Beard Butter Vs Beard Oil – Main Differences

Beard Butter vs Beard oil

Every man out there desires to have a thicker, healthier beard with good growth. So they keep looking for different products and tools to keep their beard maintained. Therefore, this article is all about whether to choose beard butter or beard oil with all their uses, benefits, differences, and similarities. No need to worry about how to have a thick beard anymore because we’ve brought you to this article which will answer all your hows and whats. Here is a detailed guide about Beard oil vs Beard butter.

Beard Butter Vs Beard Oil

What is beard butter?

Beard Butter

As a starter, beard butter is something a man who is looking for a healthier and thick beard should definitely try. It’s kinda like a lotion but not a lotion at all. It has a thick texture and soft layer. Thus, it is known as beard butter so it tells us that it is made of butter. Some kinds of beard butter are made of cocoa butter, shea butter, and some are made of coconut butter. These kinds of beard butter are smooth and like a creamy thick texture that keeps your beard maintained and stylish in shape all day.


You can use beard butter once at night which keeps your skin hydrated all day. Before using it make sure your face and beard are cleaned and rinsed. For a moisturize beard and skin you gotta rub the butter in your hands then you gotta moisturize and massage it on your beard. After applying it, you have to use a large-tooth comb for your beard. This will bring your hair to its shape and will keep your beard and skin moisturized all day.

Using it on an everyday basis will help you in keeping your skin and beard in a deep condition.


  • Soothes hair irritation:

Some people are irritated by their beard hairs and have itchy skin, therefore, the beard butter helps soothe your skin by moisturizing your beard. It removes itchiness and irritation in return gives you soothing and glowing comfortable skin.

  • Soft hair:

By using the beard butter, your hair becomes soft and smooth in touch. No wiry or rough hair in your beard anymore because the butter softens your hair and makes your hair stylish and easy to maintain.

  • Hydrates your skin:

If you are having dry and rough skin applying beard butter on your skin is the best way to keep it moisturized and hydrated. The beard butter gives skin hydration underneath your beard.

  • It Opens and cleans your pores:

When you’re outdoors, small dust particles entire in your skin pores and seal them which spoils the underneath skin of your beard and gives you pimples, by using the beard butter, the vitamins and minerals give nourishment underneath the skin and unclog your skin pores.


  • Gives skin hydration.
  • 2 in one product.
  • Soothes your beard irritation.
  • Works as a moisturizer and conditioner.
  • Unclog skin pores.
  • Helps in shaping and styling your beard.
  • It restrains flyaways.


  • It doesn’t remove dandruff.
  • Comes with no odor.

What is Beard oil?

Beard oil

Beard oils are particularly made for facial hair with all special natural oils. By applying the oil your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and moisturized all day long. Moreover, healthy hairs are meant to be grown in the future. The beard oil requires extra hydration and maintenance. Because of the hair irritation oftentimes people shave off their whole beard, using beard oil reduces skin irritation and itchiness.


Applying beard oil regularly is good for the growth of your facial hair and skin at the same time. It is excellent to apply the oil after taking a warm shower or you can even use it after rinsing your face. Besides, the warm bath opens your skin pores and hydrates it. So it’s recommended to use it after a bath. After spraying the oil on your beard, make sure it reaches underneath your skin and then brush your beard. It’s better to use a bristle brush to let the oil reach your skin pores.


  • Remove beardruff:

The beard oil is more like a hair serum that nourishes your facial hair with its vitamins. Moreover, it’s extremely useful in winters, as your skin becomes dry and full of beardruff, using the oil removes your beardruff.

  • Use for Fragrances:

The beard oil gives a fresh aroma to your beard and facial hair. Now your beard can be smelt pretty nice all day while conditioning the underneath skin of your beard.

  • No itching and dry skin:

No more dry and itchy skin anymore because the beard oil has another benefit of making your skin soft and glowing and open the pores of your dry skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.

  • Stylish and manageable beard:

If any young man is looking for a stylish and manageable beard, he should definitely go for the beard oil as all women run after the hair serum. It’s a must-have product and such a handy accessory full of vitamins and nutrients.


  • Keeps the skin soft and moisturized.
  • Removes itching and irritation.
  • Givan an amazing fragrance to your beard.
  • Removes beardruff.


  • It is not good for styling your beard.
  • It doesn’t bring a shape to your beard.
  • It’s ingredients are not provocative.
  • Skin remains oily for much time.

After reading the introductions and benefits, usages, you would probably come to know much about both beard tools. Now, Let’s come to the similarities and differences between the two beard products.


It’s better to use both beard products as a combination. However, there are few similarities between both of them. The first similarity is the beard butter and beard oil are used for reducing itchiness and irritation. They both are good for moisturizing your skin and unclogging your skin pores. Another similarity is they both are made of natural oils. But as compared to the beard oil, the beard butter not only contains oils but also a lot of shea butter. They both keep the underneath skin of your beard in a deep condition. You can also replace beard oil with beard butter because it’s two in one.


The main difference between these two products is the beard butter is made to moisturize the dry underneath the skin of your beard. As it contains a lot of shea butter, vitamins and oils as well, that goes to your blocked skin pores and unclog the pores of your skin. Oh Just wait a second does the beard oil contain all these things? Let’s Have a look at the beard oil, it is designed as a moisturizer for your underneath skin and softens it and contains a pretty nice aroma. Further, it eliminates beardruff.

While on the other hand, beard butter doesn’t have a scent. Yeah but it eliminates itching and irritation. However, beard butter is easily absorbable and has a deep finish. While the beard oil remains for a long time in your skin which makes your skin oily and your beard will be glowing. It is also not good enough to make any design and shape of your beard. But beard butter is excellent for maintaining and shaping, styling your beard.

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Should I use beard oil or butter?

It’s far better to use beard butter rather than beard oil. Because it contains not only shea butter but also natural oils and vitamins which will nourish your skin and you can style your beard as well.

How often should you use beard butter?

It’s suggested to use it once a day at night. Because It contains a lot of shea butter and oils so better to use it once on a daily purpose. It will moisturize your skin and make your beard healthier.

Should I use beard oil every day?

Yes, you should apply beard oil every day in the morning as you wake up. It will protect your skin all day long and will open the blocked pores.

What is the beard butter used for?

Beard butter is used as a lotion. It has a thick texture which softens your skin and helps to grow healthy beard hair. It also smoothes your underneath skin.

Do you rinse out beard butter?

Make sure you use less butter on your beard. It’s not necessary to take a shower before applying it. Just rinse your face with fresh water without using any face wash or soap. It’s just like a lotion so take it easy.


Ă€fter all our research and hard work, we have come to the point to conclude that beard butter can be replaced with beard oil. As it contains shea butter and oils which tames the flyaways and moisturizes your beard and underneath the skin as well. It is also perfect for styling and shaping your beard which gives it a perfect look. While beard oil is considered as a serum that removes beardruff and itchiness from your skin keeps it in good and healthy condition. Lastly, it also softens your skin and opens the pores.

Hope this article will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to share. Have a healthy beard!

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