5 Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Review

No strain of lifting heavy water bottles over the high water dispenser!

Simplify your life with the best bottom loading water dispenser.

This type of water dispenser will save you the strain of conventional water coolers and add an element of beauty to your space.

If you’re reading this article, it’s most probably because you’re looking forward to the best model that will offer you the most value for your money.

But you are confused to pick the right one to meet your needs. Right?

To help you spend both your time and money wisely, we have put together five top-rated models in this bottom loading water dispenser review.

Without further ado, let’s get to what you’re here for.

A Quick Comparison of our Favorites

Here’s a quick glimpse of our reviewed five best water dispensers. We’ll cover each aspect of these models in our reviews below. But this quick chart will provide you a simple way to compare them.

  • Best Overall: Avalon A4BLWTRCLR: Child safety lock Nightlight Empty bottle indicator. A beautifully designed unit that gives you a choice of hot, cold, cool, and crisp water output.
  • Best Build Quality: Brio Moderna Water Dispenser: 2-step child-safety lock LED nightlight Digital clock. With a premium stainless steel construction, this unit ensures years of use.
  • Best for Coffee: Primo hTRiO 601240-B. 3 different brew strengths Removable drip tray Fast flow rate. If looking for a bottom loading water dispenser that will meet your drinking water needs and enable you to brew a tasty cup of coffee at any time, this is the unit for you.
  • Best Self Cleaning: SOOPYK BY530: Built-in UV light Child lock switch Empty warning indicator. A stylish and elegant-looking self-cleaning water dispenser that dispenses water that is 100% safe to drink.
  • Best Quiet: Lemuna PFWD-01– User-friendly child lock Removable drip tray No water warning. This unit runs quietly hence the best for the office or bedroom.
Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

Unfortunately, choosing the best bottom load water cooler dispenser is not so easy from this over-flooded market.

We’ve researched a lot and tested the most popular models currently available on the market. We aim to help you narrow down the options to make an easier buying process and make a smart choice.

Hope you will find one from our comprehensive list that suits your needs.

Go ahead to see our #1 recommendation!

1. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser, A4BLWTRCLR


Avalon is well known for its stylish line of premium water cooler and dispensers, and this model is no different.

It earns praise for its stylish appearance that will make it stand out in your office or kitchen positively. Moreover, the addition of this unit ensures it’s simple and convenient to use.

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR will eliminate the strain of lifting heavy-weight water bottle on to a top-loading cooler. The innovative stainless steel cabinet can hold a 3 or 5-gallon water bottle.

As a bonus, the empty-bottle indicator lights up when it’s time to change the bottle.

Customize your drinking experience with A4BLWTRCLR!

It offers you a choice of cool, crisp cold, and piping hot output. And water dispensing is simple with its easy-to-use push spouts.

Enjoy your drink with crisp and ice-cold water without adding ice cubes. Thanks to its highly efficient compressor that makes ice-cold water at approximately 47-degree F.

On the other hand, you can make coffee, tea, or any other steaming hot beverage at approximately 180-degree F.

No worry, it’s designed with your safety in mind.

It adds a child safety lock on the hot water faucet for safe use. Of course, this fantastic unit is UL certified, and Energy Star approved.

Effortless hydration for all hours of the night!

The noteworthy feature of this model is its built-in nightlight. It’ll light the way and make the spout visible in the dark for late-night uses.

All in all, Avalon bottom loading water cooler and dispenser, A4BLWTRCLR, is an excellent product for enhanced usability and drinking water safety.


  • Innovative, stylish design
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Excellent built-quality
  • Easy to set up and load
  • Reasonably priced


  • Slow dispensing rate

2. Brio Moderna Water Cooler Dispenser, CLBL720SC

Brio Moderna Water Dispenser

Brio brand brings innovation to water dispensers. Brio Moderna is this brand’s one of the best products. Its innovative features meet modern design.

The Brio Moderna comes with virtually everything you want in the best water dispenser.

First of all, the bottom-loading design eliminates lifting, flipping, and spilling. It perfectly accommodates both the 3 and 5 gallons water bottle. Plus, the bright electronic display notifies you when the bottle is running low.

Personalized temperature setting-very hot, very cold, or just to your liking!

The temperature adjustment feature is exclusive to Brio coolers. It gives you complete control from 39-degree to 174-degree F.

So, you can satisfy all your hydration needs- cool refreshments or toasty beverages- with this appliance. The temperature adjustment feature lets you adjust your desired water temperature for the cold or hot output.

Never be worried about the accidental pouring of hot water!

Brio goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of you, your kids and senior family member. The 2-step child-safety lock on hot water spout prevents any accidents.

What’s more, it features a LED nightlight that illuminates hydration to ensure you won’t spill or overfill the water.

Convenience is unbeatable Brio Moderna!

You can thoroughly sanitize the water tanks and lines to kill bacteria and biofilms at the touch of a button. Thanks to its self-cleaning feature with harmless ozone technology.

It’s worth noting that this unit is Energy-Star approved. So, it efficiently uses electricity to save your power consumption bill.

Wants more?

Well, the digital clock lets you check the time.

Lastly, it’ll withstand the test of time. The premium stainless steel construction ensures years of use.

Compliment your lifestyle with this SMART bottom load water dispenser.


  • Made of premium-quality materials
  • Attractive, sleek finish
  • Tri-temp dispensing
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Energy-star rated for low power consumption
  • Conforms to NSF/ANSI 372


  • Highly expensive, but if you can afford it, it’d be an excellent investment to meet your drinking water needs.

3. Primo hTRiO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Brewing, 601240-B


Primo hTRiO is an excellent dispenser that will not only meet your drinking water needs but also offer you more.

Firstly, the bottom-load design eliminates the strain of lifting. It also reduces spills. Moreover, the bottle is concealed inside the cabinet to offer you a clean look.

Secondly, this versatile dispenser lets you access ice-cold water for great-tasting drinks and piping-hot water for beverages on demand. Thanks to its easy-to-use paddle controls.

Furthermore, the hot water faucet includes a child-resistant safety feature to make the unit safe to use. It’s also worth noting that the fast flow of water dispensing fills glasses and sports bottles in seconds.

Reclaim your valuable countertop and fridge space with the Primo hTRiO!

The single-serve brewing is a notable feature of this model. Simply insert your K-cup pod into the drawer or add your coffee ground to the included coffee filter.

3 different brew strengths!

You can choose your cup size form 6, 8, and 10 oz.  You can brew the small size to ensure it is strong or the large size to make it weaker. Conveniently, the space-saving design offers a built-in storage tray for 20 K-cup pods.

No plumbing or installation is required. Moreover, it arrives fully assembled to let you enjoy water right away.

Since the reservoir is made of stainless steel, you don’t need to be worried about its durability. Undoubtedly, it’ll serve you for a long time.

Lastly, you’ll be happy to learn that this model is energy star certified and UL rated.


  • Space-saving design
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Super convenient
  • Dishwasher safe, removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • UL Certified and Energy Star Rated


  • It’s a bit very loud

4. SOOPYK BY530 Bottom Load Water Dispenser


Here’s a fantastic self-cleaning bottom loading water dispenser from SOOPYK. It is a worthy addition to your office, lobby, home, kitchen, or gym.

The aesthetically pleasing design and appearance of this dispenser add a classic accent to any home or office décor. The compact design fits any corner in your home and make it a worthwhile investment.

Of course, you can use it with confidence as the inner part is made of food-grade plastic. It also anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistant, and durable.

Choose the desired water temperature at your fingertips!

You can enjoy cold, hot, and room temperature water. No matter, it’s cold refreshment or instant coffee or tea, it saves you time and energy to make them.

The built-in high-efficiency sealed compressor cooling system is efficient and powerful to deliver you crisp cold water instantly.

Meantime, the hot water function makes making a baby bottle a breeze.

Worry not! The empty warning indicator notifies you when the bottle is empty.

“Rest assured that the safety of you and your little guys are in the hands of SOOPYK Water Engineers.”

Yes, the standard child lock switch on the hot water spout protect children from hot water burn. It also has a nightlight function that gives visibility in the dimmest settings. So, no need to struggle to the wrong faucet in the dark.

These are not even the best parts…

SOOPYK water dispenser ensures every sip you take is clean, fresh, and healthy. The built-in UV light purifies water to prevent harmful substances in water lines, water tanks, and water.

But is it safe to drink?

Yes. It is 100% safe.


  • Stylish, elegant looking
  • Compact bottom load design
  • 3 and 5-gallon capacity
  • Fast cooling technology
  • Easy to dispense water with one hand
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Pretty quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • ETL listed


  • Somewhat heavy and bulky

5. LeMuna Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

Lemuna PFWD-01

LeMuna is a sleek, stylish, stainless steel designed and quiet water dispenser that fits right into any style of space. Thanks to its attractive silver and black finish that adds a modern touch to this unit.

When it’s running, you can hardly hear its noise. So, you can put it in the office or bedroom and rest assured that it won’t affect your work or sleeping environment at all.

Still not convinced?

Maybe, a look at the following features might help you make up your mind.

Never be left without water!

Easy bottom load design lets you easily reload your water dispenser with 3 or 5-gallon water bottle. Conveniently, the indicator light will flash and emit a sound when the water is running low.

No plumbing is required! The bottle is concealed inside the cabinet for a clean look.

Enjoy the water temperature you desire!

It delivers hot water up to 194-degree F so you can warm you up with a hot cup of tea or coffee when the weather is cold. Again, it lets you relax with a cool drink on a hot day. You’ll appreciate its three temperature settings and easy to use the dispensing button.

No safety risk!

It includes a very user-friendly security lock on the hot water faucet that prevents accidental burns to you and your loved ones.

Stop cooling and heating function!

You can stop heating and cooling with the help of a switch at the back of the dispenser. Moreover, it’ll prevent water heated repeatedly, which will help you save energy.

Conveniently, there is a large removable drip tray at the bottom of the dispensing spout to catch water spills, making it perfect to use any room.

Overall, it can be a fantastic addition to any home or office!


  • Sleek, stylish appearance
  • Exquisite design and finish
  • Low noise operation
  • Safe, convenient, and simple to use
  • Energy Star/ETL Approved


  • The drip tray is not dishwasher safe.

How to Choose the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser for home or office

All the above-listed models are tested for their functionality, performance, and safety. But not all models will meet your specific needs.

So, how to choose the right one for your needs?

There are quite a few serious things that you should consider before making a buying decision.

To make things easy, we’ve created this buying guide for you.

Here’s what you should to consider:

Water Temperature Setting

The first thing you should consider is the temperature setting options that the unit offers. Also, consider your location that might make or break your decision.

For example, if you’re living in an area like Florida, having the hot water feature in your chosen model isn’t that important. In that case, you can go for a model that only delivers cold water.

Some models offer three temperature settings- hot, cold, and room- whereas some have two or one option.

So, first, consider your need or preferred drink then choose the right one for you.

Design and Size

Choose one with a great design that matches your house or office interior. These units are available in different styles, finish, and color. However, the water dispenser’s exterior is important as it will affect the aesthetic in your office or home. Also, check that the exterior is easy to clean and maintain or not.

In general, most dispensers come with a space-saving design that allows it to fit into tight corners or spaces. So, when you’re considering buying for home or office, think about your available room too.

One more critical consideration…

If you’re looking for the best bottom load water dispenser for office or setting it in your bedroom, check the noise level.

As this system uses a pump and compressor, its operation might be loud, disturbing for your working or sleeping environment.

Child Safety Lock

If your chosen water dispenser offers a hot dispensing feature, check for child safety lock on the hot water spout. It’ll ease your worry about children accidentally press the hot faucet button. It’ll also keep safe the senior members of your family or someone else if he/she accidentally bumped the button.

Some models have a temperature control switch on the back of the unit. It helps you to turn off the cooling or heating element when not needed. This feature will help you to save energy consumption to make it cost-efficient.

Self-Cleaning Function

Having this feature to your unit will make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It’ll also save you time and effort. If you plan to use it in the office, the self-cleaning feature is a great plus. So, opt for a unit with the easy-use feature of self-cleaning function capabilities.


Look out for an energy star rating on your chosen model for low power consumption and saving your electric bill.

If it has a self-cleaning feature, make sure that it’ll give you fresh and safe water always.

Choosing a dispenser with certification will help you confidently buy the unit without sacrificing the health and safety issues.


Some units may offer you a money-back offer or warranty. Buying a water dispenser is undoubtedly an investment, so if the unit comes with a warranty, you can rest assured that you’re going to invest in healthy, clean water for your family and guests.

Finally, make your choice based on your needs and budget.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this review and find it helpful to narrow your options to something more specific.

Whether you’re shopping for a home or the office, these 5 models will be perfect to grab now.

By following the guidelines given above about what to choose for buying the best bottom loading water dispenser, you should be able to make the right choice.

“Quality and healthy life starts from drinking water”.

Start enjoying your drinks or beverages with any of this above-reviewed bottom loading water dispenser today!

Thanks for reading!

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