10 Best Cabbing Machines 2022 ( Reviews and Tested)

Loving art is itself an art, and no art is as beautiful as turning the rocks into jewels, but for this, you need the best cabbing machine.

Cabbing is a great and old skill; people have been doing it manually but that takes years and decades to shape a jewel. Time is changed now. Cabbing machines are available which can give the shape to a jewel according to your choice and all you need to do is have good aesthetic sense and to choose the top cabbing machine.

Cabbing can be just a hobby or can be a profession. But it’s a skill anyway to cut the rocks and to shape the jewels. It is not simple; it is time-consuming but this skill deserves all this time and effort. And machines have made it much easier so far. Cabbing has these major steps:

1. Slabbing

2. Shaping

3. Smoothing

4. Polishing

5. cabochons

Cabbing machines are used to cut and polish the stone, minerals, and rocks into cabochons. Buying the gems is satisfying but creating them with your own machine according to your own choice is super satisfying.

This is not a day to day shopping material, mostly you are supposed to buy a cabbing machine once in years. So, choosing the best cabbing machine is important for your satisfaction and for your budget as well. No one has a lot of budget to buy wasteful things for hit and trial.

Here it is me, to tell you about the best cabbing machines which are worth every penny you spend on them. Here you go, my artists!


CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine
  • Valves to control water flow
  • Powerful motor
  • Hygienic water system

Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit
  • 3speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Operates quietly

Hi-Tech Diamond 8″ Slant Cabber
  • Powerful motor with adjustable speed
  • Efficient drainage
  • Water flow control- valve

CabKing 8″ Cabbing Machine
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable speed
  • Strong motor

Hi-Tech Diamond 8″
  • Drain cup
  • Speed control
  • Powerful motor

Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw
  • 2 diamond saw blades
  • 1-year warranty
  • Speed control

Hi-Tech Diamond 6″
  • Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rustproof

Water Cooling Jewelry Rock
  • 10000rpm Motor
  • Large working table
  • Double sided saw blade clamp

Mini Table Jewelry Saws
  • Durable
  • Efficient motor with high speed
  • Ruler

  • Dustproof motor housing
  • Adjustable speed
  • Pre lubricated ball bearing motor

Best cabbing machines

1. CabKing 6 Cabbing Machine

This product is a complete package of cabbing from learners to professionally skilled people. Motor: 1/4hp (horsepower), 1800rpm (rounds per meter), and 110v is what makes it powerful and efficient. The motor is powerful, as a powerful motor is a primary requirement of a cabbing machine.

Wheels: Diamond wheels are six inches in diameter.

Polishing pad and flat lap disc: collectively these two give a perfect finishing and make this cabbing machine all in one. the whole rough to polish process in one go.

Water system: Hygiene is important, isn’t it? this machine consists of a clean water system over each wheel and that too under your control. There are valves over each wheel with an on/off function, this is how you can control the flow. Clean water drips on the wheels by an independently controlled drip feed cooling system.

Drainage: There is no chance of the build-up of dirty water as its perfect drain system does not let this happen.

Complete Kit: Kits are always important for every kind of machine and equipment. For me, the kit is this much important that I can take or leave a machine for this feature. Your ease of work and perfect finishing relies on the tools included in the kit. Well, this machine has a very attractive package of kit. It includes 6 diamond wheels, hand rests (I told you, it is about ease), safety goggles (safety first), splash guards (say no to mess), LED lamp (a unique specification of this product which you rarely can find), removable stone trays, waterproof apron and diamond paste.

Useful manual: This machine comes with a very useful manual “How to use diamond abrasive to cut gemstones”, which enables you to operate the machine even you are just a beginner.

Low maintenance: This machine requires very low maintenance, the reason to require low maintenance is the absence of belts and pulleys.

  •  Powerful motor
  •  Hygienic water system
  •  Valves to control water flow
  •  Efficient drain system
  •  Removable stone trays
  •  Safety goggles
  •  1-year warranty
  •  LED lamp
  •  Waterproof apron
  • No negative features have been reported/observed yet

2. Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit

So, you are the one who can turn stone into a jewel. No, not a stone only, but you can turn rock into a jewel.

Motor: The basic need for cabbing machines is a heavy-duty motor and this product has it. It has an additional feature which is rare in cabbing machines and it is nearly unbelievable. It is not as loud as other machines are. Otherwise, the first thing that strikes into mind is noise about cabbing machines.

Complete kit: It has got some unavoidable tools. Other than the main rock tumbler machine, it has a quiet barrel, mesh strainer which is very good in quality and very helpful during work, gem storage bag, jewelry fasteners (pretty good), and 4 grit packets. Assorted rough rocks are included as well.

Manual: A comprehensive manual is included which can help you if you are a beginner or even if you are an expert.

Speed controls: you can set the speed on three different levels. It is an important feature as it improves the efficiency of work.

9-day timer: What an ease it is, each of us knows the importance and convenience of this feature. It saves a lot of time, energy, and continuous supervision.

LCD screen: The screen displays control features so you can easily control your machine with great convenience.


  •  3speeds
  •  Powerful motor
  •  Operates quietly
  •  Low-noise barrel
  •  LCD display
  •  9-Day timer
  • Gem storage bag
  •  Jewelry fasteners
  •  Mesh strainer
  • Customer care service is not much appreciable

3. Hi-Tech Diamond 8 Slant Cabber

Motor: If you ask me for the single best specification of this product, my answer is motor. The best part of its motor is its variable speed. You can control its speed from 800rpm to 3400rpm. As powerful as 1/4 hp.

Complete kit: It includes 4 diamond discs, one polishing pad, one mesh diamond paste (2-gram syringe), and 4 acrylic backing plates.

Portable and rustproof: It is light in weight and extremely portable, you can easily move around by carrying it. It also requires low maintenance as it is rustproof.

Water control and drainage: Water flow is under your control as it has an on/off valve, and the drainage system is efficient so you will be safe from contaminated water.

  • Powerful motor with adjustable speed
  • Efficient drainage
  • Water flow control- valve
  • Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rustproof
  • No complaints have been observed or reported

4. CabKing 8 Cabbing Machine

This is the best thing you can get in the name of the cabbing machine to convert the raw material into well shaped and polished gems.

Motor: Such an efficient motor with 3/4hp and 1800 rpm speed. It can work hard and long.

Water flow system and drainage: You can control water flow on each wheel by a valve. Drainage is convenient and efficient so no chance of accumulation of dirty water.

Complete kit: It has all the things that are important for your safety and ease.  It has six diamond wheels, diamond paste, removable stone trays, a polishing pad, and a flat lap disc. Other things include hand rests, safety goggles, splash guards, and a waterproof apron – all about your ease and safety. Removable stone trays are also included.

Manual: A very useful and comprehensive guidebook is included in the deal named “How to use diamond abrasives to cut gemstones”.

  • 1-year warranty
  •  Adjustable speed
  •  Strong motor
  •  Water flow control
  •  Efficient drainage system
  •  Adjustable LED lamp
  •  Safety goggles
  •  Waterproof apron
  • Splash guards
  • No observed/reported drawbacks till now

5. Hi-Tech Diamond 8

If your lifestyle is not sessile and you want a cabbing machine that you can easily carry with you, this product is for you.

Motor: Ball bearing, 1/4 hp, and adjustable speed that ranges between 800rpm to 3400 rpm – these are which makes it special and strong.

Portable and low maintenance: It is lightweight, compact, and easily portable. As it is rustproof, maintenance requirements are not tough.

Water-flow and drainage: Control the water flow on each wheel by a valve. For drainage, there is a drain cup.

Complete Kit: Four diamond discs, one polishing pad, one mesh diamond paste (2-gram syringe), and 2 acrylic backing plates are included.

  • Drain cup
  • Speed control
  • Powerful motor
  • Rustproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • Portable
  • Water flow control – valve
  • No complaints have been observed or reported

6. Hi-Tech Diamond 6 Lapidary Trim Saw

Motor: Ball bearing motor with 1/4 hp, and adjustable speed. You can adjust the speed between 800rpm to 3400rpm.

Complete Kit: Two diamond saw blades, spray shields, and saw vise attachment (safety and protection) are included. Allen wrench is also part of the package.

Structural specifications: In the base of the machine, there is a coolant reservoir with a water holding capacity of up to Ounces. Above this reservoir, there is a removable saw table which has enough area so you can work easily on it.

Rustproof: This product is rustproof; this feature reduces the maintenance requirement.

  • 2 diamond saw blades
  •  1-year warranty
  •  Speed control
  •  Saw vise attachment
  •  Allen wrench
  • Spray shields
  • No drawbacks have been noticed yet

7. Hi-Tech Diamond 6

Motor: The motor has adjustable speed which ranges between 800rpm to 3400rpm and 1/4 hp.

Rust proof and portable:  This machine is rustproof and lightweight that makes it easy to carry with you, where ever you go.

Water flow and drainage: Water flow can be controlled by a valve, and there is a drain cup to get rid of dirty water.

Complete kit: It includes Four diamond discs, one mesh diamond paste (2-gram syringe), four acrylic backing plates, and one polishing pad.

  • Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rustproof
  • Water control valve
  • Drain cup
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • No significant drawbacks have been observed yet

8. Water Cooling Jewelry Rock

This is one of the best cabbing machines as this one is larger and wider, as compared to other table saws available in the market. This is a high-quality durable product.

Motor: This motor has 10000rpm speed that is the single best character for a machine to buy. You can make the speed adjustable by buying an adapter. The adapter is not included.

Perfect precision: Saw blade clamp is double-sided. One side is 0.79 inches in diameter while the diameter of the other side is 0.63inches.

Complete Kit: A very rich and diverse kit! I must say I love this package. Kit includes a flexible shaft, flexible shaft handle, water pipe, Vientiane tube, hex wrench, link wrench, fiber wheel, cloth wheel connecting rod, 2 chuck handle keys, saw blade connecting rod, drill bit clamp, grinding wheel connecting rod, jade saw blade, multi-functional saw blade, sink, table saw fence, angle ruler and protective baffle.

  •  10000rpm Motor
  • Large working table
  • Double-sided saw blade clamp
  • Rich complete kit
  • Metal ruler
  • Scale
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Little noisy

9. Mini Table Jewelry Saws

It is the best option if you are looking for a machine that is great for handmade crafts.

Motor: The motor is perfectly powerful and has an adjustable speed that ranges between 0 to 10000rpm, 110 volts, and 350 power. Works hard and that too for long!

Structural specifications: It has an angle-adjustable ruler that helps to improve precision. It has a large bench that makes working easy. It has two discs- one jade cutting disc and the other wood cutting disc. This machine has two blades that can cut the object with 30mm size.

  • Durable
  • Efficient motor with high speed
  • Ruler
  • Large working table
  • Two blades
  • Quiet
  • Two discs (wood cutting and jade cutting)
  • Not enough instructions in manual, need to follow YouTube videos for guidance


Motor: It has a pre-lubricated, ball bearing motor with adjustable speed. Speed is adjustable up to 1000rpm.

Low maintenance: It literally requires very low, nearly low maintenance as it has designed for auto maintenance.

Compact and portable: As a lapidary expert you may travel along to find the gifts of mother nature in the form of rocks and gems. So, the machine is supposed to be easy to carry, so is this.  This is compact and portable and you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere.

  • Dustproof motor housing
  •  Adjustable speed
  •  Pre lubricated ball bearing motor
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Wide application range
  •  Compact and portable
  • No drawbacks have been observed yet

Cabbing Machine Buying Guide

To be a smart buyer and to save your money you need to know the parameters of buying. What specification do you need to look to buy the best thing? Here you go my smart buyer!

 Powerful Motor 

The primary part of a cabbing machine is its motor. Who does not know that cabbing machines are supposed to work heavy! Heavy work demands heavy-duty motors. A cabbing machine must have a heavy-duty motor which is powerful enough to do hard and long jobs. An additional feature is an adjustable speed. It will be a great convenience and it will enhance the efficiency of the work if the motor has adjustable speed.  It makes a great difference.

 Low energy consumption: 

As it is a heavy-duty machine, generally such machines consume a lot of electricity. And we all equally dislike heavy bills. Give a check that your machine offers a comparatively low energy consumption or not.

 Clean water system 

The clean water system is very important for your ease, efficiency, and health. Some machines do not have a proper water system and it is great trouble. You can’t control the water system by valves, and you are forced to reuse contaminated water again and again and, in some cases, it requires continuous service to deal with it. To kick out of these problems in one hit, just check the water system before you buy the machine. Some machines offer control able to clean the water systems over every wheel, now this is what we call a lush deal!

 Drain system 

Contaminated water no way is a tolerable thing. It causes health issues, bad odor. Moreover, it’s a microbial hub. The best scenario is when your machine offers a continuous drain system, but even if it is not, cups and trays should be large enough that you are not running all the time to dispense the water. Your aesthetic sense should not deal with you this much brutally.

 Affordable price 

The taste of buying things lies in the balance. If you get enough against what you are paying this is convincing and satisfying. Whatever is the price, compare what you are getting against what you are paying. Trust me it is a general formula for everything you shop including cabbing machines and you will love it when you will practice.

 User friendly 

Using your machine must not be like a full-time job. Oh, first you learn it as you are about to get a bachelor’s degree, and then you operate it as an internship. No! it must be easy to learn how to use it and finally, it should be easy to use when you use it. What’s the point of buying frustration with money? Are you getting my point? Hmm


Even the best things face mishappenings and even the best product may not work due to some uncertain issues. What if you buy something and you came to know in the early months of use that it is not working for you anymore. Heartbreaking? Here the warranty helps you. If manufacturers offer a smart duration of warranty it is convincing. In half a year or in a year, if your machine is working smoothly, there are higher chances that it will be long-lasting. But for that duration, if it does not work, the warranty will help you.

 Accessory kit 

It may not be this important for many products, but for cabbing machines, you can say it is a primary feature. All the beauty and ease of your work depend on how rich is your accessory kit. Accessory kits decide how easily and how beautifully you can compile your work. It mostly includes some helpful equipment with which you can enjoy a variety of shapes and some safety material for your eyes and clothes. After the specifications of the motor, the accessory kit is the feature that can be a single reason for me to buy a machine or to leave a machine.


It is not must for all but for those who travel too much and especially who intend to go on rocks with their machine, they should check if the machine is portable or not or if they can easily carry it along with them wherever they move. Well mostly the person who likes lapidary or cabbing is traveler, this is not a must but it is a general observation. After all, no rocks or stones will knock on your door to surprise you, hey I am on your door. It is you who will reach them. It must be light in weight so you can easily lift it whenever you are planning to change your place.

 Easy maintenance 

Some machines require high maintenance to work inflow and to work efficiently. But for me, it is a very frustrating requirement. A long list of do’s and don’ts is irritating to imagine and more irritating when you pay for it. I mean we all do have some hobbies and we pay for them in dollars but we cannot trade our mental ease. And I am sure you think the same. Of course, everything requires some degree of maintenance, we all know and understand it, but we are talking about heavy maintenance. Well, the machine you are going to buy should require low and easy maintenance so you can enjoy working with it. it must not a burden for you.

Best Practices for using a Cabbing machine

Use a machine with variable speed and pressure settings to best suit different hardness of materials. The best machines will allow you to adjust both the RPMs and the air pressure for each material in order to save time, get more out of your investment, and maximize profits!

– Check every inch of your cutting blade before using it. This will let you know if the blade is sharp enough to cut well, or dull and best be replaced with a new one!

– Always clean your work area before starting this process of cutting metal corners on any type of material. You’ll want to place your corner pieces in order for the best cutting results.

– Always, always use the best quality piece of metal you can find to cut corners on! This will not only result in better-looking pieces but also increased profitability due to less material wastage and cheaper prices for materials when bought wholesale.

Always cut from corner to edge for best results! This will allow you to maintain a quality surface that is smooth on all sides, even those pressed against another metal piece.

– Make sure your corners are aligned before placing them in the cabbing machine so that they won’t be crooked or skewed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is rock Cabbing?

Cabochons are basically stone with a convex and rounded top, and the art of cutting and shaping them is called cabbing, and the machine which we use to perform the cutting and shaping is called cabbing machine.

People prefer cabbing for various purposes. Sometimes it is just a hobby, sometimes it is passion and sometimes it is a profession. There is a great number of people in this profession. Because there are many industries, especially jewelry industries, who rely on this skill.

2. How long does it take to make a cabochon?

It varies and depends upon many factors but approximately you can make a cabochon in one to two hours. The factors on which the time duration depends are:

1. Your own skills

2. efficiency of your cabbing machine

3. the shape and quality you want to make

3. What is a cabochon used for?

These are the gemstones that we basically use in jewelry but there are many other uses too. They are used in crafts as well. They are not faceted but they have a convex rounded top. Making cabochons is a professional skill but it is also a hobby for many. The cabbing machine has made it easy in both ways.

4. What shapes can cabochons come in?

In general, they are round or oval-shaped but there is a variety of shapes available and they can be shaped according to one’s own choice, skill, and aesthetics. Triangles, squares, rectangular, pentagons are some examples.

5. How do you shape gemstones with a Dremel?

It is very simple to use Dremel to shape a stone. First, shape the stone by using a grinding tip and grind away the extra material. On the second step make a flat angle of grinding to the surface you shaped to smooth it and to eliminate the roughness.

6. Which gemstone has the most sparkle?

In general, the lighter color in gemstones gives more sparkle than the dark colors. we can name many gemstones that are well known for their sparkle, for example, diamond, zircon, demantoid garnet sphene, sphalerite, spessartite garnet, sapphire, and tanzanite.

7. What is a double cabochon?

This type of cabochon has two sides, one is convex and one is concave. The one side is domed and the other is comparatively flatter. This is why it is also called concavo-convex.

8. What is a calibrated cabochon?

This is just a little more than simply cutting and shaping. If cutting and shaping done in a precise way to attain the exact size and shape which can meet industrial requirements and jewelry makers do not have to change its size or size of their jewelry to make it fit into that, then the cabochons are calibrated cabochons.

9. What does non calibrated mean?

These cabochons are of free measurements that are not made to meet industrial requirements or to fit into some specific settings.

10. What is the best glue for cabochons?

1. Pasofix – Instant and strong glue

2. Devcon – longer dry time

3. 5 Minute – not instant, takes time to dry

4. Epoxy – if a longer dry time is required, this is a good option.

10. How do you glue a cabochon into a setting that doesn’t have a back? If I glue around the edge, I still have problems with it being too easy for the cabochon to come off.

Using instant and strong glue can solve this issue. But even then, if you are insecure about losing your cabochon as it can come out, you can use no-glue cab-tite settings.

All you need to do is making adjustments with prongs and you are ready to wear and ready to go. You can have it for both; pendants and earrings.

11. Which is the best cabbing machine?

1. CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine | Lapidary Rock Grinder Polisher | Model CABKING-6V3 by CabKing

2. Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit – with Digital 9-day Polishing timer & 3-speed settings – Turn Rough Rocks into Beautiful Gems: Great Science & STEM Gift for Kids all ages:Geology Toy by Dan&Darci

3. Hi-Tech Diamond 8″ Slant Cabber | Lapidary Rock Mineral Grinding Polishing Machine | Includes Accessory Kit by Hi-Tech Diamond

4. CabKing 8″ Cabbing Machine | Lapidary Rock Grinder Polisher | Model CABKING-8V1 by CabKing

5. Hi-Tech Diamond 8″ All-U-Need | Glass Crystal Grinding Polishing Lap Machine | Includes Accessory Kit by Hi-Tech Diamond

6. Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ Lapidary Trim Saw | Cutting Sawing Trimming Machine | Includes TWO 6″ Diamond Saw Blades AND Vise Attachment by Hi-Tech Diamond

7. Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ All-U-Need | Lapidary Rock Mineral Grinding Polishing Machine | Includes Accessory Kit by Hi-Tech Diamond

Things you may need or desire to know about cabbing

Cabbing is comprehensive! It is an art of gems. The art of cutting and shaping rock and minerals into gemstones is cabbing. Cabbing machines are new but not art. There are pieces of evidence that this work has occurred in the stone age. People have been making different tools from rocks and then they observed not all rocks are the same. Of course, these rocks were tougher than others. Then drilling was developed to deal with these tough rocks. But Egyptians were the first who used these pieces as jewellery by modifying them as cabochons or gemstones.

After Egyptians, it was the Indian subcontinent where these were in extensive use as early as early-1st millennium CE. Even in those early times, the trade of cabochons between Africa and India has been reported by several archeologists.

The use of cabochons was a status symbol in early Mesoamerica. In short, the attraction for gemstones is almost as old as the human itself. We have been always attracted to sparkle.

Cabbing is lapidary but lapidary is not only cabbing always

There are multiple aspects of cutting and shaping rocks, which all are counted as lapidary and cabbing is one of them.

Lapidary includes three main aspects:

1. Tumbling

2. Cabochon cutting

3. Faceting

Cutting and shaping gemstone is basic cabbing – but never forget smoothing

Although the basic parts of cabbing are cutting and smoothing gemstones, but can’t ignore smoothing. When you are done with shaping, you need to smooth its edges and surfaces. The technique of smoothing entirely depends on the type of gemstone and the machine. You need to remove all the scratches from the gemstone so it can have a perfect finish. If you are working on a diamond, it may take several steps.

Myths about cabochons

And now this is something very interesting. A lot of people around every corner of the world believe that cabochons have some spiritual effects. There are many religions that support these beliefs of people. In the Indian subcontinent, religious leaders guide their followers according to their knowledge and spiritual vibes that which stone they should use to improve their luck and spirituality. And yes, a lot of people believe them even at this time. People believe in stone-power and they believe using a particular cabochon can affect their health and luck.

Well, myths are true or not, it is a secondary discussion but the beauty and grace of gemstones are ultimate and universal. Mother nature has put many precious gifs undercover/hidden, so we can discover them, shape them, and get our surprise gifts.


So this is a complete guide about the best cabbing machine. According to our research, CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine is our top pick. Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit is the runner-up. I hope you like our guide. Feel free to drop a comment. It will be highly acknowledged.

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