Canon mg3620 printer wireless

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Canon mg3620 printer is wireless inkjet all in one printer that offers simplicity to your printing needs. By setting up a canon mg3620 printer a user can be able to scan and print from anywhere, from home  or office using its wireless capability. It saves the users time with nice features such as mobile device printing. The canon mg3620 printer setup is very convenient with many ways to print wirelessly. 

Therefore, in this article we have brought you the easiest way to connect your canon mg3620 printer to wifi. Kindly Follow the steps.


Step 1: Press and hold the wifi  button on your canon printer panel until its lights get glows. 

Step 2: next, press the color button and then press the wifi button.

Step 3: Now you need to check when the wi-fi light glows and also the ON lamp should remain lit. 

Step 4: install the required printer driver and software on your computer system in order to continue the wireless setup. 

Step 5: insert the installation disc into the CD drive for the printer installation process.

Step 6: the setup wizard starts automatically. If it doesn’t start by itself, browse to the CD Rom folder and run the exe. Alternatively, you can get the genuine canon Mg3620 software from the official canon website.

 Note: if some dialogue box prompts by windows user Account Control or your Antivirus/firewall appears, allow the installation process. 

Canon 3620 wifi setup installation starts as follows:

(tips and tricks to connect canon mg3620 to wifi and setup – installation process)

  • First click on the start setup button displayed on the first screen. 
  • With the help of on-screen instructions, choose your country, license agreement etc. next, in the select connection method option, choose the wireless LAN connection.
  • Now select Connect via wireless router (recommended) radio button and then click on next.
  • You will see the power screen appear and then click on next.
  • You will see a list of printers that are over network.
  • Now, select your Canon mg3620 and click next. You have to make sure to verify the serial number from the basic side of your printer. 
  • When you see the Connection completed screen, click on next.

Step 7. As the installation completes, a success message will display on your screen.

Step 8: At last, Software Installation List will appear where you can select the optional software that you want to install and then click next. 

Step 9: Finally, press Exit which finishes the  setup and start printing.

Canon mg3620 wifi setup:

Step 1. To kickstart the wireless setup process, firstly, turn ON the canon mg3620 printer. The ON lamp of the printer glows when the device is turned on.

Step 2. Press the stop button of the canon printer to turn off the flashing wifi lamp. Select a connection method to set up the printer via wifi network.

Step 3: generally, cableless setup is not available for window RT and Chrome operating systems. So, in this case, you can establish wireless router information to the canon printer using your smartphone without any access point. You can get the original Windows and Mac software installer from their official websites.

Step 4: press and hold  the wifi button on the printer until the ON light glows. Now press the black button and then tap over the wifi button.

Step 5: for  setting a wireless connection, you may also use the WPS pin method . for this, hold and press the wifi button until the ON lamp blinks. Long press the stop button on your printer and then wait for the alarm light to blink at least 16 times. Lastly, you can stop the button. Therefore, allow the instructions shown on the screen of your smartphone and finish the setup.