Avalon A1 Water Cooler Review : Floor Standing VS Countertop

Who would have thought that the simple act of drinking water could be so important? In case you don’t know, the human body is made up of more than 60% water. So, to keep our bodily functions working as they should, we need to stay well-hydrated at all times.

Avalon A1 Water Cooler Review

Though we all know that to be true, we don’t always find the time to drink enough water. To help solve this problem, water cooler dispensers were invented. These machines provide us with easy access to clean drinking water at the temperature we desire—whether that be cold, hot, or room temperature.

The market offers a wide selection of these innovative machines, but among the best ones come from Avalon. This Avalon A1 vs Avalon A1 CT Hot/Cold comparison aims to show you which of these two models can change your life for the better.

About The Avalon H20 Company

From being a reliable distributor of breakroom solutions in 2008, Avalon has come a long way. Today, they continue to provide better and more dependable water hydration equipment.

As one of the leading hydration equipment brands worldwide, you will find a fantastic collection of water coolers in its line of products. Their main goal is to provide easy access to clean water, and among their proudest creations are the Avalon A1 and the Avalon A1CTWTRCLRBLK Hot/Cold water cooler.

Avalon A1WATERCOOLER Floor Standing VS. Avalon A1CTWTRCLRBLK Countertop: Quick Comparison Chart

Bottle FeedTop-loadingTop-loading
InstallationFloor standingCountertop
MaterialHigh-density plasticPlastic
Dimensions14.5 x 14.3 x 46.5 inches13 x 12 x 19 inches
Item Weight37.6 pounds30 pounds
Dispense MethodPress paddlesPress paddles
Water Temperature SettingsHot and coldHot and cold
Capacity5 cubic feet5 cubic feet
Price On Amazon Price On Amazon

A Closer Look

Anyone who enjoys piping hot drinks on a cold day and refreshing beverages on hot summer days will benefit from having any of these two models. Both are easy to set up and use, so even those not comfortable with technology will find them useful.

For households with members young or old, you’ll find that they both are safe to use. The hot water spout features a safety lock, so you won’t have to worry about accidental burns. Let’s take a closer look at each one to find out which is the better choice for your home.


The Avalon A1 boasts a stunning set of features without being too expensive. More than anything, you will like its slim, easy-fit profile that lets you position it in any corner of your kitchen.

However, what makes the Avalon A1 stand out is its contactless dispensing mechanism. Thanks to this, the transfer of bacteria from one user to the next is kept at bay. This design choice makes it a great choice for home kitchens and office breakrooms alike.


What Does Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser Offer?

Basically, the Avalon A1 lets you save time by not having to wait for the water to boil or cool down. It also helps ensure your family’s well-being by dispensing water safely and at the right temperature. But that’s just a few of the many advantages it offers.

Not sure if this water cooler matches your home’s hydration needs? Here are its best features so that you can make an informed decision.

Dual Temperature Settings

The Avalon A1 has dual temperature settings and dispenses hot or cold water in two different spouts. The blue spout is for ice-cold water at roughly 47 degrees Fahrenheit, while the red spout with a safety button dispenses hot water at 187 degrees Fahrenheit.

With these, you will have access to hot water for your cocoa, instant coffee, or tea, as well as cold water for a refreshing drink.

Top-Loading Refilling Method

With your convenience in mind, the Avalon A1 is designed to have a top-loading mechanism. This lets you see if the water is running low so that you’ll know when exactly to replace it. Compared to a bottom-loading option, though, this design choice makes the Avalon A1 more challenging to refill, especially for those with back problems.

Hot Water Spout Safety Lock

Worried about kids at home playing with the hot water spout? There’s no need to. From pressing the wrong spout to curious kids playing with the system, the Avalon A1 helps prevent these accidents from ever happening.

As mentioned, the hot water tap comes with a safety lock. You will have to press a button while you push on the lever for the machine to dispense hot water.

Slim Profile

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious kitchen. Thankfully, the Avalon A1 has a slim profile so that you can easily fit in anywhere you like. The best thing about it? It won’t be too overbearing that it becomes the center of attention. Even if it does, its clean, white exterior makes it look neat and sleek.


  • Fits in any kitchen
  • Blends well with existing interior décor
  • Safe for kids to use
  • With UL/Energy Star approval
  • Saves time
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • Can be challenging to refill
  • Makes loud noises


As the name suggests, this unit differs from the other in terms of how you install it. While both are top-load, free-standing units, this one doesn’t have the height of the Avalon A1. Instead, you place it on a countertop. Because of this, it is perfect for those with a limited floor area.


What Does It Offer?

The Avalon A1 CT has pretty much all the same features as what the Avalon A1 offers. Here’s a closer look at what these features are:

Space-Saving Profile

As mentioned, the Avalon A1 CT is a countertop unit, which is actually its biggest selling point. While this means it won’t be taking up floor space, it does mean you will have to provide it with enough room on your kitchen counter.

The good thing about it is that it has a slim profile, too. So, those with limited counter space available will still be able to fit this appliance right in. Its black exterior also adds to its overall sophistication.

Highly Efficient Compressor

What powers the mechanisms to run is a highly efficient compressor. This makes it possible to cool water down to 47 degrees Fahrenheit and heat it up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you’re not sure, this is hot enough for brewing coffee or tea as well as for preparing other hot drinks.

Hot and Cold Water Spouts

You will find two spouts on this unit, each one dispensing either hot or cold water. Like the Avalon A1, you shouldn’t worry about your kids using it and accidentally burning themselves. This is because the hot water spout has a child safety lock that requires you to press a button to activate and dispense hot water.

Top-Load Refilling Mechanism

Similar to the Avalon A1, this unit features a top-load refilling mechanism, too. And as you already know, this makes it very easy to know when it’s time to replace the water jug. However, like the other choice, you might also find it challenging to have to carry the heavy water bottle.

Removable Drip Tray

To help prevent spills on the floor and keep your counter space clean and sanitary, the Avalon A1 has a drip tray. This effectively catches messes, which happens whether you like it or not. The good thing is, you can easily remove it and wash it to keep it free from mold and bacteria growth.


  • UL listed
  • Energy Star-compliant
  • Innovative and stylish
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe for children to use
  • Accommodates three- or five-gallon jugs
  • Space-saving
  • Inspires you to hydrate more often


  • Slighting confusing indicator lights

How to Get the Most Performance?

From setting it up to using it several times a day, you won’t find any problems with both the Avalon A1 and the Avalon A1 CT. In fact, after arriving, all you have to do is follow the instruction manual on how to use them.

Whichever model you choose, remember not to plug it in just yet upon unboxing. Instead, place the water bottle first. You will find two switches at the back of the unit. Turn these on for the water cooler to start heating and cooling the water. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the water to reach the desired temperature. Sometimes, cooling the water down will take longer, usually an hour.

To dispenser water, simply push your cup against the paddle/lever. For dispensing hot water, press and hold the red safety lock button and push your cup against the paddle at the same time. When it comes time for refilling, simply remove the empty one and replace it with a new one.

Cleaning the Avalon A1 and the Avalon A1 CT is easy, too. First, you will need to turn it off and unplug it. Rinse the tank by dispensing at least two liters of hot water and then removing the drain cover to let the water flow. Then, use a water/vinegar solution to naturally eliminate mold and bacteria growth in the tank and pipes. Finally, rinse it again until the smell of vinegar is gone.


After reading this Avalon A1 vs Avalon A1 CT water cooler comparison, which do you think is the better choice? Aside from their simple-looking design, both of these units can give you the basic features of a water cooler dispenser without looking bulky. What’s more, they wouldn’t put a dent in your wallet.

The final decision now rests on whether you prefer a floor-standing water cooler or one that sits on a countertop. Either way, you will like their contactless dispensing method that ensures lower risks of contamination, especially for high-traffic areas like office breakrooms and large households.

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