Why Your Avalon Water Dispenser is Leaking And How to Stop it

Avalon water dispensers are well-made machines that are highly functional and made to last. However, just like any other water dispenser out there (even the best), it can sometimes develop leaks.

A leaking Avalon water dispenser can leave quite a mess in your home or office. So, what causes these leaks?

An Avalon water dispenser can leak if a seal is broken, in case of cracks, blockages, improperly set taps, faulty valves, air entrapment, and mineral deposits.

Determining the cause of the leak will help you know how to handle the issue. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Here, we’ve explored all the possible reasons why your Avalon dispenser could be leaking and included the solutions to fixing the issues. Read through to learn more.

Why Your Avalon Dispenser is Leaking

Your water dispenser can leak from the top, bottom, spout, tap, back, and after a filter change. Let’s see why the dispenser might be leaking from any of these spots.

1. Leaking from the Top

Your Avalon water dispenser can leak from the top because of:

  • Cracked water bottle

If there’s a crack in your dispenser’s water bottle, the pressure within the dispenser will change. The pressure change draws water from the reservoir, causing an overflow.

To fix this problem, you just need to replace the water bottle.

2. Leaking from the Bottom

If the dispenser is leaking from the bottom, it’s most likely because of:

  • Incorrect installation

If the water dispenser is poorly installed, you’ll be in for a big problem. It’s therefore wise to follow the manual that comes with the unit to prevent this from happening.

And if possible, get a professional to install the machine for you.

So, how do you stop the leakage if the dispenser is incorrectly installed?

Check to ensure that all the parts of the dispenser are correctly aligned. Also, check each valve to ensure that all are sufficiently tightened.

If you notice that, the dispenser’s components are misaligned, reinstall it and ensure that all parts are correctly attached.

  • Drip tray overflow

A drip tray is located underneath a water dispenser to collect excess water and prevent it from dripping on the floor. Should it overflow, a leak will most likely occur.

To prevent drip tray overflow, remove the excess water from time to time and clean the tray regularly.

  • Air or sediment blockage

Most water dispensers leak because of blockages. A dispenser can be clogged with dirt or blocked by air bubbles if it’s not cleaned regularly.

Note that the water leak will be continuous in case of air blockage.

To stop leaks caused by dirt/sediment blockage, gently clean the blockage and use a cleaning tool to remove the dirt.

Check all the tubes and lines, as you’ll most likely find the dirt blockage here. Ensure that you clean the water dispenser once a month to avoid sediment blockage.

In case of air blockage, place a container under the dispenser, press and release the lever for 5 seconds to release the air. Repeat the process until the leaking stops.

3. Leaking from the Spout

Your Avalon water dispenser could be leaking from the spout because of:

  • Improperly set taps

Check the water taps to ensure that they are correctly set. Note that it could look like the unit’s spout is leaking while, in the real sense, the leak is by the tap.

To solve this issue, turn off the switches and unplug the dispenser. Then get a container and place it under each spout after opening the top cover. Check the control brackets.

Remove the tap levers and gently lift and extend each lever. Then, depress each lever fully.

Check the spout to see whether it leaks after repeating the process. Connect all the levers and replace the dispenser’s top cover if it doesn’t.

Replace the taps if you notice that the leak doesn’t stop.

  • Loose nozzle seal

The dispenser’s nozzle seal can crack or get loose, causing it to leak. Should you notice moisture on the seal, replace it to solve the issue.

4. Leaking from the Tap

If your water dispenser is leaking from the tap, it’s most likely because of:

  • Loose taps

Your dispenser’s taps can become loose from incorrect installation or because of heavy use.

So, how do you deal with loose dispenser taps?

It’s pretty simple; tighten the taps by twisting them lightly.

  • Mineral Buildup

One of the most common causes of water leaks from a tap is mineral buildup. If living in areas with hard water, you know how annoying this can be.

To remove the mineral deposits unplug your need some vinegar, an empty jar, and a toothbrush. Then, unplug the dispenser and do the following;

  • Make a vinegar solution by mixing 0.3 l of vinegar with a liter of water
  • Add the solution to the dispenser’s reservoir and leave it for 15 minutes. The mixture will break down the buildup.
  • Use the toothbrush to scrub the taps clean.

You need to repeat the process at least 3 times to ensure that you’ve removed all the buildup.

And if you’re sure that the buildup is all gone, flush the reservoir with fresh water to remove the taste of vinegar.

5. Leaking from the Back

Of the Avalon water dispenser is leaking from the back, it means that;

  • There’s trapped air in the water line

Trapped air in the water line can cause pressure, which then leads to water leaks from cracks in the dispenser or any other potential opening.

To eliminate the problem, place a bucket under the taps and flush approximately 3 water gallons through the dispenser (5-second intervals) to remove all the trapped air.

  • The dispenser has a faulty valve

If the water pressure in the water dispenser is too high, the water valves can become faulty. Faulty water valves cause leaking in top-loading dispensers.

Replace the faulty valve to get your dispenser up and running leak-free.

6. Leaking After Filter Change

The main reason your water dispenser leaks after a filter change is air in the waterline.

Place a container under the taps and turn the taps on for at least 3 minutes. This should help remove the air trapped during a filter change.

If this doesn’t work, flush the dispenser with 3 gallons of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a water dispenser be repaired?

Yes, most water dispensers have replacement parts hence easy to repair. In fact, most of these parts do not require other tools more than a screwdriver to install.

Q. How can you reset an Avalon water dispenser?

Hold down the reset button for a few seconds to reset your Avalon water dispenser. The reset button is usually located inside the unit’s bottom cabinet.

Q. How do I remove the water tray from my Avalon water dispenser?

To remove the water tray, place your fingers on the grid of the tray with one hand and hold the door of the dispenser shut with the other. Pull the drip tray towards you to release it. Then remove it from the door of the dispenser to empty it.

Q. Should I turn off the dispenser at night?

You can turn the water dispenser off at night if you won’ be using it during the night.

Q. Is it okay to unplug my water dispenser?

If it’s empty, unplug it. Leaving the unit plugged in when empty could damage it.
Avalon Water Dispenser is Leaking


Avalon water dispensers are high-quality units that rank among the world’s best water dispensers. This case doesn’t exempt them from leaking, and the only way to deal with this is to learn how to stop the leakage in case it happens.

We hope that you’ve learned a lot from our detailed guide and that you’re now better placed to handle any leakage issue as far as an Avalon water dispenser is concerned.

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