Top 8 Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors (2022 Review)

Want to transform your bathroom into a welcoming and inviting space?

But don’t know how?

Worry not!

We are here to help you.

Having a bathroom mirror with integrated light comes in incredibly handy for this purpose. It enhances the luxurious and relaxing aura of your bathroom by adding a warm glow.

Most conveniently, it’ll illuminate your face to enjoy a bright reflection of yourself after every face wash or shower, even when the vanity space itself isn’t sufficiently lit. To add on, it reduces bloom and makes space feel larger and more expensive. 

Nowadays, there is no shortage of available options for the best lighted bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, the ever spending variety of options can be confusing and even daunting to pick the right one.

But our short list of 8 top-rated models and their reviews will make it much easier to find the right one for your bathroom.

Check our lighted bathroom mirror review out.

Our Reviewed Top 8 Lighted Bathroom Mirrors- Table of Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison chart showing the essential specs of our recommended 8 top models.

We’ll cover each aspect of these products in our detailed review section below. However, this chart will give you a quick idea of what they offer. and it’s also an easy way to compare them quickly.

Product NameDimensions (inch)CRIAnti-fogPriceInstallationDimmableColor Temperatures
hauschen, 36 x 28 inch36 x 28 x 1.4>95YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES3000 to 5500K
DP Home, E-CK010-C60 x 28 x 2>90NOView on AmazonHardwiredNO5500 to 6000K
Keonjinn 36 x 2836 x 28 x 1.6>90YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES6000K
ExBrite, JS-4024-4-N-E40 x 24 x 1.2>90YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES5000K
B&C, MD0472 x 30 x 1.0690+YESView on AmazonHardwiredYES3000 to 6000K
HAUSCHEN 36 x 4836 x 48 x 1.495YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES3000 to 5500K
MAVISEVER 40×3240 x 32 x 1.495+YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES3000 to 6500K
smartrun PANNACLE-36X3636x36x1.5>90YESView on AmazonPlug-in & hardwiredYES6000K

Reviews of Hyper Enthusiastic Recommended 8 Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

After 108+ hours of market research and testing, we’re comfortable recommending the following 8 top-notch models. While selecting these models, we have emphasized various factors, including performance and customer reviews.

Before you rush out to buy the latest one on the market, it might be worth spending a few moments reading our review.

We assure that our reviews will undoubtedly help you a lot to choose the best one.

Keep reading for our top picks!

1. Hauschen led lighted bathroom mirror, 36 x 28 inch

HAUSCHEN wall mounted LED lighted bathroom mirror with a touch switch is designed with the customer in mind. The frameless design with the LED lighting adds a touch of class and modernity to your bathroom that you’ll enjoy.

The edges of the mirror feature a neat frameless design. But it is surrounded by a single strip of LED lighting.

The LED lights deliver 100% true visual lighting, which is comfortable to the eyes without UV and flicker. Importantly, it uses 80% less energy than any standard light bulb, making it a perfect energy-saving option.

Of course, you can dim the LED light to 20% and brighten to 100% to suit your lighting needs in the bath space!

It offers a color temperature between 3000 to 5500K. That means it’ll deliver three levels of brightness that will surely match your every luminosity needs. It produces cool white light, warm white light, and natural daylight. So, you can select the right one that best meets your vibe.

The built-in touch sensor button on the surface enables you to change the color temperature easily. It also helps to adjust the brightness of the light by using the built-in dimmer.

It is perfect to fit it very well on a vanity with a single or double sink. Thanks to its 36″ by 48″ rectangle size. Plus, the flexibility of installing it vertically or horizontally accommodates your preference or design demands of your specific space.

Another nice aspect of this product is its ease of installation.  By just screwing, you can fix it securely with the wall.

For added convenience, HAUSCHEN made this fixture perfect for both hardwired and plug-in installation. That means if you already have a fully finished bathroom, you can put the plug in and turn the switch on.

Again, for an under renovation bath space, you have the option to hardwire the mirror with housing. With the wall switch, you can control the on/off function directly.

Worry about the damage to the mirror due to dampness?

This LED mirror is well-constructed with premium materials. So, you can rest assured that it’ll remain rust-free, providing excellent durability. What’s more, it comes with UL listed electronic parts for safe uses.

The reflection of this piece of fixture is crystal clear. With a CRI rating (color rendering index) of 95 and maximum of 6540 lumens in 5500K, this mirror reflects the most realistic and natural image of you.

The copper-free silver coating of this mirror is environment-friendly. It is less corrosive compared with normal silver mirrors. Aside from providing excellent reflection, it ensures the long service life of the glass surface. So, you can expect it will maintain its aesthetic appearance and same quality for decades to come.

This unit’s built-in defogging function ensures a crystal clear reflection even after you’ve taken a steamy shower. It defogs the surface automatically and makes it ready for use.

Can you imagine all of these excellent features are comes packed into a thin mirror that has a depth of only 1.4-inch?


  • Crystal clear reflection
  • Super bright illumination
  • Convenient and practical
  • Frameless, cool design
  • Energy-saving and dimmable lighting option
  • Hassle-free and safe to install
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible installation option
  • Comes safe-and well-packaged
  • 3-year limited warranty period


  • The instruction for hardwire is not detail.

2. DP Home Smart Bathroom Mirror with LED lights, E-CK010-C

This DP Home smart bathroom mirror with LED lights is our another favorite option. It comes with several amazing features to satisfy your needs.

First of all, it features a frameless, bold, fluid design that adds an exciting, stylish, and aesthetic beauty to this piece. The frameless design sure to pair with most bathroom decors. 

What’s more, the simple style with no visible screws and switches looks great in any home, bars, restaurants, hotels, and commercial offices.

The construction of the mirror is solid and neat. It reflects crystal clear images with up to 35% more clarity over conventional mirrors.

This piece incorporates LED lighting around the edges of the entire mirror. The integrated LED lighting brings elegant function and beauty. It spreads a soothing and soft illumination making your bathroom a minimalist and clean space. Conveniently, with a super-sensitive touch button, you can switch on/off the light.

Provides functional lighting when you need some illumination!

This lighting fixture is ideal for close illumination that you need to style your hair, apply makeup, and shave where perfection is essential. Thanks to its direct light; there will be no shadow effect on your face. There is no flicker, no UV, and most importantly, it is mercury free.

To add on, the LED lighting is energy-efficient that allows you to save up to 68% of your electric bill. It worth noting that you may expect it to serve you for at least 30 years with exceptional consistency.

With 60-inch length and 28-inch width, this fixture works perfectly for a larger vanity area. It fits well on a long vanity with one single sink or encompasses a vanity that features a double bowl sink. However, you can install it in your smaller bathroom too. Either way, this piece looks stylish and accentuates the overall decor of the space.

Of course, the installation is straightforward. But you can wall-mount it only horizontally, and it incorporates only a hardwire installation.

This fixture is virtually maintenance-free and safe to the touch.


  • Great for larger bathrooms
  • Simple but stylish look
  • Gorgeous frameless design
  • High-quality mirror
  • Copper-free, anti-rust
  • Reflects crystal clear images
  • Straightforward installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • UL certified
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty


  • No hanging flexibility (hanging only horizontally)
  • No dimmer to adjust the brightness
  • Hardwired installation only
  • No anti-fog function

3. Keonjinn 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror

One more LED vanity mirror that caught our attention is this model from Keonjinn.

Keonjinn vanity mirror comes with everything you wish for in an affordable price tag.

You’ll be impressed with its simple and versatile design.

This frameless piece is equipped with a strip of LED lights that adds an aesthetic to your bathroom. The mirror’s clear reflection offers a detailed experience while you are applying makeup, dressing up, or styling your hair.

Of course, the light is dimmable from 20% to 100%. And you can control the brightness with a round touch button on the surface of the mirror. By holding the touch for three seconds, you can change the brightness from normal to brightest.

Did we mention that it has a brightness memory function?

Conveniently, when you turn off the light and then restart, it’ll restore the state of brightness. You won’t need to touch the button again.

Another amazing feature is its built-in anti-fogging function. So, you don’t need to rinse the surface after each shower or treat it with anti-fog spray.

What stands out?

The power and anti-fog buttons are separate. So you can operate these functions individually according to your need, which makes the unit more energy-efficient.

What’s more, this product is built to last. The glass features moisture-proof and waterproof backing. The IP54 rating of this piece will bring your peace of mind. Plus, the light offers 50,000 hours lifetime, which is equivalent to 45 years of normal usage.

It’s worth noting that the silvered reflection layer is copper-free, so it’s eco-friendly.

This rectangular piece incorporates two installation methods. So you can install it vertically or horizontally according to your needs.

The size is 36 x 28 inches with 1.6 inches depth, which ensures that you can see yourself properly. Of course, it is also available in 36 x 24 inches, 48 x 36 inches, and 60 x 28 inches.

Finally, this product comes to your doorstep in an improved package for better protection. Notably, this packaging system has passed all tests, including heavy pressure test, impact test, and dropping test, etc.


  • Simplistic and practical design
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Unique design, convenient to use
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Built to last
  • Water- and moisture-proof design
  • Flexible installation
  • Manufacturer warranty for 1 year


  • The installation instructions are not clear.

4. ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror, JS-4024-4-N-E

Here is another budget-friendly option for you.

ExBrite, JS-4024-4-N-E is an excellent quality lighted vanity mirror that comes with endless features. It maintains a very clean and minimalist look with a strip of LED light and no visible screws of switches.

It’s designed to meet your daily shaving or makeup needs!

With its 90+ CRI rating, the mirror produces the truest reflection of the face. Another excellent aspect of this fixture is its color temperature of 5000K that produces bright illumination of maximum of 3220 lumens.

This simulates natural reflection, which is 30% brighter than any regular LED light. But your eyes won’t get hurt while you’re focusing on dressing or makeup for a long time.

You can adjust the brightness by pressing and holding its built-in dimmer incorporated in the mirror surface. The dimming function lets you decrease or increase the brightness level to set the right amount of light. Of course, the memory function memorizes your brightness setting after turning it off.

No more fogy mirror!

High-quality defogger demists the mirror from inside to outside. Touch the defog button to get a clear reflective surface instead of wiping the steam off with your hands. Thanks to its revolutionary intelligent touch-screen switch.

It offers you more!

Although it is a vanity mirror, because of its excellent brightness and CRI rating, you can also use it for doing makeup for a flawless and perfect outlook. Besides, the ingenious design fits perfectly with any decoration style you have.

Its high-quality silver coating reflects light to provide the clearest, most brilliant image of you.  The coting is copper-free, eco-friendly, and make it’s long-lasting. It has been proven to last up to 3 times longer than other mirrors.

What’s more, it is ETL listed and energy saving. This stuff also complies with North American safety standards.

No worry about finding the light switch in total darkness!

What special about this model is its night light with light sensing. The night light is very convenient. Moreover, it automatically lights up when it is dark enough and OFF at dawn.

ExBrite has made the installation of this product super easy. It includes a simple and easy to understand manual. What you have to do is attach it to the wall and plug it in to enjoy the lighting.

It also supports wall switch control. So, you can connect it to the wire to housing for wall switch control. You can install it horizontally or vertically according to your own needs.


  • Frameless design for modern and contemporary bathroom
  • Provides natural reflection
  • Long-lasting and uninterrupted service
  • Easy and effortless operation
  • Extremely high waterproof rating
  • ETL listed for safety
  • Super-secure packaging for safe arrival
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Affordable price


  • The backside has shallow clearance to have the cord and the mirror lay flat.

5. B&C Lighted Makeup Mirror for Bathroom, MD04

You’ll appreciate the functionality and beauty of this LED mirror.

You can install this makeup mirror horizontally, covering a length of 72-inch. For long vanities with multiple sinks, it’s a great option. For hotel, gym locker rooms, spas, restaurants, this longer mirror is also perfect to use. You can also wall-mount it vertically to use it as a full-length dressing mirror.

This piece is super slim with only 1.06- inch thickness.

But worry not!

It has higher stability than any thinner grade mirror and is said to be 3 times more durable when compared to traditional ones.

The back plate of this mirror is covered by silver, which is lead- and copper-free. So, you don’t need to be worried about corrosion and rust. The mirror includes an aluminum frame on the back for more stable construction. Notably, the edges are polished for finger protection.

It boasts a superior optical quality offering a crystal clear reflection when you are shaving or taking makeup.

This piece comes equipped with a strip of LED lighting. It not only adds an aesthetic to your bath space but also does a good job of illuminating the object without flickering or glare.

B&C MD04 incorporates LED lights with a color temperature between 3000K to 6000K, which means that there are different types of luminosity in this mirror to match your needs. With a CRI rating of 90, it shows the true color of the objects.

Of course, the brightness is adjustable from 5% to 100%.

Three easy to use touch buttons on the surface of the mirror control color changing, dimming brightness, and ON/OFF.

It remembers to light up just the way you like it!

B&C MD04 features memory function and therefore restores the last dimmer configuration. Alternatively, it is compatible with the wall switches.

Finally, you’ll appreciate that this piece is certified (IP44 rated) to use in damp bathroom environments. Moreover, it uses an innovative defogger pad that brings you more clarity in a damp environment.


  • Minimalist frameless design
  • Design for high humidity locations
  • Clear reflection with the defogging capability
  • Touch button and wall switch control
  • UL listed components; safe to use
  • Longer service life


  • Hardwiring installation only
  • Not affordable for budget-conscious people

6. HAUSCHEN 36×48 Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This is our second inclusion from HAUSCHEN.

HAUSCHEN 36×48 inch LED mirror will express your personality and brings together the style and functionality to your bathroom.

With its 36-inch by 48-inch size, this fixture fits very well on a vanity with a single sink. You’ll also love the fact that it allows horizontal and vertical installation. It provides the necessary flexibility to ensure the best aesthetic outcome as the available space demands.

The mirror comes equipped with a single strip of high-quality, energy-saving LED lighting. With the CRI>95 rating, it produces super bright illumination for true reflection. Conveniently, depending on your bathroom size, you can use it as a primary or auxiliary light. So, you won’t need any more lighting for your bathroom tasks.

Of course, you can adjust the brightness from 3000K to 5500K (20% to 100%). It allows you to enjoy 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white light, or 5500K daylight as you need. The visual lighting is comfortable with no UV or flicker.

There are multiple touch buttons on the surface of the mirror. With these buttons’ help, you can On/Off the lighting and control the brightness dimming. Of course, you can use the wall switch to directly On/Off the light.

The copper-free silver coating of this glass is environ-friendly and less prone to corrosion when compared to the normal mirror of most brands.

A steamy shower won’t slow down your morning!

Another convenient feature of this model is its defogging function. This technology ensures to keep always a clear reflection. It’s worth noting that this model allows you to control the anti-fog function and ON/Off separately, making it safe and energy-efficient.


  • Comfortable lighting
  • Adjustable lighting brightness
  • Eco-friendly and less corrosive backplate
  • UL-listed electronic parts
  • Covered by safety housing
  • Easy and safe to install
  • IP44 Waterproof rating
  • Reliable packaging for safe transportation


  • No significant issues found.

7. MAVISEVER 40×32 Inch Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror

With dimensions of 40 inches by 32 inches, this MAVISEVER mirror works for all types of vanities. Vertical and horizontal installation options make it perfect for all sizes of bathrooms. Installation manual and mounting kit included for hassle-free installation

Perfect for most basic grooming tasks!

This piece uses an LED lighting strip, which is impeccably places around the interior of the mirror. With 95+ CRI, this functional lighting provides you with true colors so that you look the same in real life.

Conveniently, you can steplessly adjust the brightness from cool white to warm yellow at your wish.

The anti-fog feature helps keep the mirror clear and functioning, no matter what the temperature is in your bath space. Notably, the defogging function is automatically on while you turn on the light.

LED offers 50,000 hours of service life, which is a very long lifespan for the mirror. It’s energy-efficient and uses 12 bolt DC input voltage, which makes it safe for the user.

What makes it unique?

Explosion free safe glass!

MAVISEVER ensures maximum protection for you. This mirror keeps the adhesive state even it burst. It guarantees you that this product is not prone to accidents that can pose a hazard.

What’s more, a high-grade anodized aluminum frame also adds to its durability. Besides, the white PVC cover protects the LED stripe from exposure and make it even much brighter.

If you are among those who are going green in their environment, this model is perfect for you. It uses a copper-free silver coating, which is environmentally friendly. Plus, it is ETL listed for Canada and the USA. Most importantly, it is IP44 rated for safe use in damp bathrooms.

Smart touch button design allows you to turn on/off the light and defogger. Hold the button to adjust the CCT with memory function.


  • Perfect for all sizes of bathroom
  • Bright and adjustable luminosity
  • Anti-explosion; extremely safe to use
  • Wall switch supported
  • IP44 rated and UL listed
  • Solid structure and best protection.
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Multi-layer protection professional package


  • Auto-defogging won’t be necessary all the time.

8. smartrun PANNACLE-36X36 Inch Wall-Mounted Lighted Backlit Mirror

This square mirror is perfect for your home and bathroom. You can also set it in your bedroom or closet.

It comes equipped with 4-edge lighting. With 90 CRI, it produces the truest reflection of the object it illuminates. The 6000K white daylight is just right for you to put on makeup or even to add brilliance to the bathroom.

One of the amazing features is its built-in anti- fogger, which automatically removes the fog for you when you take a shower. Thus, it’ll provide you a clear reflection immediately after you take a steam shower.

Its functional- surface one-touch button offers two functions. When you touch it, the LED lighted mirror will turn on/ off directly. Again, when you hold it for 3 seconds, the light intensity will decrease gradually.

The LED offers a lifespan of 50,000 hours. That means, if you use it three hours per day, it’ll last 45 years.

The silver reflection layer of the glass is copper-free, and IP44 rated for waterproofness to ensure safe use in wet bathroom space.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Super white light; dimmable
  • Produce realistic images
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Easy vertical installation
  • ETL Listed for the U.S and Canada
  • 2-year warranty
  • Double-layer carton packaging for safe arrival


  • Mounting instructions are not clear.

Buying Considerations for Lighted Bathroom Mirror

All of these models that we’ve reviewed above are excellent and great for the money. But you may face challenge while choosing the right one for you.

Considering a few things will make your buying process simple.

  • Choose The Right Shape and Size

You have numerous options to choose from different shapes and sizes. However, you should go for one that will fit perfectly into your bath space.

When it comes to the shape of this product, rectangular, square, oval, round, octagonal shapes are available. Pick just the right one that will match your bathroom design perfectly.

  • Choose the Installation Type Carefully

This is one of the most important considerations. This product incorporates two types of installation: Hardwired and Plug-in.

For hardwired installation, you have to wire the power connection of the lights directly into the wall. And you can turn on/ off the light only by pressing the switch.

The plug-in option allows you to plug it into a socket to turn on the light.

You won’t need to break your bathroom wall or call an electrician to install the unit for plug-in installation. You can simply hang the mirror and plug it into the nearest socket to make it work.

However, if you’re renovating your bathroom or planning to install a lighted mirror, a hardwired fixture would be perfect for you.

  • Check the CRI (Color Rendering Index) Rating

CRI rating of a mirror indicates its ability to reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates. The CRI scale features 0 to 100 rating for measurement of the color. It expresses how clearly and vividly the mirror reflects the images. The higher the CRI, the more natural the reflection that it will produce.

Consider the CRI when choosing a model. Our team of experts recommends choosing a model having 90 to 100 CRI. It’s an excellent range that produces a natural view of the object. However, don’t pick a model that comes with a CRI below 80.

  • Coating

Manufacturers use different materials such as chloride, copper, aluminum, silver, etc. to coat the glasses. All of these materials don’t provide the same level of reflection. Even some of them are not perfect for a bathroom mirror.

Silver coating is considered best for plating because it is one of the most opaque and reflects the light better than any other coating. Furthermore, the silver coating makes the glass stronger and more corrosion resistant.

  • Make sure your chosen model is anti-fog

It is another crucial factor to consider.

When you take a steam shower or wash your face with warm water, the steam will create thick fog preventing the mirror from providing the brightest luminosity.

Fortunately, a model with an anti-fog function resists fog build-up on the mirror surface. It also keeps the mirror sparkling clean after you have a steam bath.

  • Adjustable Brightness

This feature will make your LED bathroom mirror using experience more convenient and perfect. The built-in dimming function allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of light according to your need. It is essential to bring a soothing and calming vibe to your eyes.


All of the best lighted bathroom mirrors that we’ve reviewed above are handy and undoubtedly the best in the market.

No matter which one you choose from our list, it’ll totally change your bathroom appearance. Plus, it’ll satisfy all your viewing needs.

We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed purchasing any of this piece of fixture.

Pick the right one from our list to transform your bathroom into a welcoming bathing environment!

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