Best Christmas Candles to Buy for Your Home

You know what that means because Christmas is almost here, don’t you? Lighting your Christmas candle is now necessary. See, compared to other candles, Christmas candles are completely unique. You can light a festive Christmas candle whenever you’re feeling particularly festive. You might be sitting with a cup of hot chocolate and a can of Quality Street while watching Love Actually for the thousandth time.

The fragrance is another factor. When we talk of the scent of a Christmas candle, we mean cinnamon, log fires, pine needles, and cedar wood. The Christmas candle is typically red, green, or metallic, and if you’re lucky, it’ll put you in the mood for a joyous and cheerful Christmas, whether it matches your home decor or not.

Best Christmas Candles 2022

We all enjoy and miss the coziness and warmth of winter and the holiday season. But did you know that you can light amazing Christmas-scented candles at any time of the year to bring back all those warm and comforting holiday feelings? Cinnamon, earthy cedar, and the decadent chocolate scent of Christmas-themed candles are unmatched.

Christmas candles not only add holiday pleasure to the house but also fill the air with lovely scents that are ideal for a cozy and warm winter environment. The perfect ambiance will be produced by these Christmas candles, whether you favor the fragrances of cinnamon, pine, or lovely berries. Christmas candles also make fantastic gifts; just tuck them into grownup Christmas Eve hampers or stockings.

They add to the festive mood and aesthetically pleasing comfort of your home and make it smell like a winter wonderland. Not to add that candles with a holiday smell are wonderful presents. So, to ensure that your home smells like the holidays and Christmas throughout the year, here is our roundup of the best Christmas candles you need to stock up on right away.

Homesick Candles White Elephant Candle

Homesick Candles are experts in evoking nostalgia for a particular sensation, place, or person, as their name suggests. The White Elephant Candle presents a scenario of exchanging gifts, wrapping paper, and spreading happiness. This joyful candle is perfect for lighting during toasts and dinner parties because it has notes of candied orange and champagne. Additionally, the name makes it a great choice for a gift at a white elephant gathering.

Diptyque Lucky Charms Scented Candle Set

When you can have three Christmas candles, why use just one? The renowned manufacturer of high-end scented candles, Diptyque, has introduced a new line of limited-edition products to celebrate Christmas and fill your house with familiar scents.

The collection includes three wonderful candles: Snowflake, a sensual fragrance with delicate, velvety notes of white musk and mimosa; Pine Tree, a distinctive blend of mountain pines with smoky notes of an open fire; and Holiday Pastry, with spicy notes that are reminiscent of festive baking. These candles will not only smell like the holidays but also give your area a more upscale appearance thanks to their luxurious jars and stylish design.

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Roja Parfums Essence of Christmas Candle

There is nothing that shouts Christmas quite like the aroma of a pine tree filling your home, but if you don’t have much room for seasonal decor, this luxury candle from Roja Parfums is a great alternative.

You’ll enjoy a pleasant perfume as you burn it, with top notes of pine tree blended with the sweet aromas of gingerbread and caramel. This comforting and evocative scent will quickly bring back the holiday spirit and your favorite holiday memories.

Anthropologie Holiday in the City Candle

Christmas in New York, London, and Paris are imagined in Anthropologie’s Holiday in the City candle line. Each variant includes a vessel painted with a wintry scene in the respective location as well as its own holiday-themed aroma. This selection will surely please you whether you’re daydreaming about travel, seeking a home flavor while away, or appreciating another city’s festive display.

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Trudon Gloria Candle

With an incredible burn period of 60 hours and warm, uplifting aromas of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, cinnamon, and nutmeg—all the delectable ingredients we associate with the most lovely time of the year—this candle from Trudo was inspired by the delights of Christmas.

The candle comes wrapped in a lovely tin with black and gold arabesques, so as it burns out, you may reuse it as decor for future seasons.

Yankee Candle, the Perfect Tree

This enormous candle, contained in one of Yankee’s recognizable huge jars, won’t go ignored (10.7cm x 16.8cm). Although this one has a burn time of 110 to 150 hours, or over a week, sometimes size has its benefits. The smell is pleasant but not overpowering, and the wax’s dark green appearance is reminiscent of a real fir tree.

It hit all the right notes, leaving a scent of freshly cut pine without the need to pull a real Christmas tree up four flights of stairs, contrary to our expectations that it would be overpowering on the nose, like an overly fragrant automobile air freshener.

Penhaligon’s Christmas is in the Air Candle

The aroma of juniper berries and cedar wood brings back warm memories of family gatherings during the chilly months. With their holiday offering, the British fragrance company has successfully packaged Christmas in a candle. This soy wax candle will also double as a sophisticated pen pot in January, thanks to its opulent metal exterior and long burn time.

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Jo Malone Christmas Miniature Candle Collection

Do not be deterred from purchasing this festive set of five by the modest size. The bundle, which includes a variety of holiday smells, also comes with two brand-new perfumes created exclusively for the holiday season: one with peach blossom, honey, and zingy citrus, and another with cherry and clove for those who like a more conventionally holiday scent. The different smells are as rich as you’d anticipate from a candle twice its size, which is characteristic of Jo Malone goods. They make the perfect travel candles because they weigh only 35g each and can burn for up to 10 hours.

Frederic Malle Joyeux Noel

This sophisticated scarlet offering from the cult-favorite French scent is clearly intended for the current season. Although there are elements of pine and amber in there as well as sweet candyfloss and cinnamon, we didn’t think it was the most festive of scents. Nevertheless, we found the understated aroma to be uplifting. You only receive 25 hours of burn time for the high price, but you still get a glass jar that appears to have been pulled from the racks of a pricey home furnishings store.

Byredo Sense Incense Candle

This appropriately crimson candle from the Swedish beauty line would look lovely placed on the fireplace this holiday season. Its mild aroma, a mellow blend of mulled wine, and toasted cinnamon make it suitable for placement on the dining table without competing with the scents of your holiday meal. It’s also housed in a trendy red and black glass container, which makes it a very stylish addition to your home. It is one of a trio of scented candles that should burn for up to 60 hours.

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LAFCO Woodland Spruce Candle

LAFCO’s Woodland Spruce candle will satisfy your need for the customary Christmas tree smell. All throughout December, the scent of a Christmas tree farm will permeate your home thanks to tones of birch bark, evergreen spruce, and earthy palo santo wood. This kind of candle goes great with an artificial tree that mimics the appearance of a genuine thing but lacks the smell. You no longer need to make concessions.

Snif Old Saint Wick Candle

In 2022, Snif will reintroduce its most popular Christmas candle from 2021, which Oprah has already described as one of her top picks for the year. The soy and vegetable wax candle, jokingly dubbed Old Saint Wick, mixes Siberian Pine, apple, rosemary, jasmine, fir balsam, and sandalwood cedar wood for the perfect Christmas candle displayed in a simple holly-green container.

Yankee Candle Peppermint Pinwheels

Some associate the holidays with candy canes and peppermint candies. The traditional mint flavor of Peppermint Pinwheels is combined with the aromas of baking delectable cookies, such as melted butter, sea salt, and whipped vanilla. Embrace the mint’s lovely aroma by lighting a complementary Yankee Candle. This option is available in three sizes, making it ideal for any situation, location, or budget.

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WoodWick Frasier Fir Candle

With a WoodWick candle, you may enjoy the cozy smell, light, and sound of a fireplace without having to pay a hefty price. When lighted, WoodWick Candles are designed to resemble a crackling fire. It is certain that the recognizable sound and the aroma of Frasier Fir will evoke memories of cozy winter evenings. We really adore the hourglass form because it looks stunning when presented.

Bath & Body Works Tis the Season

When considering Christmas candles, Bath & Body Works may be the first retailer that springs to mind, and for a good reason. Each year, the company offers inexpensive candles in a variety of sizes with delectable holiday scents. We adore the Tis the Season 3-wick candle this year. Apple, cinnamon, and cedarwood smells help establish the mood, while an elf works in her workshop on the gorgeous glass candle.

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Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle

Naturally, the most popular Christmas aroma from Thyme smells exactly like a Frasier Fir. The perfume, which is a member of the fresh fragrance family, has the natural, crisp feel of winter air without ever having to leave the house. The container of this candle might be its best feature. The plain white candle is presented in a premium glass container that has pine branches painted on it. Once the wax runs out, it can be used again to create beautiful holiday décor.

Otherland Gilded Collection Candles

Traditional Christmas decorations get a refined upgrade with Otherland’s gilded holiday collection. The six limited-edition scents are housed in black jars adorned with gorgeous natural drawings and gold foil lettering. We adore the aroma of silk pajamas because it has the upscale vibe of a warm Christmas morning. Ginger, bergamot, and spiced yuzu will give you energy for the season.

What to Look for in a Christmas Candle


Finding the appropriate aroma is crucial since it may set a mood, jog a memory, or help you relax. Some popular holiday aromas are the pine of a Christmas tree, the sweetness of holiday cookies, the spices of an autumn wreath, or the crisp air of a snowy day. Decide what mood you want to create, then move on from there. Some smells are more sophisticated, while others are joyful and vibrant. While purchasing candles online could seem scary, be sure to carefully read the notes on the website to get a sense of the scent, or go to a physical store to smell all the alternatives for yourself.


For many people, a candle’s appearance is equally as significant as its fragrance. Fortunately, most companies offer limited-edition packaging that complements the rest of your Christmas decorations. Others have a winter landscape or seasonal motif printed directly on the package, while still others come in lovely glass or ceramic vessels in conventionally festive colors. If you’re undecided, consider what would look best as a centerpiece or mantelpiece and would go well with your preferred decorative elements.


It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to create the ideal vacation vibe. You may buy almost any perfume you want from an economical brand for a reasonable price. High-end companies provide solutions that are a little more opulent and can keep you satisfied from Christmas to Christmas in lavish containers. However, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to find your preferred holiday perfume. Small Christmas candles can be purchased for as little as a few dollars and can last for several hours throughout the holiday season.

Final Words

Christmas is an occasion when you need to make smaller or bigger home improvements to enhance your home appearance. You must shop for different decoration items, from scented candles to artificial Christmas trees. We have reviewed the best Christmas candles to buy . Keep reading our blogs to know about different home improvement ideas and reviews about different products. Hopefully, these reviews will help you understand which Christmas candle is ideal for your needs.


What is the Best Candle Scent for Christmas?

There is no one great fragrance for the holiday season because the scent is such a subjective matter. Instead, think about the emotion you want to evoke with your smell. An artificial Christmas tree can have a fresh pine scent added to it to give it a more reminiscent scent. If you don’t often bake but adore the aroma of freshly baked cookies, you can find it in a candle. Everything can be a holiday scent if you claim it is; there are no limits when it comes to the scents in your environment.

How Can I Make Candles Smell Stronger?

As with any household product, the finest experience comes from taking appropriate care of your possessions. Your candles will have the strongest aroma if you take proper care of them. Again, before continuing, carefully read the precise directions for your particular candle because different sizes, wax types, and vessels could call for different handling. Before lighting, you should, as a general rule, trim your wick to about a half-inch. As a result, the candle’s flame is constrained and cannot burn wax too quickly. It takes less time for the aroma to evaporate and saturate your room when the wax burns quickly.

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