10 Best Leaf Blowers 2022 ( Expert Guide)

Best leaf blower 2022

Who does not like greenery and flowers around? This greenery and flowers do not only give you fresh oxygen and an environment to breathe in but also refresh your mind. But cleaning the mess created by the leaves fallen by them especially the autumn leaves are quite a task. Are you upset about cleaning the fallen leaves then this is the right time to invest in a leaf blower? We have tested a range of leaf blowers, according to our research, Hitachi RB24EAP  is overall the best leaf blower 2022.

A leaf blower can easily suck the fallen foliage making your yard clear from all the mess created by the autumn leaves. This blower sucks all the litter and clippings into a bag which is easy to clean afterward. Some of the blowers also are capable of not only collecting the debris but also mulch them.

Leaf blowers are really good if you have a really big garden with trees all around with lots of heavy stubborn wet leaves. They can clean up your mess within a few minutes and they mostly do not create much noise. These blowers are light in weight and easy to handle. You can also clean your garden and yard yourself. These blowers can make your life easy and less stressful. There is a huge range of blowers present in the market with variable features. It can be electric, vacuum, gas-powered, etc. You can buy the one which is best for you.

In this article, we will give you a review of the best leaf blowers presenting the market nowadays. This will make you aware of the pros and cons of the different blowers which will make you thoroughly understand your need, so nothing will stop you to go and grab them immediately.


When it comes to household items leaf blower is also one of the important devices which are need of every house having gardens and yards or even just plants in their house. Almost 25 companies are producing leaf blowers of different types. It is the highest-selling item in the US when it comes to lawn and garden tools. It is gaining importance and popularity day by day. It has shown a tremendous increase from 2012-2020. It has shown a tremendous increase from 106.27 to 150.41 from 2012-2020. None of the other garden tools has such a high rate of possession and increases in it.

Best Leaf Blowers 2022

1. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas-powered leaf blower:

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas-powered leaf blower

Hitachi is a well-known brand when it comes to power tools. Their aim is to design all its products and accessories with high quality and better performance. Due to its innovative technologies, they are coming up with new and advanced tools with more durability.RB24EAP is also one of its finest products with premium quality.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

Hitachi has a handheld blower that cleans up the mess, a tapered nozzle, and a manual guide for the guidance of a user on how to use the product so that you can easily use it without getting stuck at any point. This blower has a 7-year warranty for the customer and a 2-year warranty for non-rental commercial purposes.

Classic Air Velocity and Volume:

It is very useful for collecting the leaves, clippings, and debris which is quite a big task, with much air velocity of 170 miles/ hour and 441 cubic feet/ min air volume. This high velocity and volume of the air have made it exceptionally well for quickly doing big tasks.

Commercial Grade engine:

The engine is the heart of the machine when it comes to working. It controls the whole process performed by the machine. This Hitachi blower has a 23.9cc engine with 1.13-horsepower. It has low emission 2 stock technologies that make it safe to use as it emits fewer fumes which are dangerous for health and the environment.

  • Low in weight
  • Easy to carry and handle
  • 300 hr. ERD
  • Low noise device
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bad customer service

A customer gave this product 5 stars. He has been using it since 2011. This Hitachi RB24EAP is by far the best product he has ever used. It has always started on 1st and 2nd, pull. He loves this blower and recommends it to anyone willing to use top-tier gas with a fuel stabilizer on each tank. It is powerful, well balanced, light in weight, and reasonably quiet for a gas-powered blower

2.EGO Power+ LB5302 Cordless Leaf Blower:

EGO Power+ LB5302 Cordless Leaf Blower

EGO Power is working on innovation and advanced technologies. EGO LB5302 is a big achievement towards their success. They have equipped it with advanced technologies and have installed a powerful lithium-ion battery in it for making it cord-free.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

EGO power+ is offering a cordless leaf blower that has a 3-variable speed, with a 56V power motor and 530 CFM maximum speed level, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power to the motor, and a charger to charge the battery.

Turbo button for controlling variable speed:

As the EGO Power+ LB5302 is offering variable speeds between 250-530 CFM. Slow speed at 250 CFM for corners, medium 400 CFM for leaves that are somewhat wet but 530 CFM is the maximum speed it can work with. These speeds are controlled by the turbo button present on the handle of the machine so that it can easily control the speed according to need.

High-Efficiency Motor with incredible battery timing:

EGO Power+ has a brushless motor which is if very high efficiency hence it extends the motor life as well as increases the run time. It also lowers the vibration felt during operating. It has a lithium-ion battery of 2.5 Ah which gives an excellent run time of 75 minutes which is an exceptional case.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery timing
  • Good drying power
  • Lightweight so easy to carry
  • Cordless
  • Warranty not honored

A customer who has purchased it has given it 5 stars. He believes that this is the thing that happens only once in a while. She is pleased with the blower as it has amazing power and is of perfect size, though not lightweight but manageable without muscle fatigue. The customer is being used it for quite some time and is using it twice a week without much difficulty. He also liked the power boost it provides when needed by just pressing the trigger. The battery charges quickly. He is impressed with it.

3.Worx WG520 leaf blower:

Worx WG520 leaf blower

Worx WG520 is an electric powerful blower and has more air output than others. It is specially designed for large yards due to power steam air that cleans up all the debris. It is an exceptional product at quite a reasonable price. Some of its key features are:

Prominent Features:

Product includes:

This product has a 12 AMP turbine 600 Worx electric leaf blower, electric codes that are plugged in the electric source for starting up the device, and a user manual to guide the customer about its usage.

Pro blowers with variable speed:

It has such a powerful professional blower, that has a jet-type engine installed in it which makes its turbine spin at double the speed of any commercial blower. It has 2 different speeds on which it can be operated. For paved and tight corner areas slow mode is used while for open areas switch it to fast mode. This blower has 110mph speed with 600 cubic feet per minute air volume. This makes it an exceptional device.

Single-handedly operated with high stream air nozzle:

This blower is designed in such a way that despite its high-pressure steam coming out of the air nozzle and super fast turbine it can be handled single-handedly. It is only 6.4 pounds which can be easy to carry without muscles fatigue. Its high-pressure stream air directs it to concentrate on a single point making it clean thoroughly. It can make it work for hard jobs.

  • Super drying power
  • The cord does not get disconnected easily even if snagged.
  • Powerful turbine fan technology
  • Variable speed modes
  • Less durable
  • Gets heated if used longer and turns off and does not start after completely cools down.

A customer gives its review by saying it is the” BEST BLOWER EVER”, and had given it 5 stars. He further said Amazing blower that he found online after getting tired of having constantly recharge the battery. With the big yard, he switches hands now and then since his hands get fatigued after handling sheer power so medium power speed is enough but a higher setting is good for tougher jobs.



This Dewalt 20V Max blower is one of the finest products for cleaning up the mess created on the ground or overhead by trees and plants in your garden and yard. It is a versatile product with variable velocity. It is considered ideal for tight corners and compact areas.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

It contains a DCE100B 20V MAX compact Jobsite blower that gathers the piles of leaves with 3 attachments nozzle with variable speed that makes it suitable for different areas with different purposes, and a manual guide for customers on how to adjust and use the blower

Variable Airspeed and Air Volume:

It has a variable 3-speed switch that can help to fix the speed which is desired. If debris is less it will be slow otherwise fast. The air volume can be maximized up to 100 CFU that covers a wide area. Its battery voltage can also be adjusted according to the speed of the blower. It provides a maximum of 20V and as low as 18V. It is automatically set by the device.

Lightweight with trigger lock:

As the device is only 2.5 pounds it is easy to carry and use. This feature makes it suitable to use in small areas where large machines can not enter or reach. It also has a trigger lock which makes it easy to start and stop without much hard work and reduces muscle fatigue.

  • Versatile with 3 variable speeds
  • Light in weight
  • Exceptional Maneuverability
  • The cordless device with a lithium-ion battery
  • 3-year warranty by manufacturers
  • Battery life is not good

For a customer who has given it 5 stars, it is a Great little Blower for landscape areas and patios. As this is small in size it is perfect for condos and patio and even for the very small enclosed yards. It does not only blows out the leaves but also pine needles and other clippings and debris trapped between the rocks without blowing years rock away. It is also ideal for the garage. The very compact kit is perfect for the particular application of the reviewer.

5.Black+ Decker LB700 Electric Leaf Blower

Black+ Decker LB700 Electric Leaf Blower

Black+Decker is a well-known brand that is manufacturing home electronic goodies with high quality and advancement in their technologies. LB700 corded blower has a strong and effective engine with a 7Amp motor which has exceptional blowing capacity.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

The package LB700 offers has a 1 LB700 7 Amp blower which has high air velocity that cleans up debris pretty fast, a blow tube for the air to target a particular area. This item does not include a cord in its package. You have to purchase it separately.

Powerful Motor:

LB700 possesses a powerful motor that operates at 7Amp that does incredible blowing activity. This motor also has an air velocity of 180 mph with 180 CFM air volume that makes it work pretty fast and clean up large and open areas like lawn, driveway, yard, sidewalks, etc. This motor is powered by a cord that is plugged into an electric source. This cord does not get easily snapped out of the plug as it is prevented by a cord retainer.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle:

It only weighs 4.4 lb. which makes it use effectively and efficiently even if it is handled single-handedly. It has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to hold with one hand and has a thorough control of the machine.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Good drying power
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • No power cord is included in the package which makes it a problem for customers

A verified customer has given it 5 stars as it is light and powerful. He further said that you can never imagine how easier it gets until you make a change. He needed a small and lighter blower that perfectly fits in the bill. It is stronger than other blowers and easy to handle. He will use it at every place with an electric socket. The tone is generated but not much higher.

6.Husqvarna 125B 28cc Gas Leaf Blower:

Husqvarna 125B 28cc Gas Leaf Blower

Husqvarna is making your life easier and better by offering you a range of blowers that can be chosen according to your need. Its products are specially designed with low noise so that you can use them easily at home without your neighbors getting irritated. Its 125B gas leaf blower is also one of its best blowers.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

Husqvarna is offering only a handheld blower of high velocity and powerful motor. And a manual guide for guiding the customer to use it as its length is adjustable and how to control the device.

Adjustable blowing tube:

The length of the blowing tube of the leaf blower is adjustable. You can adjust the length for its best performance. Sound power levels are also different as 112bB is the power guaranteed 109dB as measured, and 94dB level of sound at the person operating the device.

Easy ON and OFF and easy Control:

You can only switch the button ON and the device is started and when turned OFF, it will automatically reset it to the ON position for again starting it easily. Its cruise can also be controlled as it has variable speed throttle and makes it comfortable to use.

High Air Velocity and Volume:

It has a powerful motor with an excellent air velocity of 179 MPH with 425 CFM air volume that makes it enable to clean up the debris with much ease and comfort within just a few minutes. It is Ideal for light-duty yards for blowing out grass, Clippings, leaves from small lawns and sidewalks, etc.

  • 28cc cylinder displacement
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Adjustable tube length
  • Heavy when compared with others
  • Lower durability

A customer is very impressed with the product and has given it 5-star ratings. He has been using it since 2017 commercially as he is a landscaper. Said it has good wind speed and gets a job done. He used it to blow off his machine and small properties. It is used 12-16 times a day every day. It has approximately 800 hours on it and runs like a champ.

7.Snapfresh 20V cordless leaf blower:

Snapfresh 20V cordless leaf blower

SnapFresh is aiming to make your life easier and making you able to use the tools in daily life comfortably. As human already has pressure so snapFresh wants to ameliorate your burden. Its 20V cordless leaf is also one of its steps towards comfort. It is not only used for the leaf but also for snow blowing which is rare.

Prominent features:

Package includes:

SnapFresh is offering you a pack with a snapFreah 20V cordless leaf blower. 1 20V/ 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery for power, 1 fast charger to charge the battery for further use, attachments like 1 lower tube, 1 upper tube, 1 bare tool, and a manual guide for instructing the way to assemble and use it.

Easy Assembling and button start:

This cordless leaf blower is easy to assemble you need to put a tube in its place and the machine is ready to start working. It just took a minute to get assembled. Like assembly it is also very easy to start, just you need to push the button and the blower start working.

Excellent battery performance:

It has an outstanding battery of 20V/ 2.0Ah battery of lithium-ion that lasts up for 20 minutes by fast charging of 1 hour. Its battery is displayed on the device. You can check its battery left at any time and charge it before its battery died.


SnapFresh is a very versatile product not only because of its speed level but also for the ways it is used. It has a multiple speed level that can be adjusted with the speed needed at that time. It also does not only use for leaves blowing but also for others like dust and snow. It is good enough to meet your all needs.

  • An ultralight body that only weighs 2.7 pounds and can be easily handled single-handedly.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Charging description on the device
  • Can blow range of debris from large leaves to snow and pet hairs until the dust and dirt.
  • It is small and has not much power

A review has called it excellent for portability and lightweight design. He has given it 5 stars. He has been using it currently for drying some items used in his woodshop. While he has corded it’s big and too loud so he needed something that had enough power but was small. While it is not a 600 CFM leaf blower but had plenty of power. It is more than enough to push light leaves around the deck and blow off the dust.

8. Toro 51621 UltraPlus leaf blower Vacuum:

Toro 51621 UltraPlus leaf blower Vacuum

UltraPlus is one of Toro’s highest quality and best performing tools when it comes to blower vacuums. It is a time-saving device that does not only get cleans the dust and leaves but also can shred the leaves reducing the volume of debris. Some of its other key features are:

Prominent features:

Package includes:

Toro is offering an UltraPlus leaf blower with multiple accessories like a bag to collect all the debris so that it does not create a mess, a vacuum tube to suck in all the dust and dirt, a cord storage hook, shred-all shred rings, and an oscillating tube which is extremely time-saving. The extended cord can also get separately.

3in1 Machine:

UltraPlus shows great versatility when it comes to the work it performs. It is not only a powerful blower that cleans the dust, leaves, and clippings but also a very high-speed vacuum of 410 CFM which sucks all the mess around it. The third function it performs is shredding the debris. It shreds the volume and reduces its volume up to 97%. Its metal impeller is much useful as it cuts the leaves quickly and can not get break easily


Toro is also offering multiple accessories along with the main blower tube which add-in to its versatility. The main blower tube is used to capture dry leaves, a power insert for the wet and heavy leaves, and a concentrate is used in the nook and corners as it works more precisely.

  • Great drying power
  • Good sucking power
  • Not super loud
  • It can be used differently according to your need
  • Heavy in carrying when compared with other blowers
  • Cord retainer is not powerful enough to escape snapping

A buyer has given it 5 stars as it has munched tons of leaves and worked like a champ. He said he has almost liked everything about the blower. It is powerful enough to suck up wet leaves that are heavy along with the light dry leaves. 3 trees decided to drop all the leaves at the time after a freeze. Enjoy the rather satisfying time-lapse if this thing slaying on tons of leaves.

9.Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower:

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower

Bigger is not always better as sometimes a light choice is the right choice. Sun Joe is famous for its product due to innovative and advanced technologies are used in it. They make smart products that can be handled easily but are powerful enough to clean all the mess. SBJ597E is a small blower but powerful enough to do its task properly.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

This Sun Joe product is a single piece that is enough to perform its task. It is a small device with much smartness and qualities in it. It has a removable chute that can be taken out after blowing making it easy to store. It can be easily stored in the cupboard and when traveling it can be easily fit into the deck box, car trunk making it travel-friendly and portable.

Powerful motor with high air velocity:

Sun Joe has a strong motor that is of 6Amp which is very powerful when compared with the size of the device. This motor generates the air of high velocity. When air velocity with 155 MPH left the device it blow away all the leaves and dirt present in its way. It can not only clean the patios but also the driveways, decks, and porch.

Lightweight with excellent No-load speed:

Sun Joe only weighs 3.9 pounds when we talk about the weight of the item. This makes it easy to handle and carry. It has an extended cord of 100 feet which is a great length for a cord. It also has outstanding no-load speed. It rotates at 12k-13.5k Revolution per minute when is started and has nothing present in it which is more than enough for such a small product.

  • Comfortable in using
  • Light in weight
  • Good Maneuverability
  • A good investment in terms of the value of money
  • Great drying power
  • Portable but can not be used without an electric source plugged in.

A customer has given it 5 stars and said it is a very small, but powerful leaf blower. He further said, “Wow! I was reluctant to purchasing this unit but I was glad I did”. He found it easy to assemble handle and does a great job blowing leaves in piles even damp leaves. He said that it may cost a low unit but it has a 2-year warranty and will not disappoint you.

10. Worx WG509 12 AMP TRIVAC 3IN1 Electric leaf blower:

Worx WG509 12 AMP TRIVAC 3IN1 Electric leaf blower

Worx WG509 is a 3-in-1 cleaning system. It makes your work easy, the one which could have bound your whole afternoon for completing the work, it takes only a few minutes with Worx WG509 to clean up all the mess and collect it in a bag.

Prominent Features:

Package includes:

Worx is a great company that has quality products. This time in WG509 it is offering a Trivac blower or vacuum with 12Ah power and air volume of 350 CFM, it also has a collection bag that can collect 1.2 bushels of debris in it.

3in1 multi-purpose device:

WG509 is a leaf blower but it does not only used to blow the leave it also has 2 additional functions that make it worth spending money on. It sucks in the leaves present in the yard making it clear and also mulches them into small pieces with the help of a metal impeller which works much efficiently to reduce the volume of debris to 18 times less. It collects the leaves that must have taken 18 bags to keep them while after mulching; they are kept in a single bag.

2 different speeds with fast-changing Modes

It has 2 different speeds for the type of place on which it is being used. If the purpose is to clean corners then a slow speed of 180 mph is used and while cleaning open areas, 210 mph speed is used. It can also change the mode of the device from blower to vacuum in a matter of seconds. You just need to flip the switch and the mode of the device will be changed

  • Instead of just blowing away leaves, it properly cleans the place by sucking and mulching it hence easy to discard
  • Angled in such a way to clean under the furniture and decks
  • Easy to empty and clean the tube
  • Heavy
  • Awkward to handle
  • Not balanced well

A customer has labeled it as an excellent product and has given it 5 stars. He is very impressed with this product. Its blower is strong enough to push a big pile of leaves even they are somewhat wet. The suction was great, just need to wiggle the tip when it tries to grab too much, then it all gets sucked up. The mulching blades also seem to be well made. He is very satisfied.

Buying Guide

When buying a leaf blower you have to go through a tough phase because there is a huge variety is of blowers whether it is size, shape, speed, or the power supply. They are gas, electric, scoreless, vacuum, or battery-powered. They must be bought keeping in mind the need and preferences. Some of the key features kept in mind while spending your money:


The price of the blower should be reasonable enough to satisfy the price it is taking for its services. They should not be that much expensive than most of the customers can’t buy them or not that much cheap that its quality is suspected.


The product should offer at least a 2-year warranty. If it is more, this is also the plus point. You should also look if the warranty is worth believing or not.

Air Flow:

The airflow should be at least 350 CFM if not more. But if it is more than 500 then it is more than enough as that device will be powerful enough to take all the debris in it.

Air Velocity:

The air velocity of the blower should be more than 120mph and can be up to 520 mph. Air velocity at such a higher rate will blow all the fallen leaves and clean up the mess immediately in few minutes.

Leaf Shredding capability:

In addition to collecting the leaves, if the blower can shred the leaves, it would be a deadly combination. Its shredding ability will shred the leaves in smaller parts, hence capturing less space in the bag increasing its collecting capacity so that you don’t have to rush now and then to discard the debris.

Nozzle design:

There is also a difference in the design of the nozzle. Some have flat while others have rounded one and some offers both. You must choose the one that satisfies your need. If you want to sweep the loose leaves then you should buy the one with a flat nozzle and if you want it for leaves embedded in a lawn a round nozzle is preferred.

Translucent Fuel tank:

The tank in which fuel is kept must be translucent so that you can keep fuel in check, and fill it at the right time before it runs off the fuel. This is the best way to keep in check the fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a leaf blower do?

The leaf blower does not only blow away the fallen leaves in the garden but also cleans your driveway, backyard, and roadsides. These blowers gather the bulk of leaves heaps into piles to be eradicated by hand or with a trap.

How does leaf blower works?

The leaf blower has a powerful engine installed in it. Its engine rotates the blades at high speed and forces it to suck in the leaves. The fans then push the air out of the nozzle. The leaf blower works fast and efficiently.

What things should look at before buying a leaf blower?

Things that should be kept in mind while buying a blower are:

  • How fast is mph air is moving
  • What CFM it is possessing to move leaves
  • Model of the blower
  • A blower that can be easily handled by a single hand
  • Warranty
  • Price

Which engine is best for leaf blower, 2 stoke or 4 stroke engine?

Talking about leaf blower, 2 stroke engine is better than 4 stroke engine. 2 stroke engine is more powerful than 4 stroke engine. These engines are less complicated and easy to build. They moreover are cheaper and easy to use

How is it to keep the leaf blower maintained for a long time?

If you want to run the leaf blower smoothly and long time you must keep in check the following things:

  • Add fuel stabilizer after flushing the old fuel and cleaning it thoroughly before again adding fuel.
  • Clean carburetor and fan blades after sometime
  • Keep in check the fuel filter, fuel line, cables, and connections
  • Examine the spark plug and gaps

Final verdict:

Different companies offer you a huge variety of leaf blowers ranging in gas, electric cord, cordless, vacuum. You can choose the one that is for you. If you can’t handle cords you can buy one without cords and have a battery installed in it, if you can’t stand the one with the gas or fuel, you can buy the electric one. There are multiple choices in the leaf blowers as the gas leaf blower, electric leaf blower, and cordless leaf blowers, lightweight leaf blower are present in the market.

Buying a leaf blower will make your life easy. If you do not only want to blow away the leaves but want a proper solution to clean them, vacuum leaf blowers are there to help you out. They do not only clean the area but also cut leaves into smaller pieces which take less space and are easy to handle and discard. What are you waiting for if you have already figured out which one of the leaf blowers is best for you? Go and Get it immediately.

We have tried our best to clear you every point considered during buying of a leaf blower. A leaf blower is your need if you have a garden or even a small yard with plants. If this article has helped you in selecting the best leaf blower for you or if you have found it useful in any other way do let us know in a comment section. Your comment will be highly appreciated.

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