Top 7 Best Locking Mailboxes Residential

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your mail? Looking for the best way to prevent residential mail theft?

Then, a mailbox with locking mechanism can be your best defense to prevent the fast-growing crime of identity theft.

Unfortunately, all the lockable mailboxes are not created equally. So, it’s quite tough to find the most reliable unit out of hundreds of options.

But worry not.

We’ve carefully shortlisted 7 best locking mailboxes available on the market. These units will offer you a simple but reliable way to protect your information by keeping your mails, packages and other valuables safe and sound.

To discover them continue reading our locking mailbox reviews below.

Top Picks

In a hurry? Our well-crafted this short but detailed top pick section will help you to compare all the essential specs within minutes and make a quick buying decision.

  1. Best Overall: Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager: A USPS-approved mailbox made from stainless steel, has a baffle door with stainless steel hinges, neodymium magnets that keep the door closed, an anti-pry lock system,12 wafer disc lock for security, and a durable powder coat finish.
  2. Best Package Mailbox: Mail Boss 7206 Package Master: A large-sized mailbox that features a patented anti-pry latch, a 12-disc wafer lock, a flame hardened steel cam lock, patented mail shield technology, durable powder coating, and comes with a mounting plate and reflective house numbers.
  3. Best Wall Mount: Whitehall Products 16140: This unit features a thick gauge steel construction, has multipurpose deposit capabilities, a large hopper style door,12.75” wide X 3” high drop opening for easy magazine delivery, anti-fishing teeth, a three-digit combination lock, key lock, 1-inch overhang rain guard, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  4. Best for Busy Streets: Salsbury Industries 4325BLK: This unit is made from aluminum, powder-coated, has 3 distinct sections for your mails’ safety, has an outgoing mail tray, features an adjustable red flag for the mail carrier, includes 2 keys for each door, and has a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.
  5. Best High Security Mailbox: Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic: A highly reliable and secure mailbox with a thick galvanized housing, stainless steel hinges, powder-coated finishing, an oversized hopper door design, extra-large locking storage compartment, internal security baffle, and heavy-duty stainless steel lock with double-cut keys.
  6. Best Budget: Gibraltar Mailsafe, MSK00000: A highly secured mid-sized mailbox with 840 cubic inches capacity, a deep storage-locking compartment, a sturdy cam lock, 2 keys, heavy-duty brush aluminum access door, powder-coated finish, and comes in a crisp, clear design.
  7. CastleBox Designs 88687 Dropbox: With 837 cubic inches of interior volume, this mailbox can accommodate mail for a week; it’s constructed from recycled aluminum, boasts excellent quality and protective powder coat finishing, is USPS approved, wear and tear-proof.

Here are the Best Locking Mailboxes

Different types of locking mailboxes are available which serve different needs. When selecting these top 7 models, we considered the materials used, durability, construction quality, and dimensions.

You can rest assured that these 7 units are best at the best price and with the best services.

Check out our super detailed review below.

1. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox, Black, Large

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager is USPS approved full-service curbside security mailbox. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners concerned about the security of their valuable mail and documents. It’s both secure and affordable.

Real theft prevention!

This newly designed Mail Manager comes with several features that make it safer against mail-identity theft.

All parts are tough, secure, and patented to ensure the first line of defense.

The baffle door features stainless steel hinges for ease of use. The stainless steel construction makes the hinges corrosion-resistant and durable.

It keeps your mail safe in a unique way!

Deliveries are instantly captured via mail slots.  The neodymium magnets keep the door closed and mail dry. Of course, the door is large enough to accept small parcels, packages, or boxes of checks easily.

But no worry, its innovative design still maintain security. Thanks to its angle bar that deters hands from fishing around inside.

Additionally, the anti-pry latch lock system prevents crowbar style burglary. The hardened 12 wafer high-security disc lock is anti-drill and anti-pick to protect your mail and parcels from thieves and prevent leveraged entry. Of course, the lock includes three laser cut keys.

Built to last a lifetime!

When it comes to construction, you can rest assured that this bad boy will provide you theft protection years after years. Heavy-duty galvanized welded steel body defends against vandalism.

Just because of toughness, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

7506 Mail Manager brings some major curb appeal to your home. It adds a little character and available in a variety of colors to show off your personality.

Durable powder coat finish is resistant to rust that enhances its lifespan. With minimal maintenance, you will have a beautiful mailbox for years to come.

There is more…

It features a flexible vandal-resistant outgoing mail flag.

You can install it easily in many applications on steel posts, wood posts, gangplank, and columns. Of course, installation is easy with the included hardware, installation template, and clear instructions.


  • Patented, innovative design
  • Large internal volume to store weeks of mail
  • Commercial-grade high-security lock
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty construction for strength and durability
  • Anti-fish, anti-pry, and anti-vandal
  • Easy mounting onto existing wood, metal post, or structure
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • USPS Approved
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • In heavy rain, water may drip inside leaving mail with water damage.

2. Mail Boss 7206 Package Master Curbside Locking Security Mailbox | Black, Medium

Mail Boss 7206 Package Master

Next, we have another excellent curbside locking security mailbox from the Mail Boss brand. This time it’s Mail Boss 7206 Package Master.

This medium size unit is perfect for rural residential homes or commercial applications. It’s designed for safely receiving small parcels, envelops and securely storing weeks of mail.

This USPS approved mailbox is extremely close to 100% theft-proof that help keep your mail safe in a unique way. It comes with several security features that form a bunker around your sensitive information.

7206 Package Master is carefully designed to deter hand fishing, prevent leveraged entry, and, most importantly, to protect your deliveries.

With 21.5″ depth x 12″ width x 16.5″ height, it accepts any legal size envelope and package up to 10.5″ L x 4.5″ H x 4.5″ W.

The innovative bin instantly captures your deliveries. The patented anti-pry latch locking access door keeps safe your valuables inside the secure mail vault.

Importantly, you can only access your parcels by using the provided laser cut keys. The 12-disc wafer lock is anti-pick and anti-drill. It also includes flame hardened steel cam lock.

This box is nearly impossible to pry or fish. Patented Mail Shield technology prevents both hand and tool fishing.

The rolled electro-galvanized steel construction makes it as much as 20 percent stronger than similar width steel-made mailboxes! The thickness and strength of this unit make it vandal- and baseball bat-proof. The stainless steel door hinges are corrosion resistant that adds to its durability.

Additionally, it features durable powder-coating. So, it’ll withstand the elements.

With its patented fast-track mounting plate, Package Master is easy to install on any post or platform. It’s capable of mounting on planks, posts, brick columns individually or in a cluster with the use of a spreader bar.

Conveniently, plastic floor liner, reflective house numbers, and installation hardware come included with it.


  • Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • Rust-resistant and withstands the elements
  • Highly fishing resistant and vandal-proof
  • Leveraged entry preventive
  • Quick and super-easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


  • The finish is more textured than flat, so you may need to use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Somewhat pricey, but it worth every penny.

3. Whitehall Products 16140 Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox, Black, Large

Whitehall Products 16140

Whitehall is a simple wall mount mailbox that will enhance curb appeal to your home. It’s a beautiful unit that gives a great first impression.

The overall dimension is 14. “”W x 1 “”H x” “D, which has 897 cubic inches Interior Volume. The drop opening is 12 inches in width to deliver large envelopes.

Whitehall 16140 is absolutely perfect for accommodating a good amount of mail, catalogs, brochures, even newspapers for a few days or more. It also holds medium to large deliveries. It’s designed and built to last a lifetime.

Constructed from recycled aluminum, this unit is durable and sturdy. It’s crafted to perfection. It withstands the harshest of elements for years of useful functionality.

Highly-protective and excellent quality powder coat finishing makes the surface resistant to scratching, chipping, discoloration, and fading.

Whitehall Mailbox available in three vibrant colors- black, bronze, and white. And all of these colors always look new even after years of use.

This USPS Approved box includes a locking flap and two keys. If you are not interested in the locking lid feature, you can remove it.


  • High-quality and stylish
  • Very solid construction and heavy-duty
  • Large to hold mail and small packages
  • Weather, water, mildew resistant
  • Rust, fade, and UV protective
  • Wear and tear-proof
  • Easy to hang
  • Easy and sturdy door operation
  • Looks nice, even from far away
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • Removing the lockbox insert is somewhat tricky to open to get the mail out.

4. Salsbury Industries 4325BLK, Black Roadside Mailbox

Salsbury Industries 4325BLK

Next, we have this excellent locking rural mailbox from ISO 9001:2008 certified company Salsbury Industries. This company has excelled in the field of Mailbox manufacturing since 1936.

 Salsbury 4325 is designed in the USA. And it is entirely made of aluminum. The strong housing and lock provide extra assurance the mail will remain secure until retrieved.

Moreover, the power-coated finish makes it rust-proof for added durability. Of course, it’s available in black, green, silver, and white color to match your exterior.

Unique rear access!

With its three distinct sections and a front and rear access locking the door, it provides you a safe and secure mail storage solution. The rear access is quite advantageous and safer for acquiring the mail if you live on a busy street.

In the front, the top section is the outgoing mail shelf or tray. Beneath that, it has an incoming mail deposit section for collecting the mails through a non-locking access panel on the front. Finally, the bottom section keeps your incoming mail secured under key and lock.

Conveniently, it features an adjustable red flag for mail carrier pickup.   It includes two keys for each Front and rear access locking door.

It is 12.5″ in width, 13.625 inches in height, and 18.25 inches in depth. Overall, it is spacious enough to accommodate significant amount of mails if you’re away for a long weekend.

You can mount it in a column, wall, or masonry to add curb appeal.


  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Build according to USPS specification
  • Very easy to use
  • Nicely built, solid construction.
  • Easy to mount
  • Rust and weather-proof
  • 3 year limited manufacturer


  • The outgoing mail shelf needs to be adjustable to allow for bigger package envelopes.

5. Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic locking Parcel Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic

6200B-10 Oasis Classic is postmaster general approved, reliable, high security locking parcel mailbox. It allows the delivery of small parcels and mail bundles that makes it perfect for the Internet and catalog shoppers.

Oasis Classic is constructed from quality materials, which are designed for longevity. Thick galvanized steel housing is vandal-proof. Stainless steel hinges offer extra durability. The full powder coated inside and out is corrosion and fade resistance.

It measures 18.5 x 13.5 x 20 inches.  The oversized hopper door design can receive parcels larger than any of its competitors. Extra-large locking lower storage compartment accepts parcels from 9.75 x 6.5 x 2 to 9.75 x 4 x 2.75 (inches) ranging in size.

The internal security baffle prevents items from being pulled out of the door. Of course, the outgoing mail clip behind the door keeps outgoing mail out of sight.

It comes with a pick resistant heavy-duty stainless steel lock with double-cut keys. The anti-pry latch reinforcement prevents forced entry, prying, and fishing from unwanted mail thieves.

Designed for water tightness!

It keeps deliveries dry and clean. Thanks to its weather-tite rubber seals and a raised floor. In addition, the entire outer shroud is seamless to resist moisture and the elements.

Oasis Classic 6200B-10 is perfect for installation into columns or pilasters. Installation is easy with a pre-drilled 4″x 10″ mounting hole- pattern.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Large capacity
  • Weather-proof
  • Anti- pry-and anti-fishing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year manufacturer limited warranty


  • Solid construction but not 100% secure as the door gap is accessible.

6. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe, MSK00000

Gibraltar Mailsafe, MSK00000

Want the best protection for your mail but do not want to break the bank?

Then, Mailsafe MSK00000 from Gibraltar Mailboxes is the best option for you. Gibraltar is America’s one of the leading residential mailbox manufacturer company. It’s a highly-secured medium-sized mailbox with 840 cubic inches capacity. It also has a deep storage locking compartment to receive. The large access door makes the delivery of the magazine, envelopes, small prescription glasses, and other items easy.

It also features an internal pickup tray for an easy store of outgoing mail. Simply place your documents or item in the tray and raise the outgoing mail flag.

Delivered items are guarded by a sturdy Cam lock. It includes two keys to allow ease of access for you and your family. The brush aluminum access door is also heavy-duty to deter theft and protect your mail.

Mailsafe MSK00000 is made with heavy-duty plastic and aluminum materials to provide the utmost durability and strength. The powder-coated finish makes it rust-resistant.

The crisp, clean design with a black and brushed aluminum finish will flatter any home—it’s a smart choice for securing your incoming mail with style.

Installing this wall-mount mailbox onto the home’ s exterior is a breeze with an easy-to-follow instruction guide. All mounting hardware comes included with the unit.


  • Ideal for use at home exterior or as a secure drop-box
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Utmost durability and strength
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Safe and secure
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommended to use in an area where mail theft is a great concern.

7. CastleBox Designs 88687 Large Heavy Duty Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox/Dropbox

CastleBox Designs 88687 Dropbox

Castle box 88687 is a nice wall-mounted model, ideal for direct weather installation or interior mounting. Of course, you can mount it on any flat surface, brick, wood, stucco, or post.

It has four mounting holes on the bottom, and six pre-drilled mounting holes in the back for post mount. Additionally, it comes included with all wall mounting hardware.

With dimensions of 18-inch high x 13-inch wide x 7 inches deep, this dropbox has multi-purpose deposit capabilities. Large hopper style door ensures versatile drop needs.

12.75-inch-wide by 3-inch high drop opening is designed for easy delivery of magazines, prescription bottle, envelopes, bank bags, and more. 

Worry not!

This bad boy comes with several safety features for enhanced security.

First of all, the heavy-duty galvanized steel with all weld construction makes it durable and vandal-resistant.

Most importantly, the hopper style door works in conjunction with anti-fishing teeth to prohibit someone from reaching contents dropped inside.

It’s worth noting that if anybody attempts to fish items out through the drop door with a wire or string, the wire will get caught between the anti-fishing teeth and knocks the item safely back down to the box.

Moreover, it features a three-digit combination lock. You can set your personal code easily, quickly, and as frequently as desired. Of course, it includes an additional key-lock, which you can install yourself within minutes using provided instructions.

One more nice features of this model is its 1-inch overhang rain guard. So you can rest assured that your documents won’t be damaged by rainwater.

Finally, the power-coated finish resists corrosion and water damage. You will be confident to buy this drop box as it has three years manufacturer warranty.


  • All welded design, no rivets
  • Made to last with thick gauge steel
  • Exclusive locking system
  • Anti-fishing and vandal-proof
  • Easy three-step installation
  • Versatile mounting option
  • Design for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Strong and heavy-duty
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Not a very budget-friendly option

How to Choose the Right Lockable Mailbox

Best Locking Mailbox

You have already revealed all the top-notch security mailboxes out there in the market.

But to pick the right one that will best meet your needs, you have to consider some factors before buying.

Our buying guide may help you in this regard.


The most important point of going for a lockable unit is the security of your mail and valuables. So, the first factor you should take into consideration is the security feature of the model.

We recommend you to go for a unit that either comes with a cam lock or wafer tumbler locking system. The reason is both of these types of lock are relatively hard to pick.

Other features that you should consider is the baffle doors and strong latches. Baffle door is by far the best choice to prevent anyone from reaching in to grab your items.  Also, check that the insertion slot isn’t very large or easily accessible for small hands to reach your mail through it.


This product is available in different sizes with different capacities. What size mailbox you should pick it all depends on your needs.

Make sure you get the right-sized box for your mailing needs. Also, think about your average mail type and size. Check that it can conveniently accommodate all of your deliveries with ease.

If you travel a lot and your mail gets accumulated for a period of weeks at a time, a large capacity unit will be perfect for you. Again, larger mailboxes are recommended if you frequently receive mails, medicine delivered, big parcels, and larger packages.

But if you are among those who receive only a couple of mails in a week or month, you need to consider a model with a small capacity.

If your regular mail is simply bills, prescriptions, letters, or notices, a small to the medium-sized unit will work well for you.


This product should be strong, durable, and secure enough to repel any theft attempt. In general, the housing is made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum. 14 and 16 gauge galvanized steel is a very desirable material in this regard.


Mailbox isn’t something you replace each year. So, it should be well-protected against elements. In general, this product is installed at the exterior of the home and faces damaging elements such as continuous sunlight and rain.

However, go for a unit that features a powder-coated finish. That means the letterbox will remain relatively safe from rust, corrosion, and rain. Some models are also protected with the coating with a UV ray deflecting agent to protect it from sunlight. Units with a non-metal outer layer will prevent rusting.


Residential mailboxes may offer wall mount, freestanding or curbside type installation.

Wall mount models need to be attached to the wall of your office, gate, or garage.

Curbside mailboxes let you mount it on a post near your curb.

Freestanding type stands alone without being supported by anything.

Think about where you plan to install the unit and choose which is better fit for you.

Finally, don’t forget to check your chosen model is USPS approved so that it works well for your mailman.


If budget is a big concern for you, no worry. These products are available in various price ranges.

Curbside units are more expensive than wall-mount models. However, price depends on various aspects such as construction materials, locking mechanism, size and capacity, and more.

We advise you not to compromise with the quality for a minor monetary benefit. If vandalizing or mail-theft is a very serious issue in your area, go for a high-end model with strong security features.


Hopefully, our comprehensive list and reviews above have saved you countless hours of research trying to find the best locking mailbox for your needs.

We’ve focused on every single point, which is important to ensure our selected 7 products are reliable to prevent mail-theft.

So, you can pick them confidently according to your requirements.

We keep our list up-to-date, so any model you find above is considered a top-rated option that’s available today.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review- Thanks for reading!

When you buy something through our affiliate links, we earn a commission without you having to pay extra.