Average Bathroom Mirror Size

It’s quite easy to overlook a bathroom mirror, but do you know that it can bring the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. A good mirror is an essential component of any bathroom.

There are different sizes, shapes, and style options to choose from. But what is the average bathroom mirror size? You’ll find that out soon enough.

In this post, we will help you put everything into perspective and the size of your bathroom mirror just right.

What’s the Average Bathroom Mirror Size?

The average size of bathroom mirrors vary from one design to another. The size of a bathroom also dictates the average bathroom mirror size. In simple terms, it means the average size to get for your bathroom will depend on the size of your bathroom.

The average size of a bathroom mirror for a spacious bathroom may not be the same for a tiny bathroom. You need to see the actual size of a bathroom in order to get an idea of the size to go for.

Remember, you don’t want to get a mirror that will make your bathroom seem smaller or get one that is too big to fit.

Choosing the Correct Bathroom Mirror Size

Average Bathroom Mirror Size

Depending on the situation, a bathroom mirror needs to fit specific size guidelines for it to be used effectively and comfortably.

Listed below are ways to determine the right bathroom mirror size for your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

For your bathroom vanity, get a high-quality mirror to provide comfort and visibility to the area. The width of the mirror has to match that of the vanity.

However, if you want your bathroom vanity mirror to be shorter than the vanity, choose a mirror that is about the same width as the sink.

Sometimes, if the mirror is too large, it can be a little overwhelming to your bathroom’s design, hence the need to go for a smaller mirror.

i. Single Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

The size of a single bathroom vanity mirror varies from one type of single bathroom vanity to the other. Generally, the average width of most single bathroom vanities falls between 30 and 48 inches.

You have to get a mirror of the same width as your single bathroom vanity if looking forward to having a cohesive vanity area design.

ii. Double Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Like with the single bathroom mirror, your double bathroom vanity mirror needs to match the width of the double bathroom vanity.

The average width of most double bathroom vanities measurements ranges between 60 to 72 inches.

Also, consider going for one large bathroom mirror for your double bathroom vanity and not 2 separate pieces for an organized and comfortable look.

2. Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Add wall mirrors in your bathroom, and you’ll marvel at the outcome. These mirrors will not only make the place look good but also make it appear bigger.

These mirrors can measure any size depending on the situation you’re using them for. There are actually no average dimensions for wall mirrors, and this is due to the vast amount of designs and shapes available.

However, don’t get a mirror that takes too much of your wall. One that takes 55-70% of the wall will suffice.

3. Bathroom Floor Mirrors

Bathroom floor mirrors are available in a variety of sizes due to the versatility of the fixture. And since these mirrors are typically used to give a complete body reflection, they are usually taller than the rest.

These mirrors can measure up to 68 inches in height and 32 inches in width.

4. Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

These are some of the smallest mirrors in the bathroom design. The mirrors are usually installed on a countertop or a wall.

Magnifying makeup mirrors don’t exceed 12 inches in height and are meant to be used only for close-up tasks.

The mirror should be small enough for easy installation and big enough to give you a good reflection.

Bathroom Mirror Height

There’s room for flexibility when it comes to the height of a bathroom mirror. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rule out the basic guidelines for optimal bathroom mirror size.

The average height of a bathroom mirror ranges between 30 and 36 inches tall. This height provides enough space for high-quality reflections and the perfect amount of visibility.

However, depending on the size of your vanity or overall bathroom design, the mirror can be shorter or taller.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What size should a bathroom mirror be?

The size of the bathroom mirror varies from one design to the other. If going for a vanity bathroom mirror, ensure that it’s several inches less than the vanity area.
A bathroom wall mirror should be sizeable enough but not take more than 70% of the bathroom wall, and magnifying makeup mirrors should not exceed 12 inches in height.

02. What are standard mirror sizes?

Standard bathroom mirror sizes include 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. A 30-inch mirror should measure 30 inches in height, and a 36-inch mirror should measure 36 inches in height. Width varies depending on the shape of the mirror.

03. Can you get a bathroom mirror that’s bigger than the bathroom vanity?

Yes, you can install a bathroom mirror that’s bigger than the bathroom vanity with or without professional help.

04. Should your bathroom wall mirror be smaller than the sink?

A bathroom wall mirror should not be wider than the sink. However, it can be the same length as the vanity unit for perfect alignment.

05. Can you get a bathroom wall mirror that is too big for the wall?

Although they say that bigger is better, the mirror should be extra big. In fact, it shouldn’t be wider than the piece it is hanging over.


A bathroom mirror gives your bathroom a complete look and plays a key part in daily grooming activities. Getting the right mirror to suit your needs will give you a sense of fulfillment, and that’s very important to get the correct size.

We hope that this guide will help you figure out the correct size for your bathroom mirror before shopping for one. Cheers!

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