Are Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Worth it?

Bathroom mirrors come in handy, especially when shaving or applying makeup. And should you install one in your tiny bathroom, it’ll appear larger than it really is.

Now think about a lighted bathroom mirror and the much it can do. It’ll not only improve the appearance of your bathroom but also give it a clean and futuristic appearance.


So, are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it? They are. These mirrors provide improved lighting for the daily grooming routine and make your bathroom more attractive.

The mirrors can deliver accent and mood-enhancing lighting in your bathroom, making it feel luxurious. They can transform your bathroom into a relaxing hub without making the space too bright.

In this post, we discuss the reasons that make bathroom mirrors worth investing in. Keep reading.

Reasons Why You Need a Lighted Mirror in Your Bathroom

  • Even Source of Lighting

Lighted bathroom mirrors emit an even, soft and balanced amount of light; thus, don’t cast shadows. This feature makes them the best for shaving, styling your hair and applying makeup.

  • Color Accuracy

Lighted mirrors produce light that is similar to natural light. The lighting enables you to see all colors on your clothes and pallete more accurately hence the best for makeup application.

  • Energy Efficiency

With a lighted bathroom mirror, you won’t require incandescent light in the bathroom. And remember, LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps.

The lights are an energy-efficient upgrade and a plus for your savings.

  • Design Factor

Lighted bathroom mirrors make bathrooms look more attractive, bigger and brighter. They also come in eye-catching designs to give your space the best of looks.

  • Eye Comfort

The lighting from lighted bathroom mirrors is exceptionally soft and won’t blind you when using it. It makes grooming safe and comfortable for your eyes.

  • Durable design

Lighted bathroom mirrors are more durable than regular mirrors. They have a longer lifespan and will thus look great in your bathroom for years to come.

Uses of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Are Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Worth it

You can use a lighted bathroom mirror for a number of things. They include

  • Daily Grooming

The most common use of lighted bathroom mirrors is grooming. Shaving and trimming your hair, putting on makeup, washing your face and cleaning your teeth are some of the grooming tasks that require a well-lit mirror.

  • Add Bathroom Lighting

If yours is a poorly lit bathroom, a lighted mirror comes in handy. The soft light from these mirrors makes the space brighter and without the harsh shadow that comes with bright bulbs.

Actually, a lighted mirror can serve as the main source of light in your tiny bathroom.

  • Interior Design

The captivating glow of lighted bathroom mirrors makes it a sight to behold. They are, therefore, beautiful pieces to have in your home as a design element.

Get one, and it’ll instantly upgrade your bathroom. It’ll trick everyone who steps into your bathroom into thinking that the bathroom is really spacious.

  • Value Boost

Adding a lighted mirror to your bathroom increases the value of your home immensely. Investing in a high-quality lighted bathroom mirror could add hundreds of dollars value to your home.

Factors that Determine the Price of a Lighted Bathroom Mirror

  • Size

Lighted bathroom mirrors come in a variety of sizes. Whether you want a full-length mirror or a smaller size, you can get one with ease.

If you choose to go for a bigger model, be ready to part with more money. Large mirrors feature more LED lights and require a sturdy frame and base for support.

  • Dimmable lights

You can adjust the brightness of a lighted bathroom mirror using a switch if you so want. These dimmable lights come in handy when you want to see your appearance in different light settings.

With dimmable lights, you can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

If the mirror you are eyeing comes with this feature, expect to pay more for it.

  • Demisting System

A demisting system prevents vapor from forming mist on your mirror when you take a hot shower. A demister pad that is usually placed at the mirror and connected to a power source heats the mirror to give the same temperature as the warm room.

This prevents steam from building on your mirror’s surface.

  • Touch Sensor

If your mirror boasts a touch sensor, you don’t need to use a switch to activate the mirror LEDS or adjust the color and brightness settings. The feature makes it extremely easy for you to operate the mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are mirrors with light good?

Yes, lighted mirrors provide a clear, well-lit reflection to help you perform your grooming tasks with ease.

Q. Are lighted bathroom mirrors popular?

Lighted bathroom mirrors have become popular in recent years.

Q. Do lighted mirrors provide enough light?

Lighted mirrors provide enough light for what you need them for.

Q. Are LED lighted mirrors worth it?

LED Lighted bathroom mirrors are definitely worth it. They provide enough illumination to help you apply makeup or shave with ease, are energy-efficient, increase the value of your home and improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Q. Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

LED light is the best alternative to natural light; hence quite ideal for makeup application.

Q. Are backlit mirrors worth it?

Backlit mirrors provide a soft glow for a calming ambiance and are more energy-efficient than incandescent lights. So, yes, they are worth it.

Q. How long do LED lighted mirrors last?

LED mirrors boast an average service life of 50,000 hours.

Q. Do backlit mirrors need a plug?

Backlit mirrors require an electrical current for them to work. Remember that these units come with added features like a touch sensor, demister pad, among others.
These features need electrical power for them to work.

Q. Are lighted mirrors bad for your eyes?

The light from lighted mirrors is usually soft and warm; hence not a threat to your eyes.

Q. What should I look for in an LED bathroom mirror?

When looking for an LED bathroom mirror, consider the size of the unit, anti-fog benefits, durability, ease of use, and the unit’s cost.

Q. Are backlit mirrors good for makeup?

Backlit mirrors emit an even amount of light, thus great for shaving, makeup application and styling your hair.

Q. Is LED or incandescent better for makeup?

LED light is better for makeup as they are bright enough to give you a clear view. Although incandescent bulbs emit light ideal for makeup, they are costly and not environmentally friendly.


After going through the guide, we believe that you now agree that lighted bathroom mirrors are worth investing in. They have a lot of benefits to offer and will make your bathroom more purposeful and beautiful.

Therefore, getting a high-quality lighted bathroom mirror for your home is a wise decision. It will boost your bathroom’s appeal and make your daily grooming routine a breeze.

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