9 Best Coil Tattoo Machines to Try

As tattoos are getting popular in today’s time, the demand for tattoo machines also increases. Tattoo artists are wondering about the best coil tattoo machines available in the market.

The tattoo machines are getting advanced with time so that of the tattoos.

you are also wondering about the best coil tattoo machines in the market? Here we go.

In this article, we will give you details about the best coil tattoo machines out there in the market.

The best tag on a machine is added depending on the need, it is never rigid. The best tattoo machine for you will be the one that satisfies your need to its fullest. Depending on the need you have to choose one.

Never go for the highest price tags only; price is not always the identification of the quality and need’s satisfaction.

Buying guide

Must consider the following parameters while buying the coil tattoo machine,

  • Frames:

Look for the frame of the machine you are considering. Look for the frames that are made up of either form iron or brass because these materials damp vibration.

The other you can have in your options can be aluminum or zinc. The machine made of aluminum or zinc will be light in weight and easy to carry.

Leave the machine if its frame is not properly aligned. The poor alignment can mess up the whole tattooing procedure. This can badly affect the end result; the tattoo that you emboss on your customer’s skin will not be perfect and fine. This can cause more pain to your client.

Deeply check the frame before buying a tattoo machine.

  • Spring:

The spring lengths are different for liners and shaders. Liners have short spring lengths compare to the shaders. While buying a machine compare the two lengths and don’t get confused if the lengths just have a slight difference in them. The shorter one will always go for the liner and the longer one will go for the shader no matter how short or long it will be.

  • Coils and their wraps:

Usually, the coil tattoo machines come with coils that have 8,9,10, and 12 layers of wire wraps.

These wraps specified the speed and the downward force of the machine. A well-made tattoo machine doesn’t have gaps in between the wires.

While buying the coil tattoo machine be aware of the wraps. The machines that have opaque insulations over them might be hiding the poorly made wraps that may contain gaps in between them. Buy a machine after checking the coils and the proper wrapping of the wire.

  • The capacity of the capacitor:

The coil tattoo machines usually come with capacitors that have a capacity ranging from 22µF to 47µF.

The higher capacity means low efficiency and smaller capacitor. Before choosing a tattoo machine for buying must consider the capacity of the capacitor. This will gives the overall hint of the efficiency of the machine.

The capacitor’s range can also give a hint about the liner and the shader.

Best Coil Tattoo Machines 2022

1. DRAGONHAWK 2 pieces brass coils tattoo machine:

DRAGONHAWK 2 pieces brass coils tattoo machine

Dragonhauk is HongKong based company that supplies tattoo equipment at a reasonable price. It comes with a shader and a liner the shader has ten wraps of coils around it and the liner has eight wraps of coils around it. Overall the machine works best on 7 to 8 volts.

Prominent Features:

Some important prominent features of the dragonhawk machine to mention here are.

  • The machine has a CNC cut billet brass frame.
  • The shader has 10 coil wraps and the liner has 8 coil wraps around it.
  • The running speed of the shader is 115-120 Hz with 7-8 volts.
  • The running speed of the liner is 140-150 Hz with 7-8 volts.
  • The machine is fitted with the standard tube vise.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The machine is durable once assembled.
  • High quality.
  • 100% cashback guaranteed by the company.
  • 24/7 customer support facility available for the customers.
  • Not easy to carry. That is heavy.

A customer named chuck Bradon gives a solid five-star rating to the machine. In his comment, he said that the machine is good to have, it is price friendly but the assembly given by the company is not proper. I have to reassemble it when I get it, this takes a lot of time.

Another happy customer called Ronald Gwatney rated the product a legit 5-star rating. In his comment, he wrote with pleasure that will give the shader and liner a total of 10 stars. He added that after tuning the machine properly both the liner and shader can work greatly from 5-5.3 volts and that is incredible.

2.MAST tattoo handmade coil liner machine:

MAST tattoo handmade coil liner machine

You will prefer to have a MAST tattoo coil machine if you like neat and fine working with a precise throw during tattoo making. The company promises long durability to its customers.

The machine is traditional looking, it will make fine neat line throughout the skin making the tattoo more attractive. This machine can do fine shading too, not the best but just fine. The frame of the machine is made up of iron and the contact points are of brass. These materials make the machine a heavy one to carry.

Prominent features:

  • The machine is appreciated for the fine lining.
  • Have solid brass contact screws.
  • The iron frame best complements the machine’s design.
  • Traditional design.
  • You can have a smooth working experience with it.
  • Can do both lining and shading.
  • Have a sturdy structure.
  • Have a long throw.
  • When first, the machine comes home, its liner will be pretty tricky to adjust for smooth working.

A customer said in his comment, that the weight of the product in comparison to the other coil machines is lighter. The problem I am facing while using is, I have to change the coil whenever I want a hard hit from the machine.

Another customer called Dylan Marek gives the product a five-star rating for its beautiful and aesthetic looks.

3.REDSCORPION coil tattoo machine set:

REDSCORPION coil tattoo machine set

This is another machine set with a liner and shader. The liner has eight coil wraps and the shader has 10 coil wraps around it. The shader and liner work on an optimum of 6-8 volts. The frame it comes with is made of a high-quality alloy. But the alloy name is not specified by the company. In the instruction, they have written that, use the oil once every week to avoid rusting.

Prominent Features:

Following are some important features of the REDSCORPION tattoo machine.

  • The tattoo machine works stable, the speed is uniform and the lines made by the liner are smooth so that shading and coloring become easy.
  • The machine produces a low voice during its operation.
  • The machine can remain cool for more than eight hours.
  • The tattoo gun spring is flexible, strong, elastic, and hard.
  • The machine’s frame is made of a high-quality alloy.
  • Each part of the machine is made up of cast iron. The lining it creates is smooth and fine.
  • The frame is of high-quality alloy.
  • Price friendly.
  • 100% cashback guarantee by the company to the customer.
  • The machine is not recommended for beginners.

A customer named nick reviewed the product in his comment. In his comment, he said that the product is inexpensive. I’m a beginner but it is doing a good job for me too. It is much better than the expensive ones in my view.

Another customer name Darrel gives the machine a five-star rating. He in his comment said that the machine is a great buy. Linings made by it are so smooth and easy to shade.

4.Professional tattoo coil machine handmade by TAONE:

Professional tattoo coil machine handmade by TAONE

The tattoo machine by the TAONE is a little expensive than the others that we have discussed above in detail. But sometimes paying more can give you some extra benefits that will cover the money. Its liner has 10 coil wraps that are obvious at the first glance. The Frame is made of brass and the making of the frame is so fine that it seems satisfying for the eyes.

The optimum voltage range is 4-8 volts. The manufacturer promises no heating while you are working with the machine. The machine is noise-free.

The maximum speed described is, 3000r/m

Prominent Features:

Some important features of the machine to mention here are.

  • The frame of the tattoo machine is made up of premium quality brass.
  • The tattoo machine has 10 wraps of handmade coils.
  • The machine is stable, speed is uniform, liner performance is smooth, reduced damage to the skin hence fits for all.
  • The guns working voltage is 4-8 volts.
  • The machine is durable.
  • Low voice Production.
  • The frame is of high-quality alloy.
  • Gives less damage to the skin.
  • 90 days replacement and refunds.
  • The screws are made of plastic and are tiring to adjust.

A customer named Michael gives the product a 5-star rating. In his comment, he said that this is my second purchase and I’m very happy with the product’s working. I have used it for a long over 2 hours and it doesn’t get heated. Also, I used it on 15RL and its working was good enough to satisfy me.

Another customer gives it a 5-star rating he said that this is the best liner I have even used in my tattooing career. I’m surely going to buy an extra one for the backup.

5.1tattoo world coil tattoo machine OTW-M703:

1tattoo world coil tattoo machine OTW-M703

This machine can do dual things for you. This can line and shade too. Most of the tattoo artists have two machines, one for lining and one for shading. In this machine you will get both just, you have to switch the settings every time you switch from lining to shading or vice versa.

The frame of this machine is made of carbon steel to damp the vibrations, while the armature bar is made of iron and the binding posts are made of brass.

The machine runs at 6 to 8 volts.

Prominent Features:

Following are some important features of the above-mentioned machine.

  • The machine is new and made of premium quality material.
  • The machine is elite in its design and appearance.
  • Coil using the new technology that is 10 high-quality laps of a solid solenoid.
  • You will experience the stable bouncing
  • The machine is elegant in style.
  • It will consume a low voltage that is only 6-8 volts.
  • You can have both shader and lining functions
  • It is expensive.

A customer named Harold gives the product, 5-star ratings. In his comment on the amazon buying site, he said that I am using this machine for over 3 years and had made almost 300 tattoos with it. It gives the best lining and shading features to my tattoos. I highly recommend this tattoo coil machine.

Another customer in his comment said that it is the best tattoo coil machine and the best replacement of a gun. This amazes me every time I made a tattoo with it. This is just simply amazing.

6.HAWINK Tattoo Machine:

HAWINK Tattoo Machine

HAWINK offers three types of machines, containing liner, shader, or a set of both. Let’s talk here about the shader machine. The machine has a carbon frame powder coated to prevent rusting.

The grips that are nuts and bolts are made of brass so that you can have spare ones easily available in the market. The mature can handle needles up to 18RL. The machine needs minor adjustments before the proper start of the machine.

Prominent Features:

Some important features to mention about the HAWINK tattoo coil machine are.

  • The front is made of pure brass and the machine has minimum binding spots.
  • There are 12 coil wraps with 24gauge enamel coated magnet wire.
  • The armature features the heavy 3.5mm of ink throw out of the needle.
  • The machine is excellent for traditional style work.
  • The company promises a 100% satisfying experience.
  • The ratted voltage is 12volts.
  • The machine can stay cool after a long session also.
  • Give less pain while tattooing.
  • You can have better control over it.
  • The machine is budget-friendly.
  • The quality of the material is great.
  • Complicated to adjust.

A customer named Allan reviews the product. He said in his comment that the machine works fine, the shader is excellent but I have a problem with the liner. He suggested changing the liner’s spring this may enable the liner to work properly, he added.

Another happy customer known as asses gill gives the product a 5-star rating. In his comment, he said that if you are a tattoo artist then it is a must-buy product for you.

7.HILDBRANDT .38 caliber tattoo machine shader:

HILDBRANDT .38 caliber tattoo machine shader

Hildbrandt is one of the top tattoo machine brands in the world. Most of the well-known tattoo artists prefer using hildbrandt machines over many others with modern technologies.

Its shader is 8 coils wrapped. It uses surprisingly a minimum of electricity.

The shader works quicker than others but it is gentle on the skin.

Prominent Features:

Some important features to mention here about the HILDBRANDT shader are.

  • Highly recommended by the professionals.
  • The shader has 8 coils wrap.
  • Don’t give much pain while shading.
  • Comes with a custom-fitted shader spring.
  • The frame is made up of low carbon steel and coated with black chrome.
  • The machine is light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Gives smooth results.
  • The stroke is strong and steady.
  • It is expensive.

A customer on amazon rated it with 4 stars. In his comment, he said that the shader can’t work for more than a few hours because it gets heated after some hours. It gives the best results when comes to shading. It is a great value for money.

8.SOLONG tattoo, complete tattoo kit TK453:

SOLONG tattoo, complete tattoo kit TK453

If you are a beginner here in tattoo makings then we advise you to buy kits like that. This will remain economical for you and your practice go well with this kit.

The machine has the liner and the shader both have 10 coil wraps around them. It comes with a digital power supply. But you can connect only one iron at a time.

The kit comes with sterile needles, ink cups, grips, and 54 bottles of different inks, through these you can practice your heart out and trained yourself best at shading and blending.

Prominent Features:

Some important features to mention here are.

  • Have an LCD digital power supply with the foot and a paddle cord.
  • Comes with 54 bottles of different color inks. All shades will be different from others. You will don’t get two similar ones.
  • Comes with pro tattoo machine guns for liner and shader.
  • Have a built-in foot paddle that helps to control the power supply easily.
  • The inks are high quality and safe to use on every skin type.
  • Offers high power to penetrate deep into the skin without much pain.
  • The packaging it comes in is not proper.

A customer named Ohio Denis reviews the product. In his comment, he said that the product quality is great. And I’m happy with its functionality. He added that those who are complaining about the poor ink qualities are not professional tattoo artists. I’m also using the same ink and, satisfied with their quality.

Another customer named April D clinger reviews the product on amazon he said that the machine is reliable. It is worth of money. I’m a beginner and someone suggests I start working with this kit and now I’m very satisfied with my decision.

9.TrueLiner ALU coil tattoo machine by RIGHT STUFF:

TrueLiner ALU coil tattoo machine by RIGHT STUFF

The RIGHT STUFF tattoo making Machine Company was established in 2012. The owner of the company was first used to workshop the old tattoo machines to make them flawless. From that point, he got inspired and decides to make a machine that will work better than all.

His machines are now trusted tools of very well-known artists around the world.

The ALU coil tattoo machine is made from a single piece of aluminum. The machine is powered by the 9 rounds of coil that wraps around it.

The machine runs at a voltage of 6.6 volts.

Prominent Features:

Some important features of the machine to mention here are.

  • The weight of the machine is 150kg.
  • The machine is made for the power lining.
  • It is built from a single piece of aluminum.
  • Wrapped with high quality 26mm 9 round coils.
  • Works at the frequency of 135hz
  • The stroke has a long length.
  • The frame is made of high quality aluminum.
  • You can experience fine lining with it.
  • Voltage consumption is less
  • The machine is heavy thus not easy to carry.

Assembly and working of coil tattoo machines:


The assembly of the coil tattoo machine requires a few steps to follow.

Voltage: Firstly decides the voltage you want your machine to run on. The voltage directly affects the efficiency of the whole procedure. Ensure an optimum voltage supply for your coil tattoo machine.

Calibration of armature bar: Now see how much the armature is vibrating. For its proper vibration, calibrate the armature bar. For calibration, you just have to adjust the contact screw to increase or decrease the vibration of the armature.

Attach needles: An important thing in setting up the machine is to put the needles in the armature bar.

First, put the machine in the coil tattoo machine frame. Now put the armature firmly with one hand and insert the needle in the armature bar with your other hand. Screw that needle in the armature bar finely.

For details, you can check the needle assembling guide also, which comes with the machine.

Rubber bands: For screwing the needles into the armature take the rubber band and screw it over the needles and armature so that during tattooing the needle doesn’t get displaced and work properly.

You can also adjust the tube size depending upon the size of the needle you are inserting in.


  • The working of the machine starts as soon as you plug in the tattoo machine with the electricity.
  • The current passes through the two coils of the tattoo machine.
  • The current in the coils makes the armature start moving
  • The needles attached to the armature bar start to move forth and back as it goes into the skin and then moves out of it.
  • The needle’s speed depends on the voltage you give to the machine. Try to set the voltages at the optimum so that the machine works properly and can give a fine result.
  • Note that the tattoo machines produce annoying sounds so better to take your headphones with you.

Tips for Using Tattoo Machines

Do you want to learn how to use a tattoo machine? Here are some tips:

  •  Always make sure the needle is sharp and clean before putting it into the machine.
  •  Be careful not to touch any of the moving parts or electrical contacts on your tattoo machine with anything other than your hands, as this could cause short circuits.
  •  Wipe off any excess ink from the tip of your needles after using them. This will prevent clogging and keep things running smoothly!
  • Always store your coil tattoo machine in a case designed for it, and keep them away from children.
  • Some people will take their machines apart to clean each part individually. Others just use disinfectant wipes on the outside of all the parts that are not electrical contacts and then allow it to air dry before putting it back together again.

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For a tattoo artist, the equipment choice is very important. The equipment will add up in the skill and gives a tremendous result.

While buying g tattoo machine never go for the price tags. Take your time to search on the machines and then bring one that will support your goals and art type.

Before buying must consider the technical properties of the machine so that it can give you the best results and motivate you to do even finer.

It is advisable to do tattooing in well maintained and hygienic environment to avoid any complications later.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below.

Your response will be appreciated.

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