachments which work alternatively as another charge, a 24-volt charger to charge with its 3 additional plug adaptors, an attachment bag to keep all 5 attachments, and a manual guide for how to use.

Advanced Technologies:

Pressure sensor technology- it has a built-in pressure sensor technology that measures the pressure being applied to the muscles and tells you via Bluetooth attached with companies app and can be easily controlled and managed.

Patent QuiteGlide Technology- this delivers 3 different speeds of massager without making extra noise and almost silently regardless of having a high torque motor of 60 W  and works almost for 3 hours after being fully charged.

Percussion treatment:

Its percussion system does not only reduces muscle soreness and fatigue but also improves blood circulation, tissue recovery, and muscle performance in the body, especially in that particular area on which it is being used. It also has more percussion per minute than other massage guns that are 3200 PPM.  These percussions can be controlled or can also be customized according to the way you want.

  • A noise-free massager
  • Excellent battery timing of 3 hours
  • 3 speeds for different purposes.
  • Awkward to hold due to big size
  • Bit Expensive

A customer thinks it’s a device that your body needs for sure. He has given it a 5 star because of its great battery life, exceptionally quiet machine and it is also great for bodybuilders and weight lifters especially those dealing with tendinitis. These are also helpful for sore muscles and stiffness in muscles. He is using it daily and looks pretty satisfied. He can’t even think of living without it.

7.JamGym Muscle Massage Gun w/ percussion Electric Massager

JamGym Muscle Massage Gun w/ percussion Electric Massager

JamGym is a well-known company for its massager. This percussion electric massager is one of its high quality and powerful because it is designed while keeping in mind the athletes. It is powerful enough to relieve the pain of their sore muscles which is one of the toughest tasks.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

JamGym is offering you a massage gun with a 1-year replacement warranty if any of its quality is compromised in its 1st year. This percussion electric massager comes with 10 replaceable heads targeting special points; it makes you free to use it anywhere you want.

Speed Modes:

It has 30 different modes of speed that work precisely on the level it is set. Its levels are displayed on an LCD screen which has a touch system so that you can set it to the level you prefer. Its effective motor has a high torque with a maximum of 2600 rpm speed. This much speed makes it highly amplitude and can go deep down into the muscles for deep massage.


Spade head- for relaxing whole-body bone muscles

Thread- used for soft tissue massage

U shape head- used for neck, spine, and Achilles tendons

Air cushion head- relaxing soft and sensitive tissues

Thumb head- suitable for soft tissue

Bullethead- it triggers the point massage and is used for palm and sole

Thread- used for large muscle groups of arms, back, and thigh.

Roundhead- used for large muscles on the back, hand, and buttock

Flathead- used for the shaping of muscles and relaxing them

Taper head- used for the tissues present in the depth of muscles and joints.

  • Easy to use
  • 2400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion long-lasting battery of 6 hours
  • Refresh your body and rejuvenate your skin
  • Lower Amplitude

A customer has bought it and given it 5 stars. While sharing the experience he said it is so nice and strong massage gun. It has 30 levels and many interchangeable heads (conical, umbrella, U-shaped) that covers almost every muscle group. It has fantastic battery life, worked for 2 days without recharging. His wife and friend just loved it and he has started recommending it to others.

8.TOLOCO Massage Gun:

TOLOCO Massage Gun

TOLOCO massage gun is one of the finest massage guns that work as a professional massager. Its high-frequency vibration allows it to penetrate deep inside the muscle and provide relaxation to it. It also awakes the body essentials. Its incredible features just not only last here, but others are also:

Prominent features:

Package includes:

TOLOCO massage gun has a massage gun with LCD touch screen display, 10 attachments that have different heads specialized in their work, and a bag for its essentials to carry it during traveling and keeping them all together so that none for its attachment get misplaced.

Level of speed:

TOLOCO has 20-speed levels in it which work depending upon the pressure your muscles need.

Level 1-4: it warms up the muscles with gentle massage

Level 5-8: it helps in muscle relaxation especially fascia

Level 9-12: it deposit lactic acid in the muscles

Level 13-16: it allows penetrating deep inside the muscle and gives a deep massage

Level 17- 20: it is a professional model

Noise Level and penetration:

It has a very low level of noise 40-50dB which is almost inaudible. It is due to the 24v brushless motor that reduces the noise regardless of its powerful motor. It can penetrate percussion up to 12 mm into the muscle which relaxes the muscle fatigue and stiffness.

  • 2500 rmp percussion that penetrates deep into the muscle
  • 4 hours battery time at low speed
  • Light in weight as it only weighs 2.1 pounds, easy to carry
  • Anti-slip handle that makes it drip better for use
  • Have issues with battery
  • Less durable

A customer gives its 5-star rating as it has quality meet performance. He recommends this device for those having muscle and joint pain. This tool itself is very user-friendly and feels comfortable for being used but having issues with the battery. But overall it is a device worth money spending for.

9.OLsky massage Gun:

OLsky massage Gun

OLsky is offering you one of the best of its devices which is a High-Intensity percussion Massage device for the best pain reducer and muscle relaxer. It does not only relax but also rejuvenates and refresh your body. Efficiently relieve the soreness in muscles. Its other prominent features are:

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

OLsky package includes a high-intensity percussion device with an LCD touch screen display which helps you to set the device according to your need, 10 attachment heads that have various functions, a carry bag to keep all the accessories in it, and a changing wire and adaptor to recharge your device.

Speed Levels:

Olsky is offering you the most speed levels that are 30. These levels are displayed on the LCD screen from which you can set the level.

Level 1-8: it wakes up the muscles as activates them.

Level 9-15: it relaxes the muscles

Level 16-24: it allows deep penetration into the muscle and does deep massage

Level 25-30: it works in professional mode

Replaceable attachments:

It has 10 attachments heads of different shapes that target specific areas specially designed for them.

Y shape head- for relaxing whole-body bone muscles

Spade head- used for relaxing and plasticity of muscles

Mushroom head- used for the shaping of muscles

Wedge head- used for soft tissue massage

U shape head- used for neck, spine, and Achilles tendons

Air compression head- relaxing and plasticity of three muscles

Thumb head- it decreases the soreness of forearm and hand

Tower head- used on a flat surface

Bullethead- it is used for the tissues present in the depth of joints, palms, and soles

Spherical head- used for large muscle groups of arms, back, and thigh.

  • Regulate body homeostasis
  • Relaxes joint and bone muscles
  • 3000 mAh battery with 3-4 charging with long-lasting battery life
  • Does not effectively on bulky bodies
  • Some overheating cases are also seen

A customer has been using it for quite some time and looks happy so far. He has given it 5 stars as it has a nice variety of speed to help battle with pain, depending upon the intensity you can handle it. There is a little bag inside the carry case to help organize the attachments with it. So, all are happy with the purchase so far.

10.Flyby F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun:

Flyby F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The flyby is designed by using one of the latest and innovative technologies to increase athletic execution. It is designed for all whether men or women. It softens your muscles and also relaxes the muscles present in-depth. Talking about its specifications, it possesses one of the best features.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

The flyby is offering Quite Handheld percussion messages with replaceable 6 heads that can b attached with the device according to the work you want to take from your device.  It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts for more than 4 hours. It also has a self-cooling system that protects it from overheating.

Speed modes:

It possesses 3 modes of speeds ranging from 1800-3200 rmp. This device works differently at each mode and works for a specific purpose

Warm-up mode- if the speed of vibration is 1800/ min then it just only wake up the muscle and warms it up.

Relaxation mode- at 2400/ min it offers the relaxing of muscles and works on relaxation

Deep tissue mode- in this mode it works at the highest frequency of 3200/ min so that it vibrates vigorously and reaches deep tissues for deep massage

Convertible Heads:

This device gives 6 attachments with it which work different parts of the body and muscles

Standard ball: Generally can be used on any part

Large ball: used for large muscles of glutes or quads

Hammer: used for deeper massage on a flat surface

Wedge: it is used for shoulder scraping

Spinal: ideal for the muscles present near the spine or improving their flexibility

Bullet: perfect for pinpoint treatment

  • Weighs 1.8 pounds so easy to use and travel with
  • Excellent battery life for more than 4 hours
  • Powerful motor yet quite
  • 10mm percussion with 50 pounds of pressure
  • Poor customer service
  • Bit noisy when compared with others

A professional Licensed Massage Therapist has given it 5 stars and also recommended buying this device. The customer is super pleased with the purchase because it delivers powerful percussive therapeutic actions with quite low noise as compared to its power.  He has also used it on his partner to relieve aches and pains in which has been tremendously helpful. He has also recommended it to his mates.

 Buying Guide:

Before you buy a massage gun first, you must have some know-how of the product you are spending money at. You can not just go and buy any of the massagers or the ones recommended by some unauthorized person. Because buying a massage gun highly depend on the need of your use. Whether you want it for some muscle relief or muscle recovery or sports massage. Here are some points you need to keep in your mind while purchasing a percussion massage gun:

Light in Weight:

Gun should weigh less than 5 lb. so that easily be carried by one hand to reach the farthest point of your body which are difficult to reach out to. If the gun is light in weight, you can easily handle it for a longer time without muscle tightening in your arms.


Massage guns having better battery life, like 2-3 hours are the best. You just do not need to charge your battery every time before using it. You must also look for an extra battery being offered by the company as a reserved source while traveling and touring.


The more attachments the better is the gun massage. As different attachments are used on different body parts with different purposes so if attachments are more, a massage gun will cover most features and will be best to buy, as it eliminates the need for buying different tools for different reasons.


The speed at which massage guns work is most important to look at. The higher the frequency, the intenser is the massage. For surface-level massage, low frequency is set and if you want to reach out then frequency should be high. So the massage gun should have a frequency between 1200-3200 PPM.


Amplitude is the maximum depth ahead of the massage gun that can reach a muscle. For intense massage, a massage gun with a higher amplitude is required. And if you just need a gentle massage to relax then the lower amplitude is required. So amplitude is important because of the nature of the work you need from the device.


The price of the massage gun should be reasonable. It should not cost much and it should be justified by the accessories and attachments it’s offering.

You can also check here for different top-rated verities of massage guns,

Frequently Asked Questions:

For what purpose massage guns are used?

These massager guns are used for muscle pain reduction as well as helpful in muscle soreness. The percussion penetrates deep into the muscle, relaxing it within half a minute and improve blood flow. It also helps in repairing skin tissues damaged during sport causing sports injury.

Can massage guns be used daily?

No massage gun should not be used on daily basis, rather be used after few days so that it can work more effectively and efficiently. If it is used on daily life basis, your muscles will become used to it and it will not be much helpful for you.

For how much time a massage gun be kept on a particular muscle?

A massage gun should be kept of maximum 2 minutes on a large or build-up muscle and 1 minute on small muscles. The frequency of guns should be kept unless you are a bodybuilder or weight lifter with a build-up body and bulging muscles.

What are the benefits of massage guns?

Massage guns have several benefits some of which are:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps in muscle recovery post sports injury
  • Relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness
  • Improve muscle movement
  • Natural stress reliever

Does massage gun break down fat?

Yes, it can help in the breakdown of fat. If you massage the area having excessive fat it will break down fat and dissolve it into the body. Massage also helps in improve blood circulation that is helpful in weight loss as well detoxify the body.

Are massage guns worth buying?

Yes, massage guns are worth buying as you can have a massage anytime anywhere, and also without anyone’s assistance. It is your instant muscle pain reliever. It can also be easily carried while traveling because its less weight makes it a portable and To-Go device.

Final verdict:

Massage guns can be a game-changer for you. It does not only save your time for going to the spa or therapist but also saves a huge amount of dollars. These devices are not only for your muscle relaxation but also have a positive impact on your overall personality. Soreness and muscle fatigue not only make your body to pain but also spoils your mood. These devices make your muscles and body relax but also refresh your mood.

These devices are also helpful for your body if you are a professional powerlifter or workout freak. Due to intense exercises, your muscles get tightened and sore which require immediate relaxation otherwise can also cause injuries. These devices relax your muscles within 30 seconds. It does not only relax it but if you are in any sports injury it also speeds up its process of recovering. It boosts up your blood circulation system.

Fitness freak or not but as a human you need to have a massage after every few days. Otherwise, continuous muscle fatigue can be harmful. So why waste money and time on salons and wait for appointments when you can just chill at home and relax. Here in this article, I have told you about the best percussion massager you just need yourself. Then what are you exactly waiting for? Go grab the best massager for yourself and have a drastic change in your body and life. I hope this article helps you to find the best device for you. Do let us know in the comment box. You can also share your queries in the comment section. We are here for you to answer any of your queries.

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