Avalon A13 Electric 3 Temperature Bottleless Water Cooler Review

It is not easy to stay hydrated if you don’t have easy access to clean drinking water. To solve this dilemma, bottleless water dispensers are invented. This innovative appliance connects to the property’s main water line, so you won’t ever have to worry about running out of purified water to drink.

Avalon boasts more than a decade of experience in the hydration equipment business. It offers a long list of products that are designed for home and office use. From this list, one of its proudest creations yet is the Avalon A13.

To help you decide if this is the right model for your household, we took it upon ourselves to put it to the test. Looking at its features and pros and cons, how does the Avalon A13 compare to other water dispensers from the same price range? Know more about this unit by reading through this Avalon A13 Bottleless Water Dispenser review.

What Makes this Avalon A13 Electric Bottleless Water Dispenser Stand Out?

Avalon A13 Electric 3 Temperature Bottleless Water Cooler Review
  • Dual filtration system
  • Tri-temperature options
  • Bottleless mechanism
  • Self-cleaning ozone tech
  • NSF certification
  • UL/Energy Star compliant
  • Built-in night light
  • Electronic buttons
  • Highly efficient compressor
  • Built-in leak detector
  • Hot water lock feature

What Do These Features Mean for Your Household?

It easy to see why the Avalon A13 is a favorite among many households. After all, you can’t deny the fact that it does come with a long list of features. But how will these features benefit your home?

Classic Design

For a water dispenser that is both stylish and easy to use, check out the Avalon A13. It boasts a classic design that easily blends in with any interior. You can set it up in the office, kitchen, or commercial space, and it will not disappoint.

Bottleless Mechanism

If you find it challenging to carry and flip heavy water jugs, this is the right water dispenser for you. The Avalon A13 is a bottleless unit, which means it connects to your water source directly. This also means you won’t need to worry about not having enough clean drinking water for your family.

Dual Filters

You can rely on its dual filtration system to ensure you’re not drinking contaminated water. The combined power of the multi-layer sediment filter and the carbon filter removes different contaminants from the water. These include chlorine, lead, and a host of other impurities.

Three Temperature Settings

From brewing a nice cup of tea or coffee to having cold water for your powdered juices, the Avalon A13 can do it all. It has three water temperature options, dispensing piping hot, icy-cold, and room-temperature water. Simply tap the electronic button, and out comes the water at your desired temperature. The child lock on the hot water spout ensures your family’s safety, too.

Highly Efficient Compressor

The Avalon A13 runs on a highly efficient compressor, as well. It guarantees that the water stays hot or cold, all without consuming too much energy. The fact that it is UL-listed and Energy Star-compliant supports this claim even more.

Built-in Night Light

If you’re feeling extra thirsty at night, you won’t find any problems finding the buttons on this machine. The built-in night light is enough to illuminate the spouts so that you don’t accidentally spill water. If you do, the removable drip tray will ensure that you don’t make a mess on your floor.

Complete Installation Kit

Every purchase of the Avalon A13 comes with a complete installation kit. This means you can try and DIY the installation or have someone with little plumbing knowledge do it for you. Either way, the built-in leak detector will inform you of any problems within the pipes so that you can address them early on.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Keeps the water hot or cold
  • Easy to install
  • Operates quietly
  • User-friendly


  • Filter needs to be changed after six months
  • Only one water spout


With everything you now know about the Avalon A13, do you think it is the right choice for your household? While you will find many POU bottleless water dispensers on the market, not all of them can offer what the Avalon A13 does.

What’s more, the Avalon A13 is a budget-friendly unit that also has a built-in self-cleaning technology. This feature further ensures your family’s safety, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. With this, you can rest assured that your investment does not go to waste.

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