8 Steps How to make a Macrame feather

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How to make a macrame feather

Thanks to whoever gave us an idea to use and create something wispy and beautiful feathers or leaves with the help of macrame. Whoever thought about this creativity would surely not know how global and trendy it would be.

Yes! Macrame feathers have become such a global trend. You’ll notice everywhere like the nursery, tv lounges, homes, children’s room, macrame feathers, and leaves are hung up on the wall. In this article, we will tell you a complete guide on how to make a macrame feather.

There are so many ideas you can create by using macrame. They give such a beautiful texture, that’s my favorite.

Furthermore, you can decorate or hang these macrame feathers with colorful contrast on walls, cabinets, mirrors, or anywhere you wanna hang them. It gives such a comfy and cute look to your bedroom.

How to Make a Macrame feather

As they have become a global trend most people are wondering how they are even made. What I mean is instead of buying macrame feathers you can make them by yourself as they are super easy and handmade as well.

So after researching and learning about these beautiful hanging feathers, in this article I’ll tell you how to make them step by step with guidance. I’m sure you are gonna love the process as it’s so interesting and easy. If you’re interested in this piece of art do read the article completely.

The Materials you will need are:

  • Three millimeter twisted cotton string.
  • Fabric glue.
  • Cat brush and comb.
  • Sharp Scissors.

You can buy these materials easily from stores or online at an affordable price. After buying the products, start the procedure and follow me.

Step 1:

In the first step, we’ll start by cutting the felt with a scissor of course. Alright, so the felt is going to be the backing for your feather.

Basically, it holds the feather shape when you’re going to hang it on the wall or anywhere. So it’s totally up to you what size you want your feather to be and cut the felt according to your desired size and shape.

Step 2:

Next, if you’re desirable to create several feathers of different colors, I would recommend you to cut the template of your felt to that can be used to measure out your other felts. I think a 15 inches long feather is a perfect big size. Well, it’s up to you.

Step 3:

In the third step, all you gotta do is cut the twisted string to create the real feather. And keep in mind this is the main process so be careful to make knots. Ok so cut a piece of your cotton string that is 32 inches long.

Step 4:

Now please note that what I’m telling you in this method is a cow hitch knot to create your feather. It’s up to you if you are using the lark’s head knot method or cow hitch knot. So to make this knot all you gotta do is cut the twisted string to create a feather. Make sure it’s 36 inches long. This piece of cotton string is gonna run along the middle of your feather. Next, fold it in half, and tie a double knot at the top.

Step 5:

Now, cut 32 pieces of rope each piece gotta be 17 inches long. Secondly, attach these pieces of rope to your middle piece of rope using cow hitch knots. (in case if you’re using this method)

Step 6:

Connect one piece of the rope on the left and the other piece on the right and so on repeat this knotting procedure until you’re done attaching all the pieces.

Now after you’re done attaching, the structure of your feather is almost done you have to keep it on your felt. With the two center strands, tie a double knot on the end of your feather.

Step 7:

Remove the felt on the back of your feather and keep your feather on a soft surface or cardboard, not on your furniture! start brushing the feather threads with a cat brush. Afterward, use a fine comb on your strings on both sides. Make sure no string is curled and all are brushed properly.

Step 8:

Now decide which side of your feather you want to make the front and add your felt on the back of your feather by adding glue to the center line and attaching it firmly.

Lastly, flip your feather and trim along the sides by following your template.  Come to the front size and cut where necessary. Hurrah! You’re done.

Frequently asked questions

How do you stiffen the macrame frame?

As the macrame feather is so soft and delicate it’s better to spray it with a hair setting spray on both sides after you’re done making it. So it may be stiff and able to hang on the wall.

How much rope do you need for a macrame wall hanging?

If you’re making a macrame feather for the first time, use a 30 Cm long rope. The more knots you will tie the more ropes you will need.

How hard is it to macrame?

Macrame isn’t that hard at all. It’s a textile rope knotting that is better than knitting or stitching. There are many easy ways to knot.


Who knew this macrame feather would be a global trend in such a short time. It’s a perfect creative decoration or hanging piece of art that is made with many ideas and colorful textile rope.

Rather than spending 40-50 dollars on macrame feathers, why don’t you make it by yourself at home?  As it is super easy and handmade. Moreover,  it is interesting to knot and make it with different styles and shapes.

Thousands of people were wondering how to make a macrame feather or leaf so basically, this article is all about the guidance of how to make a macrame feather. It looks so decent in your homes, nursery, playrooms, or wherever you hang it.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you’ve any questions regarding this blog, free to ask. Thank you!


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