Military Cruise Benefit Program

If you are from one of the brave men or women of our country and serves us through all your blood and sweat you must need a vacation from the routine you are having and indeed need a great one to have.

We will give you the best details about what cruise you should appoint for having the best trip to your dream place.

The military cruise benefits program is for the soldiers of the United States and the American army, navy, and air force officers who are currently serving the country or get retired from their services. Through this program the military personals get benefitted when and where they need to appoint a cruise for their delighted trip, the program offers special benefits and discounts to the respected personals of the military.

Cruise lines that offer the best discount:

Some cruise lines that offer the best military discounts are

  1. Royal Caribbean International; Royal Caribbean international offers various discounts throughout the year but the discounts are more affiliated during the military holidays and the military appreciation month. During this special period, the personals are entertained with the duty cabins and with the onboard credits.

For the discounts, the eligible people are active personals, retirees, honorable veterans, medically retired service members, and spouses of eligible service members.

A valid military id is required as proof of the discount.

  1. Princess;As showing a thankful gesture towards the people who are serving their lives for the beloved company the princess offers up to 250$ on onboard spending. The princess comes with an interesting offer that is the military reward increases as the length of the cruised booked increases.

The people who can benefit from the program are the active duty personals of the military, the retirees, and the honorably discharged veterans.

A military id and some other essential documents needed for applying to the benefits program of the princess cruise line.

  1. Norwegian and Holland America; Norwegian and Holland America cruise lines don’t offer military discounts throughout the year, offer some time in the year, and mostly discounts dates get extended so that as many people can take benefit from the discount offers.
  2. Disney; Disney cruise is the most long term and reliable partner of the military travelers. The Disney line cruise offers discounts on selective bookings. The discount is only limited to one stateroom per member per sailing.

The people who can take benefits from the military discounts offered by the Disney cruise line are the active-duty military personals, retirees, and the member of national guards and reserves. The last will have to face some restrictions on the facilities and the discounts despite the other two.

  1. MSC; The MSC cruise line is most consistent with the military discounts it offers. Unlike others, if you are traveling with the MSC you can book multiple rooms for your family and friends too on the military discounts so that you can have a pleasurable trip, and also the children under 11 can go free on a cruise when traveling with the MSC.

MSC offers 5%-10% discounts on all bookings when booked by military active duty personals, retirees, and members of national guards and reserves.

  1. Carnival; carnival cruise line offer up to 20% special military discount however the discount is not available all the time or throughout the year. It’s become difficult to through discounts in the peak season of holidays but offers special discounts on veteran day and memorial days like that.

So if you are planning to go on a cruise with the carnival choose the memorial days to travel so you can enjoy the best of their discount offers.

Most cruise line:

The most used cruise line by the military personals for snatching discounts is the princess cruise line that offers discounts throughout the year and also offers many facilities during the cruise at that discount.

Restrictions; the restrictions that you can face while traveling with the most reliable cruise line are

  • The offer is valid for a maximum of two persons.
  • The offers are non-transferable.
  • Offer cannot be used for casinos and alike.
  • The offer is combinable with other onboard credits.
  • Application for the benefits program must be submitted 14 days before the departure of the cruise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get my money back after canceling the booking?

There are some conditions regarding the get the money back after canceling the booking of the cruise. If you cancel the booking before the period of 75 days procedure that is 75 days before the departure then you can get your money back but in the luxury line, 5%-10% admin fees get detected from your money when you will cancel a cruise booking.

Our cruise discounts are legit?

Cruise discounts are 100% legit there are money people most of them are the military personals who get benefitted from the cruise discounts and experience the best of the time of their life in the lowest of the amount.


Let us end our discussion here by giving a fair conclusion to it. It’s fair to say all the cruise lines that we have talked about earlier are offering discounts of their types and all are giving fruitful discounts to the military travelers.

But for you, we have taken the best out of them. If we bring the history forward the princess cruise line is the most widely used cruise line by the military travelers for their discounts offers the most prominent reason why it is used widely due to its interesting offer of the heavy discounts as the duration of the voyage increases, that’s all right but in my point of view, the MSC is doing the best in the discount game because you can avail the discounts for more than two people while traveling with the MSC and also the kids under 11 are free for a cruise.

The last decision will be all yours decide the cruise line while keeping your requirements in your mind.


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