5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor

Rest easy with your bathroom ventilation fan that comes on AUTOMATICALLY when it needs to.

Yes, modern technology has made it possible with humidity sensor.

When you buy the best bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor for elevating your bathroom’s air-quality and freshness, you’ll be kicking yourself, asking, “Why didn’t I buy and use this sooner?!”

Humidity sensing bath fan is a smart way to automatically eliminate and keep a balanced moisture level in the bath spaces to notch up the functionality.

Nevertheless, with hundreds of options at your disposal, finding the perfect one can be stressful.

But don’t worry!

This bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor review will help you find the best and right one.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to what you’re here for!

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick chart showing the top-rated vent fan with humidity sensor. Although we’ll cover each aspect of these models in the detailed reviews below, this chart will help you compare them quickly.

  • Best Quiet: Panasonic FV-0511VQCI Whispersense – The fan runs as quiet as a whisper and boasts less than 0.3 sones rating, the lowest sound rating of all exhaust fans.
  • Best for Large Bathrooms: Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH – A humidity sensing bathroom fan designed for high performance, low power consumption, low noise, and long life.
  • Best Construction: KAZE Appliances SEP120H – Made from 26 GA rugged galvanized steel and polymeric resin grill, this model is both durable and rustproof.
  • Best Performance: Broane-Nutone QTXE110S – This unit features a 6-inch ducting and Sensaire technology that enhances superior performance.
  • Best Airflow Capacity: Air King E130DH– With 130cfm airflow capacity, this fan will ventilate the steam and humidity in your home effectively.
Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Here are the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor Reviews

We’ve invested a significant amount of time researching, testing, and preparing the following list to suggest you the best one.

By choosing any form this comprehensive list, you can ensure that you’re getting a high-quality, smart product that will keep the air inside your bath space or any room you fresh and clean.

Let’s discover the very first pick.

1. Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan with Motion and Humidity Sensors

Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense

The very first humidity sensor vent fan on our top list is from the well-recognized and hugely considered brand Panasonic.

If we had to pick the best-rated ventilation fan available, FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense would be the clear winner due to its wide range of features.

Versatility is unbeatable!

Not only for bathroom, this model is also a cool choice for removing humidity and air pollutants from any room, including the basement, garage, mudroom, and laundry room.

Three different fan speeds!

This model allows you to set the airflow speed to 50, 80, or 110 cfm as per your requirement. Thanks to its Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector that combines the SmartFlow technology to simplify the selection process.

Moreover, the revolutionary ECM motor ensures optimum performance to meet code and reduce call-backs.

It won’t bother you while taking a soothing bath!

With less than 0.3 sones rating, this fan runs as quiet as a whisper. It’s the lowest sound rating of any exhaust fan.

One of the noteworthy features of this unit unique is its built-in Dual Sensor Technology that automatically controls the moisture and odor. Of course, it turns off whenever the indoor moisture level reaches to minimum level; thus, it also increases energy efficiency.

Another notable aspect is it uses less energy to run, saving you on power consumption bills. You don’t need to be worried about overheating and motor failure.

This model comes with a 6-year warranty on the motor and a 3-year warranty on parts for your peace of mind.

Flexible installation!

It’ll offer you flexibility in duct layout and design. The 4-in. and 6-in. duct connector makes duct layout easier. Moreover, the Flex-Z Fast installation bracket helps you positioning the unit exactly where you want it.

Finally, this ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust fan features an elegant grille design that compliments any room’s aesthetics.

The only downside is that it’s somewhat pricey. However, if you can afford it, we highly suggest you invest in this model because it has everything you need to make your bathroom healthy.


  • Perfect to use any room
  • Well-built and durable
  • Energy-star certified
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Flexible, fast, and trouble-free installation
  • Code complaint


  • Somewhat pricey

2. Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH -130 CFM Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH

This Delta BreezSignature exhaust fan is an excellent buy for anyone who is looking for convenience. It’s designed for high performance, low noise, and low power consumption, and long life.

BreezSignature VFB25AEH is high quality and top-performing vent fan, perfect for large size bathroom.

While many models of humidity sensing fans are available, what makes this Delta BreesSignature different?

First of all, it’s “quietly efficient.”

It moves a lot of air. With a 130 cfm rating, it efficiently controls and reduces your home’s moisture to improve indoor air quality and decrease health problems.

“Quiet As a Breeze”

Delta Breez 130 CFM fan is precision engineered for low sound. It runs as low as 2.0 sones, which is virtually silent. For your convenience, it adds an LED light underneath the grille to indicate you the fan is running.

One of this unit’s premium features is its DC Brushless motor technology that sets a new industry standard for energy-efficient performance. This feature adds reliability. Undoubtedly, it outlasts the AC models by as much as 70%, reducing the need for replacement.

“ENERGY STAR qualified for efficient cost-saving operation.”

It uses 74% less power than any AC motor exhaust fan. Low energy consumption means low utility bills. Ultimately, it’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions to protect the benefit.

It’s worth noting that VFB25AEH is rigorously tested to ensure best performance. Moreover, it’s precision-engineered to run continuously and flowlessly for 70,000 hours.

It comes with a 3-Year limited warranty, so there is no reason to invest in this device.

To sum up, it’s an excellent vent fan for any humidity-challenged bathroom, especially considering the price. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bathroom vent fan with a humidity sensor, don’t miss Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH.


  • Impressive airflow capacity
  • Reliable and durable
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Environment-friendly
  • ASHRAE 62.2 Compliant
  • HVI certified
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified


  • Somewhat tricky to install

3. KAZE APPLIANCE SEP120H Ultra Quiet with Humidity Sensor and Delay Timer


The quality, performance, and reliability of this KAZE APPLIANCE SEP120H are unbeatable.

The sophisticated humidity sensor responds rapidly to the increased moisture level and works fast to control it.

It allows hands-free operation to maintain the desired humidity level. Thanks to its auto On/OFF switch.

Spec-wise, it comes with a 120 cfm rating that works in any standard size room up to 120 square feet. You can’t believe this 120 cfm fan operates at a barely audible sound level of less than 0.3-Sones.

One of the prominent features of this model is its delay timer. Conveniently, when the moisture level drops down, the fan continues to operate for an additional 5 to 30 minutes to complete ventilation. Then, its operation will stop automatically.

Did we mention that its installation of this device is fast and easy? It includes double hanger mounting bars for a hassle-free setup.

In terms of construction, it is made of high-quality materials. The 26 GA rugged galvanized steel painted housing and Polymeric resin grille make the unit durable and rustproof.

Notably, the motor is permanently lubricated that operate at lower temperatures for increased life of the bearing and motor.

For your extra peace of mind, it offers you a three-year manufacturer parts warranty.


  • Excellent airflow capacity
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Ruggedly made, durable
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • 6-Inch in-build ducting for superior performance
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • ETL-CETL and HVI certified


  • Its housing is 11 3/8″ x 10 1/2″, so you may need to resize the existing opening if it’s smaller than this dimension for replacing your current fan.

4. Broan-Nutone QTXE110S Ultra-Silent Humidity-Sensing Ventilation Fan

Broan-Nutone QTXE110S

If you’re looking for an odorless, healthy bathroom, Broan-Nutone QTXE110S will confidently meet your needs.

QTXE110S is a modern-styled, high-performance fan that helps to keep your house smelling fresh and clean!

This versatile ventilation fan has a 110 cfm rating that reduces steam, humidity, cooking odors, and tobacco smoke from any room up to 105 square feet. The motor is engineered for continuous operation to ensure the best performance.

It’s a perfect unit to use for high-traffic bathrooms, kid’s room, or anyone who leaves the house before moisture is adequately vented.

It keeps humidity in check!

Worry less! It automatically powers on once the humidity sensor detects a rise in moisture level. Thanks to its Sensaire technology. Importantly, it’s energy star qualified for cost-effective operation.

Of course, it features an auto On/Off switch, which is programmable from 5 to 60 minutes. It’s an incredibly useful feature if you’re looking to avoid overheating issues.

With 0.7 sones, it gets all its jobs without bothering you. The dynamically balanced centrifugal blower wheel ensures quiet and efficient performance.

Innovative ceiling-mount unit!

When it comes to installation, you can mount it over the shower or bathtub with a GFCI protected circuit.  Conveniently, it comes with hanger bars for easy, fast, and universal installation in all types of construction. It also includes a unique, patented spacer for mounting to ‘I’ joists.

Lastly, thanks to its galvanized, rugged housing that adds durability for its long service life. You’ll be happy that the white grille will blend in with your ceiling to provide a cohesive look to your existing decor.


  • Detects rapid increases in moisture levels
  • Automatic shutoff to save worry, and money
  • Easy installation and use
  • Low RPM for ultra-quiet operation
  • Energy Star qualified for low energy consumption
  • 6-Inch ducting for superior performance
  • UL listed and HIV certified


  • Overall, best for the price, no significant issues were found.

5. Air King E130DH Energy Star Dual Speed Humidity Sensing Exhaust Bath Fan

Air King E130DH

Air King E130DH is a perfect choice to remove the moisture of your LARGE sized bathroom. With 130 cfm airflow capacity, this high capacity extractor fan will ventilate the steam and humidity effectively.

This model’s premium feature is its dual-speed humidity sensor for automated removal of moisture and proper ventilation.

When the sensor senses that the humidity is above the preset level, it raise the airflow speed for better performance. Conveniently, when the moisture comes below the pre-programmed level, the fan return to the low speed. Thanks to its humidistat sensor.

For more convenience, it includes wall control switch, so that you can control the airflow speed manually.

Surprisingly, this high-volume ventilation fan produces a barely audible sound of less than 0.4 sones while running at 130 CFM.

And in case power consumption is a worry to you, you’ll be glad that this device is energy-star qualified.

With the help of the 6-inch zinc plated round duct connector and gasket damper, it protects against the moisture’s re-enter. It also seals the channel tube or duct better than any other gasket damper available.

The included adjustable hanging brackets make installation a breeze. You can wire the fan from outside or inside of the housing with its side access panel. Moreover, it’s UL listed for installing over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit.

The manufacturer offers an impressive 5-year limited warranty with this product. So, you can rest assured of getting a premium-quality product.


  • Designed for flawless performance
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Durable and offer long-lasting service
  • Convenient to use
  • Energy Star qualified
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • UL listed for over a shower or tub installation
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Includes no indicator to show low or high fan speed.


As you discovered in our in-depth reviews, these 5 choices for the best bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor are truly the best among the best.

Each model on this comprehensive list is best in quality to price ratio. So, no matter which one you choose from our top list below, you’ll end up with the best option that will offer you the most value for your money.

All you need to do is pick the right one that best suits your needs and start upgrading your bathroom air quality SMARTLY today!

Thanks for stay with us!

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