6 Simple Techniques-How To Turn on a Laptop Without The Power Button

Just like many other types of machinery, Laptops broke down. They get worse it is predictable. Consequently what to do while your computer or laptop isn’t turning on and you have an important task to finish. How to turn on the laptop without a power button? There are numerous methods you could discover your manner across the problem.

In case your laptop power button is totally damaged. Then you are probably willing to discover ways to switch on pc sans power button. Primarily, these guidelines are surely going to help you in starting your working laptop. Even in case you are not capable to work around the temporarily harmful or permanently damaged laptop button.

Mainly, numerous who give tips on the best way to turn on PC without power button will suggest procedures that need totally opening the undercarriage of the laptop. While we will tell you the best technique to do it. Even sans opening the chassis and sometimes, how to turn on the laptop with keyboard.

Why is Your Laptop Not Powered ON?

Primarily, you must similarly examine that the laptop battery and power connector are correctly plugged in or not. Because mostly, the laptops that are not turning on simply have problems with a disturbing power source.

Steps to Install New Power Button

Laptop Power Button Replacement

Therefore, it might be as simple and easy for you to turn on your laptop by sorting its bad jack. So here are some things you can do very efficiently to set a defective power jack. Sans soldering!

Follow these steps:

  • Take out the power source and battery.
  • Now remove the hard drive, RAM (random access memory), keyboard frame, and top frame.
  • Changeover the defective jack with the fresh one.
  • Now reassemble your laptop.

Additionally, this technique can be slightly fiddly. Chiefly in case you are not mindful of laptop hardware. So if you need a rapid way out to know how to restart your laptop without a power button on your laptop. Keep understanding this editorial to know about the easy breezy solutions!

How to Turn on a Laptop Without The Power Button or Starting Laptop Without a Power Button

These approaches comprise, firstly consuming peripheral windows keyboard, secondly allowing wake up on LAN (Local Area Network) for windows, thirdly opening the framework, fourthly setting the button position in the motherboard, and many more.

So, stay with us in this article to utilize the approaches step by step. Consequently, you did not face any difficulties to fix your problem in no time.

Method # 1

How to Turn on a Laptop With a Broken Power Button (Eliminating The Top of The Plastic Power Button)

We have discovered that in some of the laptops. The plastic button for power is intended to press one more button while we press it. Therefore, it would essential to see if eliminating the top of the plastic power button firstly. Then check if it has a press-able button under it. In case that is the situation, you should catch something such as a screwdriver to gently press the button. In this way, of course, you will not create a mess with the delicate motherboard, particularly in case you are not a user who knows very well about the technicalities of technology.

Method # 2

How to Turn on a Laptop Without a Power Button (From The Motherboard)


You can learn easily to turn on a laptop from the motherboard while the laptop power button not working. For this follow these instructions:

  • Firstly open the framework of the laptop.
  • Secondly find the harbor where the ribbon cable of the power button is plugged.
  • Thirdly you must now detach the power button.
  • Fourthly catch a small conductor and then try to short the first and third pins of the circuit of power button harbor.
  • Lastly in case this does not make any change for your laptop. Formerly you may short completely the total number of pins at a similar time.

No fears. Because it will not root any harm to your laptop. Consequently, you should not worry at all. So in case you properly short circuit all pins of the power button. Then the laptop would start working in no time.

Currently, opening the laptop every time or else short-circuiting each time may clue to some long-standing hardware problems in your laptop. Especially in case, it is a laptop you are not prepared to do away with. Therefore in the time being, formerly mending the power button. There are also additional methods of safely and carefully starting without the laptop’s external power button.

Method # 3

How to Start The Laptop Without a Power Button (With Lid)

Laptop Lid Opening

To know how to start a computer without a power button while opening the lid. You have to follow these instructions:

  • Subsequent to shutting your PC and having it fully operational.
  • We would additionally suggest you check out your BIOS.
  • Also search for a choice called “turn on while open lid”.
  • Mostly, this is a choice that laptops use for only while the laptop is in sleep mode.
  • Consequently we would need to change the settings for in any event, while the laptop is turned off.

But in case you would not want to utilize this choice. Then we would like to endorse you to leave your laptop turned ON indefinitely. Therefore keeping it to sleep mode while you are not working by closing the cover. And then press the “enter key” after opening the lid of the laptop to start it ON.

Method # 4

How to Start a Laptop Without a Power Button (With Extension or Wall Socket)

Wall Socket or Extension

Dear friends, in case you are having an HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, or even the laptop by Toshiba. Then surely it is one choice that you should try to turn pc on without power button. As it is definitely a cool way out for workers who do not like to short the circuit of their laptops to start it on. So follow the instructions given below carefully to know how to turn on a computer without a power button.

  • Find out the cable of your laptop that joins the motherboard to the power button
  • Detach it and leave this wire unplugged 
  • Now you have to eliminate the battery of your laptop
  • Plug your device into the sockets
  • This must power ON the laptop
  • If your laptop is turned ON, then place the battery of the laptop in it.
  • Separate from the sockets, in case you want to, and you will absolutely be fine.

Note: in some of the laptops, you may have to arrive at your BIOS to fix the laptop to start on while it senses AC.

Method # 5

Turning on a Laptop Without a Power Button (Turn on The Laptop With an External Keyboard and Wake-on LAN)

External KeyBoard

Starting computer without power button in this way, it would essential to change a few settings in the laptop BIOS. Chiefly, in case your laptop is already turned ON and completely working. Then track these steps:

  • Firstly, go to settings from the start menu
  • Secondly, click on the Update & security option
  • Thirdly, from the choices on the left side, choose recovery
  • Fourthly, select advanced setup from the opened tab
  • Click on the restart now button from the box that pops up
  • Choose troubleshoot then advanced options
  • From here click on ACPI management or power management tab
  • Press the enter button now
  • Search for wake on keyboard or power on through keyboard option
  • Now carefully click on (–) or (+) buttons from the keyboard to disable or enable the choice
  • Last but not least, choose the button you need to utilize to turn on your laptop. You are currently ready to save and exit.

Once you have done all the overhead steps. All you have to work on is the network card configure to safeguard it can turn on your system.

Therefore for the configuration of your laptop network card, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the start menu
  • Go for device manager. Now search for the network adaptor option from the menu that appears
  • Do right click on this option and choose the properties
  • From properties click on power management
  • Select the option “Allow the device to wake the laptop”
  • Now again click on the start menu
  • Go for device manager
  • A menu will pop up to look for the network

Verifying the wake-on LAN is working or not?

  • Shut down your windows system
  • After the system is off just plug in the local area network (LAN) to turn it ON

Note: The capability to arrange the network and wake on local area network (LAN) choice relies on the settings of the motherboard.

Method # 6

Power on The Laptop Without Power Button (By Clock Battery Technique)

Clock Battery Technique

Furthermore, the clock battery technique in the laptops can be utilized to turn on your devices if the power button of your laptop is not operational and you have crucial work to do. So to use this technique, you have to track the points given below to start your laptop:

  • Detach the battery wire from the motherboard (not charging wire)
  • Now, from the motherboard, you have to sensibly separate the clock battery
  • By doing this the laptop won’t have power left so some means of power will definitely boot it up.
  • Now you can attach the battery again if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Turn ON HP Envy x360 Without a Power Button?

Ans. From the solutions that are given above. You can choose anyone from them and turn on your HP envy x360 easily.

Q2. How to Automatically Turn ON a Computer Without Pressing The Power Button?

Ans. To automatically turn on a computer without pressing the power button, follow us in these steps

  • Detach the battery wire from the motherboard (not charging wire)
  • Now, from the motherboard, you have to sensibly separate the clock battery
  • By doing this the laptop won’t have power left so some means of power will definitely boot it up.
  • Now you can attach the battery again if you want.

Q3. Where is The Power Button on The HP Laptop?

Ans. The power button is on the left side of your HP laptop’s keyboard.  

Q4. How to Turn ON a Lenovo Laptop?

Ans. Press the power button to turn on the Lenovo laptop.

Q5. How to Turn off Acer Laptop?

Ans. There are three shortcut keys to turn off your Acer laptop as well as the laptops of other brands with the assistance of a keyboard.

  • Alt + F4.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  • Win + x.

Conclusion – How To Turn ON a Laptop Without The Power Button

On the off chance that after trying hard, you are not able to turn on your laptop. Attempt entirely the solutions specified in this article. However, in any case, in the event that none of them work for you. Then the problem might be in other elements of your laptop. In this situation, pursue an expert technician’s help. They will absolutely set the problematic part in no time.

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