5 Best beard Balms ( Reviews 2022)

Have a beard and wanted the best care products for your beard? Here we will guide you about the best beard balm . Men nowadays are preferring beards on their faces than having clean shaved faces. These beards are in different styles and trimmings. But the most important thing, when you have a beard is how to take care of it and make it soft and sleek. There are many beard care products available in the market that can change the look of yours by enhancing the beauty of your beard. Some are beard oils, beard balms, beard waxes, and many more.

The beard balm is one of the best beard care products. As the body hair needs nourishment and moisture. The facial hair also needs the same. There is a vast variety of beard balms also available in the market containing different beneficial ingredients. There is verity in beard balms because not every beard requires the same kind of care. Depending upon the body’s need the facial hair will absorb different nutrients.  You have to choose the balm that you will find great for your beard.

In this article we are going to give a list of some famous beard balms, will let you know about their unique features, their pros and cons, and many more.


Best Beard Balms 2022

Some of the top beard balms that are available in the town are listed below.



The HONEST AMISH BALM is made of nutrient-rich ingredients and they are 100% natural n nature. It contains the extract of many nuts and contains some essential oils as tee tree oil, apricot kernel oil.

The balm is beneficial if you have rough facial hair. This can make your facial hair soft and can clear the split ends also in your hair. After using it for some days you will see a clear difference in your beard.

The one thing that is important to note here is that it is not recommended for men who are allergic to nuts.

Prominent features:

Some prominent features of the honest Amish balm are.

Natural ingredients: The balm contains natural ingredients. It contains extracts of nuts and some essential oils. There is no addition of the artificial, colors, fragrances, or any other artificial scent, this is important to note that any time when you are considering a beard balm for yourself. Because using artificial things on your face can cause serious problems.

Split ends and dandruff: The balm can remove the split ends of your beard and can remove dandruff also. Dandruff can be embarrassing sometimes. Make it clear by using the HONEST AMISH BEARD BALM.

Safe to use: Feel free to use it because of the natural ingredients there will be no side effects that you have to face after using the balm.

  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Softens the facial hair.
  • Clear the split ends and dandruff.
  • The tin pack is recyclable
  • Not recommended for men having a nuts allergy.
  • It is a little bit thick in its consistency.



The Vikings revolution beard balm is great known for one of its ingredients that is the vitamin E. It uses all the natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil, mango butter, and beeswax.

It contains a characteristic smell of mango butter but it disappears after 2 to 3 seconds of application. Take a small scarp of the balm and apply it to the roots of your beard. This will be enough to remove the split ends and dandruff.

Try to use it daily to have wondering results.

Prominent features:

Some prominent features to observe about the Viking resolution beard balm are.

Natural ingredients: The Vikings revolution balm contains all the natural ingredients. There is no addition of artificial ingredients in the balm. Even the fragrance of the balm is natural too it comes from the mango butter.

Controlled beard: After using this balm there is no need to have the beard treatment to make your beard, straight, smooth, and in shape. This will mold your beard in the shape you want it to be, will straighten the hair, and make them sleek

Dandruff and split end: There is no need to bear dandruff and split ends of your beard anymore. Now start using this balm and get rid of itching.

  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Melts as soon as you apply it on your beard.
  • Doesn’t give a shiny or greasy look to your beard.
  • Have natural fragrances that come from the mango butter.
  • Cheap in price.
  • The container is not very strong.
  • Only 2 ounces are available in the container.



The balm is made of 8 natural essential oils. The blend of these 8 essential oils makes it a premium class beard balm.

This is packed in a slim tin case. The smart packaging is done so, you can carry it to your trips, to the gatherings, and on the places where you find this the most important, where you can have to style your beard anytime soon.

Prominent features:

Some important features about the rocky mountain beard company cedarwood beard balm are listed below.

Natural ingredients: This contains 8 different essentials oils and we are proud to say that these all essential oils and neutral. This is for the men who are more inclined towards organic products.

Beard styling: This balm makes beard styling easy and fun. You can style your beard in any way you want. You just have to apply a little bit of the balm on your beard and BOOM! Your beard is ready to style without the greasy or oily appearance.

Scent: The balm gives a little cedarwood scent when applied. This scent is from the eucalyptus and cedar.

  • Contains all the natural essential oils.
  • A light smell of cedarwood is also there.
  • Contained in a strong tin
  • Doesn’t give a shiny or greasy look.
  • Some fragrance-conscious people don’t like its smell.
  • There are only 2 ounces of product in the container.



This is the beard balm that most ladies like for their men. It is made in a way that contains butter and oils in their natural form. This contains vanilla and some other ingredients for the smell. It is the ladies’ favorite.

It uses organic ingredients and some ingredients that are not natural but are food grade.


Prominent features:

Some prominent features that you should know about the ladies’ man badass beard balm.

Scent profile: The product has a strong citrus smell. It is the characteristic smell of some ingredients that are added to the product.

Dandruff removal: The balm can remove dandruff from the beard, making it dandruff-free. It also clears the split ends of the facial hair. Thus, no more itching! Enjoy having a beard, now.

Soft facial hairs: This balm guarantees 100% soft hair on your face. This will make your rough; double split hair soft and straight also.

  • Will make the facial hair soft and silky by giving them nourishment.
  • Clear dandruff and the split ends.
  • Have fluid consistency
  • Besides the natural ingredients, contain some artificial food-grade ingredients also. the only prominent con it has.
  • The container is not recyclable.
  • Only 2 ounces of fluid is available in the container.



The Cremo beard balms are a premium type of mint beard balm. There are some essential oils in the ingredients of this beard balm; some other ingredients that are added to it are lemon and rosemary. These all ingredients when combined together give a characteristic smell of mint.  This smell is not empowering but this is very mild.

Use the Cremo beard balm and get rid of the itchiness and rough beard.

Prominent features:

Cremo beard balm has some of these prominent features that you will love to know.

Easy styling: After applying the beard balm the styling of the beard become easy. This turns a rough-looking beard into a cleaned and shiny beard. You can style your beard in any way if you are using Cremo beard balm for beard styling.

Ingredients: All the ingredients of the balm is to nourish the facial hair and to make them healthy, shiny, and sleek.

Scent: A little woody and minty smell is there when you use the Cremo beard balm.

  • It is the first choice of the top barbers.
  • Contains healthy ingredients.
  • Make the facial hair healthy and smooth.
  • Some scent-conscious people don’t like it.

Buying guide:

Here are some features of a beard balm that you should keep in my mind when you consider buying a beard balm:

  • Ingredients:  Before paying for a beard balm must go through the ingredient list. These ingredients must be natural because you are going to use the beard balm on your face. Any synthetic ingredient can cause an allergy when you apply it to the face.

There are allergens mentioned in the ingredient lists or separately if you are allergen to one of those products then don’t buy it.

  • Scent: Some men are scent conscious and don’t want to use any product on their face that has a strong scent.  Check the label of the beard balm, on that, they must have mentioned the source of the scent, if the balm has any.

Mostly balms don’t contain any scent. There is just a characteristic smell of the ingredients that is empowering the balm.

  • Soft facial hair:  Try to have a balm that promises soft facial hairs. Be consistent with your beard balm and make your facials hairs soft, sleek, and smooth.
  • No dandruff and no split ends: Having split ends in the face facial hair is the most common problem that, men are facing these days. Use a beard balm that can clear that split ends and end the itching and also clears dandruff.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is better, beard oil or beard balm?

Due to having a difference in the consistency the beard balm is considered better. This is because the beard balm can stick to your beard for a longer period than beard oil. The nourishment process will last longer with the beard balm than with the beard oil. The beard can stay on your beard for a whole day.

Also if you have a thin beard, the beard balms containing shea butter can help you out.

Should I use beard balm daily?

As we use lotions and other nourishing and moisturizing products for our body hair, beard balm is necessary for a healthy beard. The beard balm is made to moisturize and nourish facial hair and make them soft healthy. As these facial hairs are the most exposed hairs, they need to be treated with utmost care.

Name some best beard balms?

Some of the best beard balms are.

  1. Rocky Mountain barbers beard balm.
  2. Cremo beard balm.
  3. Vikings revolution beard balm.
  4. Honest Amish beard balm.
  5. Scruffy jack’s beard balm.
  6. American crew beard balm.

Final Verdict:

Let’s head towards the conclusion. And give an end to the above discussion.

The beard balm becomes a necessity these days as men prefer a beard over a shaved face. They are growing beards in different styles. As beards are exposed to the environment it needs a lot of care. There are many care products available in the market for the beard and the beard balm is on the top of the list.

Beard balm is considered better than beard oil even because of its thicker consistency and long nourishing period. Besides nourishment, this can help in beard styling also.

In the paragraphs above, we have enlisted some of the best beard balms for you. You can choose any of one depending upon your need and the condition of your beard. All are best in their genre and can provide quality results.


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