9 Best Diamond Painting kits ( Reviews 2022)

You also paint to reduce your stress level and get relaxed. Obviously, not everyone has drawing, painting, and other skills or hobbies. So, undoubtedly some equipment empowers the creation of wonderful art pieces that are worth displaying at your home. Here we will guide you about the best diamond painting kits.

Diamond paintings are getting popular nowadays. As we all know it is a unique hobby that has mental and intellectual benefits. It not only helps you in exploring creativity and fun but also turns out to be an amazing piece of art.

In diamond painting, small rhinestones known as diamonds are applied on the coated adhesive board. That turns out to be an amazing, sparkling artistry showcase piece to display on your house and office wall.

So, finding the best available in the market can be a challenging task for you. But by the authentic information, you can get the one for you. So, keep reading this article and buy the best design for you according to your interest.

Buying Guide:

Before deciding who is selling the best diamond painting kit in the market. You must know some important features that must be considered before buying the one for you. So, let’s have a brief guide on the features that you should consider.

Tools included in the package:

The tools included in the package are vital. A perfect painting can only be made by using the all essential tools. So, an ideal kit contains

  • Pen
  • Wax pad
  • Tweezers
  • Baggies
  • Sorting Trays
  • Baggies containing diamonds
  • An extra art suppliers
  • Plastic plates
  • Masking stickers

The pieces provide good speed and excellent comfort during use.

Canvas Quality:

A wide range of canvas is available in the market. So, choose according to your need. Beginners more often go with the cheap quality. But if you are a professional or want to gift someone then once must go with the high quality, waterproof and high definition canvas.

Diamond Drills:

There are two types of painting diamond drills available in the market is square and round ones. Round is more preferred by the users as it doesn’t give many gaps in between. That way, you have the opportunity to decide on the art you prefer. What matters is that with the ideal kit, you get no space and sharp pictures.

Purpose of buying:

This is the most important thing that you must keep in mind before buying. What is the purpose of buying the specific product? So, choose the one according to your need.

Best Diamond Paintings 2022

1.XPCARE 12 Pack 5d Diamond Painting Kits:

XPCARE 12 Pack 5d Diamond Painting Kits

XPCARE is a well-known brand by many diamond painting artists. Their wide range of diamond painting kits come with individual tools and a diamond set makes it a perfect choice for beginners. So, if you are a beginner and want to showcase your artistry then before going ahead consider this kit.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes: It comes with a set of a dozen 5D moon diamond paintings, 12 adhesive clays, 12 sticky pens, 12 diamond plates, a tweezer, and instructions.

Canvas Size: It comes in 30×30 cm by 12×2 inches. It is an ideal size for beginners.

Simple Operating: the operating of the XPCARE diamond painting kit is simple as hell. All you need to do is just select the color according to the drill number comparison and pour it on the dish accordingly. And then point on the plate with the help of the pen. Once you are done press it with the book or place any fabric on it and use a rolling pin to evenly distribute it.

Multi-purpose: XPCARE special moon is amazing artistry for your office, living room, or study room. Their 12 design help you to meet your desires.

  • It is simple to operate.
  • It works great for the beginner.
  • It comes with all the essential tools.
  • The canvas size is small.

2.TOPWOOZU 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits:

TOPWOOZU 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits

You have decided to paint to reduce your stress and enhance self-confidence. Then get this DIY decoration diamond painting kit. And start making the DIY decoration piece and get both the stress relief and beautiful decoration piece for your room you always wanted to have.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

TOPWOOZU diamond kit comes with a high definition canvas, a diamond pen, a cube diamond tray, and seven square sections above the round drills. Thus it includes all the essential tools you need to make a perfect diamond painting.

Canvas: Thus this premium-quality diamond painting kit comes with a clear printing oil canvas. That is eco-friendly, waterproof, soft, and easy to fold.

Diamond Drills: The best part of their diamond kit is the diamond drill. Their diamond drill contains 17 sections that do not fade and are more realistic than resin diamonds.

Unique Design: If you think the embellishment of your home is stale and conventional, then this Cross Stitch Diamond Painting Kits can assist you with making your drawing room, room, and different spots become vivifying.

Easy to operate:

Initially place similar diamonds in tray, then, at that point take the “pen” supplement to the square glue gently, leave some adhesive on the pen, at long last get the precious diamonds and spot it on the relating number on the canvas.

  • Waterproof
  • It matches most interior decors.
  • Unique design
  • It may come with the missing tools.

3.BLUEDP 6 Pack 5D Diamond Painting Kit:

BLUEDP 6 Pack 5D Diamond Painting Kit

If you are looking for a decoration piece for your house or wanting to gift presents then this diamond painting kit will be great for you. It is a great creativity tool for you and your family. You will have fun doing it.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes: BLUEDP comes with 6 bags of canvas, premium quality diamonds, a large tray, 10 clays, 3 dual-headed brushes, and a storage box.

Canvas Size: The canvas size is 12×16 inches and the best part about their diamond canvases are they are flat so you don’t need any thick book to press them.

Premium Quality: The BLUDP canvas is soft, silky, and durable that’s why favorite of most. The dots and diamonds are perfectly cut into 28 shiny surfaces.  And let me tell you the best thing about them is that their supporting tools are fantastic that you can do your work quickly.

Multi-purpose: It is an ideal decoration for your living room and office to coordinate with various embellishment styles. It’s likewise the best Christmas present. Thus, diamond painting can improve your artistry, is a decent mix of family experience. It changes feelings, improves fearlessness and persistence, and develops tolerance. It is appropriate for the elders and kids.

  • It has more shiny diamonds than others.
  • Upgraded tool set
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers less quantity of colors

4.HULAMEDA 56ps- 5D Diamond Painting Accessories & Tools Kits:

HULAMEDA 56ps- 5D Diamond Painting Accessories & Tools Kits

HULAMDA is well known for its high-quality diamond painting kit that is loved by many artists. Their kit comes with great accessories that make the painting process so easy and people love doing it. It is a perfect choice for adults.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

The HULAMEDA diamond painting kit comes with a diamond painting roller, a tweezer, a storage box, a transparent tool bag, a fixing pen, twenty sticky wax, twenty plastic bags,  two sticky markers, three diamond trays, and three pen grips.

Ideal for professionals:

The diamond painting tools are considered good for professionals. Its lightweight and firm sticking of the beads to the canvas make it unique and a premium of all others available in the market.


Other than its firm canvases its great storage helps you keeping it harmlessly. It includes 28 grids labeled storage boxes. So, you can easily take out each row and keep the beads in nice order.

Money-Back warranty:

Let me tell you the best part of their tools kit. They are offering a money-back warranty within 45 days of purchase. So, if you don’t like their product you can return them within 45 days or seek their customer service.

  • Offer a variety of tools
  • Diamond painting roller is lightweight
  • Effective sticking of the diamonds
  • Low-quality storage case

5.BEETWO 5D Diamond Painting Kit:

BEETWO 5D Diamond Painting Kit

This diamond painting kit comes with an eco-friendly canvas that makes it unique from all others. It is perfect for a creative gift as its shiny diamond gives a 3D effect that makes it more realistic and excellent for gifts.

Prominent Features:

Round Diamonds:

BEETWO diamond kit comes with round diamonds instead of resin diamonds that make a diamond painting brighter, non-fading, shining, and vivid. Hence, drawing a diamond painting is more realistic than everyone idealized.

Canvas: The canvas has a sticky surface and a plastic top surface that easily sticks the diamonds. The canvas is not toxic, eco-friendly, and waterproof which makes it unique. So, you can easily complete your 3D diamond painting.

Relaxing: It gives you a sense of accomplishment, reduces stress, and enhances self-confidence. Thus you can easily do it with your friend and family and will have fun doing it.


It can be preserved for a longer time. Hence it is proved to be perfect as a decoration piece for your living room, bedrooms, or office. Let you inundate in your room, various diamond painting creations to match with different decoration styles. Thus it is also a perfect gift for your friends and family.

  • It has Shiny diamonds
  • It is Durable
  • Non-fading
  • Environment friendly
  • Small picture size

6.Offito Diamond Painting Kits:

Offito Diamond Painting Kits

If you are looking for premium quality and unique handicrafts for home décor then Offito diamond painting is perfect for you. They have a unique and vast variety of decorative designs for you that you will love. So, without wasting your time I will give you a brief overlook of product features.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

The best part of their package is that it comes with 38% extra diamonds in addition to the standard diamonds present in the package. It also includes a canvas, a plastic tray, a tweezer, 2 diamond sticky pens, 10 bags, and many more that an ideal kit contains.

Canvas Quality:

The HD canvas of the Offito diamond kit comes with printing oil canvas that makes that diamond painting process more comfortable and relaxing. Its sticky background makes the process easy and held the gems tightly to prevent them from falling.


This unique decoration piece can be a showcase of your living room, bedroom, dining room, restaurants, and bars for up to 28 years. Thus shining in the light decorations make your room amazingly beautiful.

Customer service:

The best part of Offito is their customer service that makes it a choice of many people. In case you bought an Offito diamond kit and find that your diamonds are less, or diamonds are damaged. Don’t worry! Just feel free to contact their customer care service and they will resend you your diamond kit.

  • A super flash diamond kit that never gets fade.
  • Most popular DIY decoration.
  • HD Canvas
  • Canvas itself has a sticky backgroun
  • Not much bright and colorful

7.AIRDEA DIY 5D Diamond Painting:

AIRDEA DIY 5D Diamond Painting

If you are looking to have with your children and family at home by making diamond paintings then stop! Before moving forward, This AIRDEA is perfect for you at the moment. This premium quality diamond painting kit comes in a variety of colors diamond drills that will ultimately turn out the picture as beautiful as you are expecting.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

AIRDEA 5D diamond painting kit comes in colorful designs. The set includes 1 waterproof painting canvas, adhesive clay, 1 diamond sticky pen, 1 diamond plate, and many more. Thus you will get all the essential tools to complete your diamond painting.


The best part is it has high definition oil canvas that itself has a sticky background so the beads can be firm for a longer duration. It also has a transparent protective film that makes it unique from all others available in the market.

Super flash diamonds:

Let me tell you the best thing about this kit. There are 18 facets at the bottom of the diamond that capture more light and give you a perfect 3D effect. And they are also adding 30% extra diamonds in every bag.


It is one of the most popular DIY decorations among adults at the moment. This premium quality diamond painting can be showcased in your house or offices for more than 20 years without getting fade. You can either decorate it at your home or gift it to your loved ones.

  • HD canvas
  • Beautiful decoration piece
  • Give 3D effect
  • The gel used is not long-lasting.

 8.Runfar 5D Diamond Painting Kit:

 8.Runfar 5D Diamond Painting Kit:

Do you need to kick off your creative hobby by making pretty mosaics without being an expert? Then, at that point, this 5D diamond painting kit is exactly what you need to make great magnum opuses for your home décor.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

It contains a set of individually packaged diamonds, a double-sided diamond pen with a comfort cushion, 2 painting mud, a painting plate, a premium quality canvas, and all the other tools that are essential for a beautiful decoration piece.


The premium quality canvas is made up of special oilcloth. Thus the canvas used is durable, waterproof, damp proof, and wrinkle-free that makes it unique from all others.  The best part about it is it comes with a special strong glue that is used to cover the canvas for sticking the diamonds firmly.

Strong Glue:

You know how important glue is. Just imagine you have just completed your diamond painting and your diamonds start falling off. Then this diamond kit is perfect for you it comes with a super strong glue that cannot easily fall down after pressing.

Easy to operate:

This 5D Diamond Painting lets you make wonderful mosaics without any expert skills. What you have to do is just have your material and you’re essentially prepared to make it. Creating diamond paintings helps you to relieve stress, and is just fun. You’ll go through hours through this energizing cycle and when completed you’ll have an amazing show-stopper.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Covered with a transparent membrane
  • Gaps are observed from distance.

9.Adarl 5D DIY Full Diamond Painting kit:

Adarl 5D DIY Full Diamond Painting kit

If you are interested in making a detailed decoration piece for your home then the Adarl 5D diamond painting kit is the best suited for you. This is an excellent piece of artistry if you want to have fun with creativity.

Prominent Features:

Package Includes:

The package includes a Linen Canvas, diamonds, tools set, glue, and all other essential tools to get the best decoration piece for your house.

Easy to operate:

All you have to do is just place the same beads in a tray. Then take the pen and insert it into the square glue lightly. Now leave some glue on them and grab the diamond beads and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas.

Unique designs:

Their designers have chosen beautiful pictures that fully consider the details. Hence, the finished picture forms a 3D effect and is more shining. Thus it is an upgrade experience that requires the experiencer to have more patience to complete it.

Customer Service:

The best thing about Adarl is its customer service. You have any problem with the kit then you can contact them and get help. And you can get a replacement and refund of the kit within 90 days of the purchase.

  • Easy to understand
  • A good decoration piece for gifts.
  • It gives a 3D effect
  • One may observe variations in sizes.

Tips for making Diamond paintings

Diamond painting is a craft that has been around for centuries. Tips for making diamond painting will be discussed in detail, including what materials you need, what it means to mix colors well, and more!

We all know we need to mix our paint colors together. But one way you can do this is by starting with a dark color and adding white to it. This will lighten the shade, but also mute its intensity so that it’s not too bright or jarring when laid over other materials (or other colors).

In addition, you should mix paint in a small container. This will be easier to clean up and makes it more likely that your color won’t “run” into other containers on the table. Be sure not to pour too much of one type of paint at once or they may blend together before you can do anything about it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which shape of diamond is better to use?

Two common types of diamond shapes are square and round. Round diamonds are preferred for beginners as round diamond placing is easy and quick. And their appearance is more sparkling as compared to square diamonds on large paintings. And small gaps are left between them as compared to the square diamonds. That’s why round diamonds are preferred by users.

What is the difference between a full drill and a half drill?

In a full drill, the entire picture is covered by diamonds. On the other hand in the half drill not all the picture is covered with diamonds. So, half drills take less time as there is less space to cover.

What does it mean by 3D and 5D diamond paintings?

In 3D diamond paintings, it has 3 facets on each side giving the 9 facets. Whereas the 5D diamond paintings, it has 5 facets on each side giving the 15 facets. More the facets more sparkling diamond paintings will be.

How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

The period of time will rely upon you. The venture is proposed to bring fun and relief stress. That implies fulfillment can be pretty much as fast or delayed as you will need.

Final Verdict:

Diamond arts are getting popular day by day as it reduces stress and once feel relaxed. ell as when hoping to buy the best diamond painting kits.

So, before investing in the diamond painting you must consider some features to buy the one for you. This artistry is more effective when used in conjunction with the existing decors.

Thus, this guide will help you in getting the best diamond painting kits for you to have fun with your friends and family. Diamond painting is inherently not difficult and it is a fun thing to do. Besides helping you relieve stress you can boost your creativity, and create stunning masterpieces.

If you like our article, let us know in the comment section below it will be highly appreciated.

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