6 Best Lapidary Saw ( Reviews 2022)

Choosing the right and best Lapidary Saw is not a piece of cake. It could be difficult for you to arrive at a particular choice because of the enormous variety of alternatives. But, we would be guiding you to buy the top lapidary slab saw that exactly matches your need and is perfect with its performance. That is why we are here to help you sort out the best from the rest.

There are a lot of lapidary slab saws available for different tasks. Before you buy one, you must bear in mind what exactly you want from a lapidary saw machine. Some lapidary machines are the wisest choices when you are concerned about accurate, straight, and miter cuts. Other machines may offer features of large cutting capacity, impact-resistant material, and portability.

Moreover, some designers want their saws to cut the desired material at the speed they desire. Some designers have demand for their products that is the greatest of all. It requires them to use long-lasting machines and have a blade cooling water reservoir to keep the blade fresh during the long work. Therefore, before making a choice, it is highly recommended that you clearly define the attributes you want in your product.



6″, Hi-Tech, Diamond Lapidary Trim Saw
  • Perfect for trimming
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use

Hi-Tech Diamond 10″ Lapidary Slab Saw
  • Well suited to cutting larger rocks
  • High-performance motor
  • Great build quality

Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw Best Budget
  • Variability in speed
  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Easy to use

2.5 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-designed sliding table
  • Well defined assembly instructions

Mini Table Jewelry Saw with Polishing Lathe
  • Easy to use
  • Variable speed from 0 to 10000rpm
  • Multifunctional

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw:
  • Affordable price
  • It is easily stored
  • Excellent quality for household tasks

The question that arises here is when you can buy the pre-cut rock slabs, why would you purchase the lapidary saw? It is one of the defining characteristics of an artist: to use his skills as much as possible. When you perform cutting of the rocks by yourself, it offers you the satisfaction and joy that cannot be bought. This joy of being able to design the stone in a way one desires, adds to the effectiveness of the entire jewelry-making process. You have a feeling of control over the whole process, which is necessary for creative endeavors.

There is a possibility that you want a slab with different colors, quality, shape, or size that is not available in the market. And, you want to have products that are of higher quality. One of the other reasons that you might think of before making a choice is the element of uniqueness. ‘Ready-for-trimming’ slabs are accessible to your competitors as well. Therefore, if you want to avoid your competitor to come up with the same material you use, you must think of buying a lapidary saw of your choice.

An artist can never restrict himself to a limited number of products. It is frequently observed at almost every business place that customers demand product designs of their choice. I am pointing to the product customization strategy that does not hold in today’s changing business environment. As a designer, you should expect from your customers the demand for unique products. For instance, they may require cup mats/ coasters from you. To be able to make products of their choice, you may consider buying a lapidary saw that helps you cut the things in a way your customers desire.

Last but not least, lapidary saws become necessary during the trimming process. Trimming-out cabochon out of rocks, minerals, and glass requires an efficient saw trimmer. Hence, No matter which item you create or which design you wish to have, you must have a lapidary trim saw to perform the necessary trimming.

Best Lapidary Saw

1. Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw

6", Hi-Tech, Diamond Lapidary Trim Saw

6″, Hi-Tech, Diamond Lapidary Trim Saw is designed for you, If you are looking to buy a lapidary that makes cabochon preforms by trimming the already cut slabs. If that’s the case, Hi-Tech Lapidary Trim Saw is the perfect option to consider. Additionally, this Saw is an excellent tool to trim facet to create the design of your choice efficiently.

Because of its easy-to-use feature, This Lapidary Trim Saw is something that beginners should never avoid. It lets you create designs of your choice in a secure way. The entire machine is built in such a way that it facilitates the beginners to perform well on their tasks. Complete written and visual instructions provided along with the machine help beginners get help if they are stuck. This adds to the overall value of the machine.

When it comes to polishing stones,  Hi-Tech Diamond lapidary saw outperforms all its competitors. It offers excellent value for price in this context too. Being a stable machine lets its buyers polish the stones like never before. Additionally, it is convenient for the lapidary wheel, which complements its ability to clean stones better than other available saws.

It is pertinent to mention the excellent built quality this  6″ Lapidary Trim Saw has. This tool has been made using rustproof and impact-resistant material with a small footprint. The way it has been designed and built by the company makes it much durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if the build quality is what you are concerned about, consider buying it.

The quality of blades that come with the machine does not meet the expectations. In some cases, they have durability issues due to which they do not last very long. As a result, customers have to look for additional blades from the market for the Saw’s proper functioning. Furthermore, the inability of the water tub to be removed for dumping also irritates the customers. They have to make unnecessary efforts that waste their time.

In our opinion, Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw is the perfect choice for the trimming function. You should think of having it because Its build quality makes it stand out from its competitors. However, the quality of blades provided with the Saw needs some attention from the manufacturer. It is the best lapidary trim saw and our top pick.

  •  Perfect for trimming
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use
  • One year warranty
  • Lower quality blades
  • Water tub fixation

2.Hi-Tech Diamond 10 Lapidary Slab Saw

Hi-Tech Diamond 10″ Lapidary Slab Saw

Second in our list is Hi-Tech Diamond 10″ Lapidary Slab Saw, a specialized tool to cut geodes and large rocks into slabs to make cabochons. This is a much bigger instrument when compared with the previous one. And, it can perform cutting better than any other saw on the list.

It lets you cut the rocks into slabs without any hassle. Its attribute of cutting larger rocks, glass, and minerals does not prevent it from trimming of materials. That is, we can perform trimming too with this equipment. But, it is made explicitly for cutting larger rocks into manageable pieces.

It offers unmatchable excellent built quality. This machine has been manufactured using rustproof and impact-resistant easy to clean material. The way it has been designed and built by the company makes it much durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if the build quality is what you are looking for, consider buying Hi-Tech Lapidary Slab Saw. Moreover, it will give you a longer life than any other machine.

Besides providing two separate blades for cutting material of different types, it has a superb coolant reservoir that keeps the blades wet during its use. This reservoir holds 32 ounces of water, which makes the blades wet when they turn. Additionally, this reservoir helps in utilizing the excess water from the Blade’s spray shield by capturing the liquid. Interestingly, the little tank of water also has a plug from which the dirty water can be drained.

Another excellent feature of this Saw is the power its motor comes with. It is all due to the capacity of its motor that generates speed required to cut the larger pieces of rocks without any worries. Powerful 1/3 hp motor in this slab saw provides plenty of strength for significant cuts, delivering a speed of 1,725rpm. This much speed enables it to be specified equipment to cut greater pieces of rocks into manageable parts.

However, this machine’s price is a little higher than its competitors, making it difficult for some of its potential customers to buy the product. Additionally, the quality of the blades is not up to the mark. In some cases, they break without much use. This makes it a little dangerous for fingers.

If the price does not matter much to you, then Hi-Tech Diamond 10″ Lapidary Slab Saw is the perfect choice to consider. Its high-performance motor, great build quality, provision of water reservoir makes it second to none.

  •  Well suited to cutting larger rocks
  • high-performance motor
  • great build quality
  • provision of a water reservoir
  • Drainage of dirty water
  • High price
  • The quality of blades does not meet the expectations.

3.Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw | Cutting Sawing Trimming Machine – Best Budget

Hi-Tech Diamond 6" Lapidary Trim Saw

So the third in the pour list is,” Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw.” It is specialized in trimming out cabochon performs in rocks, minerals, and glass. This American made machine is the most effective tool that can also be used to trim facet material and rock slabs of all types cleanly.

It is an easy to use Trim Saw with variable speeds from 800rpm to 3400rpm to cut at any speed you want. With its variable speed, anyone can use this fantastic tool. It offers the highest rate for an expert and lowest speed for a beginner. All in all, Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw is a perfect option to consider.

Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw is the best choice if you have not used a trim saw before, and you are new to lapidary. Because it’s lightweight and easy to use, you can spend all day cutting on it, and it worked very well. It comes with complete written and visual instructions, which helps beginners to perform well.

The silver diamond saw Blade is specially developed for cutting rocks and minerals such as turquoise. At the same time, the red diamond saw module is developed for cutting glass. Additionally, the inclusion of vise attachment in this Trim Saw makes this machine a great tool. Because it protects hands without sacrificing the precise cuts, if you don’t want your hands near the Blade, you can use the vise attachment.

You got to appreciate how lightweight it is without being economically made. It has a portable size, making it easy to move this machine from one room to another. This Lapidary Trim Saw has an amazing built-in quality. With features like impact resistance and rustproof makes this tool a long-lasting and much durable one.

Despite having some fantastic features, this machine does not have an inner tray for the water to dump. It would be nice if there were an internal tray for the water so you would not have to drain the water by moving the whole machine, but it’s very lightweight, so it’s less of an issue than you might have thought. Other than that, this American made 6” Lapidary Trim Saw is worth buying.

In our opinion, Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw is an excellent tool for lapidary work on turquoise. Its build-in quality makes this machine stand out from the rest of its competitors. It’s a perfect choice for beginners as well as for the experts.

  •  Variability in speed.
  • Lightweight and portable size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Absence of an inner water tray to dump water.

4. 2.5 10 Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

2.5 10" Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

2.5 Horsepower 10″ Brick Saw is a specialized tool to cut tiles/bricks up to 18 inches long and 12 inches diagonally. Not only tiles or bricks, but you can also cut glass using this well-built machine. This Saw is a workhorse, which holds up to harsh conditions very well. It’s an excellent saw for the price, and it performs as well as you could ask for.

Get the right blade, and you are set for all your tilling needs because blades can make a tremendous difference in the quality of the cut. If you want to use this Saw for cutting the glass, this horsepower 10 industrial saw is a good wet saw if you have the right Blade. Put the nice diamond blade on and cut through pavers like butter. Do not try to be cheap on a good quality diamond blade. Go smooth and slow; otherwise, it will chip the glass.

Furthermore, the ball bearing motor is adequate for the job. It does bog down a bit when cutting bricks pavers, but it works fine. The engine has plenty of power to make good and clean cuts. Not only that, but the sliding table is also well designed for both straight cuts and bevels cuts. It is a bit tricky to install but works great. The miter is adjustable but is dead on at 0 and 45 degrees. The table slides well on the central track. So, it’s an excellent saw for this price.

This saw is well built, and it will easily save money over renting a saw from the local hardware or building materials store. Why rent one when you can get this professional workhorse for this price.

However, the water supply for this machine is not good. Water flow and direction is antiquated. So, you have to add another water pump and manifold nozzle to cool down the Blade. It is heavy as a tank which makes it difficult to move.

In our opinion, this machine is great at this price. It has no issues with the pump, is easy to clean, blade swiping is simple and works wonderfully well. At the same time, the supply of water to the blades needs some attention from the manufacturers. Other than that, this is a good tile saw.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Well-designed sliding table.
  • Well defined assembly instructions
  • Water flow and direction is antiquated.

5.Mini Table Jewelry Saw with Polishing Lathe

Mini Table Jewelry Saw with Polishing Lathe

Do you want to extend your jewelry’s lifespan of sparkling? The Mini Table Jewelry Saw with Polishing Lathe is the best option to consider. Because this is a high-quality polishing machine and it is very easy to use at the same time,

It’s a multifunctional jewelry polisher suitable for cutting, grinding, polishing of jewelry, wood, small gemstones, and different items. You can use this machine at home, office, shop. Besides, it’s very affordable. The price kept low without compromising the quality. At this price, in quality, this machine is way ahead of its competitors.

Moreover, you can learn how to cut and shape different stones. It’s an awesome machine for beginners who want to learn how to shape different rocks. Also, the motor is fairly quiet, and the variable control system works very nicely. You didn’t expect the water system to be as good as it is. On the whole, the complete unit is well worth the price.

The Mini Bench Buffer comes with a detachable and flexible 110cm shaft. It also contains an angle-adjustable ruler which is perfect for precision maneuverability. Not only that, but this amazing polishing machine also has a variable speed from 0 to 10000 revolutions per minute. The whole Saw works very smoothly. It’s a labor-saving machine, which is suitable for large-size cutting.

On the other hand, it comes with an owner’s manual, but no list or description of parts makes the user quite disappointing. Because you can’t even say how well it works if you can’t identify the parts. Moreover, it comes with two blades. The quality of these blades is not good; users have to buy new blades from the market.

This Mini Table Jewelry Saw is perfect for beginners, especially those who want to learn the skill of shaping stones at an affordable price. Moreover, this high-quality polishing machine helps you to extend your jewelry’s lifespan of sparkling.

  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use.
  • Variable speed from 0 to 10000rpm
  • Lack of assembly instructions.
  • Bad quality of blades.

6.SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw:

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw:

If you are looking for a speedy and easy-to-use tile saw, you must give skill 3550 big considerations. This SKIL model is perfect for small household tasks. You can make your task get going without any interruption. The Skill saw is made only for household requirements.

Due to storage issues, many of the customers do not want to buy a full slab saw. And renting a slab saw cost 40$ to 50$ per day. That is pretty unapproachable for households. So SKill engineered small wet Saw for small tasks in the home. The Skill 3550 cost only 90$, and there are no storage issues with that small size.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, a tile saw for its small size.SKIL 3550 can cut tiles up to 12 x 12-inch. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable rip fence for more accurate cuttings. So that you can cut easily and accurately. In many other Slab saws, you have to take a break to cool down the Blade. But in Skil 3550 you get a water reservoir that will automatically cool down your Blade. So you don’t complete your household tasks without any breaks.

There are no miss-representations and manipulations from the manufacturer. Almost all users got satisfying results. The product scored 4.4 stars. The users who did not read the review got disappointed. Firstly, as we mentioned before, the cutting Blade is just a basic one.

You can do a small task with no resistance at all. But when you do cutting for a whole room or a kitchen, try replacing it. Time is the other factor that disappoints the buyers. If you want to cut tiles larger than the size mentioned, the time will be the issue. You have to proceed with cutting in a more precise and careful way. That requires more time.

Taking all the pros and cons into account, Skil 3550 is the best value for the money. If you have storage issues or are afraid to pay 50$/day a saw. Then Skil 3550 is good to go. It does not promise high-end tasks, but it does what it promises, simple, easy household tasks. You can not use it for a larger job if you earn your living by cutting tiles, then definitely try looking for our great pick. It has a rustproof and excellent stainless steel design

  • Affordable price.
  • It is easily stored.
  • Excellent quality for household tasks
  • Rustproof and stainless steel design
  • The Blade is just basic.
  • It is not recommended for longer tasks.

Buying Guide

You may be thinking, what’s the best lapidary trim saw for me by looking at the above options? To find out you can use this guide. It provides a complete guideline for new lapidary saws.

The first thing we’ll talk about is the materials used in making the blade of the saw. There are two metals commonly used: tungsten carbide and diamond grit coated steel with a cobalt binder (called CBN). The type of material one chooses will depend largely on their budget constraints and how much they plan to use it. Tungsten carbide blades cost more than diamond-coated steel but last longer, so if you plan to do lots of cutting then maybe consider buying one made from

Diamond-coated steel blades are cheaper, but they do not last as long and will need to be replaced more often.

The next thing we’ll talk about is the cost of lapidary saws. Lapidary saws vary in price depending on their size, weight, blade quality (tungsten carbide or diamond-coated steel), and other factors. If you’re on a tight budget, look for saws under $300 that weigh less than 12 pounds. These are good starter lapidary saws because they’ll be lighter to carry and cheaper to buy but still have the power needed for cutting different materials like obsidian and granite. If you have more money to spend, look for saws that are lightweight and powerful because they’ll last longer.

Lapidary saws have a speed that ranges from 800 RPM to 6000RPM. If you want the best lapidary saw, this is one of the most important factors to consider because it determines how quickly and powerfully it will cut through different materials like porcelain or quartz.

Maintenance tips

You should use a lapidary saw blade cleaner to clean the diamond or tungsten carbide blades once they have been used. You can find these at any hardware store near you, and using one will help keep your blades sharp for longer periods of time!

You can read detailed reviews about products on dwellingexpertise.com


What is the best Saw for cutting rocks?

Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw, comes in mind without a delay when we talk about THE BEST  Saw for cutting rocks. Price, user experience, and performance taking all into account, this is the best you should have for your trimming, cutting, and fashioning of stones.

What is a rock saw?

Rock saw is used to split and polish rocks and valuable gems to make them astonishing. Rock saws have a diamond blade on its front line that cut the stones into the required shape.

Can you cut a geode with a tile saw?

Yes, you can use a tile saw to cut a geode. But cutting a geode is not a smooth process for the first time. But the more time you use, you will find it quiet.

Can you use a tile saw for lapidary?

Yes, You can use a tile saw for lapidary. Most people used the tile saw blade on the diamond, which gave the best results. The Blade is so sharp that you can use it in grinding work as well.

What is a slab saw?

Lapidary slab saw is a powerful machine used to slab rocks, minerals, and gems into manageable pieces. These machines are also used in jewelry works.


For your first position, we set Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw, because of its price and the positive experience from the customers. This 6’’ lapidary saw will do you all tasks from slab cutting to polishing. The main reason to select it for the top pick is the price and variety it offers. There are a lot of other models available, but that are either high or perform fewer functionalities.

Our runner up for Best lapidary saw to buy in 2020  is 10’’ slab saw from the same hi-tech. It is more efficient and consistent than any other product. This is mainly built for heavy usage. But the high price earns a minus for it. Almost all the work could be done by our 1st product. But if money doesn’t matter to you, you can go for this modal also.

The best budget Slab saw is Skill 3550-02 wet slab saw. It only cost you 100$ and is perfect for household use. Additionally, it has a water reservoir to keep the task get ging. So If you have 1 or 2-day task at home you can buy this SKill 3550-02 Modal. Feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.

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