12 Different Body Shapes of Women – A Complete Guide for Different Body Shapes of Women

Women’s bodies come in a variety of shapes. Bone structure, heredity, age, fat distribution, muscle mass, and way of life all affect how the body looks. They are all stunning in their own unique ways. Continue reading to discover the various female body types and styling advice to highlight your greatest features.

Body Shapes of Women

According to a study, there are five general groups in which women’s body shapes might be placed. Any other body type is either a combination of two different body types or a synonym for one of the five body types. In many blogs, the terms “body type” and “body form” are also used interchangeably. Continue reading to learn about the various body kinds and forms and to determine which one you have.

The Straight Body Shape

If your dimensions are the same over your entire body, you have a straight body type. This physique is frequently referred to as the supermodel body. It is also known as a ruler body or a rectangle body. The body tends to look straight since the waistline is not well-defined.

What to Wear

On you, tube tops or polka dresses would be adorable. They not only complement your body’s shape but also draw attention to your features. A tube dress and a stylish belt would look stunning together. This will also help in giving you a slender, seductive hourglass figure. Try on bold hues and a variety of textures and cuts.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing clothing that emphasizes your waist. Avoid donning clothes that are rigid and formless.

Pear Body Shape

You have a pear or triangle-shaped figure if your hips are large and your bust is small. Your waist might look lovely if you dress appropriately because you have wide hips.

What to Wear

Put on colorful scoop- and boat-neck tops. As a result, your shoulders will appear bigger. Beautiful bracelets and other accessories should be worn to draw attention to the appearance. To make your upper and lower bodies appear balanced, you should also wear a push-up bra or padded bra.

What Not to Wear

Avoid donning tight skirts, cigarette pants, and balloon dresses.

pear body shape

Apple Body Shape

You have an apple body type if you have a wider breast than your hips, an undefined waist, round shoulders, a smaller hip, and narrower legs and arms. Additionally, your upper body tends to gain weight more quickly than the rest of your body.

What to Wear

Wear soft-textured fabrics, A-line dresses, shirts with ties below the bust line, tops that fall below the hip bone, tops with cuff sleeves, well-fitting clothing, scoop necklines, ruched t-shirts, or shirts in the middle to give your midsection more definition, flowy dresses that go all the way down to your bust line, necklaces that end at your bust and not lower or higher, short dresses, dresses with darker sides and lighter middle sections all Wear high-waisted shorts, heels, sandals with straps, wedges, and platform shoes to draw attention to your waist.

What Not to Wear

To avoid emphasizing your waist, stay away from tight-fitting, rough-textured, shapeless, and boxy clothing, as well as tight skirts, jeans, and pants with little to no detail at the waist. Avoid wearing items with round or turtlenecks, dresses with waistlines, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, jeggings, boots, kitten heels, necklaces close to your neck, and wide belts.

Spoon Body Type

Large hips that are larger than the rest of the body define the spoon body form or pear body shape. This yields a pleasing form that resembles the number 8. You frequently put on weight in the upper body, particularly around the stomach. Your major problem is love handles, and you can put on weight quickly in the thigh and arm areas.

What to Wear

Opt for clothing with brighter colors on the upper body and darker colors on the middle and lower body, strapless tops, boat necks, wide necks, short skirts and shorts to show off your legs, and tops with embellishments or patterns that accentuate your bust line. A-line skirts, boot cut jeans or pants, mid-rise jeans, padded bras, chunky earrings and necklaces, jackets, dresses, and tops with defined shoulders, dresses that fit closely at the waist, bags that extend to your hip bone, peep-toes, flats, and ballerina shoes with pointed toes.

What Not to Wear

Wide stripes close to your midsection, narrow-shouldered tops, tapered ankle pants or jeans, shapeless shirts, short sleeves with round necklines, dresses that are excessively ruffled or pleated below your bust, shorts or skirts that end just below your hips, rounded-toed shoes, strappy sandals, and kitten heels are all inappropriate clothing choices.

pear shape women

Hourglass Body Shape

Your waist is defined, and you have a balanced breast line and buttocks. Your body is proportionate throughout, and your buttocks are naturally round. Your legs are proportional to your upper body, and you have gently rounded shoulders that line up well with your shapely buttocks.

What to Wear

Draw attention to your waist and flaunt your flawless curves with clothing. Wear wide belts over your shirt or dress, wraparound shirts and skirts, flowy dresses, fitted tops, fitted jackets, tops or dresses with pleated waists, pencil skirts, 34 skirts with side or back slits, jeggings, boots, strappy sandals, high heels, peep toes and necklaces that reach your navel.

What Not to Wear

Avoid baggy, formless shirts and dresses with garish embellishments.

Oval Body Shape

Your breast will be larger than the rest of your body if your body is oval-shaped. The midsection will appear large, and the hips will be thin. The widest part of the body is the waist, which is not very strongly defined. The legs are slim, and the buttocks are flat. These body types are more likely than others to accumulate weight in the stomach first.

What to Wear

Wear shirts or tops with a square, V, or U-neck. In order to elongate your midsection, you can also wear wrap-around tops, skirts, and jackets. You can also wear vertical stripes, peplum tops, tunic tops, belted dresses and tops, wide-collared jackets, fish-cut or flared skirts, cargo pants with pockets at your hips, empire-waisted dresses or tops, dresses or skirts that end just above the knee to accentuate your legs and give you a well-

What Not to Wear

Avoid donning loose-fitting tops, pleated skirts, baggy jackets, tight t-shirts, high necks, turtlenecks, cardigans, big earrings, round-toed shoes, heavy boots, flats, and tapered jeans or trousers.

oval shaped body

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have slim legs, petite hips, and broad shoulders. Even though your waist is not clearly defined, your upper body is voluminous and should be highlighted to detract from the waist.

What to Wear

Neck ruffles, peplum tops, back pockets on jeans, low waist jeans, checks and stripes with a slant, front pockets on skirts, satin dresses, V-necks, A-line dresses and skirts, fish cuts, shorts, chunky shoes and earrings, slender necklace, long dresses, high waist pants, bell-bottoms, and sequin skirts are some of the fashion trends that are popular right now.

What Not to Wear

Dresses and blouses that are loose and formless, pencil skirts, tapered jeans and pants, spaghetti and noodle straps, 3/4 sleeves, shoulder stripes that run horizontally, a roomy waistline, and padded shoulders are all in style right now.

Top Hourglass Body Shape

The most beautiful part of your body is around your waist. You should surely try to draw attention to it. It resembles an hourglass quite a bit. Your buttocks will often be larger than your hips, and your shoulders will be slightly round. Your legs will be well-shaped, and your physique will be proportionate.

What to Wear

Wearing clothing and blouses with narrow V-necks is the appropriate way to dress. Consider wearing dark tops as well. It would look wonderful to wear a few blazers and perfectly cut shirts. This will enable you to emphasize both your hips and buttocks. Do not forget to test skirts. You can experiment with the length.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing baggy clothing such as jeans or jackets, loose-fitting shirts, stiff clothing, square or boat necklines, frills and ruffles that are close to your bust line, and wide striped skirts or pants.

top hourglass body shape

Diamond Shaped Body

Your hips will be wide if your body is structured like a diamond, and your bust will be narrow and in line with your shoulders. Your midsection appears full, similar to the body’s oval shape. Your waist is not defined, and you frequently gain weight in the midsection. Your upper legs carry a little bit more weight. Additionally, your arms are well-shaped and slim. Your lower legs are the best part of your body since they are well-shaped.

What to Wear

The secret to dressing properly is to use your bust to strike a beautiful equilibrium. The waist will appear gorgeous as a result. You might also try looking for clothing with curves. Choose skirts and pants that will help you look thinner. Try to flaunt your attractive lower legs since you have them! Put on wide belts, chunky earrings and necklaces, medium-high heels, wedges, flowy cuff sleeve tops that flow around the buttocks, fluttered sleeves, dark jeans or trousers, off-shoulder or strapless tops, A-line and straight skirts, boot cut and straight cut trousers, well-structured shoulder jackets, and shirts.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing pencil skirts, tapered jeans, flashy embellished tops, vertical prints and patterns, thick scarves that sit around your neck, big boots, huge prints, and heavy accessories.

Skinny Body Type

You have a slim body type if your pelvis and shoulder are perfectly aligned. You are as light as a bird and have a little bone structure. You don’t usually acquire weight quickly, but you may lose it in an instant. Your arms and legs are both slim. You have a defined jawline and flat buttocks. It is ideal because you can practically wear any trendy outfit and look great.

What to Wear

High-neck tops with fluffed sleeves, crop tops, bat-winged tops, flowy fabric, tapered ankle-length jeans or trousers, balloon skirts and pants, baggy jeans, harem pants, light-colored dresses, belted tops, tunics, flowy dresses, low-waist jeans, push-up bras, padded bras, wide stripes, broad stripes, thigh-high boots, coats and leather jackets, jeans with hip pockets, and sequined belts and shrugs.

What Not to Wear

Block heels, bulky plastic bangles, loose-fitting dresses and tops, dark-colored pants or trousers, and garish floral designs are all examples of clothing with these characteristics.

skinny girls fashion

Lollipop Body Type

Yes, I was also astonished by that name. But did you know that Angelina Jolie has a body type similar to a lollipop? A big, round bust, a narrow waist and hips, long legs, and broad shoulders distinguish the lollipop body type.

What to Wear

Wear pencil shirts, pencil skirts, slender dresses, faux-leather jackets, peplum tops, coats with belts, tapered pants, high heels, walking shoes, and wedges. Dresses and tops that elongate your hips and shoulders are also flattering.

What Not to Wear

Long skirts, thick necklaces, high-waisted slacks, bell bottoms, heavy sweaters, empire dresses or tops, bolero jackets, and turtlenecks are all examples of loose and boxy clothing.

Athletic Body Type

If you have nice, well-toned curves, you can tell you have an athletic body type. In general, you are more muscular, with tighter thigh and calf muscles, well-built shoulders, and a wider, longer neck. Your arms are also athletic and toned, not flabby.

What to Wear

You can dress in skirts and dresses that fit properly to the knee. Wearing belts above the waist with dresses, wrap-around tops and dresses, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, boat necks, tube tops, and high-neck tops will draw attention to your contours. Additionally, you can experiment with collarbone-length necklaces, medium-heeled pumps, pencil heels, sportswear, chunky shoes, long, slim earrings, and other fashion elements.

What Not to Wear

Avoid boxy shirts, baggy jackets, noodle or spaghetti straps, halter necks, padded shoulder tops, dresses, or jackets, strappy sandals, flats, and oversized earrings.

athletic body shape

Final Words

A woman’s body shape may change depending on factors including age, pregnancy, eating habits, and lifestyle. The majority of your bones are still there, although pregnancy may widen your hips or enlarge your bust line.

Similar to how a poor diet and lifestyle can cause abdominal fat, which gives the appearance of a straight body shape rather than a pear or hourglass. Additionally, a body with an apple form may resemble a square or rectangular (banana) body shape if it is healthy in diet and exercise. You can use this article as a handy guide to know your body type and the outfits that are ideal for your body type.


How Do I Know My Body Shape?

Start by examining your belly to see if it is the greatest portion of your body in order to establish your body type. If it is, you have an apple shape and slimmer hips and legs. On the other hand, if your hips are wide and your bust and midsection are narrow, you are probably pear-shaped.

What is the Rarest Female Body Type?

Because it demands equal bust/shoulder and hip proportions with a noticeably reduced waist size, the hourglass body form is the most uncommon. Although this body type is widely desired, one body form should never be considered better because ideal body shapes are constantly evolving.

What is a Romantic Body Type?

Lush yin is a key component of the Romantic body type. It typically embraces curves, rounded edges, and a more hourglass or voluptuous form and lacks any harsh features or angles. The ideal example of the romantic body type is Marilyn Monroe.

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